Saturday, February 09, 2013

The White Superiority Inferiority Complex: Made in Jewry


From dominance, to noblesse oblige, to subservience; from territorial expansion, to territorial confusion, to territorial retreat: it has been the fate of Whites on a jewish leash to grow their empires and then be consumed by immigration and shame. In America, Whites conquered ever expanding territory and forced the indigenous peoples out from their lands. They moved Westward onto unfamiliar territory and were forced to retreat to reservations. Most died out.

Whites, seduced by jews, willfully and cruelly exploited Black slaves and then Mexican labor. These people formed segregated neighborhoods in close proximity to Whites. As the jews deliberately dumb down Whites, Asians are flooding in to fill the upper echelon jobs as Whites slide down the ladder into the same hell into which they had relegated others.

Upward mobility has taken on a new negative form. It is now immigration of non-Whites to take the jobs Whites should be doing.

Whites are caught in a jewish made vise between immigrants taking the low, middle and high end jobs. Whites are undereducated, forcing them out of the professions where jews discriminate against them. Whites are underpaid and forced to compete in low wage jobs with cheap foreign labor in our own land.

How did all this degradation come about? Why do we tolerate it?

The jews drummed into our heads that we are bad for being better. The only remedy for our inferior superiority is to destroy ourselves and give away what we have to our aggressive competitors. Then we will be nice slaves, deserving of our fate, which is extinction. The jews packaged this poison so sweetly that the entire White world is dying out by its own hands and attitudes, guided by head bobbing, psychopathic, supremacist, genocidal jews.

We now feel inferior if ever we still feel superior. We punish ourselves for our success. We hamstring our children so that their inferiors can compete with them and defeat them. It is the height of insanity.

The jews drive us down to ever lower standards, while giving away all we have that is good to our competition, and we smile as we hand it over so we can feel good for becoming inferior, and so become better slaves than our former slaves. The jews have broken the White spirit and have us licking the dust off the feet not only of the vampire jews, but also from the leprous toes of third world immigrants. And it is killing us!

We should be celebrating our greatness and reinforcing the walls that guard our gates. We should sing the glory of our ancestors and honor our descendants by honoring ourselves.

Someone has to be the best. It is good that it is us. We have to preserve our advantages. We have our own interests and these run counter to those of our competitors and enemies. Our job is to help each other first. We should never feel inferior for being superior. We should instead feel safer, more secure, not less secure, and never insecure for being great. The alternative to winning is losing, why should we want to lose?

Pity your own before you give away what is ours to others! But better than pity, pride, hand down our pride to our future generations. They are as innocent and pure as can be and we should be working to benefit them, not the children of our enemies and competitors.

Survival is not a sport! Survival is not a game! The losers of the competition for survival not only fail themselves, but they exterminate the limitless potential of their descendants. Whites, you are genociding billions of your offspring's offspring as you submit to the jews and kill off yourselves. You are making slaves of your children and their children as you accept the decrees of your enemies to submit and to feel inferior for being superior.

The goal of the survival competition is to outlive your enemies, not be subsumed or annihilated by them. You do not improve your likelihood of survival by strengthening your competitors and giving away all of your advantages.

These truths are so obvious and natural that the jews feel obliged to render it a crime for Whites to speak them, as the jews daily drum them into the heads of their children. Whites, we are better than the jews in every good sense and it only makes sense for us to defeat them. We have to fight back with all we have or we will very soon lose all, and lose it not only for our selfish selves, but the billions of us who will be lost from the future if we do not win the competition to survive.

Without our pride we have no will to survive only a wish to perish. The strongest justification we have for preserving ourselves is to relish the fact that we are the best and know that in preserving ourselves we preserve all that is good from all that is not.

Friday, February 08, 2013

The Jews Want to Create Chaos in Iran in Preparation for War


Elections are coming up in June in Iran. Ahmadinejad is out, unless the jews launch a war, or create a civil war and/or revolution to keep him in power to serve as their Emmanuel Goldstein.

The elections in 2009 saw the gangrene revolution, and something worse is brewing today. I explained all this then:

Should the Instability in Iran Increase, the Israelis May Seize the Opportunity to Attack, June 15, 2009

Diffusing the Gang-Green (Gangrene) Revolution in Iran, June 16, 2009

As I warned yesterday, the jews are again trying to create chaos in Iran

Is a Civil War Brewing in Iran? February 07, 2013

Today, the government of Iran is calling attention to this reality:

Iran says new U.S. sanctions aimed at creating tension

Note that the jewish controlled media and the CIA, which is largely composed of assets of the jews, crypto-jews and jews, note that the American public is not being informed as to the candidates in the coming Presidential election in Iran, or their stance. Nor is talk of war against Iran being stalled in hopes that a new leader will emerge in Iran with whom Israel and its fifth column in the USA can and should negotiate before any talk of war.

This is both strange and telling. The CIA and Mossad should have their puppet candidate in the election and be funding him. They should be pushing him in the media as the salvation of Iran and the World. But they are not!

There are also very wealthy Iranians abroad who take a strong interest in Iranian politics, and they should have their puppet candidates. What is going on? Is another election fraud gangrene revolution brewing, or will they up the pace and destabilize and/or attack Iran before the elections? It is really very odd that they, the jews, are not offering any way out of war as a result of the coming elections. They should be pushing a candidate and a glimmer of hope for a change of leadership and policy in Iran. They should be pushing a candidate who challenges clerical rule, but thus far they are not.

That tends to indicate they want to concentrate their resources on war and internal strife in Iran, not on any means to achieve a negotiated resolution which will preserve Iran and the World from war and chaos.

The jews are heinous, murderous diseased rats. Their bloodlust will never be sated until they have genocided the whole of mankind. We have to stop them now. We do not have any more time. We must do it now! Will you help me?

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Is a Civil War Brewing in Iran?


The jews have a great deal invested in Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Khamenei. After the coming elections in June, Ahmadenijad will no longer be President of Iran.

The jews need a suitable bogey man to serve as a pretext for their illegal aggression against Iran. They are testing the waters to see if the crypto-jew Khamenei can do for them what the crypto-jew Ahmadenijad has done so well, namely provide a scapegoat for the jews' desire to nuke Iran.

Another option the jews are experimenting with is instigating a civil war in Iran. The old gangrene revolution was meant to be defeated and to reinforce Ahmadinejad's power. A new revolution or civil war could cement his leadership beyond June. It could also serve as a pretext for jingoistic alarm calls that a worse regime may gain control of Iran's nuclear program. It could provide a means to weaken Iran in preparation for a joint Israeli, Turkish and Saudi attack on the nation and enable them to funnel in a fifth column of "jihadists" serving the jews to wreak havoc on the nation from within, so that the jews will have an even easier time attacking it from abroad.

The jews are chomping at the bit to get something going before the June elections. It seems that they have a shotgun in hand and hope that at least one pellet will hit the head and another the heart of Iran.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Netanyahu's Deadline "Redline" and the End of Ahmadinejad


Netanyahu has set a mid-summer 2013 deadline for a strike against Iran. The jews' recent unprovoked attack on Syria could easily have provoked a response from Iran which Netanyahu would have seized as an opportunity to hit Iran.

Why, after all this time and before he has his new government in place, is Netanyahu in such a hurry to instigate a fight? After all, Ahmadinejad will soon be out of office in June, or is that what Netanyahu fears most?

I have been told Ahmadinejad is a crypto-jew and he is hurriedly providing Netanyahu with all the ammunition Bibi needs to vilify Iran. They compliment each other well, and Netanyahu wants to bathe in Persian blood together with Ahmadinejad. He doesn't want his opportunity spoiled by the coming elections in Iran. Netanyahu doesn't want there to be any chance for peace to rear its ugly head.

Ahmadinejad Should Look to the East as well as the West. . . The Turks Are


In addition to courting Egyptian support, Ahmadinejad should look to the masses of Muslims in the East who far outnumber Arab Muslims. Arabs in general do not like nor trust Persians. The wealthy Arabs are mostly crypto-jews or Freemasons working for jewish interests.

Iranians would be well served to turn to the Muslims of Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, etc. as well as those in the Middle East. There are a 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide.

They should be warned that Israel is overtaking Jerusalem and intends to destroy the Dome of the Rock and build a jewish temple above the Wailing Wall. They should also be reminded that the jews poisoned the Prophet Muhammad and are wiping out Muslim nation after Muslim nation, deliberately generating chaos and extremism.

The Turks, instigated by jews, are looking to the East. They are going so far East as to stir the pot in China as part of the jewish manufactured myth of pan-Turkism. Northern Iran is in their sights and they wish to wet their beaks in Caspian oil. This will threaten Russian interests, as well as Chinese interests, and the jews have traditionally had an easy time pitting the Turks and Russians against each other.

If Iran is to survive, it must broaden its horizons, especially now that the jews are successfully transitioning Syria into a radical State of chaos on the path to partitioning it and creating air space clearances to attack Iran and coordinate with Turkey. Broader Turkish and Saudi influence in Syria means the eradication of Iranian influence and Shia influence in Syria and Lebanon. You had better look for allies in the East before time runs out.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Alex Jones & Piers Morgan Side Show


The jews are attempting to foment a revolution in America. The parasitic jews always try to overthrow the nation or empire of their host. They did it to the Egyptians. They did it to the Greeks. They did it to the Romans. Etc.

As I predicted would happen, the gun control push was not meant to succeed. It was instead meant to foment a revolution and or civil war, and to arm Americans to kill each other off as a nation and as a people. As I predicted, Piers Morgan and the jewish controlled "alternative media" are being used to scapegoat the British for the jewish led campaign to infringe upon our fundamental rights to keep and bear arms. Watch the following video of Alex Jones ranting against Morgan, but failing to mention the jews:

As I have said before, the context is being manufactured that Americans somehow have a need for a second revolution against the British. In reality, the jews want to push Americans to destroy themselves and are driving American civilians to arm themselves as the jews arm the American Government with the intent of inflicting maximum casualties between these two forces, which instead should be working as one united force to solve the eternal international jewish problem.

It is not the British who are calling for gun regulation in America, it is a fifth column of jews in America who are calling for gun regulation. And it is the jewish controlled "alternative media" who are threatening revolution so as to plant the seed for a jewish revolution in America which will inevitably harm us more than the jewish revolution in Russia harmed the Russians.

See how you are being played, and how the jews who are instigating all of this are granted cover through the entire process?

Consider what I wrote almost three years ago, and how my predictions are coming true today:

"Government will have to play a large role in these reforms and new initiatives, and those who want to weaken our government and ask us to champion the policies of our own demise are merely latching on to immigration issues and gun rights, so that they can ultimately internationalize us by weakening our government, let our society go to pot, and allow international wealth to rule every facet of our lives for the purposes of exploitation rather than the improvement of the lot of the average American. The gold standard is meant to take away our sovereignty and render us slaves to international bankers who will then control our national money supply and create an international monetary system based on the fraud of gold in reserve, which they do not in fact possess."We Do Not Need or Want a Revolution: We Need a Defensive War Against the Enemy Usurpation of Our Nation by the Jews, May 26, 2010

Now ask yourselves, who is it that has always instigated revolutions? Who is it that has always sought to implement gold currencies? Who is it that created the American Civil War? Why are the same voices continually pushing the same agenda of gold and revolution?

Why are the British repeatedly scapegoated for the actions of jewry, and why is it OK to defame the British with lies, but strictly taboo to name the jew for his very real crimes?

Jewish Libertarian Hippies: Like Minds Produce Like Thoughts


One of the fundamental principles of science states that the same conditions produce the same results. On this basis, experiments can be reproduced and verified or falsified as the case may be.

There is big jewish money behind the libertarian movement. The jews are attempting to dupe Americans into giving up our blessings and destroying ourselves. Though no one on Earth has it better than us, the libertarians want us to believe that our nation MUST die and CANNOT be cured of the diseases that they themselves would spread among us.

The loudest voice crying for revolution, retreat, balkanization, nihilism, anarchism, defeatism, communism, rebellion and pure self-destruction are the libertarian jews, and they are well paid by their jewish banker backers and creators to do so. The jewish libertarians are instigating a new hippie movement in America. This new movement is being created by the same minds that produced the old movement, the communist jews.

The jewish libertarians want to legalize illegal addictive drugs, like their jewish hippie forefathers. Crack and meth and the new drugs the jews are this day developing can and will rot out White communities with lightening speed, pun intended. "Free markets" cannot and will not save us from this biological attack on our existence. The stronger a man's will, the stronger are the effects of addiction.

The jewish libertarians want us to tune in, turn on and drop out into their hippie communities. They want Whites to surrender their intellectual advantages and natural inclination to produce the highest forms of science, art and philosophy, to collectively waste their culture stepping back into the dark ages of share cropper farms, plantations with jewish overlords. The jewish libertarians want Whites to become the new cotton pickers, the new primitive nose and ass picking morons of the Third World. They paint a romantic vision of Whites segregated on jewish run plantations as if this were a means for Whites to compete with highly industrialized and militarized nations. How well have the American Indians fared on their reservations, that we should emulate their plight?

Like their hippie forefathers who led the civil rights and anti-war movements, the jewish libertarians are anti-American military might and anti-American soldier and opposes Whites viewing themselves as a collective with collective means and collective rights. Politics are paramount for the libertarians when it comes to supporting their jewish puppets including the poisonous Pauls, but they aggressively attack any other political movement and sponsor defeatism in its ranks and discourage voting for all but their own in gross acts of hypocrisy which are highly subversive.

America is not dead. We should not give up one inch of our territory or in any sense surrender our sovereignty or attack ourselves. What we need to do is fight for our nation, not fight against it!

Beware these subversive libertarians. They are bathing in jewish banker money and want you bathing in your blood at your brother's hands.

Like their hippie ancestors, the jewish libertarians preach "voluntaryism" while trying to tear my nation apart against my will. They are spending jewish banker money to build up an anti-American collective so as to forcefully impose their will on me and violently destroy my nation. Everything about them is jewish. They are psychopaths and promote the mental disease. They are goldbugs and promote the deadly subversion. They are illegal drug pushers. They are anarchists who want jewish money to rule mankind. They are vile and deadly, they are jews. We should shun them and expose these nihilistic jewish libertarians as the rabid disease spreading rats that they are.

Jewish minds created communism and libertarianism and the communities both produce are the same. Both jewish libertarianism and jewish communism aggressively try to undermine society, force Gentiles into primitive living, rot the family, destroy the government, destroy the military and make Whites easy targets for non-Whites to genocide at the behest of the jews.

If you follow the jewish libertarians, create a war between American Whites and the American Government, retreat to White reservations and surrender all the blessings of America to non-Whites, including our nuclear weapons, how long do you think it will be before the jews pit non-Whites against you, arm them with the weapons you have fought to give up, and erase you forever from the book of life?

Fight for America, not against us! America is our blessing, not our enemy!

Fight the jews. They are our enemy and our nation is our best means of ridding the world of the jewish problem.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Self-Defeating Taboos and the Jews: Lying and Lying Down By Omission


One of the methods the jews use to control public discourse and public opinion is they manufacture taboos which favor their interests while destroying traditional taboos which are beneficial to the Gentiles. Many have cited the examples prevalent on the internet, where pornography is not only permitted, it is encouraged, but it is illegal in many countries to point out, or even call into question, the jews' lies about the holocaust.

The jews feign outrage when any figure is compared to Hitler or any event compared to the trademarked "holocaust" of the jews. Yet they entusiastically ridicule Whites and whitewash the jews' Bolshevik slaughter. The jews relentlessly attack Catholics, Germans and WASPs with lies, but react with violence when the truth is told about the jews. Only jews have a blank check to criticize, because the jews control the media and have used pornographic holocaust propaganda to brainwash Americans.

Whites are now beginning to internalize these taboos. Germans are having fewer and fewer children, in part because the jews have so degraded them and made it taboo to recognize the greatness of the German People. For decades now, Whites were afraid to declare their pride in being White, but did not hesitate to insult themselves and their kind with self deprecating humor. Now Whites are afraid to defend their interests and their sovereignty, because they do not deem themselves worthy of a defense.

The White psyche ponders why it is that no one publicly takes pride in being White, why no one fights for Whites, while at the same time all ridicule Whites. The White mind wonders why no one confronts those who attack Whites, and why Whites fear confrontation to secure their interests. Public behavior becomes internalized as personal behavior and then self image. And the most primal attack of all is the attack on White territory and miscegenation, and these are highly destructive to the instincts of Whites to preserve themselves.

Growing up in Chicago, there were strong territorial taboos. Interracial couples were ridiculed, and Whites venturing into Black neighborhoods and Blacks traveling in White neighborhoods were keenly aware of the violent risks they took, especially at night.

Blacks mostly had the cops to fear, and Whites had the Blacks in general to fear. Then came the Mexicans.

The territorial taboos in non-White communities continue, but Whites surrender their territory to all on a neighborhood, city, county, State and National level. This is highly destructive to Whites' instincts of self identity and self preservation. Whites are corrupted at a most fundamental level to view themselves as defenseless, exposed and submissive, because they seemingly willingly and collectively abrogate their responsibility to defend their territory, their identity, their tribe. A beta mindset takes over and Whites refuse to do anything to defend themselves, let alone their kind.

The jews also attack the White herd instinct. A White crowd will not attack a Black, even if a White leader steps forward. But a Black or Mexican crowd will eagerly attack a White, whether or not a leader emerges in their ranks.

Whites are encouraged to engage in miscegenation. When Whites see mixed couples and children we are stressed and conditioned to view our genes as unworthy of success and continuation. We are effectively lashed by other master races to surrender our women as we have surrendered our territory and our tribal integrity and dignity is lost. This has powerful negative psychological and physiological effects. It is emasculating and drives us to subservience and away from our instincts to be confrontational and protective. The jews have effectively destroyed all of these fundamental biological functions of the White collective and the White individual.

I think that stupid taboos and Whites' willingness to obey them, and in so doing shackle their own minds and destroy the instincts of preservation of their own people. . . I have come to understand that the asinine taboos the jews have imposed on the Whites and the needed ones they have stripped from the Whites are the primary cause of my failure to inspire Whites to join me in going to war back against the jews who are deliberately genociding us. You are not only too scared to break the taboos, you have been physiologically and psychologically conditioned to be unable to break these taboos in your public actions and statements. You are slaves to the jews on such a subconscious and complete level that you are powerless, completely powerless to do anything to fight back. Your most primal instincts now direct you to attack those who defend you, and defend those who attack you.

I will have to give the solutions to this horrific dilemma much thought. We must obviously adopt as one measure the complete rejection of spoken and written taboos which prevent us from exposing and counter-attacking the jews. Organized uniforms and public marches would help. Flash mobs would help. Large gatherings of Whites without shame and with pride would help. But we need much more. We need manpower, media and money. How to get them among the self defeated is the key question I must answer, but I cannot allow it to become a taboo to publicly ponder these issues.

Current Examples of the Mortal Dangers of the Plutocracy of Jewish Tyrunts


A couple of years ago I warned of the dangers of allowing the jews to destroy our rights and our lives through the use of money and credit. I explained that in the name of "freedom" the jews could starve us to death with GMO's and "competing currencies". My arguments gain currency with the latest attempts by wealthy jewish mayors to curtail our rights by the coercion of markets and money:

Goldbuggery Blues: The Reasons Why the Government Cannot Allow Competing Currencies, December 21, 2010

How GMO Organisms in Tandem With "Competing Currencies" Can Kill You, January 06, 2011

Compare what I said then with regard to food to the attack the jewish plutocrats are making against our gun rights:

The Big Cities' Financial War on Guns May Backfire

Though the jews usually deny that they use their purchasing power and money manipulation to rule over the Goyim, we see a modern instance of it in their proposals. The jews have always used the power of credit and collusive manipulation of access to markets to strangle the rights of Gentiles. The jews can control entire nations and instigate and determine the winners and loser of wars on this basis alone.

The jewish Libertarians are working to increase the power of the tribal jewish Plutocracy. I think we need to expose the jews' disproportionate wealth as a means of awakening our people. This tactic has often worked in the past to inspire the masses to counter-attack the aggressive and oppressive jews.

The jews can subvert our rights with the power of the pocketbook, by employing the same rights meant to protect us from the likes of the tribal jews. They also have the power to selectively enforce laws against the collective and selective use of credit and markets by coalitions, never prosecuting their own, while preventing Gentiles from working together to defend their own interests against the encroachments of the collusive jews.

Jews cannot be permitted in free societies because they are hostile to all Gentiles and unite to destroy them, while using their collective power to prevent the Gentiles from defending themselves, or even competing. We cannot tolerate a genocidal enemy in our midst, and we must take away their wealth as they utilize it as a weapon of genocidal war.

It is often said that a man will forgive you for anything, except cheating him out of money. We can generate an awareness of the jewish problem by exposing the jews' wealth in stark contrast to the increasing poverty of the masses. This is a tried and proven method of defeating the jews. It is also very effective to expose the jews as Christ killers and the poisoners of the Prophet Muhammad. Why not do what we know works, instead of simply exposing the jews' media and political power? We should use every legal means at our disposal to depose the enemy, those crafty, rich jewish tyrunts who are deliberately ruining our lives and our nation.

This is not a matter of class warfare, as the jews would have us believe. It is in fact a matter of tribal warfare, the jews against all others. Simply ask people, why are the jews so rich as everyone else is sliding into a depression? Then point out the jews' power in media, finance and politics as the resolution to the dilemma you have created in the minds of your audience. Ask Christians why Jesus and the apostles hated and feared the jews, then tell them why. Ask Muslims why the jews poisoned the Prophet Muhammad, and then listen as they explain the answer to you in detail!