Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Chinese Are Much Wiser than the Russians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As the jews set up outspoken Putin to knock him down, and with him Whites everywhere, the Chinese are quietly moving on other fronts to attack us. While Putin challenges us in his backyard, the Chinese are moving into ours.

The jews are maneuvering us into wars which grant Israel hegemony in the Middle East. These wars are being manipulated to pit Russia against all other Whites. Meanwhile, China is expanding its influence over a weakened Asian Pacific, and is moving into the Americas and Africa, where it can wait out the self destruction of Whites by their own hands and jewish brains.

BRICS will inevitably grant China authority over Russia because the Chinese economy will become exponentially larger than the Russian economy, which will fall as Russia spends military dollars as the Soviet Union did, to the point of ruin. Money creation always favors the larger economy, because inflation heats it up hotter than the smaller economies, and deflation enables the big fish to consume the little fish, witness Germany. BRICS is a scheme to enable Red China to defeat Russia, India, Brazil and eventually all of Africa and South America, by outgrowing them while tying them to a currency that favors the largest economy to the detriment of the smaller economies.

I wish that I had the opportunity to explain all of this in detail to the right Russians and Americans so that we could partner up and save the White Race from the jews and the Chinese. As things stand, physical and economic laws guarantee that the jews and the Chinese will destroy us if we do not change course. It is a rigged game we are destined to lose by design and will lose if we play by these rules.