Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Stocking Stuffer for Christian Zionist Idolaters Who Worship Israel and Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Christian Zionists are deluded enough by jewish money, jewish mouths and jewish myths to believe that the genocidal jewish nation of Israel and its jewish tyrunts are earthly manifestations of the divine. Such is the price they pay for first uncritically and childishly believing that a freakish and unnatural jew was the son of their jewish god and that by drinking his alcoholic blood and consuming his vampirish flesh they could selfishly obtain immortality, while those not so enlightened as they would justly fry in hell forever, a fair retribution for thinking rather than having faith in the jews and their subversive lies. Two thousand sad years of European man killing off his own gods and his brothers and sisters in order to win the supernatural war of the stars for the flaky jew and his daddy has taken its toll on their sense and handed victory to the jew in the battle of the heavens mirrored on earth on among we lesser men as well, or so think the genocidal jews.

A little reality is always a good head shaker and might induce a temporary moment of lucidity even among those so mired in myth as to believe a jew ghost will save them when they die and give them immortality in exchange for blind obedience to a prescription for the extinction of humanity written by the jewish doctor of death on the backs of their broken and forgotten gods, the grimmest of reapers who hangs his horrid holiness on a ragged cross for all to bear. Look at what your worship of jews, their gods and their nation has accomplished for you, your people, your gods and your nation. The communist jew nation of Israel has sold our space age weapons technology to their puppet regime in communist China for more than thirty years, weapons meant to kill us, including you foggy eyed Christian Zionists and your ghastly jew on a cross. One of the first acts of the commie nation of Israel and commie world jewry after forming the commie nation of Israel was to form commie China and to separate the Chinese from their gods and culture as the genocidal jews began doing to Europeans two thousand years ago. Why not even the Manchus were so ruthless as the genocidal jews to the Han Chinese, or the Tibetans, or the Uyghurs. Even the Manchus had the sense to honor Han Chinese culture and religion and bring them to their apex.

But one fat jew paid and trained Chinese traitor named Mao put an end to those thousands of years of Chinese cultural supremacy. And you fat Christian Zionist death and jew worshipers are helping the jews to put an end to America and European culture. Have a look at how the jews repay your bent kneed and brainless devotion. See how they are treacherously funneling our military technology to the Chinese communists who have sworn to exterminate us with nuclear weapons:


U.S. Furious With Israel After Sale of Advanced Military Technology to China

The jew Rosenbergs and the jew Pollard and the jew you worship on Sunday all have one thing in common. Their goal was to destroy you by being among you. Stuff that in your stocking this Christmas and damn you for betraying our ancestors, their gods, our children and our nation. Sing about peace on earth as you arm our enemies and call for the destruction of the Earth in a nuclear holocaust for Israel. Hypocrites and fools, you all are. You may deserve what you are sowing, but we do not.