Sunday, December 29, 2013

Why Aren't the Jew Media and the Governments of the World Critical of Chinese Communist Dictator Xi Jinping for Honoring the Democidal and Genocidal Maniac Mao Tsedung?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The international jewish press, in tandem with their new hero, the dictator of communist China Xi Jinping, are viciously attacking Japan's Abe for honoring Japan's past military heroes. This part of a broader jewish campaign to alienate Japan from its allies, while strengthen communist China. The jews want the Red Chinese to destroy Japan and seize control of the Pacific as their route to colonizing and genociding the rest of humanity, including we Americans. Never forget that our ally Japan stands between the communist Chinese and America.

But nowhere do the jews or their puppet governments demonize their empty showpiece of communist aggression and expansionism, Xi Jinping, for honoring the worst mass murderer of all time, the jewish manufactured communist puppet Mao Tsedung, who democided 70 million+ Chinese, genocided the Koreans, Tibetans and Uyghurs; and who deliberately eviscerated Chinese culture and divided the Chinese against themselves following the foreign occupation by Manchus and Japanese.

How dare Xi Jinping honor the world's all time worst human being Mao Tsedung? It only proves that Xi is the same type of communist mass murdering scum that Mao was, the jewish puppet type. And just as the jews in press and government covered up Stalin's crimes and the Holodomor, the jews are propping up their empty puppet Xi and selling this cheap Chinese crap to the world as if a new Kennedy.