Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Jews Are Manipulating Our Dissident Class to Become Anti-American and to Celebrate Our Enemies

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews and a group of paid traitors working for jewish Russian media outlets who are well paid to deride America and celebrate Putin, these enemies of our nation are propagandizing Americans to hate themselves and honor and aid the enemies of America. Just as in the 1960's the jews taught American dissidents to celebrate Ho Chi Minh, Trotsky, Marx and Che Guevara; the jews are today coaching Americans to look to our enemies Putin and Red China to destroy us and save the World from us, rather than helping us Americans to help ourselves and the World.

The jews want White Americans and Western Europeans to slaughter White Russians, and vice versa. The jews want the Chinese to emerge as their new Esau to soldier and slave for the jews. The best way for them to accomplish this horrible end is to have Whites kill off Whites.

Putin is not your friend or ally. Putin did not rescue Syria, instead he rescued the jews and Obama from the jewwise American People who had prevented an American bombing on Syria. Now Putin is doing nothing to help Syria as the jews are pouring in weapons to the terrorists the jews have placed in Syria. Instead, Putin is helping the jews to weaken Syria and protect Israel from any chemical weapons attack as he blocks any impediments to Israel, the US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey from arming the barbaric mercenaries in Syria. Putin is helping the jews, not hurting them. He is doing nothing to help Syria but is instead setting them up for complete destruction.

Grow up and stop listening to traitors paid by Russian jews to propagandize against America. Stop promoting jews who promote anti-American rhettoric and call on Americans to commit suicide for the sake of our enemies in Moscow and Beijing.

We need a political party to seize on the antijewish sentiment growing in America. We need to promote American pride and self interest. We need to call out the jews who are calling for our demise in the name of saving us from themselves.

The first rule of subversion is to make the target nation believe it is already defeated and thereby prevent it from resisting its ruin. That is what your jewish friends and the whores paid by the Russian jews to destroy us are doing to you and our country.

Now that we, the jewwise American public, have stopped the bombing campaign on Syria before it began, we must end the aid to the jews' mercenaries in Syria. Putin is standing in our way. Syria and Iran should talk peace and help the American People fight the jews, not threaten us and thereby help the jews to destroy them.