Monday, December 23, 2013

In Order for Evil Jewry to Triumph Over Humanity, International Jewry Wants to Render It Illegal and Impossible for Good Men and Women to Do Good

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is often said that, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." The evil jewish tyrunts are corrupting governments around the globe so as to force them to pass tyrannical legislation which prohibits the free expression of ideas the evil jews seek to suppress. The evil jews are corrupting numerous governments to bring the full force of the subverted State against good men and women, to cause the State and society to segregate and discriminate against the best Gentiles, rendering them separate and unequal under the law and in the normal functions of society.

The jews openly engage in criminal conspiracies to selectively enforce "Terms of Service" agreements against those who expose jewish criminality, thereby illegally interfering with interstate and international communications and causing the segregation of, and discrimination against otherwise free Gentiles. Critics of evil jewry enjoy the same rights to freedom of expression, access to public interstate and international communications, freedom of association, and political activity as all other free citizens. It is illegal for the jews to conspire to suppress those rights and intentionally cause discrimination against, and the forced segregation of critics of jewry. It is also illegal for the providers of interstate communications to discriminate against and refuse access to their services to critics of jewry and those who promote their White racial interests, and by means of such discrimination, to segregate critics of evil jewry; thereby deliberately rendering them unequal and separate from others.

It is illegal for the evil jews to conspire to prevent critics of jewry from obtaining and/or maintaining gainful employment, to engage in the same professions as all others, to attend the same schools as all others and to engage in politics on a level playing field unobstructed by the violations of human rights the evil jews are corruptly inserting into the legislation of multiple nations and international bodies. Clearly, the evil jews do this to prevent good men and women from doing something to end jewish evil. The evil jews seek to triumph over good Gentiles, through the evil jewish tyranny of the segregation of, and discrimination against, good Gentiles.

The White human being is a complete being, incorporating into his racial identity his self interests, his expressions, thoughts and his fundamental human rights to the same access to public opportunities and utilities as all others. The evil jews violate racial discrimination laws when they conspire to prevent and/or obstruct Whites, individually and collectively, from publicly expressing their views regarding their racial identity as they, individually and collectively, see fit. It is not for the evil jews to determine the bounds of such public expression, to discriminate against those whose free speech the jews would suppress, or to segregate good men and women from society by criminalizing their views and preventing them from obtaining the same access to public communications as all others.

It is illegal for those providing interstate communications to discriminate against Whites, Christians, etc. by cutting them off from public expression, be it by suspending their accounts to internet services, or denying them equal access to expression on public talk shows, etc. We ought to start filing class action law suits to seek damages and remedies against those who are discriminating against, and illegally segregating us so as to prevent us from obtaining the same access to public communications as all others. Each deleted video, suspended account, removed website, etc. should be prosecuted as a civil rights violation and actual and punitive damages should be sought. We should also demand a fund be paid by the defendants to compensate us for the lost opportunities to public communications, that the evil jews have deliberately and aggressively denied us by means of open criminal conspiracies to suppress and violate our civil rights.

We should petition the US Congress to take punitive measures against the Israeli government for violating the civil liberties of American citizens, by causing the deliberate discrimination against and segregation of critics of jewry and Israel.