Friday, November 29, 2013

Communist China's ADIZ Is Retaliation for America's Refusal to Wage War on Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews are terribly disappointed that they failed to force America into waging war on Iran. The Jews miss their Ahmadinejad.

Just as Israel's Lieberman issued veiled threats against America, and as Iran and America sought to achieve a peacefull resolution of the Jews' desire to annihilate Iran, Communist China took provocative steps towards war with America and our allies in the region.

I have been publicly warning for decades that China wants to replace America as the leading nation of the World. I've been publicly warning for at least seven years that Communist China is a tool of the Jews they are employing to destroy us and that the Communist Chinese are in turn turning North Korea into a cat's paw of the Jews to threaten us with nuclear disaster.

The Jews are coming to China's defense and attacking America for what is clearly and undeniably Communist Chinese aggression. The Jews are arming the Chinese with nuclear weapons, while sabotaging our military with endless wars and destroying our industrial and agricultural base. All the while, the Jews, through the Communist Chinese, are threatening us with world war should we fail to be their Esau waging perpetual war on the world and Islam in particular, this as the Jews flood America and Europe with Muslims against the best interests and natural desires of Whites.

Wake up or die. Fight them, or you are helping the Jews destroy your genetic heritage by your inaction and passive compliance.

Note that the "alternative" media only focuses on Fukishima to hurt our ally Japan, without connecting the dots to the Jews. This helps the Jews strengthen China and weaken the position of Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, our allies.

I warned you that the Chinese would move to takeover the seas. Now it has happened, because you failed to heed my warnings. Far worse things are to come as you sit idle. Your grandchildren will not survive your cowardice and complacency.