Saturday, February 02, 2013

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu Is Trying Get Assad Killed


Turkey's Davutoglu stated, "Is there a secret agreement between Assad and Israel?" I suspect the jews want Assad dead. They may even bomb his palace in the near future.

With Syria taken out, Turkey and Israel will share the air space over Syria and Iran will be in a bad position to strike back against either nation. With Saudi Arabia also in the jews' camp, Israel may well strike Iran very soon. Jordan is dead center and the jews may push the Palestinians from the West Bank into Jordan, or they may simply genocide them.

If we show the political will to fight back, we can save countless lives, including our own. It is time, perhaps the only opportunity we will have left, to fight back.

Poor Syria Is Caught in a Death Grip Between Jew Controlled Turkey and Saudi Arabia, as well as Israel


Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey's Foreign Minister, is goading Syria to counter-attack Israel. He declares that Turkey will not stand by while a Muslim country is attacked, but instead of attacking Israel with military force for attacking a Muslim country Syria with military force, Turkey is instead attacking Syria, with military force in a military farce! See:

Turkey slams Syria's inaction over 'Israeli strike'

Turkey has stood idly by as jewry has invaded the Palestinians' land for decades and has not taken military action against Israel for the jews attack on the Mavi Marmara. Why? Because Turkey is a jewish controlled country and has been for hundreds of years and the Mavi Marmara attack was a staged event meant to increase Turkey's influence among Muslim nations so that Turkey could help Israel to destroy Muslim nations.

When Israel attacks Syria and Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey will be Israel's ally, not Islam's protector. These two nations could have led Islam to rescue the Palestians at any point since the Second World War, and instead have only aided the jews. Not because the people of Turkey and Saudi Arabia want it this way, but rather because the leadership of these countries is jewish. A nation cannot permit jews in its territory. They will always subvert the interests and sovereignty of the host country and its people.

When Turkey and the Saudis squeeze Syria, which direction do you think the blood will flow, towards Israel, or towards Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan?

But it is chaos the jews want, and the Turks and Saudis will not be spared for their service to the jews.

Israel Is Clearing Its Flight Paths


I believe Israel is about to attempt to takeout Syria's Assad directly, either bombing him from the air, or with an assassin. I suspect the former. I suspect the jews' fifth column in America and in Turkey have signed off on this plan and given their full approval and support.

Israel chose its targets carefully in its recent strike on Syria. The jews want to clear their flight paths and cannot afford to lose any of their military aircraft. They want to be able to bomb Beirut, Aleppo, Damascus and Tehran with impunity.

Israel cannot do to Iran what it had America do to Iraq. It does not have the navy it would need, nor the airforce. But with Turkey's support, and then NATO and the USA, it could annihilate Iran.

Nuclear bombs would be easiest, but I suspect there is growing resistence to the jews' plans to nuke Iran and to nuke the USA with a false flag attack on us. They may yet try this, but I suspect it becomes less likely as they build up support in America and Turkey and concurrently weaken Syria. But do not misunderstand me, the danger is still there and we must keep up the pressure, which is why I am expressing some optimism, to encourage you to work harder not to fall into complacency.

If the jews succeed in igniting a nuclear war between Pakistan and India, then all bets are off. Iran has very limited means to strike back at Israel. The Saudi leaders are crypto-jews. Turkey will help guard Israel and the skies over Iraq and Syria.

Israel can hurt Iran but not destroy it. They must know they have the absolute ability to bring in the US and Turkey once the conflict begins. It cannot be their objective to merely destroy Iran's airforce and bomb its nuclear facilities.

They are luring in the Turks with the promise of pan-Turkey which is interrupted by Iran. If Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan take over northern Iran, pan-Turkey will be complete. That is the bait for those Turks not already in bed with the jews.

If the jews can force Iran to counter-attack, then the Saudis will join in the fight and Israel will have multiple flight paths to hit Iran. Jordan will follow suit with whatever the Saudis do.

The combined forces of Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia could make quick work of Iran, even without American or NATO support. Saudi Arabia will use the gulf as a pretext to strike, and Turkey will need no excuse. Turks do as the army asks.

Had Netanyahu won a mandate, things would be even worse than they are. Keep up the pressure. Public opinion counts for alot.

Friday, February 01, 2013



The jews have created a system of mutually assured destruction, whereby, at the time of its inception, almost wholly White nations targeted each other with nuclear bombs placing us in perpetual war with each other and separating us from guaranteed death, assured extinction, by the mere whims of the jews who control the leadership of these nations. This same accumulation of nuclear weaponry can be put to humanitarian use to ensure the preservation of the White race for as long as human life is possible on our planet.

The jews have repeatedly turned Whites against themselves. In modern times, the jews created the Protestants and pitted them against the Catholics, after having pitted the Catholics against all indigenous religions in Europe. The jews created the Kulturkampf in Germany. They repeatedly pitted the French against the Germans. The jews made allies of the English, America's repeated enemy, to have Americans attack the Germans, our natural allies. Then, the jews turned the Russians--America's allies in the Civil War, WW I and WW II--against America, and America against Russia. The jews had been pitting Western Europe against Russia for centuries and spread all kinds of genocidal propaganda against Russia accusing the Czar of being the anti-Christ. This process continues.

But what would happen if we Whites today reject the jews' war on us, refuse to target each other with death, and instead agree to defend each others interests, rather than guaranteeing each others demise? What if we use our near monopoly on nuclear weapons to destroy the jewish enemy and free the world from the jews? What if we use our advantages to our advantage to secure North America, Russia, Europe and Australia as White territories?

We should never feel guilty that we have an edge and we should never surrender our advantages. Nor should we take advantage of it to perform immoral acts. But we Whites are honored by nature to be humane. The jews have used this against us, but if we depose them we can put our beautiful natures to work to secure our interests around the world, and make us loved as we Whites were before America changed its color tone to brown. White America was a beacon of light to the world, before the jews made a false flag attack on the World Trade Center and used this as a pretext to attack humanity and destroy America through unwinable perpetual wars.

But our past is proof of the possibilities of our future. Whites can again become the beloved guides of humanity, if we act according to our natures. In addition to our innate humanitarian spirit, Nature has provided us with a will to survive and a will to defeat our enemies.

If we claim what is already ours, our White flesh, our White territory and our White weaponry, and direct these to our mutual benefit, we Whites will be in a glorious position of MUTUALLY ASSURED PRESERVATION! There is no need of poverty, war or civil strife. We have the people, land, water and air that we need to provide all we could possibly want. It is only the jews which prevent us from utilizing what we already have to provide what we need and want. So let's get rid of the jews and their influence as we instinctively would any other aggressive enemy, and assure the mutual survival of the White Peoples of the Earth.

Stop lamenting the fact that Whites own vast territory and comprise the largest pool of human genius and weaponry, and let us put them to use for our interests and preservation. Let us do it now, this very instant, by your reading this plea and understanding that it signifies the continuation of our People for you to agree to it, and so do agree. Now help me to force the White governments to implement what we White People have already resolved.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chuck Hagel's Campaign to Eliminate Whites' Strategic Nuclear Advantage


If Whites of the United States of America were to unite with the Whites of Russia, as we did during the Rothschild's Civil War in America, we would control 96% of the nuclear weapons in the world. The jews know that such a unification of White force could easily destroy jewry and guarantee White preservation for the foreseeable future.

Enter Hagel, Obama and Medvedev in 2008/9, each Kosher certified, and "Global Zero" which would disarm Whites of their nuclear weapons on the same schedule that Whites will be disenfranchised in their own nations if they fail to act.

But the real goals are a hidden in this agenda. On the one hand the jews want to unleash these weapons, but cannot due to the refusal of those in the military in America and Russia. Failing the ability to instigate an apocalyptic nuclear war, the jews will try for a limited nuclear war, and then when the horrors are made public, they will call for the removal of nuclear weapons to Israel. That failing, they will call for removal of nuclear weapons from White nations, so as to give their nuclear arsenal an advantage and to increase the advantage of China's conventional forces.

The jews have many fall back plans, and Hagel is a key figure in one of them.

I hope I can convince my fellow White Americans that their rights to their nuclear weapons are even more important than their rights to their personal small arms. We have to secure these weapons in White hands before demographics, if not the jews themselves, take them from us.

We must also work toward an alliance with other White nations, which will give us absolute power over the world, rather than mutual assured destruction. And we must demand our sovereignty and rights to self-determination and deport the disproportionate non-White immigration of the past few decades, keeping the best, being humane to the rest and relocating them in places which favor our interests and theirs.

Beware Hagel, he wants Whites to become powerless.

Netanyahu Is Creating the Conditions for Scapegoating the USA for an Israeli False Flag Attack on Iran


Netanyahu, Kissinger and other prominent jews are telling the world that Israel cannot effectively destroy Iran's nuclear capabilities and therefore the US must do so. These jews want it to appear that any attack on Iran will come from America, so that when Israel hits Iran the world will suspect the USA, not Israel.

The traitor and jewish puppet Obama has supplied Israel with American weapons to attack Iran. The Israelis will attack and deny that they have done so, and instead use the media and their politicians to scapegoat America.

The jews have always scapegoated the Goyim for their crimes. It is a national religious rite that they perform yearly, and they have created the myth that the chief god of the Goyim, Sammael, accepts a goat once a year and places all the sins of all the jews on the heads of the Goyim. Scapegoating others, and especially doing so to manufacture wars by pitting peoples against each other, is a jewish religious duty.

Such is America's curse for blessing the jews with military supplies.

Benjamin Netanyahu 'says Israel strike on Iran would have limited effect'

Israel Would Not Attack Syria Without Controlling US and Turkish Fifth Column Support


Israel would not attack Syria if it did not feel confident that it had complete control over the US Government. They are certain they have the ability to draw America into any war which erupts between Israel and Syria and Iran. But Syria is no problem for them, not because they have the ability to draw upon American backing alone, but rather because Turkey is itching to intervene on Israel's behalf. In addition, the jews have in place plans to launch false flag attacks around the world and horrendous attacks within the USA.

Iran is obliging Israel's desire for war. It is obvious that the Iranian Government is as coopted as is ours. Note that their media propaganda in America is written by known agents of the jews, and that their press releases in general are so poorly written as to be obvious instances of self sabotage.

Iran has pledged itself to declare war on any nation which attacks Syria. Israel would be better to served to let Syria weaken itself before attacking it, if Syria were the jews ultimate target, but it is not. The jews want a pretext to attack Iran and to draw in America, Turkey and NATO.

They will soon have it, and Iran is helping them to do it.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Gold "Color Revolution" in America, Organized and Financed by Jewish Billionaires, Er Uh. . . Trillionaires


The Obama Presidency has been an unceasing incitement to revolution, by design. I pointed this out back in 2008 in a couple of articles, and then many times after that:

Jewry Stabs America in the Back and Openly Steals 700 Billion Dollars from the American People: A Deliberate Provocation to an American Revolution, October 03, 2008

The Jews Are Provoking Us to Revolution, Much Like They Did to Russia in 1905 and 1917, November 19, 2008

The jews know that it will be much easier to provoke Whites to revolt against a Mulatto usurper whom they falsely portray as if a Muslim and a Marxist, then it would be to incite Whites to revolt against a White usurper President. The jews used Ron Paul, who is their boy, to plant the seeds of the idea of revolution, but did not want him to win, because his followers would not revolt against him. They also chose McCain and Romney to be weak candidates to ensure Obama's success, as they had done in his Illinois Senate election campaign.

I recently wrote that Piers Morgan was chosen as the posterboy for gun grabbers so that the jews can scapegoat the British for their attack on our rights meant to incite us to revolution, but I forget to mention the subliminal aspect that the American psyche is conditioned to view American revolution as a revolution against the British. Obama again incites us to revolt by attacking our Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.

The immigration issue is another provocation to White Americans to revolt. The kist is long and will grow longer.

Make no mistake about it, the jewish billionaires want there to be a revolution in American so they can destroy us and wipe their behinds with the Constitution. They are trying to provoke a Third World War, and if they succeed will only increase their efforts to drive us to revolution. They are deliberately making our lives miserable so that we revolt. We should instead take control of the government and use it to remove the source of the pain.

The Coming Fertility Wars


The jews are poisoning and irradiating Whites in millions of ways. They are deliberately sterilizing us.

As miscegenation becomes increasingly popular due to jewish advertising and control of our laws, and as Whites are made increasingly infertile, Whites will be encouraged to carry non-White babies and raise them through the process of in vitro fertilization using Whites as surrogate mothers. This will become mandatory even for fertile White couples, such that Whites will become breeders of non-Whites. Gays and Lesbians will lead the way in this push that genocides Whites.

In a crisis, we could potentially turn the tables and use non-Whites for surrogates of White babies and double our populations in one year by paying non-White mothers to perform this service. This would increase our numbers while tying up non-White women from making non-White babies. I am not advocating this, because nature is unkind to those who interfere in her work, and I do not know the long term effects or possibility of interracial in vitro fertilization with surrogate mothers.

But I am warning my White brothers and sisters that this is coming and it will be one of many factors that will eliminate us if we do not guard our own kind from extinction. If the jews succeed in their plans to instigate a nuclear WW III where Whites mutually destroy each other, the infertility of Whites will become a fait accompli.

White Territorial and Strategic Imperatives


Imagine what will happen if the jews succeed in taking control of the nuclear weapons of the USA, UK and France, either by transporting them to Israel, or placing them under the control of subverted non-White governments in these nations. No longer will our nuclear arsenals serve to defend White territory and White strategic interests.

Further imagine that jewish Libertarians and White Nationalist leaders succeed in suckering Whites to drive themselves onto ever shrinking reservations in their own countries. The territory and military might lost will condemn Whites to extinction.

If you will help me place the POWER PARTY in control of the USA, we will ensure that the nuclear arsenal of the USA is placed in White hands and White hands only. We will demographically ensure that Mexico becomes White territory followed by all of Central America. We will split the pie of the Americas with the Latinos and provide incentives for them to agree to this and disincentives for them to oppose it. We will force the jews out of the US and Canada and secure North America as White territory committed to White strategic interests.

We will work with Whites in Russia to employ their nuclear weapons in the defense of White strategic interests, rather than targeting Whites, the nuclear arsenals of the USA, UK, France and Russia will join in a strategic alliance to secure the future of Whites and White territories. With this unmatched power, we can disarm the nuclear capabilities of non-Whites and guarantee our future.

We will then be able to clean up the Northern Hemisphere so that our living environment is healthy and conducive to human life for the conceivable future. We will then be able to put an end to the jews' Samson Option of mutual assured destruction of Whites by their own arms. There is much we will accomplish, but I cannot do it by myself.

POWER PARTY Proposal for Humanely and Productively Resolving the Hispanic Invasion of the USA


History teaches us that nations which allow or actively promote demographic changing immigration end with their native population being subsumed by the immigrants. Asian immigrants should be deported back to Asia. African immigrants should be deported back to Africa. Etc.

But should we deport Mexicans back to the dysfunctional nation of Mexico? Deporting Mexicans back to Mexico only accomplishes their expulsion from our country, and then only temporarily in many instances. The labor is lost, expenses are incurred and nothing other than removal is accomplished. It has been a very wasteful and unproductive process in the past.

South America and Africa contain vast lands which could be productively farmed if the labor were provided for the endeavor. Mexicans deported and transported to South America could be isolated if we reclaim the Panama Canal. We could arrange with the governments of Argentina and Chile among others to cooperate and create enormously profitable organic farming and ranching in these nations and the Mexicans would also benefit and we would guarantee their fair share in the profits. We ourselves would benefit from these healthy foods, and the restoration of a favorable demographic balance in America.

With the Mexican population reduced in America, we would have an easy time eliminating the gangs and cutting off the flow of drugs. At the same time, we would work with the Mexican government to industrialize Mexico and make it healthy and productive.

We might also be able to establish Latin American agricultural colonies in Africa with similar objectives and means. Within a few decades, we could substantially reduce the population in Mexico and leave it ripe for an expansion of American borders, opening up the door to a White North America for Whites to live in perpetuity in security.

I believe this would be a far more productive plan for everyone involved, than the current jewish design to turn North America into a dumping grounds for the Third World.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guardians of the Unbroken Chain


Thirty thousand years ago a man and a woman introduced their newborn son to the tribe. The babe was cold and hungry and cried out for his mother to feed him. She swaddled him in a soft deerskin and suckled him on her bare chest.

The young family's relatives and tribesman brought gifts and shared in the delight of a new life to carry on the unbroken chain. When all the others had gone, the Chief came and softly kissed the child. He uttered the traditional blessing, "In you we live forever. Bring us children as the ancestors brought us. Guard us all as we guard you." Then he asked the proud mother, "Do we have a new guardian,?" She answered tenderly rocking her baby as she smiled, "Yes, it is a boy. He will guard the unbroken chain and give us children."

Just then a neanderthal emerged behind the Chief of the Guardians of the Unbroken Chain and slit his throat with a razor sharp flint knife, which the Chief had given him as tribute. The cunning and deceitful neanderthals had duped the humans into believing that they were children of the gods. They demanded gold nuggets, skins, meat and sometimes children for sacrifices.

The neanderthal quickly pounced on the mother, but the father emerged from their shelter with a spear and the neanderthal retreated. Others from the tribe came and hurried to the dead Chief. The neanderthal dropped his knife and pointed at the new father with his bloody hand, and with his thick guttural neanderthal accent shouted, "He killed the Chief!"

The priest rushed forward, "Neanderthals cannot lie! Kill the killer, it is our law!" The new father thrust his spear into the neanderthal's heart. "Justice is done. The killer is dead," said the new father of the newborn guardian.

The priest pointed his scepter at the new father and shouted, "He has murdered our Chief and a child of the gods. He will bring us ill luck! Burn him while he lives! May the gods forgive us."

Men approached the new father, but the mother stepped in between them carrying in her arms the new life she had given the tribe. "The neaderthal killed the Chief and tried to take our new guardian," she said. She held up the limp hand which had carried the stone blade and shook off a spray of blood. "You lie!" cried the priest. She picked up the knife and rubbed it across the outraged priest's face. He raised a finger to wipe off some of the streak of blood and examined it. "This cannot be!" He shouted as he turned and left. Soon thereafter two of his sons came and helped him drag the body back to the neanderthal's cave. They did not return.

The new father had never liked nor trusted the neanderthals. He called a war council and declared that the guardians must protect the unbroken chain from the neanderthals. With the priest gone, no one raised any objection.

The guardians hid the women and children in the forest, then surrounded the neanderthal cave. They could hear them angrily grumbling and barking in their language. The trader of the tribe who gave the tribe's tribute to the neanderthals translated the neanderthal's plans. They had decided to kill all the humans and burn the children as a sacrifice.

The guardians waited for the neanderthals to emerge from their cave and then pounced on them killing them all. The trader of the tribe implored them to spare the neanderthal females and young. The good natured humans agreed and let them go.

For thousands of years the neanderthals and the humans fought. The descendants of the young family of the Guardians of the Unbroken Chain never lost their distrust of the neanderthals and never accepted their offers of peace. They rose to become the Chiefs of the tribe and after thousands of years of warfare and desperate struggle finally defeated the last of the enemy race.

Other tribes believed in the neanderthals. These tribes all perished. None of their kind today remains.

But you are here, the end of the long unbroken chain of human life. Will you guard us and the next link and the next, so that our life will continue? Or will you sacrifice us all through your cowardice and break the chain of life so many have fought to preserve?

Thousands of generations have loved our race and preserved us. Do the same, it is your destiny, as it was theirs and as it will be for as long as we are an unbroken chain of life.

You are the guardian. Do not fail.

Info on the Subversive and Hostile Jewish Fifth Column in America


For many years I have been warning that the jews in our nation are a fifth column of Israel waging war on us. Here is some recent information from others disclosing the fact that a fifth column exists in our nation hostile to our interests and sovereignty:

"Israel Can Rely on Fifth Column of Jews in the U.S." Says Former Ambassador

See also:

US Government Hostage to Israel? | Interview with Mark Bruzonsky

In this context I think it will be helpful to restate what I wrote back in 2006, to provide the religious context and justification that sponsor's the jews use of their fifth column and fourth estate as part of their aggressive war on America:

A State Within a State: The Racist Jewish Fifth Column and Fourth Estate in America, August 16, 2006

Racist Jews have always prided themselves on the fact that they form a subversive and hostile "state within a state" in the nations in which they live. We have a large contingent of these racist Jews here in America. One of the tactics racist Jews use to destroy their host nation is to promote hatred, racism and war. The racist Jewish Zionist Young Turks promoted hatred of Christian Armenians and mass murdered 1.5 million of them. This not only satisfied Jewish bloodlust, it discredited the Turkish Empire worldwide and led to its downfall. The racist Jewish Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union mass murdered tens of millions of Slavic Christians. This not only satisfied the Jewish desire for a sacrificial holocaust, it discredited the Russian nation and set it back hundreds of years. The racist Jewish Zionists placed Adolf Hitler in power to promote hatred and racist crypto-Jews created youth organizations whose purpose it was to turn the German youth into hate filled, warmongering racists. Racist Jews destroyed the German People with wars Jews financed and deliberately provoked.

Today, racist Jews are destroying America by promoting irrational hatred of Moslems and perpetual war. The racist Jews plan to eventual destroy America, after the racist Jews have finished using America to mass murder Moslems. The racist Jews will then cry loudest of all that Americans are bloodthirsty racists who ought to be wiped off the face of the Earth, just as the racist Jews who were behind the Young Turks, the Bolsheviks and the Nazis turned on them and destroyed their nations. Racist Jews are duty bound to ruin all nations save Israel. They only pretend to back one side against another so that they can eventually destroy both "enemies"—racist Jews view all Gentiles as genetic enemies of the Jews. Though modern racist Jews are broadly smearing all Moslems as if disloyal citizens, it is the racist Jews who have always been disloyal citizens in the nations of the world, as many racist Jews have openly admitted.

The Jewish book of Haggai 2:22 states:

"And I will overthrow the throne of kingdoms, and I will destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the heathen; and I will overthrow the chariots, and those that ride in them; and the horses and their riders shall come down, every one by the sword of his brother."

Jewish author Maurice Samuel wrote in his book You Gentiles,

"Philosophies do not remold natures. What your radicals want is another form of the Game, with other rules. Their discontent joins hands with Jewish discontent. But it is not the same kind of discontent. A little distance down the road the ways part for ever. The Jewish radical will turn from your social movement: he will discover his mistake. He will discover that nothing can bridge the gulf between you and us. He will discover that the spiritual satisfaction which he thought he would find in social revolution is not to be purchased from you. I believe the movement has already started, the gradual secession of the Jewish radicals, their realization that your radicalism is of the same essential stuff as your conservatism. The disillusionment has set in. A century of partial tolerance gave us Jews access to your world. In that period the great attempt was made, by advance guards of reconciliation, to bring our two worlds together. It was a century of failure. Our Jewish radicals are beginning to understand it dimly. We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build. Beyond all temporary alliances with this or that faction lies the ultimate split in nature and destiny, the enmity between the Game and God. But those of us who fail to understand that truth will always be found in alliance with your rebellious factions, until disillusionment comes. The wretched fate which scattered us through your midst has thrust this unwelcome role upon us."—M. Samuel, You Gentiles, Harcourt, Brace & Co., New York, (1924), pp. 154-155.

The Jewish book of Exodus 1:8-14 states:

"8 Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph. 9 And he said unto his people, Behold, the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we: 10 Come on, let us deal wisely with them; lest they multiply, and it come to pass, that, when there falleth out any war, they join also unto our enemies, and fight against us, and so get them up out of the land. 11 Therefore they did set over them taskmasters to afflict them with their burdens. And they built for Pharaoh treasure cities, Pithom and Raamses. 12 But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. And they were grieved because of the children of Israel. 13 And the Egyptians made the children of Israel to serve with rigour: 14 And they made their lives bitter with hard bondage, in morter, and in brick, and in all manner of service in the field: all their service, wherein they made them serve, was with rigour."

Adolf Stoecker stated in 1879,

"The Jews are and remain a people within a people, a state within a state, a separate tribe within a foreign race."—P. W. Massing, Rehearsal for Destruction: A Study of Political Anti-Semitism in Imperial Germany, Howard Fertig, New York, (1967), pp. 285-285.

Zionist Napoleon Bonaparte stated,

"The Jews must be considered as a nation, and not as a sect. They are a nation within a nation."—S. Schwarzfuchs, Napoleon, the Jews, and the Sanhedrin, Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, Boston, (1979), p. 49.

Thomas Jefferson declared that Jews constitute a nation within a nation. Daniel J. Boorstein wrote in his book The Americans: The Colonial Experience,

"The Society of Friends had become a kind of international conspiracy for Peace and for primitive Christian perfection. Some years after the Revolution, Thomas Jefferson called them 'a religious sect . . . acting with one mind, and that directed by the mother society in England. Dispersed, as the Jews, they still form, as those do, one nation, foreign to the land they live in. They are Protestant Jesuits, implicitly devoted to the will of their superior, and forgetting all duties to their country in the execution of the policy of their order.'"—D. J. Boorstein, The Americans: The Colonial Experience, Vintage Books, New York, (1958), pp. 64-65.

Jewish Zionist Richard Gottheil stated in 1898,

"We believe that the Jews are something more than a purely religious body; that they are not only a race, but also a nation; though a nation without as yet two important requisites — a common home and a common language."—R. Gottheil, "The Jews as a Race and as a Nation", The World's Best Orations, Volume 6, F. P. Kaiser, St. Louis, (1899), pp. 2294-2298, at 2296, at 2297.

Gottheil repeated this in a pamphlet and also stated in 1898,

"Zionism has sought and has found for us a basis which is a broader one than the religious one (and on which all religious distinctions vanish), that of race and of nationality. And even though we do not know it, and even though we refuse to recognize it, there are forces which are unconsciously making for the same end, working out in spite of us the will of Almighty God. Never before has such intelligent interest been taken by the Jews in their own past history. Germany has become honeycombed with societies for the study of Jewish history. Vienna, Hamburg, and Frankfurt have associations for the preservation of Jewish art. The Société des Etudes Juives, the American Jewish Historical Society, the Anglo-Jewish Historical Society, the Maccabeans in London, the Judaeans in New York, the Council of Jewish Women, the Chautauqua Assembly meetings—all of these and many others are working in the same direction. They are welding the people of Israel together once more. They are not religious societies, mark you. They rest upon the solid basis of common racial and national affinity. [***] Nay! it would seem to me that just those who are so afraid that our action will be misinterpreted should be among the greatest helpers in the Zionist cause. For those who feel no racial and national communion with the life from which they have sprung should greet with joy the turning of Jewish immigration to some place other than the land in which they dwell. They must feel, e.g., that a continual influx of Jews who are not Americans is a continual menace to the more or less complete absorption for which they are striving. But I must not detain you much longer. Will you permit me to sum up for you the position which we Zionists take in the following statements: We believe that the Jews are something more than a purely religious body; that they are not only a race, but also a nation; though a nation without as yet two important requisites—a common home and a common language."—R. Gottheil, The Aims of Zionism, Publication No. 1 of the American Federation of Zionists, New York, (1899); quoted in A. Hertzberg, The Zionist Idea, Harper Torchbooks, New York, (1959), pp. 496-500, at 498-500.

Jewish Zionist racist Max Nordau declared,

"The first Zionist congress solemnly proclaimed in the face of the attentive world that the Jews are a nation, and that they do not desire to be absorbed by other nations."—M. Nordau and G. Gottheil, Zionism and Anti-Semitism, Fox, Duffield & Company, New York, (1905), p. 27.

Zionist Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook proclaimed,

"After our race was weaned [***] This people was fashioned by God to speak of His Glory; it was granted the heritage of the blessing of Abraham so that it might disseminate the knowledge of God, and it was commanded to live its life apart from the nations of the world. [***] It is a grave error to be insensitive to the distinctive unity of the Jewish spirit, to imagine that the Divine stuff which uniquely characterizes Israel is comparable to the spiritual content of all the other national civilizations. [***] It is a fundamental error to [***] discard the concept that we are a chosen people. We are not only different from all the nations, set apart by a historical experience that is unique and unparalleled, but we are also of a much higher and greater spiritual order."—A. I. Kook, Orat, Second Edition, Jerusalem, (1950); English translation in A. Hertzberg, The Zionist Idea, Harper Torchbooks, New York, (1959), pp. 419-431, at 422, 425, 427.

Jewish Zionist leader Nachum Goldman stated,

"Diaspora Jewry (all Jews outside Palestine) has to overcome the conscious or subconscious fear of so-called double loyalty. It has to be convinced that it is fully justified in tying up its destiny with Israel's. It has to have the courage to reject the idea that Jewish communities owe loyalty only to the states where they live."—English translation from K. A. Strom, Editor, The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard Tabloid, National Alliance, Arlington, Virginia, (1984), p. 60.

Goldman also stated,

"Judaism can have nothing in common with Germanism, if we go by the standards of race, history and culture, and the Germans have the right to prevent the Jews from intruding into the affairs of their folk. [***] The same demand I raise for the Jewish folk, as against the German. The tragedy of the situation consists in the fact that it is not yet possible to establish the rule whereby the Jews should be assisted to move toward their state in Palestine. The Jews are divided into two categories, those who admit that they belong to a race distinguished by a history thousands of years old and those who don't. The latter are open to the charge of dishonesty. [***] It is true that the participation of Jews in subversive movements and in the overthrow of the German government in November, 1918, was extraordinarily strong. This is to be regretted since as a consequence of these activities, the Jewish people lost forces which could have been useful in its own folkist affairs."—N. Goldman, quoted by C. Bloch, Mi Natan Li-meshisah Ya'akov ve-Yisrael Le-vozezim? Meharsim ve-maharivim mi-Hertsl ve-Nordoy derekh Goldman ve-Klatskin el ha-shehitah ve-hurban ha-Yahadut, mishak dam 'im goral Yisra'el, Bronx, (1957). English translation from J. B. Agus, The Meaning of Jewish History, Volume 2, Abelard-Schuman, New York, (1963), p. 427-428.

The Jewish Zionist ideologist Jakob Klatzkin stated, among other things, in his book of 1921 Krisis und Entscheidung im Judentum; der Probleme des modernen Judentums, Second Enlarged Edition, Jüdischer Verlag, Berlin, pages 61-63, and 118:

" [I applaud] the contribution of our enemies in the continuance of Jewry in eastern Europe. [***] We ought to be thankful to our oppressors that they closed the gates of assimilation to us and took care that our people were concentrated and not dispersed, segregatedly united and not diffusedly mixed [***] One ought to investigate in the West and note the great share which antisemitism had in the continuance of Jewry and in all the emotions and movements of our national rebirth . [***] Truly our enemies have done much for the strengthening of Judaism in the diaspora. [***] Experience teaches that the liberals have understood better than the antisemites how to destroy us as a nation. [***] We are, in a word, naturally foreigners; we are an alien nation in your midst and we want to remain one."—K. J. Herrmann, "Historical Perspectives on Political Zionism and Antisemitism", Zionism & Racism: Proceedings of an International Symposium, International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, Tripoli, (1977), pp. 197-210, at 204-205. A lengthy quotation from Klatzkin, in English translation, appears in: M. Menuhin, The Decadence of Judaism in Our Time, Exposition Press, New York, (1965), pp. 482-483.

Better Wake Up Fast Muslims of Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, You're Next on the Jews' Hit List


The genocidal jews do not simply plan to destroy the Muslim countries of Africa and the Middle East, so as to pave the way to Greater Israel and the inclusion of these former countries into the European Union, as well as generating perpetual war and revolution that will ruin and disperse these populations with the aim of ruining Europe and other White countries.

The jews are setting up a war between India, Bangladesh and Pakistan which will genocide those Muslims. The jews are also readying to unleash China on the world, which will attack Indonesia and Australia, and the Whites and Muslims in those former nations, as well as finishing off our ally the Japanese once and for all time.

You did nothing to rescue your Muslim brothers in Africa and the Middle East, and they are now powerless to help you. America should learn a lesson from these events, and Whites should come to the aid of Europeans and Australians, who are about to be flooded with a fifth column of Chinese working for the jews.

Do Not Be Suckered into Supporting Hagel, nor Waste Your Time Opposing Him


On one side we have Christian Zionists telling us to waste our time and focus attention on the jews' issues by lobbying Congress to oppose Hagel's appointment as Secretary of Defense. On the other side of the same shekel, we have Christian anti-Zionists telling us to waste our time and focus attention on jewish issues by lobbying Congress to support Hagel's nomination. It is all a big circus to deflect attention and resources from the lobbying effort needed to oppose immigration subversion. Hagel is the jews' boy, so what? Do not oblige the jews efforts to bring anti-semitism and Iran into the public discourse every chance they get. Get over Hagel and work to stop the proposed sabottage of our national sovereignty.

Awaken "Christian Zionists" to the Jewish Peril


We must awaken Christian Zionists to the fact that the jews are using them for evil purposes. Exposing Hagee and his statements that Jesus was not the messiah is one way to reach them.

Following the invention of the printing press, the jews begin to print copies of the Talmud and cabalistic works making these widely available to religious scholars including Martin Luther. At this time, the jews believed the messianic era was about to begin, and so were proud to declare their hatred of Jesus and of the Goyim, because the Talmud instructs the jews that at the end times they will be free to publicly express their true feelings of genocidal hate.

Not long before his death, Martin Luther exposed some of the jews hatred and genocidal intent in a fantastic booklet which probably can be found in German and English translation on the web. The title is "On the Jews and Their Lies", originally, Von den Juden und ihren Lügen. Since Luther is a highly respected Protestant theologian his words carry much weight.

Following in Luther's footsteps were Johannes Buxtorf's masterpiece "The Jewish Synagogue", originally Jüden Schul. Then came Eisenmenger's brilliant "The Traditions of the Jews", originally Entdecktes Judenthum. A more condensed work is Pranaitis' classic "The Talmud Unmasked" The bible in the books of Matthew, John and Revelations calls the jews liars, murderers, Christ killers and the spawn of the Devil.

We need a good video exposing Christian Zionist which we can show them as well as others. Our survival depends on it, but I cannot do everything by myself and my resources are running thin.

Monday, January 28, 2013



In our supposed democracy, the masses do not rule, rather a tiny minority of jewish tyrunts runs the nation. The will of the masses does not influence the jews, rather the jews attempt to manufacture the will of the masses, and that failing simply ignore the desires of the oppressed mass majority.

Our present elected leaders do not represent the best interests of the majority, rather they take orders from the jewish tyrunts who corruptly placed them in power. These elected misrepresentatives are not our leaders, rather they are a fifth column of jews accompanied by Gentile slaves implementing the will of the jewish tyrunts.

The jews often are successful at molding public opinion to comply with their jewish objectives and thereby make it appear that public officials represent the public will. Jews control the media and with it elections. Jews control campaign financing and with it candidates.

So we must define our leaders differently from the way jews have defined American leadership. Our leaders must have a will of their own, regardless of the will of the majority. Our leaders exist to lead the majority, not follow it. Our leaders must have a vision of their own which guides the masses in a safe direction. Our leaders exist to promote our interests, not the status quo interests of the ruling jewish tyrunts.

The jewish media will attempt to portray our leaders as if they are out of step with the majority. The jewish media will attempt to misrepresent our leaders as if their goals are destructive to the will, and therefore best interests, of the masses, though the argument is fallacious on its face given that the masses are headed toward their own destruction and know it. The jews will attempt to confound the vision of our leaders with that of those whom they have demonized in the eyes of the masses.

Our leaders must meet these challenges by controlling the debate and refusing to define themselves and the issues in the enemy's terms. Most importantly, our leaders must direct the masses, not be led by them nor the jewish rot that has filled their heads. Our leaders must present themselves as champions of their own ideas, not guardians of the jews' dogma. The contrast will be strong and immediately apparent. Dogma cannot compete with dynamic creativity.

Our leaders must not be afraid to frankly state that the consensus opinion is wrong and they will not bend or bow to it simply because the majority stubbornly and foolishly hold to it. Most importantly our leaders must not hesitate to presume to speak for the best interests of the majority over and above their popular opinions, and so speak for the majority as its leader not its megaphone, especially when the majority stand opposed to our leaders due to the majority's conditioning by the jews.

A leading minority, even a minority of one, can easily direct the affairs and course of a subservient majority. If you doubt it, look at what the jewish minority has done to control not only our country, but the entire world. We must not hesitate to impose our leading will over the masses and we must never apologize for doing so. It is our duty as well as our right to lead. When the jewish tyrunts question our right to lead those who do not agree with us, we will simply state that we are leading America not following behind it.

On the Importance of White Sovereignty: UNITE AND FIGHT!


I agree with Aristotle and Lincoln, that sovereignty exists in the citizen himself, and not in the territory or government. This perspective makes sovereignty a function of genetics.

Our Constitution is a glue that binds us together uniting and homogenizing our society to the point where we can function as a unit for our common benefit, but it is not the only glue, nor is it the strongest adhesive, which connects us. It is simply a set of abstractions that help us to guide our actions and form an agreement among us that we are pledged to honor. We honor the Constitution first and foremost because we love ourselves and it serves our self-interest to unite with others like us.

Nations have always formed placing common genes as the foundational bond. This is human nature and nature in general follows this important rule. We love ourselves and so we love our brothers and sisters. We will fight for ourselves, and so we will fight for our common blood. To lose this bond is to lose our humanity.

The jews have tried to corrupt our sense of sovereignty to mean that we are united not by blood, but by attitudes and beliefs, and therefore we should open our borders to any human who pledges to think like us. The jews have further corrupted our notions of sovereignty to prioritize the notion that there is no common ideal among us other than multiculturalism, and therefore we must let every human being into our nation regardless of the makeup of their blood or the makeup of their culture, creed and beliefs.

The jews are undermining our White sovereignty, and in so doing are corrupting our genes, our culture, our creed and our beliefs. The jews are genociding us, deliberately and with full force.

One of the benefits the jews gain from eroding our sovereignty and our genes is the means to rule over us and use all that we are and all that we have for their purposes. A friend has sent me a link to the following video which evinces one of the ways the jews are subverting our sovereignty:

US Government Hostage to Israel? | Interview with Mark Bruzonsky

The jews have us committing genocide not only against other peoples, but against ourselves. We have to exclude them and fight them with the full force of our State if we are to survive. We also have to restore a sound demographic of Whites in proportion to non-Whites and deport the majority of those who have entered our borders in the past ten years.

We can only accomplish these objectives if we work together and return to our nature, which has enabled our people to survive through millennia of foreign attacks. America was founded as a White nation to unite White men for their common good and the preservation of their common genes. It was not created as a refuge, or a dumping grounds, nor as an open border park for the world to come and go as they please regardless of our wishes.

People with different blood have always sought to take our lands and rob us of our women and children. That is the nature of reality and it will never change. Only we can defend ourselves as our ancestors defended themselves and so created us. It is now our duty to carry on the battle of survival and it is generally far easier for us than it was for our ancestors. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and instead UNITE AND FIGHT!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Samson Option Is Not Optional, It Is the Mandatory Jewish Mission


Do not be fooled into believing that the jews seek to create a global police state similar to the Bolshevik Soviet Union. The jewish mission is not to spread monotheism or communism, but rather to exterminate all Goyim and destroy all nation States.

The "Samson Option", the jews' plan to exterminate humanity, is simply a modern restatement of the fundamental goal of judaism expressed in its earliest foundational texts. The jews believe that they are divine fragments of their god (Deuteronomy 32:9, "For the Lord's portion is his people; Jacob is the lot of his inheritance."). The jews believe that their god, meaning themselves, will be absolute ruler of the Earth (Zechariah 14:9, "And the Lord shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one Lord, and his name one."). The jews believe that all Goy nations must be destroyed and all Goy animals must be exterminated (Jeremiah 30:11, "For I am with thee, saith the LORD, to save thee: though I make a full end of all nations whither I have scattered thee, yet will I not make a full end of thee: but I will correct thee in measure, and will not leave thee altogether unpunished.").

When the jews claim that their god will rule the world, they are referring to themselves, "as above, so below". I quote only a few passages above, but there are hundreds more in the Old Testament alone which prove what I say. My interpretations of these passages are those provided by the jews' scholars throughout their history.

When Michael Higger offered up the jews a rallying cry in 1932, before the so-called "holocaust" and the formation of the nation of Israel,

"Righteous Unite! Better destruction of the world than a wicked world!"–M. Higger, The Jewish Utopia, The Lord Baltimore Press, Baltimore, (1932), p. 19.

Higger was not declaring an "option" of ruining every nation but the jews' and exterminating the Goyim, but rather demanding the destruction of all Goy nations and the mass murder of all Goyim.

As I stated above, the jews believe they are the seed of their god, its foul presence on Earth. (Ezra 9:2, "For they have taken of their daughters for themselves, and for their sons: so that the holy seed have mingled themselves with the people of those lands: yea, the hand of the princes and rulers hath been chief in this trespass." Isaiah 6:13, "But yet in it shall be a tenth, and it shall return, and shall be eaten: as a teil tree, and as an oak, whose substance is in them, when they cast their leaves: so the holy seed shall be the substance thereof."; 44:2-3 "Thus saith the Lord that made thee, and formed thee from the womb, which will help thee; Fear not, O Jacob, my servant; and thou, Jesurun, whom I have chosen. For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring:"; 59:20-21, "And the Redeemer shall come to Zion, and unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob, saith the Lord. As for me, this is my covenant with them, saith the Lord; My spirit that is upon thee, and my words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed's seed, saith the Lord, from henceforth and for ever.") and the "elect" of their god who will steal everything the Goyim own including their lives (Isaiah 42:1, "Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth; I have put my spirit upon him: he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles."; 45:4, "For Jacob my servant's sake, and Israel mine elect, I have even called thee by thy name: I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known me."; 65:9, "And I will bring forth a seed out of Jacob, and out of Judah an inheritor of my mountains: and mine elect shall inherit it, and my servants shall dwell there."; 65:22, "They shall not build, and another inhabit; they shall not plant, and another eat: for as the days of a tree are the days of my people, and mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands.")

In a previous article of mine, I provided the proof that the jews view themselves as the divine seed, the only humans, and that the jews view non-jews as animals to be completely slaughtered in the messianic era:

In Defense of the Truth and the Right to Speak It: O'Connell Is Innocent: Jews Are Racists. Part 1, January 23, 2010

When the modern jew, Rabbi Yaacov Perrin says, "One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail," he is not stating anything other than traditional jewish beliefs. When the modern jew, Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh stated that a jew has a right to steal the liver from a Gentile for the purpose of a transplant, he is not stepping outside the bounds of traditional jewish thought.

The jews do not want a worldwide police state. They want a world without Goyim and the jews are planning to kill all of us, make no mistake about it.

Johann Andreas Eisenmenger, who wrote in his The Traditions of the Jews, Contained in the Talmud and other Mystical Writings, Volume 1, J. Robinson, London, (1748), pp. 254-255:

"In the Great Jalkut Rubeni, in the Parasha Bereshith, [Footnote: Fol. 10. Col. 1.] we have the following Passage, 'The Skin and the Flesh is the Coat of a Man. The Spirit within is the Man. But the Idolaters (meaning all the Nations but the Jewish) are not call'd Men, because their Souls have their Origin from the Unclean Spirit. But the Souls of the Israelites are derived from the Holy Spirit.' And a little farther on in the same Treatise, it is said, [Footnote: Fol. 10. Col. 2.] 'An Israelite is called a Man, because his Soul cometh from the Supreme Man. But an Idolater, whose Soul cometh from the Unclean Spirit, is call'd a Swine. If so, then is an Idolater the Body and Soul of a Swine.' In another Part of the said Treatise, entitled Shaar olam hattobu [Footnote: Fol. 23. Col. 4.], there is a Passage running thus: 'The Wicked are stiled the Dead in their Life-Time, because they have not a Holy Soul from the Foundation, which is called Him that liveth for ever. But they have the Soul from Kelifa (i. e. the Shell) by which is meant the Devil) who is call'd Death, and the Shadow of Death: And through the Sparklings of the same they live.'"

Hundreds of year ago, Eisenmenger, the foremost authority of his day on judaism–a man to whom the most learned rabbis deferred, pointed out that the goal of the jews, in their own words, is to ruin the nations of the Goyim and exterminate the Goyim (ibid., pp. 260-263):

"The little Jalkut Rubeni, in the part entitled Neshama, from the little Treatise Tuf haarez, gives us the following account of the regions where the Souls of the Seventy Nations, before they enter into Human-Life. 'In the expanses, or Seven Firmaments, are Seven Planets; Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon: And in these Expanses abide the Souls of the Seventy Nations; each Planet having the Dominion of Ten Nations. But under the Sphere of the Moon, which is last of all (the Planets) there is found an Expanse which is of no Use (with regard to the Souls of the Nations); and Spirits, Night-Apparitions and Souls of the Devils abide there.'

The Treatise Maarecheth haelahuth, in the Explanation of Chajat II, informs us, that, at a certain Period of Time, the Souls of the Seventy Nations will lose their Existence, or be annihilated. The Words run thus, 'In the great Year of Jubilee, no Nation will remain; for in that Year the World will be destroy'd and made desolate. In what then have the Jews the Preeminence of them (the Seventy Nations)? To this the Answer is, That the Destruction is to be understood of the Kelifoth (i.e. Shells) which are Evil Spirits; for they shall be quite exterminated from the World. And therefore all the Souls of those Nations that are deriv'd from them shall be put to Shame and cut off, because the Causes of their Existence will be utterly at an End, and their Names be kept no more in Rememberance.'

We shall now shew more particularly the Notions of the Jews concerning the Origin and Nature of their own Souls. The Treatise Shene luchoth babberith, says, 'The Souls (meaning the Souls of theJews) are a Part of God from above.' And Rabbi Aharon Smuel, in the Treatise Nishmath Adam, says, 'the Soul of a Jew is a part of God from Above.' And in the Preface to the Treatise Shefa tal, 'tis said, 'The Soul (of a Jew) is a Part of God from above, and of his Substance or Essence, as a Son is of the Essence of his Father.' In the Treatise Emek hammelech, in the Part entitled Shaar Kirjath arba, it is said, 'The Souls which he (God) created, live and continue for ever, because they are Sparks of the Substance of Essense of the Bless'd God, as it is said, And breathed into the his Nostriles the Breath of Life.' And in the same Treatise, in the Part entitled Shaar resha diser anpin, we are told, 'The Soul cometh from the Name of the Essence; that is, the Name Jehovah; as it is written, For the Lord's Portion is his People.' The Treatise Nishmath Adam, gives the following Passage, 'The Soul is the Light and Spark of the Great Name Jehovah; and cometh from that great Light, and from his Holy Fire; as the Scripture saith, For the Lord thy God is a consuming Fire. And as one Torch is lighted by another, without and Dimunition (of that other;) so may we say concerning the Soul, which cometh from the Mouth and Spirit of the Bless'd God.' We are told likewise, in the same Treatise, that the Souls of the Jews have their Being from the Ten Sephiroth, or Sephiros. The Words run thus, 'Our Souls, which are contain'd in the Unity of the Soul of the First Man, come from the Ten Holy Sephiroth, or Flashings (of Light).' We are informed in the Treatise Shefa tal, 'That by the Ten Sehpiroth, the Cabalists understand the Divinity.

The Preface to the same Treatise Shefa tal, gives us the following remarkable Passage, touching the Preciousness of the Souls of the Jews in the Esteem of God, and the little Regard God hath for the Souls of any other People. After saying, That from the Seventy Souls, which came from the Loins of Jacob, there are Seventy Nations, the Preface goes on thus: 'It was necessary, the Law should acquaint us with this, to the End we might be taught that every individual Soul of the Israelites is more acceptable and worthy in the Eyes of the Holy and Blessed God, than all the Souls of any other whole Nation (of the Seventy.) And this Matter is revealed to us in another Part of the Law; where it is said, All the soul (not Souls, in the Plural) of the House of Jacob, which came into Egypt, were Threescore and Ten. It (the Law) did well observe this; saying, All the Soul; not All the Souls; as it saith of Esau, And all the Souls of his House; mentioning those Souls by the Plural Number, altho' they were but Six. How much more might it have been used with Respect to Jacob, All the Souls, since there were Seventy Souls (descended from him)? But it (the Law) would teach us, that every Individual Soul of the Israelites, is more worthy and acceptable in his Eyes (the Eyes of God) than all the Souls of a whole People of the Nations of the World; and that the Body of the People of Israel are more lovely and valuable in his Eyes than the Seventy Nations.'"

So we see that the jews' ultimate goal is not to enslave us, but rather to exterminate us and remove all our nations from the map. The jews' ultimate goal is their "Samson Option", which they believe is not optional, but mandatory. The jews have their itchy finger on the trigger this very moment. Will you help me to stop them?

Those Sneaky Jews: How Our Treacherous Israeli "Friends" Are Planning to Scapegoat America for Their Attack on Iran


Ehud Barak has cleverly planted the seeds for scapegoating the USA for Israeli attacks on Iran. In an interview with The Daily Beast Barak accused the US of formulating surgical strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities and nuclear capabilities:

Israeli Official Hints Pentagon Plans May Make Lone Strike on Iran Unnecessary, By ISABEL KERSHNER, January 26, 2013

Ehud Barak at Davos: U.S. Could Strike Iran to Block Nuclear Progress, by The Daily Beast, Jan 25, 2013

Barak's statements constitute an act of war against the United States of America by an Israeli government official. If they are true, he is leaking classified American intelligence. If they are false, he is falsely accusing America of planning acts of war on Iran.

The fact that this story resonated through the jewish media is quite revealing. It indicates that the jews are opening up the door to a plan to attack Iran, then deny the attack and blame America for it. If Iran then attacks Israel, Israel will run crying to the US that Iran has made an unprovoked attack on Israel which "compels" the US to attack Iran. This attack will take the form of a nuclear strike, given that America cannot afford any other form of warfare at this time. This is why the jews have their fifth columnist Kerry-Kohn threatening Iran, so that they will have an easy time scapegoating America for Israel's coming attack on Iran, if they someday carry it out.

Israel will then have Mossad bomb a nuclear plant in the United States and blame Iran creating the illusion of a tit for tat, so as to provide a pretext for a nuclear attack on Iran. Israel will also likely detonate a nuclear bomb over a densely populated Indian city and scapegoat Pakistan for the attack.

If the jews attack from the air, their planes will bear US markings. If they bomb facilities from the ground, they will use US ordinance and leave behind evidence that US forces were behind the attack. Though it may be difficult for them to bomb a reactor or cluster of centrifuges, even a small strike could have a synergistic effect with the nuclear materials released and create a dirty bomb.

Their goal is not to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities, but rather to pit the USA and Iran against each other and create a scenario where the US hits Iran with nuclear weapons.

As I have said many years ago, the jews will genocide the Palestinians when they instigate WW III, and the World will be so devastated by this coming conflict, that it will care not about the Palestinian victims. The jews do not want the USA to win WW III or to even survive it. They will take the opportunity of a weakened America to foment self destructive revolution as they did in Russia in WW I. Then they will genocide us.

We can stop them if you will join with me in forming a political party that will counter attack jewry and fight back in their war against us. Time is running out for us, and once war breaks out it will be infinitely more difficult for us, as it was once WW I broke out when the jews made it illegal to speak in favor of Germany or against war, as it was when America entered WW II and the event silenced Charles Lindbergh. It is time to get off your ass and do something. All hell is about to break loose if you do not act you will personally suffer from the coming global conflict.