Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Hate Crimes" Laws Establish a State Religion in Violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

"Hate crimes" laws establish a Federal religion in violation of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, in that they codify and presume a specific and regulated set of metaphysical and religious beliefs that are either scientifically contradicted or are untestable by scientific methods. The State religion is based upon the scientifically disproven metaphysical myth that all human beings are absolutely equal in their measurable attributes by virtue of their existence and that it is of a criminal nature deserving of punishment to think or say otherwise. The State is deliberately and religiously confusing the abstract concept of equal freedom and independence regarding their status with respect to the government, with the demonstrably false presumption of the equality of religious, mental, physical and racial attributes as quantifiable, observable and measurable traits and qualities. Furthermore, the State has imposed a religion that criminally proscribes individual or group concepts that conflict with the arbitrarily and religiously based standards established by the State and imposes these standards on the public without the consent of the governed and in contradiction to their best interests.

The State religion, demonstrably selectively enforced to disproportionately harass and imprison Whites so as to diminish their standing and rights, illegally presumes a religious State right to manufacture a supposedly divine utopian society it arbitrarily defines. The State religion goes far beyond governing free people, to policing their thoughts and ideas and punishing those who hold differing views, by barring any person from believing anything in contradiction to the State's metaphysical and religious dogma, or arguing against the dogma, or taking any measure or action meant to defend oneself from the harm the dogma and its enforcement causes to individuals and groups.

The clear goal of the State religion of "hate crimes" legislation is the systemic and systematic racist oppression of Whites aimed at preventing Whites from reaching their fullest potential in free competition with other races, and at genociding the White race through miscegenation and State enforced silence of any expression of White identity or White interests. The State is denying Whites the right to perceive reality and judge it in an independent, rational and scientific manner. The State seeks to prevent Whites from ever again becoming stewards of their own fate or ever again pursuing their own best interests, because the State knows that its religion is strongly contradicted by both reason and fact.

The State has asserted a right of religious censorship and proscribed competing views without any such power having been established in the Constitution, and in direct violation of the Bill of Rights which bar any such State religion. The State has also religiously and arbitrarily defined "hate" as if a criminal offense meriting punishment. The State places a religious and metaphysical value on the natural and productive function of a human being to hate that which threatens or offends it, and makes it a criminal offense to be human and exist in ones nature, and to hate as a normal and healthy means of survival.

It is a normal, healthy, productive and natural aspect of human nature to hate as well as love, and hatred is often a normal, natural and healthy aspect of love. For example, I naturally hate that which harms my children as part of my love for my children. Hate is a healthy part of life which justifies and provokes actions which enable us to survive. Hate is also a motivating political force that can rescue a society from ruin, as in the case of war, or disease, or poverty. The State's own "hate crime" religion presumes and incorporates a hatred of the freedom of thought, declaring it so foul as to be a criminal offense worthy of punishment. The State tacitly expresses a hatred of all that it proscribes.

The State's religion is also meant to create an artificial and unfair competitive advantage to those individuals and groups the State would favor in violation of its mandate to deal equally with all. The State arbitrarily defines "bias" so as to favor its own religious and metaphysical bias, and proscribes and punishes competing views. The State also adopts the opportunity to selectively enforce its religion against those against whom it holds a bias. Thereby, the State imposes religious oppression and totalitarianism on the diverse populace and prevents and perverts political change by design, regulating and mandating views, and hypocritically and arbitrarily defining "bias" so as to prevent political competition. Legislators have donned religious robes and tell us what we are, and what we are not, permitted to say and think, based on their bias against those who hold other views.

Any and all "hate crimes" laws clearly violate the higher law of separation of church and State and establish a State religion that is highly tyrannical and must be abolished. Wherever I perceive a threat to my interests as an American, I have the political right to hate that which harms me and to seek change that will favor me. The State is barred by the Constitution and natural law from proscribing my views, my freedom of thought, my freedom of expression, my right of self defense, my right of free association and my right to equality under the law. The State has no lawful authority to establish or enforce a religious creed on the country and is barred by the Constitution and natural law from doing so. All human beings naturally and beneficially engage in hatred and the State cannot employ a cheap emotional political trick by religiously and falsely claiming that hatred is somehow metaphysically and religiously criminal conduct that prevents an utopian society of their biased liking and against my perceived self interests, to criminalize freedom of thought and expression by "hate crimes" legislation or any other means.