Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Once World War III Starts, It Will Never End, Until We Are All Dead

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews constantly hang threats over our heads as a pretext to deprive us of our rights, steal our wealth and prevent or at least hinder our progress. Once the jews start WW III, they will not let it end, but will use it as their perpetual revolution and perpetual war with which to enslave us until they exterminate us.

If the jews fail to provoke a nuclear war, they will simply prolong a conventional war in perpetuity, but unlike the prolonged cold war, it will be a shooting war with unending horrors and constant hardships. It will be worse than was life in the Soviet Union and famine and death will be everywhere, forever, until the very end.

The jews will control all information and constantly lie to us about our history, our present and our future. We will be isolated in every sense for as long as we are alive. The worst conditions of previous jewish run countries will not begin to compare to the future we are about to enter if we fail to stop the jews.

All aspects of the staged conflicts will be misrepresented to us, and the jews will steal all the wealth of the world as we starve and die of illness. Property will rot into rubble as it did in jew run bolshevist countries and there will never again be an attempt to better the lives of man. World War III is not meant to be won by any but the jews. It is instead a universal trap to bring down mankind into slavery and mutual destruction followed by extinction. It will be very unlikely we can find a way out once it starts and it is about to start.

The technology now exists for the jews to deceive every society into obeying a condition of constant war and totalitarian slavery until none are left alive to object. It will come quickly when it comes, like flame in a lake of gasoline, and only ash will survive it.