Thursday, December 26, 2013

Don't Pin Your Hopes on a Jew Corpse Nailed to a Roman Cross: Das Führerprinzip

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There was an old joke among Roman soldiers that went something like this, "What do you call a crucified jew? A good start!" The jews also poked pointed fun at their boy Jesus when they pinned him up like a kosher voodoo doll to save the jewish nation and subvert those Goyim so unwise as to worship a disgusting cadaver on a cross as their divine idol and supposed salvation from death, a creepy idol whom the jews knew to be Sammael, that crafty old serpent who betrays all who worship him. And to whom does ole Sammy betray those Goyim so gullible as to have faith in him? Why the jews, of course, and for the meager and dishonorable sum of a yearly goat. You see the whole of Christendom is the jews' scapegoat and they toss you out annually to the snake who is your guardian betrayer.

Oh how well it worked for the vengeful jew brood. In short order, the Romans killed off their protective gods and converted their sacred temples into houses for the jews' voodoo (i)doll. So don't be perplexed when you witness the jews, who gave you Christianity, spitting on Sammy as they pass by his mutilated corpse hanging in your houses of worship. It is how they curse you with your faith in their gods. It is how they stick more needles in Jesus to put an end to you. It is jew voodoo and you play along, you do do.

The jews learned long ago that Whites become passive before authority and obey strong leadership. The jews knew they could use your good, altruistic nature against you. They planned from the moment they fabricated the myth of Esau and Jacob from Egyptian religion, that they would use you as their slaves and soldiers to kill off humanity, and so they passed on their religious call to genocide humanity to you through Christianity, and later Islam.

If you worship the corpse on a cross, then you are hoping for an apocalyptic end to humanity. You will either sit passively by as the jews instigate WW III believing your leader, the dead jew, is in charge of your fate and will deliver you from the death you passively abide; or you are of the even crazier kind who will aid the jews to kill us all off in the hopes of shaking the mutilated jew corpse's hand and taking a kite ride to heaven. So sick are you who have faith in the dead jew to deliver you from death!

I am afraid I cannot be as passive as you and let your cowardice and craziness continue unchallenged, you jewwise Christian who believes that the one good jew was the dead jew who will give you life everlasting if you climb into his immoral genocidal coffin and suffer the stink of the genocidal Old Testament and communist Goy eviscerating New Testament. A jew corpse on a cross is not going to descend from heaven and save us. And neither is the jew KGB kingpin come jew puppet prince named Putin be it in the garb of a cross or a yarmulke, nor are the commie Chinese, or crazy commie Kim, or knife in your back Ron Paul, or Israel ally Erdogan, etc. Note that the alternative jew media has offered up all these as if your saviors and leaders, your guardian betrayers.

You see, when the jew tells you to relax, you have a leader who will save you, and names a jew puppet in charge, he is enslaving you and your mind so that you do nothing to save yourself and justify your inaction and cowardice as if something noble, vaguely defined as "faith". Have faith in this, there is no hope for you if you do not personally act to better your future and combat jewry.

The jew savior ruse subverts the age old Führerprinzip and has you bound and gagged by the enemy to a doctrine that will inevitably, and by design, destroy you. You do need leaders, but not dead jew messiahs inviting you into the grave, with a pierced side and a crown of thorns, to join the rotting.

For two thousand years, Christianity has subverted and internationalized the monarchies of Europe. The two headed eagle of nobility is schizophrenic with the European head of power turned in disgust away from the jewish corpse of international Christendom tearing the soul of Europe in two with its jewish destruction of all things European. For two thousand years, Christianity has slaughtered the guardian gods of Europeans and bent the mighty European to bow to a dead mutilated jew and thank him for their sorrows.

Christianity kills. It kills souls. It kills cultures. It kills guardian gods. It kills Europeans and their descendants. It kills leadership. It converts rule from duty to ones kind, to obedience to jewish law, morbid genocidal jewish gods, and internationalism. It destroys the highest virtue of the perpetuation of ones blood community, to the continuance of the institution of the international jewish religion of cultural destruction and stagnation.

All those things claimed to be the good done by Christianity, are instead the good done by good people in spite of Christianity.

We are having a leadership problem in no small part due to subversive Christianity. Christians are sitting on their hands both because they hope for the end of humanity to come and will even work to bring it about, and because they can justify their cowardice and irresponsibility to their community by claiming the higher ground of a genocidal faith that will drop them in the grave they so Christianly crave.

Think about how crazy you are, jewwise Christian. You hope for the world to end and you worship a mutilated jew corpse nailed to a Roman cross and its supposed jew god daddy. You are every bit the jew, and the jews' slobber stained bit in the mouths of the horsemen's horses you hope will destroy us as the jews steer us into hell.

We need real leadership and Christianity is a stumbling block to achieving it, though it can be one of the best means of effectuating it once the hierarchical structure is in place. No less an obstacle to our obtaining rule is the fact the wealthy enjoy subjugating the less fortunate, and choose comfort over duty, and long term survival.