Sunday, December 29, 2013

Yehudi Arabia Is Bribing France to Help the Jews Destroy Lebanon, Again: France Will Covertly Provide the House of Saud with Nuclear Weapons to Attack Syria and Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back in September, I predicted that the jews would pour billions into ruining Lebanon and attacking Hezbullah. Yehudi Arabia has stepped up and funded the venture with funds they derived by overcharging us for oil:

Saudi to give Lebanon $3B to strengthen army

The jews are concurrently bribing the French to arm a Sunni versus Shia conflict. Expect that the real jewel of the deal will be a few nuclear weapons for the Saudis and a nuclear program for Saudi Arabia. The jews want escalation, not peace. In this way, the jews can scapegoat Muslims for nuking Muslims out of religious fanatacism, though the jews are behind all of this madness.

How many times have the jews brought war and conflict to beautiful Lebanon, I lost count?

Recall that it was France and South Africa that taught Israel to produce nuclear weapons, and that it was France that supplied weapons to Israel early on.