Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Same Jews Posing As If "American Patriots", Who Gayly Announce Each Aggressive Procurement of Weaponry by KGB Putin and Commie China, Accuse the USA of Rekindling the Cold War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is quite alarming that so many of the jewish "alternative media" and cryptojews posting on discussion groups dedicated to ending jewish tyranny, joyfully announce each advance the communists make in arming themselves to attack us and expand their domain. These same trojan horse cowboys constantly demean America and hypocritically and insanely accuse America of restarting the cold war as the commies openly prep to attack and annihilate us and engage in expansionism and imperialism. All while these well funded and organized cryptocommunists present themselves to the American public as if they were American patriots and anticommunists!

Another alarming trend is the rise of pseudofascists touting communist Chinese as if the commies were antiNWO. They wave the swastika, and cheerlead for communists. They are attempting to brainwash us to welcome in KGB Putin's troops and commie Chinese soldiers to arrest Americans and takeover our government. Just as the bolshevik jews called on Russians and Germans to welcome in international jews and Chinese to arrest and slaughter their leaders, the pseudofascists are trying to trick us into believing the jews' international forces should be welcomed into our sovereign nations to "save us" from the jews. More than one of these subversive creatures appears to be a White-Asian mixed.