Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We Can't Keep Dodging Bullets for Long Before We Get Hit by One

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I hope that a deal is struck whereby Syria surrenders its chemical weapons in exchange for guarantees that the jews will not bomb Syria through America, Europe, Turkey or Saudi Arabia. If it happens, it will not be a product of Russian diplomacy, as the jews would have us believe, but rather because of public pressure, especially that of the American and British peoples, who said NO to the jews.

If Putin wants to stabilize the situation, as he should, as we all should, then the refugee crisis must be corrected and the foreign mercenaries disarmed and imprisoned. In other words, the international community should stop playing apocalyptic games and resolve the problem. We should have learned from Fukushima that it is not a viable option to employ temporary band aids where more permanent fixes are needed.

The World public has made a major difference in this crisis, as we did when Israel attacked Lebanon. We must keep up the pressure. Now we must focus on stopping Saudi Arabia and Turkey, as well as America, from aiding and abetting the jews in their jewish genocidal attack on Syria.

The US Congress and the UN should take action to sanction Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey for attacking Syria. A bold American member of Congress could initiate the process by proposing a statement condemning the Saudis and others for sponsoring terrorism in Syria and other nations. Putin could have strongly condemned this terrorism and the States sponsoring it at any time, but as yet has not. But we cannot afford to wait for politicians to do what we must do for ourselves.

We must apply the pressure of public opinion against those nations which are destabilizing Syria and promoting the most barbaric methods of terrorism against the Syrian People.