Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Why Do the Jews Want to Instigate WW III on the Korean Peninsula? The Battle for Russian Allegiance to the Communists

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews are deliberately trying to instigate WW III on the Korean peninsula, but why do this instead of having communist China attack us directly?

There are several advantages for the communist jews in attacking us through communist China's satellite North Korea over directly attacking us through communist China. The Russians hate the Japanese and North Korea sits in a strategic location to bring Russia in against America and Japan in the event of war. Russia does not want the US or Japan to dominate the seas and North Korea, unlike communist China, poses no threat to Russia, and thereby generates greater sympathy among the Russian public for war against us, who should instead be considered natural allies with the Russians against the Chinese.

A counter-attack on North Korea, especially a nuclear counter-attack threatens Russia directly. Russian troops on the Korean peninsula would not worry the Chinese and it would serve to broaden the war and generate allies for the communists at the expense of the Japanese and Whites, who would thereby be divided against themselves.

The closer our navy comes to the Russian mainland, the more vulnerable it becomes to missile attack. Nuclear fallout from Korea would devastate Japan and America.

These are but a few of the advantages the jews see in attacking us through their puppet regime in North Korea. There are no doubt many more. What is not in doubt, is that the jews, through marxist North Korea, have openly threatened to exterminate us with nuclear war, and soon, and the jews are doing all they can do to strengthen communist China and weaken America, Japan, South Korea and Europe.