Thursday, December 26, 2013

Libertarian Jews Show Their Treacherous Cryptocommunist Colors, Again and Again

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Libertarian jews are the neohypies and Jane Fondas of the 21st century. I have long held, and was the first to claim, that the jewess "Ayn Rand" was a controlled opposition agent and prominent member of the communist "Trust" which sent supposed anticommunists into the West to infiltrate real anticommunist movements and subvert them to serve jewish interests.

I have witnessed the jewish and cryptojewish alternative media, which is dominated by libertarians, objectivists and Randites, help in several ways to put commie Obama in office, from outright advocating for him, to pushing Ron Paul down our throats to subvert the Republicans, etc. Another more recent example of their true communist leanings is the fact that they are desperate to scapegoat America for Red Chinese and North Korean communist aggression against South Korea, Japan and America. They have not one bad word to say about the communists they pretend to oppose.

Like their Vietnam era counterparts, they exist to subvert our nation and promote communist interests while pretending to be anticommunists.

While on the subject, it is interesting to note that Red China's communist president Xi Jinping is celebrating the genocidal mass murderer and jew puppet Mao Tsedung, who murdered many times more Chinese than the Japanese have ever killed, and who destroyed Chinese culture in Mainland China and who enslaved the Mainland Chinese People; and yet the commie darling of the jew media Xi has the chutzpah to attack Abe of Japan for honoring Japan's military heroes. It appears the jews are eagerly trying to pit the South Koreans against the North Koreans and Japanese, and the Japanese against everyone.

I note in closing that the alternative jew media of libertarians is highly critical of America and Japan, but just loves commie China and KGB Putin. Such is the political DNA of our jewish "patriots" and "anticommunists".