Saturday, December 28, 2013

Americans Are Guilty of Innocence: The Redshields Are Coming! The Redshields Are Coming!

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews love hype and to sell us Chinese crap. The jews hyped their mulatto puppet Obama as if our messiah with the empty slogan "change!" The man had no substance whatsoever and was a very easy candidate to defeat. But the jews managed to place him in office twice by portraying him as if a great man without ever citing his accomplishments, which amounted to none. I warned the world of exactly what they could expect from the lying psychopath Obama back on 5 November 2008:

Barack Obama: A Psychological Profile, November 05, 2008

Americans have an international reputation for stupidity. The Germans sometimes refer to us as American idiots. Foreigners flock here to take advantage of our innocence and cheat us out of our wealth by sticking their warty thumbs in our pie and plucking our ripe plums.

The jews are using the same slimy sales techniques to sell us their worthless commie puppet President of Commie China, Xi Jinping and his hollow wife Peng Liyuan. I warned about this in March:

Putting a Pretty Face on Tyranny: As Communist China Threatens Nuclear War on the USA Through Its Proxy North Korea, the Jewish Media Gushes Over Communist China's "First Lady" Peng Liyuan, March 26, 2013

And what is it that this America hating Mao loving commie dictator has accomplished to merit the universal praise and refusal to name anything negative of the jewish press, "mainstream" and "alternative"? Has he reined in crazy Kim to prevent WW III? No! Has he extended warm friendship to Japan, Australia and America? No! He has done anything to ease tensions with America and our allies? No! Instead he has rekindled the cold war and openly declared war on America, Japan, South Korea and Australia; while building an alliance hell bent on destroying us.

But does the jew media sound the alarm that the commies are coming? No! Does the jew media demand educational programs, produce movies and documentaries aplenty, and issue edicts in the Congress and lectures in the White House to warn us about the commie aggression, the way they constantly cram holocaust lies in our faces? No! They are too busy legislating away our rights to criticize communism!

Red China's Xi Jinping is our sworn enemy. He is not a great man. Like jew puppet Obama, the only thing he has accomplished is looking good in a suit next to his shallow pampered wife. He makes a good photographic poster for communist oppression and expansionism. He is exactly what the jews want, an enemy they can portray as if a savior, a puppet without thoughts of his own. A commie who hates America as much as they do.

And what of our ally Japan? Where is the jew media focus on the plight of the Japanese? Where are the media tears for the children of Japan destined to die of cancer? Where is the media criticism of Red China's cowardly aggression against our ally Japan as Japan suffers from Fukushima? Where has the jew media criticized bellicose jew puppet Xi Jinping for praising the genocidal Chinese killing commie Mao while hypocritically promising war on Japan for honoring its heroes?

The jews are promoting our enemy Xi Jinping in the same way they sold us Obama. The jews always uncritically promote communist tyrunts while denigrating America, our allies and our freedoms.

The truest tell of the controlled opposition among us is their visceral hatred of America and constant promotion of communist China and KGB Putin. Not one good word about America, nor one utterance of criticism of the communists comes from this troop of cryptocommie clowns, who pretend to be "patriots" and "antizionists/anticommunists". Instead, they constantly attack our morale, our nation and our interests, while prompting us to consider our genocidal enemies our saviors. They tell us the ruin of our nation is a good thing and call upon us to aid our enemies in destroying us, our allies and our international interests.

Let me again be a lonely voice warning you that the commies are coming. Red China is our enemy. Putin is our enemy. The President of Red China is an empty headed aggressive and expansionist commie tyrunt who wants to instigate WW III and see us dead. The jew media are promoting him to kill you.

We desperately need media revealing the RED TERROR and the horrors of communism and communists. It needs to be as graphic as the jew holocaust propaganda and it needs to happen now. The jews are suppressing the reality of communism from our youth and their innocence will kill us if we allow it to continue.

The situation is no different from 1920, when the jew media and cryptocommunist politicians suppressed public knowledge of the Red Terror, as witnessed by the above excerpt from the article, "International Labor Boycott of Hungary: Blow Aimed at the 'White Terror'", The New York Times Current History: The European War (July, 1919-October, 1920), Volume 20, New York Times Company, New York, (1920), pp. 328-330 of the PDF.