Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Belated Comments on the Racist Rabbi (a Redundancy!) Ovadia Yosef, the Racist Jews and the Brendon O'Connell Case

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Brendon O'Connell has been fully vindicated by the statements of the racist rabbi Ovadia Yosef that Gentiles only exist to serve jews, meaning also that Gentiles who are not willing and dutiful slaves of the jews are to be summarily murdered. More significantly, O'Connell's statements are proven correct and of vital importance to humanity by the tremendous support jews in general showed the racist rabbi and his typically jewish racist views by attending his funeral and expressing their adoration for the career genocidal racist rabbi.

O'Connell's conviction should NEVER have occurred, and these subsequent events are more than sufficient grounds for an appeal based on new facts. The press should broadly apologize for vilifying a hero for telling the proven truth. The police, prosecutors and judges who persecuted him should kiss his feet and beg for his forgiveness.

There should be a general campaign to clear O'Connell's name and to thank him for his self sacrifice to expose the truth and the danger.

The racist rabbi's expressions and the jews' general support for him and his views also serve as proof of the jews' racist bias towards all who are not jews. This is proof that when the jews seek to cause discrimination against us by preventing, obstructing, interfering with, and/or destroying our interstate communications and gatherings, the racist jews do so out of racist bias and therefore are in violation of Federal Law.

It is not enough to point to the rabbi as proof of the jews' racism. We need to employ that proof in politics and the courts to counter the jews' open racism and racial and religious discrimination against us when they attack our rights to freedom of expression and equal access to communications, as well as our rights to equal employment opportunities.