Friday, January 11, 2013

Glenn Beck's "Gult's Gulch" AKA "Independence Park"


Back on 13 December 2012, I warned that the Jews were planning to soon implement Ayn Rand's concentration camp for the best of the Goyim, which she called "Galt's Gulch":

Galt's Gulch Concentration Camp: The Diabolical Hidden Jewish Agenda of "Libertarianism" and "Objectivism", December 13, 2012

Glenn Beck is just now revealing his plans for his "Galt's Gulch" which he will call "Independence Park":

Amazing how Communitarian it all sounds, coming from supposedly Libertarian ideals. Sounds like a Frankfurt School gulag, or a little bit like the trips our American politicians take to Israel for brainwashing, or a glamorized version of the reeducation camps. A totalitarian theme park, perhaps? Who will the hold the patents and copyrights for works and inventions created in this worker's paradise? Who will decide what is true and what books contain truth? Will there be any debate of any kind, or will democratic centralism rule this Commie, er. . . uh communal. . . microcosm? That would save the residents the burden of thinking for themselves in "Independence Park", or is it interdependence dark, or is it anti-individualism stark?

I really, really, really hope that people start paying attention to what I have to say. Things are beginning to unfold in the ways I predicted.

It appears that some are looking toward a future where in order to survive you will have to submit to being a bitch dog for your overlords. And when the castles are complete, who will ultimately occupy them? Do the laborers who build castles ever reside in them after total power is accomplished?

Rand Paul jokes about Galt's Gulch in this video:

Afghan Withdrawal Heralds Israeli Attack on Iran


Obama wants to accelerate the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan. If the Jews were planning for America to attack Iran, this move would be counterproductive.

It appears instead that the Israelis are planning to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities and don't want to alienate America by spraying nuclear fallout all over our troops in Afghanistan. It will be enough to effectively nuke Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, and to provoke Pakistan and India to nuke each other. Then there is China. . . and Russia. . . .

The Fundamentally Immoral and Anti-Western Nature of the Jews Manifests Itself in All Their Public Endeavors


In the many years mainstream media Jews have attacked my work exposing Einstein as a plagiarist, a racist and a sexual pervert; those same media outlets which have attacked me and my work have never once published my responses to their outrageous attacks, nor have they published retractions of their proven lies, nor have they ever invited me to publish a statement of my views in their publications. These Jews pretend that their tendentious and dishonest smears constitute some form of debate, which somehow settles the issues I have raised.

The Jews' tactics and strategies are fundamentally immoral and thoroughly anti-Western. They are instead revealingly Jewish.

Too often when a Jewish media outlet addresses an issue, it has one sided spokesmen publish opinion pieces, which go unchallenged. Never are opposing viewpoints given space to state their case in an unchallenged format of expression.

Opposing views are only addressed in interviews, in which the hostile host talks over the guest, limits the discussion, and adopts an aggressive and condescending tone towards the guest and his views. Only rarely is the guest permitted to raise his own questions or speak to the issue as he chooses to address it, and when this occurs it occurs only because the host is insufficiently talented to shut down the guest, who is often more talented and better equipped with the truth, than is the hostile host. The host is usually supported by a Jewish guest who is permitted to be rude and dominate the "debate".

Jewish media far more often than not assumes this form of Jewish propaganda. It is not news reporting or journalism as understood by rational minds schooled in the Western tradition, and its only purpose is to obfuscate and hide the truth, rather than arrive at it and disclose it to the public.

The Jews are only interested in molding your opinions to suit their purposes, not arriving at and disclosing the truth unless it favors their interests, and then only to the extent that it favors their interests. This has terrible consequences for our society.

The Jews are not only promoting their interests, most often against the interests of others, they are hamstringing Western Civilization and stunting our progress. The Jews usually have us back on our heels as they charge forward with their pernicious Jewish agendas. Rather than building our societies into better and stronger communities, we consume our energies and halt our momentum reacting to the Jewish onslaught on our liberties, our sensibilities, our health, our security, our independence, etc.

We are only allowed public expression when it serves Jewish interests and only to the extent that it serves Jewish interests. We are not given access to media to publicize issues which would better our civilization. The Jews never invite or allow us to publish criticism of their power in the media they control. Jews are always dogmatic and domineering. Their behavior is disgraceful when judged through Western eyes, but they view it as smart and clever.

This is why we cannot tolerate Jews among us. They are a parasite which consumes its host. They steal our wealth through corrupt means and use it against us to buy up and dominate the public discourse, to control our elections and to drive us into wars and revolutions. They are at war against us and it is a war the Jews intend to win by enslaving then exterminating us.

We have to inform the American public that the Jews are aggressively waging war on us and we have to persuade the American public to fight back and save itself from the vile Jews. We do not accomplish these goals by supporting Jewish agendas and Jewish agents like Ron Paul, controlled White Nationalists and Nationalism or Jewish Libertarianism and its cooperative cousin Jewish Communitarianism in the forms of veganism, localism, gold buggery, secessionism or revolution.

Why are the White Nationalists and Libertarians seizing upon gun control issues to foment self destructive behaviors which promote further repression, revolution, dissolution, disorganization, bloodshed, and political weakness; rather than seizing upon this moment to expose the Jews and promote political organization? Why do they so often promote the entropy of our society, rather than the organization of our society to serve our self interests?

Buying guns for the purpose of killing fellow Americans only serves the interests of the Jews. It is cowardly and counterproductive. It is the act of a cornered rat. Buying guns to form a true militia in an organized fashion would be a very different proposition, if properly done. It would be an intelligent, scientific and Western thing to do.

But if you want the weapons you need to defeat the Jews, you need only realize that you already have them. We have the largest nuclear arsenal in the World. White Americans need only take control of the government to take control of this stash of end game weaponry. With this arsenal we can stop our enemies and competitors from ever challenging our superiority or sovereignty.

An AR-15 is a piece of crap, especially with civilian ammunition. Hardball .22 caliber ammunition does not transfer energy well, even if it tumbles through the wound channel. Civilian rounds will not penetrate body armor. Soft and hollow points transfer more energy to the target, but do not penetrate well and are useless against any hardened targets. Sure, a head shot or heart shot will stop a man, but what is this going to accomplish in our war against the Jews?

Think if our arsenal included the most inclusive, expansive and well maintained nuclear arsenal in the World. We could aim this arsenal at Israel. We could isolate the Jews in a prison camp and place a nuclear bomb with remote trigger at its core.

This is the level intelligent Whites should be operating at, not individually hiding in a basement with an AR-15, a Remington 870 12 gauge and some bottles of water and bags of flour. We have to stop retreating and we must cease to limit our public debates to issues defined by the Jewish loudmouths who constantly interject lies and bad advice into our discussions.

This is our country. We have to participate in our government and chase out our enemy. We can never accomplish these crucial tasks by retreating and shooting one another.

If you want to secure the 2nd Amendment rights we have, as you should, do then so as civilized White men can and must. Organize to serve your interests and take control of the government through the political process. Guns are not needed to secure rights which are not yet infringed upon. Your participation is what is needed, not your hiding behind a gun so that you can continue to hide from your responsibilities as a man and a citizen in a civilized White nation.

The Jews have deliberately poisoned your White minds to believe that the underpaid working class anti-intellectual is a hero to be admired and emulated by all those who would be heroic. They have schooled you to view the gun as the hero's tool of action, and blind force as the recourse of choice. They are now teaching Blacks and Hispanics that their heroes are those who murder Whites. This is done not to promote the interests of Whites, Blacks or Hispanics, but instead is carrying on the work of Charles Manson's Jewish engineered false flag terrorism meant to teach minorities to act violently against Whites, so that Whites will have a pretext to act violently against Blacks and Hispanics. And where will that lead us? Notice the common agenda between Charley Manson's false flag murders, and the spate of Jewish Hollywood's anti-White movies, and know the common source.

The Jews want us killing each other in the streets, maintaining small primitive farms, and living in caves, like primitive savages; while they steal our wealth, rule over us, and move to China, where they are far less likely to assimilate. Notice that Manson wanted Whites to bunkerize their lives and become primitive savages in their own nation. Notice that Manson is promoting Jewish Communitarianism, as are so many White Nationalists, and Libertarians. Notice that the White Nationalists and Libertarians are encouraging the same "anti-Collectivist" behaviors, which result in Manson's Communitarianist programs. All this while the Jews grow richer and more powerful through their unity, organization and the falling ripe fruit of White civilization.

Now why is it that the Jewish media would never publish my above article, though they would criticize it and presume to claim that their tendentious attack constitutes a "debate"? It is because they are Jews, and Jews have a 2,500 year history of dogmatism which highly developed practices and policies enable them to keep you silent and retreating. Why do you oblige their attack, rather than counter it as civilized White men have done for 2,500 years?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why the Jews So Hate the Greeks that They Wish to Exterminate Them


As is the case with the Egyptians and most especially the Romans, the Jews reserve a dark chamber of their black hearts to store the bile of their special hatred for the Greeks. The Jews despise any culture which is obviously superior to anything the Jews have ever produced. The Jews loathe their one time enemies forever. The Jews violently respond to assimilatory kindness as if a genocidal gesture.

The genocidal and racist Old Testament proclaims that the Jewish god will bless those who bless the children of Abraham and curse those who curse Abraham's descendants (Genesis 12:2-3). The truth is that the Jews try to genocide those who are most friendly to them, because when they live among these people so as to subvert and steal from them, the Jews lose some of their Jewishness and begin to assimilate due to the kindness shown them by their loving host. Though the Jews curse all, they most readily subvert, easily destroy and most strongly hate those who love and bless them.

As but one example of many; Philo informs us that the Jews did not conquer the Canaanites through war, but rather through infiltration facilitated by Canaanite love of the Jews; the Jews most actively sought to destroy Russia when the Czar expressed his love and protection of the Jews and asked them to assimilate; the Jews exploited the Egyptians goodwill and borrowed, then stole, the Egyptians' gold and jewels when the Jews left Egypt; the Jews prospered under the Ottoman Empire, then ruined it; etc. etc. etc.; as but one example of the many times the Jews have tried to genocide those who blessed the Jews, the Jews tried to exterminate the Greeks, because the Greeks were so good to the Jews and because Greek culture was so vastly superior to Jewish culture, that the Jews were becoming hellenized and losing their Jewishness. The Jews returned their blessing with a curse.

As a result, Antiochus IV sacrificed a pig in the Jews' Temple. The Jews celebrate their war on the Greeks every year at Christmas time, which feast of the Jewish genocide of the Greeks who sought to embrace them, the Jews call "hannukkah".

The Jews hate the Greeks because the Greeks had an infinitely superior culture to the Jews, and too many Jews recognized this fact and sought to copy the Greeks. The Jews hate the Greeks because the superior Greeks mocked the Jews' sacrifices to their jealous and genocidal Jewish god. The Jews hate the Greeks because the Greek language was once the universal language of the educated classes of the ancient world. The Jews hate the Greeks because the Greeks had an empire and much gold and silver, and the Jews believe the world and the property of the Goyim, especially gold and silver, all belongs by divine right to them. The Greeks had their holy mountain and a vast empire centered around Athens, and this the Jews could not stand.

But the Jews also hate the Greeks because the Greeks sought to solve the Jewish problem by forbidding Jews from taking over the society of the Byzantine Empire. The Greeks learned that loving the Jews only brings on increased Jewish animosity and subversion, and rather than eliminating the Jews, as they should have, the Greeks tolerated the Jews while keeping them from completely dominating Byzantine society. The Greeks' reward for this kindness to the Jews was the invasion of the Jewish led Turks.

The Jews hate the Greeks today, as they always have. The Jews are trying to pit the Muslims against the Greeks and the Greeks against the Muslims, as they always have. The Jews are sucking the blood out of Greece and stealing its gold, as they always have. In a world with both Greeks and Jews, the Jews will always be engaged in a war of extermination against the Greeks.

The Jews bless no one. The Jews want to kill all. They believe it is the only way they can remain Jews, because all other cultures are superior to their own, and so hold an allure to the Jews to cease being inhuman monsters, to cease being Jews.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Why Chuck Hagel?


The Jews' puppet President Barack Obama nominated Chuck Hagel for a specific reason. He was told to do it, so that Netanyahu would have the leverage he needs to convince the Israeli public that the USA will not attack Iran, and, therefore, Netanyahu must do so.

Note that the personal attacks are generally directed at Hagel, and not Obama, though it is Obama who is Commander in Chief, and it is Obama who nominated Hagel. The Jews do not honestly question Obama's subservience to Israel. They instead are merely providing Netanyahu with the tools he needs to attack Iran, including bombs and Israeli public opinion favoring an Israeli attack.

Netanyahu believes he is Moshiach ben Joseph. The Cabalah tells him to attack Iran and it is OK by him and the Cabalah for him to manufacture from whole cloth any workable, if false, pretext for doing so. Long before the Mossad, the Cabalah instructed Jews to wage war by means of deception.

Netanyahu has the courage of his cowardly convictions, however deceitful and destructive they surely are. Why are you such cowards, that you will not act in defense of what is good and just?

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Jews Don't Want America to Win, or Even to Survive, the Coming Third World War


The Jewish manufactured First World War resulted in the destruction of the Russian Empire (through Jewish "revolution"), the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the destruction of the Turkish Empire. The Jews used the strategy of "propaganda of the deed" to bring about revolution in Russia, while WW I was being fought. It caused the rise of the German, Italian and Japanese Empires.

The Jewish manufactured Second World War resulted in the destruction of the German, Italian and Japanese Empires. It caused the rise of the American and Bolshevik Empires.

The Jews are currently using the strategy of "propaganda of the deed" to bring about a destructive revolution in America, which will occur during the coming Jewish manufactured Third World War. The Jews manufacture gun violence. At the same time, the Jews use gun violence to cause repressive government action. Concurrently, the Jews foment revolution as a reaction to the repressive government measures they deliberately cause, propose and enact. The Jews are also oppressing the American People with endless war, destructive immigration and economic crises, provoking revolution.

The Jews took similar action against Russia. The Jews committed assassinations, led crippling strikes and brought war against Russia, while cutting off its access to the money markets. The government was forced to take repressive actions, which opportunity the Jews created to use as a means to foment revolution which would make them the absolute masters of the Russian People.

As I predicted would happen, things are heating up between Pakistan and India. The Jews want to chop the heads off of Hindus for their idol worship, and we see this taking place.

Israel has so weakened the Middle East, that it does not need the USA to attack Iran. It has so weakened the USA through war, debt, immigration and economic ruin, that the Jews will have an easy time destroying the USA in the coming Third World War the Jews are about to start. The Jews will try to spark a revolution and civil wars in America during WW III, just as they did to Russia during WW I. The Jews want America to fall and to destroy the American Empire, in favor of an emerging Chinese Empire.

Having been victorious in two Jewish manufactured world wars, Americans foolishly believe they will triumph in the third, but that is not the Jews' plan. Rather, the Jews are creating turmoil, repression and revolution, as well as endless war, in hopes of balkanizing and destroying the United States of America during the Third World War which is about to commence.

I have been warning that this was coming. It is now here and we must all suffer the consequences, because so few are competent or brave enough to help stop it. I would damn you for your cowardice and complacency, but it would be redundant. I suspect things will progress quickly, now. They don't want you putting the pieces together. They want you confused and desperate, like the Czar. And you are.

The Jew World Order as Described 2,000 Years Ago by Philo the Jew


Christians are so deluded by their Jewish beliefs, that it is difficult for them to understand that much of what is iterated in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was also stated 2,500 years ago in the Jewish Old Testament. But Philo the Jew understood what was written by his ancestors, and put it into the Greek language with a delicate veil covering the Jewish desire to destroy Rome, so that it would not so readily offend the Romans. The intervening 2,000 years of the Jews' war on humanity makes clear what exactly it was Philo the Jew meant to say (I wish a better translation of the Greek were readily available):

"(173) And if you are unwilling to contemplate the fortunes of particular men, think upon the changes, whether for the better or for the worse, of whole countries and nations. At one time Greece was flourishing, but the Macedonians took away the power of that land; then, in turn, Macedonia became mighty, but that, being divided into small portions became weak, until at last it was entirely extinguished. (174) Before the time of the Macedonians the Persians prospered, but one day overthrew their exceeding and extensive prosperity. And now the Parthians are more powerful than the Persians, who a little while ago were their masters, ever were; and those who were their subjects are now masters. Once, and for a very long time, Egypt was a mighty empire, but its great dominion and glory have passed away like a cloud. What has become of the Ethiopians, and of Carthage, and of the kingdoms of Libya? Where now are the kings of Pontus? (175) What has become of Europe and Asia, and, in short, of the whole of the inhabited world? Is it not tossed up and down the agitated like a ship that is tossed by the sea, at one time enjoying a fair wind and at another time being forced to battle against contrary gales? (176) For the divine Word brings round its operations in a circle, which the common multitude of men call fortune. And then, as it continually flows on among cities, and nations, and countries, it overturns existing arrangements and gives to one person what has previously belonged to another, changing the affairs of individuals only in point of time, in order that the whole world may become, as it were, one city, and enjoy the most excellent of constitutions, a democracy."
Philo Judaeus, translated by C. D. Yonge, "The Unchangeableness of God" (Quod Deus immutabilis sit), XXXVI, 173-176. Colored emphasis added.

World government is a Jewish goal and has been for thousands of years. The Jews ascribe this plan to the divine, the Logos, the Jews' devilish god, the Book, the Old Testament. But brainwashed Christians refuse to look at the truth and see the Jew.

Monday, January 07, 2013

How the Jews' Attack on Iran Will Likely Proceed


I suspect that the Jews are readying to attack Iran. If Netanyahu is reelected, he will probably order a strike this spring, barring any events which preclude such an attack.

Hagel can do nothing to prevent this strike, and since Jewish puppet Obama is advocating his appointment, Hagel is likely compromised. In any event, the Secretary of Defense will have no power other than to obey the orders of the Commander in Chief, who is a puppet of the Jews.

A plan is being floated to emit trillion dollar coins to fund the government. Such schemes are usually enacted to create a war chest. In this case, it would serve as a means to fund a war against Iran and a Third World War.

The Jews want to increase immigration to create a work force and pool of soldiers for World War III, as well as subvert Whites' rights to self-determination. White men and women will be busy fighting wars for the Jews and will need immigrants to serve as labor.

The Jews will have several options in their rhetoric and political action on gun control. If they suddenly tone down their rhetoric and undermine their own proposals, or sharply ramp them up, I would take that as a sign that an attack on Iran is imminent.

Perhaps compulsory voting should be explored as a means to secure White self-determination and prevent war. We must counter the Jewish brainwashing of Christian Zionists, if Whites are to rescue themselves from Jewish oppression.

We should condition the American public to suspect that any attacks on Americans or vessels in the Persian Gulf are in fact the result of Jewish false flag terrorism. The Jews have in place plans to carry out numerous false flag attacks on our nuclear power plants, oil infrastructure (which is highly vulnerable to such attacks) and to detonate dirty bombs. I have been observing for several years that the Jews desire to dump nuclear bombs on Iran, and a nuclear attack of any kind would serve them as a pretext to bomb Iran with nuclear bombs. The Jews will surely provide such a pretext.

The Cabalah calls for a war on Iran. The Jews are drooling blood in expectation that it will come soon.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Why Are Christians So Gullible?


The Jews have an easy time brainwashing Christians and imparting post-hypnotic suggestions in their already deluded heads. The recipe for brainwashing is simple and effective. And Christians are ripe for the picking given that they so readily pretend that fantasy is reality and unquestioningly submit to authority without debate or independent thought.

Christians submit to fantasy. They are indoctrinated from birth to treat the absurd as if absolute truth. They are taught to refuse to question that which is obviously false on its face. They are taught to fear healthy doubt as if it were a temptation to evil. They are taught to reject reason as if it were the work of the devil.

Christians gather in large groups where they meet to communally pretend that their common delusions are reality. An unquestioned authority figure dictates beliefs to the group and no debate takes place, nor is doubt tolerated. This leaves a gap in their minds as wide as a church door for the Jews to fill with whatever nonsense they choose to make Christian dogma.

The authority figure uses the standard brainwashing technique of creating stress and imparting fear. The Christians are told that they are evil by nature and were cursed with an original sin. Christians are told that they will be further cursed if they do not submit to the will of the Jews and slavishly serve Jewry.

The authority excuses evil behavior by claiming that all are evil by nature, and offers to relieve the stress and fear generated by these proclamations by cleansing these sins through various means. The entire religion is founded on the unjust proposition that the scapegoat Jesus has taken the sins of Christians onto his own head if only they will believe in and obey him. Where is the justice in one man assuming the sins of another in exchange for making him a slave? What compensation does the victim of the sins receive? What punishment does the sinner receive?

Christianity appeals most strongly to those who are most evil and deranged by nature. They receive a pass for their evil acts and are told that they are normal and beloved because they are so vile. These people are eager to harm others and their aggressive nature facilitates their rise to the positions of authority over other Christians.

Christians are told to fear their minds, which are supposedly predisposed to evil, and instead rely sole upon authority to guide their thoughts and actions. Those who raise objections are called evil and immoral. They are treated as if a mortal threat to the immortal souls of the Christians. The mass of the group, which submits itself to the authority, takes precedence over the reason and rights of the individual.

The appearance of the Bible or cross, and the invocation of the name of Jesus or god, places the Christian in a trance in which he will accept shear nonsense as if salvation rendering wisdom. In this trance environment, post-hypnotic suggestions are made and stress relieving brainwashing takes place.

The Christian dupe is told that he is evil by nature and will die and be punished in hell forever. The Christian dupe is told that he will be cursed unless he submits to the will of the Jews at his own expense and dispenses murder and mayhem on those whom the Jew elects to attack. The Christian suffers mental pain and terrible unresolved stress.

The authority then instructs the Christian that he will be saved if and only if he unquestioningly accepts ancient Christian mythology as if fact, and obediently serves his Jewish master regardless of the contradictions between these mandates, serving the Jews always takes precedence. Christians are easily brainwashed and the Jews are doing it to them every day, in many ways.