Friday, February 15, 2013

Why Should Whites Tremble at the Thought of Being Labeled "Supremacist"?


Judaism, Christianity and Islam are each supremacist belief systems. The ideology of "democracy" is a supremacist one in the hands of jewish puppet governments which demand that the whole of humanity conform to it. "Feminism" is a supremacist belief system which compels males to surrender the advantages nature has afforded them. Any belief system which unnaturally tries to "level the playing field" is a supremacist system imposed by the weak on the strong against the laws of nature.

Nature offers a superior system of supremacy to these unnatural religious and political perversions of nature, which depend upon abstractions to undermine nature. Whites must be unfettered from their sense of guilt and return to what is natural, for that alone provides our means of survival.

But who is "better" and "superior"? A mentally sound Black man believes that it is better for him to be Black than White. To him Black is better than White and Black is superior to White. There is no requisite condition that mandates that every human group have the same definition and understanding of what is better and superior.

A mentally sound White man believes that it is better for him to be White than Black. Just as his genetic makeup is different from the Black, so too is his definition and understanding of what is best for him and what is superior for him. A White man would not use the genetic code of a Black man to define his genes and must not define his perspective of his self image and self interests by pretending to be Black.

One of the reasons for the relative lack of success of Blacks in America is that well meaning Whites generally try to convince Blacks that it would be better for them if they thought and acted like Whites. Blacks have no need nor desire to become mental and behavioral clones of Whites. They do not become better or superior by abandoning their nature, nor do Whites.

Just as Whites have different genetics from Blacks, Browns, Yellows and Reds, so too do Whites have different self interests. Whites must choose that which is better for them and enforce their decisions.

Healthy Whites know that they are better, because they would not choose to be anything else. The same is true of healthy Blacks, Browns, Yellows and Reds.

To survive, Whites must return to the laws of nature that gave them life. Whites must not relinquish their belief that they are best and superior. It motivates us to survive, to defend each other and our territory. How long would supremacist Christianity survive, if it held that every other religion is equally as good and that the church must give equal time to all other beliefs and they must be honored and those with greater numbers must be given more time in the church.

We are born White but we are not born Christians. How much more important is it for us to defend our blood and our territory than foreign abstract belief systems? We will not defend ourselves if we do not feel a sense of ownership, pride and right. Communism taught us that. If we universalize our blood and territory and surrender our rights of ownership, we will not preserve ourselves, just as under Communism Whites allowed property to deteriorate.

We must, if we are sane and rational, define ourselves by our existence and define what is better and superior by ourselves, lest we substitute ourselves out of existence. In our territories we must be supreme, lest others take from us that which we have ceased to defend as ours. These things are so basic to our nature that is amazing to me that any of us should cower from asserting our rights and our natures.

To be a better man is to exist with a consciousness that seeks to procreate and thereby continue to exist. To exist we need territory and mates. If we give away territory and mate with those unlike us, then we are not made better or equal, we are instead exterminated and erased from nature.

We have to think in ways which perpetuate our survival. We must know that we are better and are supreme in our lands. We must feel a sense of duty and beauty in preserving ourselves because we are better. It is not wrong to motivate ourselves to survive, to achieve and to surpass our competitors. Every successful belief system and institution does so, and it is infinitely more important for us to preserve our genes and defend ourselves from the self-destructive immorality of egalitarianism that kills us off.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

It Is Just to Wage War Against the Jews


I could cite many examples where the jews themselves have defined themselves as a nation which lives apart from all others, even when parasitically residing among the Goyim. The jews have always sought to try their own people in their own courts by their own laws, and declare in the Talmud that they will undermine all Gentile courts. As such, the acts of war the jews have committed against us make our war to avenge injuries they have visited upon us a just war.

St. Augustine stated,

"Just wars are usually defined as those which avenge injuries, when the nation or city against which warlike action is to be directed has neglected either to punish wrongs committed by its own citizens or to restore what has been unjustly taken by it."

Never once in their entire history has the jewish nation sought to punish wrongs committed by its own citizens against other nations, or sought to restore that which they have unjustly taken. Jewish law forbids the jews from punishing the wrongs they have committed against us and bars the jews from restoring that which they have unjustly taken from us. Therefore, our war against them is just.

As but one example of that which the jews design to take from us, I cite our blood and our soil. The following statements are enough to serve as a justification for war against jewry, which is and which has always been an internationally subversive nation that worms its way onto the soil and into the affairs of all other nations, and so the actions of its citizens anywhere compel war against the entire tribe wherever its members reside:

"The EU should 'do its best to undermine' the 'homogeneity' of its member states, the UN's special representative for migration has said. [***] Mr Sutherland, who is non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP, heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development, which brings together representatives of 160 nations to share policy ideas."--Brian Wheeler, "EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief", BBC, (21 June 2012).

Barbara Lerner Spectre : Leading Jewish Role in Multiculturalism

When the Gauls attacked Clusium, their king cited the laws of nature as a justification for war to Romans:

"XVII. The Gauls at this time marched against the Etruscan city of Clusium and besieged it. The inhabitants appealed to the Romans to send ambassadors and letters to the barbarians, and they sent three of the Fabian family, men of the first importance in Rome. They were well received, because of the name of Rome, by the Gauls, who desisted from their siege and held a conference with them. The Romans inquired what wrong the Gauls had suffered from the people of Clusium that they should attack their city. To this Brennus, the king of the Gauls, answered with a laugh, 'The people of Clusium wrong us by holding a large territory, although they can only inhabit and cultivate a small one, while they will not give a share of it to us, who are numerous and poor. You Romans were wronged in just the same way in old times by the people of Alba, and Fidenae, and Ardea, and at the present day by the Veientines and Capenates, and by many of the Faliscans and Volscians. You make campaigns against these people if they will not share their good things with you, you sell them for slaves and plunder their territory, and destroy their cities; and in this you do nothing wrong, but merely obey the most ancient of all laws, that the property of the weak belongs to the strong, a law which prevails among the gods on the one hand, and even among wild beasts, amongst whom the stronger always encroach upon the weaker ones. So now cease to pity the besieged men of Clusium, for fear you should teach the Gauls to become good-natured and pitiful towards the nations that have been wronged by the Romans.'"--Plutarch's Lives, "Life of Camillus", XVII.

In much the same way, the jews ask us to forgive their war on our blood relatives in Europa, as they steal away America from us. If the laws of wild beast are to rule mankind, then let us apply them to the jews, who are so very much weaker than we are. Let us do so now!

To save ourselves we need the full force of our American military. We need our nuclear weapons to free ourselves and Europa from the jews and the masses of immigrants the jews have unleashed upon us and our territories. If we fail to abide by nature's laws to defend our blood and our land, nature will forget us as it forgets all who fail to fight to preserve themselves.

We must fight back and take control of our government. We must utilize our government to wage total war on the jewish nation around the globe and we must do so now.

Jewish Libertarian Agents Provocateur


The jewish libertarians have supplemented their povocateuring for a self-destructive revolution in America, with recent attempts to incite assassinations and other acts of violence, including no less heinous murders than Cobalt-60 dirty bomb attacks on Americans.

The jewish libertarians made all kinds of wild and false claims regarding Sandy Hook to try to stir up a revolution and incite murders. They married legitimate concerns about the events to their asinine and implausible conjectures. They lied about the President's actions and Congressional legislation all to create an atmosphere of panic so as to provoke some sucker into committing a counter-productive act of violence.

Now the jewish libertarians are misrepresenting what occurred with the mass murderer Dorner in order to romanticize murder and assassination and to provoke more such acts of murder. Know these psychopathic jewish libertarians. Not only do they have no regard for human life, they intend to kill off all non-jews.

They are not trying to provoke a revolution to free you. They are trying to provoke a revolution to enslave you. They are Bolsheviks and want you to help them tear down and destroy your nation.

We need political action NOW! The mere hint that the political will exists in America to fight back against the murderous jews will win us the time we need to defeat the jews.

Note that these rabid rodents, these jewish agents provocateur never take any real world action themselves. They just foam at the mouth in the hopes of infecting some sick mind to murder someone else.

Note their lack of success to this point and know that the American People do not want violence. The American People want leadership and direction. They need political representation, not jewish nihilistic violence.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Is Israel a Democracy?


"[In Israel] Jews who want a marriage license must first prove they are Jewish in accordance with Orthodox tradition[.]"–Daniel Estrin, "Getting Married in Israel: Why It So Often Means Hiring a Detective", The Atlantic, (13 February 2013).

"While Israeli demographers discuss the need to "preserve a clear and undisputed Jewish majority among Israel's total population", it may seem anomalous that women in the Jewish Ethiopian population are forced or coerced into using this highly effective contraceptive method."–Lisa Hallgarten, "Forced contraception of Jewish Ethopian women is tip of global iceberg", The Guardian, (30 January 2013).

Chuck Hagel Is Our Enemy. He Wants to Give All Our Nuclear Weapons to Israel.


The jews are playing the old Zionist / Bolshevist parlor game on the American People. The Republicans are pretending to be rabid Zionists but not rabid Bolshevists, and the Democrats are pretending to be rabid Bolshevists but not rabid Zionists. In reality both parties are rabid Zionists and Bolshevists and both want to destroy America and make the jews the rulers of the Earth from Jerusalem as the Old Testament instructs the jews to do.

Chuck Hagel and Barack Obama are the jews' puppets and Hagel is being used to manipulate Israeli politics and to help the jews impose their Boshevist / Zionist line on America by forcing the political debate to contain only these two issues and always to grant the jews' demands on these issues. Hagel polarizes politics with a prism that divides Americans for self destruction, while focusing the full force of the issues on the jews through a hidden lens that captures all of this energy.

The jews have only two means to win the Battle of Armageddon they insist on staging to exterminate the Goyim. The jews can either steal all the nuclear weapons of the Whites, or the jews can trigger the mutually assured destruction system they created so that Whites exterminate each other. Tiny Israel cannot win the Battle of Armageddon by any other means, unless they develop the biological agents they would need to kill us all and a means of delivering them.

The jews will use Hagel and Obama, as well as Putin, to force the reduction of nuclear weapons held by Whites. These weapons will go to Israel. Christian Zionists will demand that Israel receive nuclear weapons in order to guard the coming "House of the Lord" the new jewish temple. The jews have mourned the loss of their temple for 2,000 years and it is a major priority for jews, Freemason and Christian Zionists to build another temple to the devil. They will call on all jews, Christian Zionists and Freemasons worldwide to sponsor and participate in the transfer of Whites' nuclear weapons to Israel, covertly and overtly, to safeguard the new temple so that no new Antiochus or Caligula will ever again defile it, and so that no empire will ever again destroy it.

The jews will bring all the gold, silver and jewels in the World to this temple and decorate Jerusalem with them and make them the reserve for all currency on a fractional reserve basis. The jews will demand the ability to guard this new Fort Knox with nuclear weapons. Inevitably, the jews will attack the World and if the World resists they will destroy us with our own nuclear weapons. That is the Bolshevist plan.

The Zionist yang to the Bolshevist yin is to instigate World War III and have Whites eradicate each other. The jews have the coin in the air, and it is heads the jews win and tails Whites lose.

Chuck Hagel and Barack Obama are dedicated to making Israel a nuclear superpower while disarming Whites. They are not defending America against Israel, they are arming Israel against America. This is why the jews in the "alternative media" want to make a hero of horrible Hagel, because for them he is.

The Grainback: A POWER PARTY Proposal


I propose that America issue a new currency to be used in international trade called the "Grainback". The supply of Grainbacks will be tightly controlled and we will treat any manipulation of its value as an act of war.

Any nation wishing to purchase American goods and services will be obliged to do so in Grainbacks. We will attempt to persuade Whites worldwide to adopt the Grainback for international trade with non-Whites and we will provide the incentives for them to do so.

America will no longer depend on the petrodollar or on oil for the value of our currency. The World needs food and always will. Whites control food production. It is a better idea to effectively back our currency with food, than with oil in the hands of others.

We can buy Euros with Grainbacks and then retire them, as but one option to universalize the American currency. The currency will be issued debt free by the American Government and will also be the currency accepted for the payment of debts to Americans and the American Government by foreign nations and nationals.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hyper-Risk Aversion is Risky: A COMEDY OF TERRORS


Chester Whitey sat uncomfortably in the cheap seats. He himself chose to sit in the middle seat, so that someone else might enjoy the window seat and the aisle seat. He did not want anyone to think that he was selfish.

Mr. Whitey did not recline his seat, though the obnoxious little East Indian girl sitting in front of did and she bounced back against it repeatedly battering his knees. But he did not speak up because he was afraid he might offend someone or be accused of racism.

The obese Mexican woman sitting next him in the window seat also took up a third of his space, but he did not object and carefully crunched up his arms to afford his neighbors as much extra space as he could. The snoring Black man on the aisle snored loudly into Chester's ear as he banged his head on Chester's shoulder as if softening up a pillow. Chester thought for moment to politely ask the man to move his head, but then rejected the thought out of fear of a confrontation. Chester was terribly annoyed but did nothing about it.

Three jews sat behind Chester and constantly whined and argued about who should get the window seat. They complained constantly to the stewardess about everything from the food, to the movie, to the size of the seats, to color of the blankets, etc.

Suddenly the horrible sound of shearing metal tore through the airplane. Both wings mysteriously sheared off the plane and it began a sharp descent. The stewardess ran to all the jews on the plane and issued them parachutes. No one complained for fear of appearing anti-semitic. Chester asked for help unbuckling his seat belt, which was stuck closed. The stewardess told him to shut up and read the buckle.

It said, "Warning! In the event of a crash, remain in your seats, do nothing, shut up and keep your seat belt fastened! Schlomo's Buckle & Matzah Ball Co. assumes no liability or risk for your use of its shoddy seat belts! Enjoy the ride, Goy!"

His face white as a ghost, Chester finally managed to unbuckle the seat belt and jumped over the still sleeping Black man next to him. In a panic, he ran to the hooknosed stewardess in hopes of asking for and receiving a parachute. Before he took one step, the jew from the seats behind him stood up with an indemnity contract and a pen. "Hey, you can't get up without signing this and waiving all your rights!" Beneath the carbon paper was a confession that Whites were behind all wars, that the Pope ruled the world, and that Chester was a Vatican assassin who had blown up the airplane.

Visibly confused, Chester grabbed the pen and hurriedly signed the contract then handed them back to the jew. As he ran passed to reach the stewardess, the jew stabbed him in the back with the pen. Then the jew pushed him aside and all the jews jumped out the emergency exit.

The stewardess tossed back one faulty parachute as she saluted the damned and jumped out the plane. The Whites, Blacks, Mexicans and Asians fought each other to take it and they were still fighting as the plane crashed.

Chester Whitey's last thought as the mountainside pushed his face through his skull was, "I should have done something sooner!"

The Anti-Christ Beauty Contest


The jews are on the verge of erecting their temple to their god and anointing their christ, the anti-Christ al-Dajjal. Islam has been thoroughly tamed. The Pope is stepping down. And now the jews must divert attention from the true evil king and scapegoat the Goyim for their sins.

For centuries now, the jews have paid for and produced literature meant to redirect attention from their prophecies and plans and focus it on the Goyim. The jews have carefully, and for hundreds of years, planted four genocidal seeds which they hope will today bear fruit.

The jews taught Roman Catholics that Protestants and the Caliphate are anti-Christ. The jews taught Protestants that Roman Catholics, the Czar and the Caliphate are anti-Christ. The jews taught Russian Orthodox that Protestants, Roman Catholics, and the Caliphate are anti-Christ. The jews taught Muslims that the leaders of Protestants, Roman Catholics and Russian Orthodox are Dajjal.

Is it merely a coincidence that we stand today on the precipice of the rise of the jewish temple, and at this very same time the Pope of the Roman Catholics steps aside to make way for a more charismatic figure or to send the Church into obsolescence, the Turkish Caliphate is reconstituting itself, Protestants are converting to Christian Zionism, and Russian Orthodoxy is reemerging? In each instance, we see that jews are directing these events. In each instance, we see a blurring of church and state, the clerical and profane, the double headed eagle of the centralized power of both civil and religious affairs.

I expect that the jews will agitate each of these forces against each other leaving the jews standing in Jerusalem bobbing their heads and sacrificing Goyim in their shiny new temple as the jews fill its foundations with all the world's gold and pit the Goyim against each other. Each of these religions is devoted to taking Jerusalem for itself and each has surrendered that duty to the jews through active subversion. Now, the jews will try to dupe these forces into annihilating one another, and the crypto-jews who serve as the religious leaders in each of these religious communities will preach that the anti-Christ al-Dajjal has arrived, and it ain't them!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Netanyahu Is Prodding Hezbollah. . . Islam and Christianity


Bibi has given the green light to the further illegal encroachment of jews into the West Bank. This is the latest attack in a series of provocations which are in no small measure meant to incite Hezbollah.

Netanyahu is planning to attack Iran. One of the contingencies involved in the planning of the jewish attack on Iran is the response of Hezbollah in Lebanon. The jews also very much want to destabilize Lebanon and provide a pretext for a new round of jewish aggression against the sovereign nation.

Hezbollah is one of very few groups of Muslims which has ever reacted to jewish territorial expansion. In its infancy, modern Zionism was extremely careful to disavow any designs on making Jerusalem a jewish capital. The jews feared that Christians and Muslims, who have laid claim to the city, would oppose the Zionist scheme with force if ever the jews made clear their intentions to capture the city and its surroundings as their national territory.

The jews now feel confident that neither Christians nor Muslims will mass against them as they steal this land and establish the seat of their world government in Jerusalem, as they have planned to do for 2,500 years. Christians and Muslims are pledged to rise up against this manifestation of the anti-Christ / al-Dajjal, but have shown little resistence to the jews' plans and actions.

It is interesting to note that the Pope is stepping down just as the jews are about to overtake Jerusalem in its entirety and begin the "end times" of jewish mythology.

Christians and Muslims have effectively surrendered their age old claim on the city of Jerusalem. The hundreds of millions of Eastern Muslims have done absolutely nothing as Muslim nation after nation has been destroyed in the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan soon to be Pakistan. Muslims will do nothing as the jews take all of Jerusalem and destroy the Dome of the Rock to erect a temple to the devil. Christians will do nothing but lend their support.

Netanyahu is prodding these groups to condition them to being whipped and herded. But it would be in Israel's best interest to take down Hezbollah and destabilize Lebanon before bombing Iran. The Shia are evidently the only Muslims who seem to care that Israel is destroying Muslim nation after nation and is on the verge of taking all of Jerusalem, care enough to fight, that is. And Israel is doing all it can to provoke the Shia into fighting now, so that Israel will face little to no retaliation when it hits Iran and destroys the Dome of the Rock.

If Israel can destroy Hezbollah, Iran will have very limited options to strike back at Israel. If Israel fails to destroy Hezbollah, it can modify its plans of attack on Iran. Either way, it is better for Israel to secure its immediate borders before attacking Iran.

Netanyahu wants it to be crystal clear that there never has been a "peace process" and that the Palestinians have no hope to retain any of their land. He wants to force Hezbollah and the Palestinians into a sense of desperation that they had better fight now because their position will only grow weaker by the day. So he prods them and kicks them, and spits on them, hoping to start a fight so that Israel can pretend to be the victim of Muslim aggression.

The jewish media is making much of Obama's planned visit to Israel. Netanyahu is on track knocking down dominoes. For decades, the man has openly stated that he would destroy the Muslim nations which now lay in ruins. Obama's visit will help him lay waste to a few more. The dog is going to lay at the feet of his master.

The notion that Obama is going to Israel to tell Netanyahu not to attack Iran and to make peace with the Palestinians is patent nonsense on its face. If Obama had the power to tell Netanyahu what to do, then he would not travel to Israel to make use of it. He would force Netanyahu to come crawling to him, rather than traveling to Netanyahu's home turf.

The Palestinians know all this. Their only fighting ally has been Hezbollah. Netanyahu wants a confrontation with Hezbollah sometime soon.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Applying the White "Prepper" Instinct to White Nations


Whites intuitively know that we need guns and butter to survive in this increasingly dangerous world. Whites are instinctively hoarding weapons and food, and are preparing shelters and water reserves.

Our ancestors have done the same from the beginning, but they followed their survival instincts to guide them on a national and international level as well as a personal level. If we bind together and apply the same principles to our governments that we apply to our families, then Whites can secure the entire World for ourselves and the rest of humanity.

The jews want to dupe Whites into doing to White nations what the jews have done to Arab nations. The jews want us to engage in revolts and civil wars which will lay waste to our countries and our peoples leaving them in ruins and chaos. Foremost among these subversive movements are the well funded Libertarians and Communitarians, followed behind by the throughly Federally and jewish infiltrated White Nationalists.

Rather seceding, revolting, surrendering or instigating civil strife, Whites should simply take control over what is already ours. We dominate the Northern Hemisphere and control almost all of the nuclear weapons in the World and almost all of the best and most productive farmland worldwide. The Muslims control the oil, but we drive the demand and consume it.

Russia can supply a great deal of Whites' energy needs. Whites can supply the food for the World. Food can do for White currency what oil has done.

So why is it that we are in perpetual war which is bankrupting Whites, when Whites own a virtual monopoly on nuclear weapons which render war obsolete? It is only because the jews hold Whites on a leash and sic us upon each other, as they have done for thousands of years. Break the chains and the world is ours.

With our virtual monopolies on food and nuclear weapons we can and should control all the currencies of the World and supply our own needs. Whites come first and we should never export food while one White suffers from hunger. We should stock pile food and then export the excess and insist that our food be traded in our currencies or for goods and services which benefit us. We should cease fighting wars, especially for the jews, for these are meant to destroy us as we destroy the jews' enemies.

It is good and natural that we Whites think like "preppers" but we must expand our White consciousness to embrace our global condition and needs, and apply our instincts accordingly. We should prepare for White survival forever, which means we must condition the World to serve our needs and provide for them. And we must forever prepare our national and international security needs with our weapons and our defenses. We must never allow demographics to capture our weapons and defenses in non-hands.

We must develop our preparatory political instincts and unite as Whites for our common defense. Rather than subvert our governments and societies we must strengthen them and make them more homogenous in ways which favor our interests. The National Socialists came to power by harnessing the White political preparation instinct. Whites killing Whites does us no good. We must instead solidify our political power and court our blood in Europe in Asia to support us as we support them.

Non-Whites have shown their true face and their desire to disenfranchise us. Now it is our turn to respond with like for like, and we must like our own as they do theirs. We must prepare politically so that we can safeguard our governments and our future. There are no greater arsenals nor food stores than in the White world. We need only claim them.

Obama and Hagel Want to Reduce America's Nuclear Arsenal, But Where Will the Plutonium Go?


The jews' puppet Obama wants to reduce the number of nuclear weapons held in our nuclear arsenal. What will become of these weapons and the nuclear materials they contain?

Obama does not want the plutonium to be used in MOX fuels, and given what has occurred in Japan, there is good reason not to use it as nuclear fuel. So where will it go and how will it be accounted for?

I suspect the jews want to send our plutonium and weapons to Israel. I remember that there was talk many times over many years of moving all nuclear weapons to Israel and making it the center of International Government which the jews have sought for at least 2,500 years.

Another option the jews may be exploring is using the materials and weapons to construct a doomsday device designed to take out America, and/or American cities. It would be easy to place these bombs in silos near cities where they could be launched and detonated in a matter of seconds with no means of defending against them. The World would be told the Chinese or Russians launched a preemptive strike on us and America would be gone forever.

All it would take for Obama to initiate martial law and become a dictator would be for one nuclear bomb to detonate in America, no matter the ultimate source.

We live in dangerous times. It is insane to allow the jews to run our government and control our military. We have to stop them before they disarm all Whites while arming themselves and the Asians. The UK is approaching the tipping point where it will become an Asian nation in terms of its population. The same could happen to America at a much accelerated pace if the jews succeed in disenfranchising Whites, because the immigrant voters will vote in politicians who will allow in hundreds of millions of Asians.

But if we turn the tables on the jews, a feast awaits us. If Whites in America take control of our nuclear arsenal and form an alliance with Russia, the UK and Russia and deport non-White immigrants from these White territories, we will have a virtual monopoly on nuclear force. The jews have so thoroughly destabilized the Middle East that it poses no threat to us. The jews have pitted Pakistan and India against each other, the Chinese against themselves, the Koreans against themselves and the Chinese against the Japanese. Africa and South America are sparsely populated and militarily weak.

If the White nations agree to protect each other, rather than threaten to annihilate each other, we secure the future of Whites for the foreseeable future, and we can completely solve the jewish problem. We must act now to secure the nuclear weapons in White hands and protect and reestablish the demographic integrity of White nations.

The jewish "alternative media" continue to push Hagel on us as if some kind of a savior, because the jews want to disarm Whites and make us easy prey for Asians and the jews standing behind them.