Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beware the Half Asian Pseudofascists

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Douglas Reed wrote, "National Socialism, I think, was but a stooge or stalking horse for the pursuit of Communist aims."--D. Reed, Somewhere South of Suez, Devin-Adir, U. S. A., (1951), p. 9. In his book, The Controversy of Zion, Reed explained how the big jews supported the NSDAP and how National Socialism actively served the jews' communist and zionist ambitions.

A small clique of half Asian pseudofascists is appearing, who sing the praises of the Chinese communists, but are silent as Japan comes under increasing attack by the jews. They apologize for the Chinese communists, and call for the communist Chinese to come into America and destroy our society and government. They also love KGB Putin. Strange goings on for avowed Hitlerphiles, given that after initially lying in bed with Stalin, Hitler attacked the bolsheviks and declared war on America in fulfilment of his pact with the Japanese.

Though not all National Socialists were in bed with the jews or were jews, the top leadership evidently were individually one or both. I suspect these racially mixed Asian pseudofascists (Hitler was not a fascist) are also a stalking horse for communism, as was the NSDAP. They are the jews' trojan horse cowboys subverting our dissidents to make them useful idiots and allies of the bolshevik Chinese. They are conditioning our dissidents to hate America and welcome in socialist dictatorship and Chinese communism.

Remind yourselves that if the jews succeed in tearing down our system of government, they will have the opportunity to replace it with one of their design. We should be preserving and restoring our social contract, not subverting it with socialist dictatorship. We should be combatting the communist Chinese, not welcoming them into America, Europe or Australia.