Sunday, December 22, 2013

Express and Employ Your Natural Rights, or the Jews Will Soon Enslave You and Slide a Slimy Muzzle Over Your Timid Cheeks to be Summarily Followed by a Knotted Noose Around Your Cowardly Necks

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It has often been said that when the jewish talmud quotes the old testament, it is only done to reverse and desecrate its original meaning and intent. The jews do the same to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. The jews, being a minority hostile to the best interests of the majority, quote our majority rights in order to erode and deprive us of them. One such case in point is the NDAA and its jewish "Hate Crimes" provisions.

Rather than quibble over the jews' obvious fallacies, which are as offensive to our natural sensibilities as normal human beings as is their archetypical antihuman phenotype, rather than wallow in the jews' noxious swill, I prefer at this time to assert our natural rights as normal human beings, content to be free and free of jewish subversive influence.

Normal and free human beings have a right to disagree, including the right to disagree with governmental positions and laws. This right includes the right to express that disagreement and to seek a change in governmental positions and laws. Normal and free human beings are political animals and the government cannot suppress their normal good natures, nor demand silent conformity of thought and expression to its ever changing tenets, dogmas and maxims.

Normal and free human beings have a natural right to restore what has been subverted and to eliminate that which has proven ineffective and/or destructive to their individual best interests. This includes the right of normal human beings to be individual in their thoughts and in their public expressions. A normal and free human being is bound by his nature and has the natural right to pursue change which benefits him or her and the State is barred from imposing obstacles to the free expression of ideas or from criminalizing views.

Normal and free human beings have the right to recognize differences and by their good natures naturally do so. This includes the natural right, duty and ability to place a value on recognizable differences, the natural right to dislike and to freely express ones dislikes and the grounds for ones dislikes. No two things in the universe have ever been observed to be the same and the State cannot force free and normal human beings to pretend by deed, statement or silence that different things are the same thing, or that disagreeable things are good, normal or natural, when they are instead thought to be disagreeable, offensive, obscene, destructive, immoral, unnatural, criminal, etc.

Normal and free human beings have the rights to assemble, communicate and organize, which includes the rights to network with like-minded folk and form communities. Normal and free human beings have the rights and the duty to seek out and invite those who agree with them to discuss and join with them; and to publicly debate and discredit those who oppose them.

Normal and free human beings have the right and the duty of self defense and national defense. This includes the right to publicly challenge, discredit and politically oppose those who are attacking the individual and/or the nation, as well as his or her beliefs. The right of self defense also incorporates the right to restore the subverted social contract of the US Constitution to its original wording and intent.

The jews are attempting to strip us of the governmental recognition of these rights, and the power of the State to secure these rights; and instead desire to use the power of the State to impose jewish dogma and legal code on our otherwise sovereign Nation; and to prevent normal and free human beings from ever undoing the jewish subversion of the natural order of human life by utilizing the State to imprison those who by force of their personal will and their dignity as free and normal human beings not only assert their natural rights but also express them. In sum, the jews seek to enslave us by force of the State. They, the genocidal jews, are our natural enemy and we have the natural right and duty to treat them accordingly.