Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Intercontinental Traffic and Resource Management in the Event of a Third World War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Should WW III break out, the intercontinental flow of food, raw materials, goods and energy resources will be severally impacted. This will provide the communist jews with the opportunity they seek to force us to adopt communist policy domestically and internationally.

The introduction of electric cars seems to me tied to a plan to obstruct the flow of oil to America and Europe, and redirect it to China. Food shortages combined with the proscription of non-government managed food production favors a communist genocide by means of mass starvation both domestically and internationally.

The jews will subtly convert Iranian uranium mining and enrichment into a subsidy for the Red Chinese nuclear weapons program. Energy will begin to flow eastward across Asia towards China, rather than westward to Europe and America.

The production of food by the Ukraine and other former Soviet Republics from Belarus to Armenia will become crucial to feeding the growing Chinese Army, and this is one of the reasons why the Russians are battling to again pull these nations into the jews' communist fold. At the same time, the jews are flooding Western Europe with non-Whites who will burden the consumption of resources and goods once war breaks out, while only serving to disunite the military forces of these nations as the jews deliberately agitate Whites and non-Whites against each other.

The seas and the skies will become a dangerous place to travel, which is one of the reasons why the jews are flooding us with unwanted immigrants now. The jews want to prevent the continental isolation they are going to deliberately create from in any way promoting White homogeneity and Autarky. The jews will supplant Autarky with international communist aid bodies to prevent any independence and self sufficiency, and the aid will be contingent upon the surrender of sovereignty and the dispersal first to non-Whites, as is already happening domestically in America with governmental aid.

We will lose the deed to our property as the government seizes control of our property rights in the name of managing scarce resources. The jews will funnel all that would be ours to Red China as we will have no means of knowing what traffics the seas and the skies and the jews will lie to us and pretend that our military has clamped down the seas and the skies when in fact the Chinese will have free access to both as we are barred from any. Information will be filtered to us as it always is under communism. And so it will go as we suffer more and more until we are gone.

There is an alternative to all this, if you are willing to do something.