Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Communist Purges Around the World and Their Horrible Significance for US

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews are purging the American military of those who would defend us. Concurrently, the jews are purging North Korea of those who would refuse to wage aggressive war on South Korea, Japan and America.

The jews are providing the communist Chinese with our military technologies. At the same time, the jews are depleting our military might with Trotskyite perpetual wars. The jews have openly stated that Israel is shifting its alliances from America to communist China. Prominent jews have publicly expressed their desire for America to fall and for communist China to become the dominant nation of the Earth.

The jews have placed the traitor Chuck Hagel in our government in a key role as Secretary of Defense. Hagel has stated his strong convictions that we should disarm our nuclear weapons capabilities. The jews are propagandizing us to turn against our nuclear weapons strength. Concomitantly, the jews and their American puppet Presidents have been sponsoring communist China's nuclear weapons program.

The jews are deliberately weakening our allies in Japan, South Korea, Australia, Great Britain and Taiwan; while building alliances for the communist Chinese with the Russians, Indians, Brazilians, South Africans, etc. through their puppet leaders in those nations. The jews are surrounding White nations and White Continents with communist Chinese satellite nations.

The jews are at this very hour attempting to instigate WW III through communist Chinese aggression against America and our allies. We have to identify precisely why the communists are so bold at this time as to attack us.

What weapons and defenses have the jews afforded the communists that they would dare to begin a nuclear war against us, when our stockpiles of weapons so greatly outnumber theirs? What trojan horse troops do the jews have in place in our government, press and military to sabotage us in the event of a nuclear war? How are the jews planning to destroy us domestically with strikes, shutdowns, terrorist attacks on our nuclear power plants, biological attacks on us and our agriculture, currency devaluation, police state closure of the means of communication, the deliberate sabotage of our nuclear weapons forces and other military means, the confiscation of our weapons by our enemies, etc. ?

Have the jews given the communist Chinese biological weapons designed to kill Whites, Blacks and/or Mestizos? Do the jews have a means to safeguard themselves from any such weapons? Are GMO crops engineered to be vulnerable to specific biological attack, or to self destruct at a given point in time? Do the communists have secret antimissile technology, or some other breakthrough which renders our weapons obsolete?

We are being set up, my countrymen, and we will fall into the fat belly of extinction if we do not fight for ourselves immediately!