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America Is a White Supremacist Nation, and Always Has Been. . . for Several Good Reasons


The Declaration of Independence states, inter alia:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

While all men are declared equal under this statement, it is nevertheless a declaration of the independence of one group of men from that of another for the purpose of self-determination, and the group declaring its independence was a group of White men who threw in their lot together to stand against all others.

The fundamental right to life includes the right and duty to safeguard White DNA and preserve Whites from miscegenation across generations, thereby securing the rights of our ancestors and our current generation from the loss of their White DNA down through the generations including our descendants. The diversification of America to include non-Whites threatens the right to life by creating a diversity of blood loyalties leading to national dissensions which favor non-White life over White life both domestically and globally.

The fundamental right of liberty includes the right to eliminate a criminally prone class of non-Whites whose behaviors provoke a State response to diminish the liberties of Whites who do not generally so act as to prompt the revocation of liberty. It includes the right to self-determination from non-Whites, whose cultures and traditions deviate from ours and subvert our notions of liberty.

The fundamental right to the pursuit of happiness incorporates of necessity the preservation of cultural exclusivity and decency, traditionally accepted standards of societal etiquette, etc. It secures the self interests of Whites against the encroachment of non-Whites through the unequal burden non-Whites place on the State and society by failing to perform to the standards Whites achieve, thereby placing an unnecessary and unwanted yoke on the necks of Whites.

The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States declares:

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

A heterogeneous society discourages domestic tranquility, produced the Civil War, permits the jews to subvert our nation in an unjust manner through disproportionate influence that defeats our common defense rendering it the Esau slave soldier the jews have sought for 2,500 years; defeats the general welfare by, among other means, allowing the jews to control our banking and money supply mechanism placing Whites in a usurious debt cycle which the jews have sought for 2,500 years to control the World; allows the jews to subvert our liberties through their participation in our political and public opinion institutions. Therefore, the Constitution is not consistent with non-White and anti-White influence and citizenship.

The arguments leading to the Constitution, and the traditions including the Magna Carta, recognize only Whites as citizens. The Magna Carta recognized the fact that jews were hostile to Whites and used usury to destroy Whites' rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness:

"10. If one who has borrowed from the Jews any sum, great or small, die before that loan be repaid, the debt shall not bear interest while the heir is under age, of whomsoever he may hold; and if the debt fall into our hands, we will not take anything except the principal sum contained in the bond.

11. And if anyone die indebted to the Jews, his wife shall have her dower and pay nothing of that debt; and if any children of the deceased are left under age, necessaries shall be provided for them in keeping with the holding of the deceased; and out of the residue the debt shall be paid, reserving, however, service due to feudal lords; in like manner let it be done touching debts due to others than Jews."

The Federalist Papers, at No. 54, did not consider Blacks "men", but rather partial property, partial human, and not citizens:

"To the People of the State of New York:

THE next view which I shall take of the House of Representatives relates to the appointment of its members to the several States which is to be determined by the same rule with that of direct taxes. It is not contended that the number of people in each State ought not to be the standard for regulating the proportion of those who are to represent the people of each State. The establishment of the same rule for the appointment of taxes, will probably be as little contested; though the rule itself in this case, is by no means founded on the same principle. In the former case, the rule is understood to refer to the personal rights of the people, with which it has a natural and universal connection.

In the latter, it has reference to the proportion of wealth, of which it is in no case a precise measure, and in ordinary cases a very unfit one. But notwithstanding the imperfection of the rule as applied to the relative wealth and contributions of the States, it is evidently the least objectionable among the practicable rules, and had too recently obtained the general sanction of America, not to have found a ready preference with the convention. All this is admitted, it will perhaps be said; but does it follow, from an admission of numbers for the measure of representation, or of slaves combined with free citizens as a ratio of taxation, that slaves ought to be included in the numerical rule of representation? Slaves are considered as property, not as persons. They ought therefore to be comprehended in estimates of taxation which are founded on property, and to be excluded from representation which is regulated by a census of persons. This is the objection, as I understand it, stated in its full force. I shall be equally candid in stating the reasoning which may be offered on the opposite side. 'We subscribe to the doctrine,' might one of our Southern brethren observe, 'that representation relates more immediately to persons, and taxation more immediately to property, and we join in the application of this distinction to the case of our slaves. But we must deny the fact, that slaves are considered merely as property, and in no respect whatever as persons. The true state of the case is, that they partake of both these qualities: being considered by our laws, in some respects, as persons, and in other respects as property. In being compelled to labor, not for himself, but for a master; in being vendible by one master to another master; and in being subject at all times to be restrained in his liberty and chastised in his body, by the capricious will of another, the slave may appear to be degraded from the human rank, and classed with those irrational animals which fall under the legal denomination of property. In being protected, on the other hand, in his life and in his limbs, against the violence of all others, even the master of his labor and his liberty; and in being punishable himself for all violence committed against others, the slave is no less evidently regarded by the law as a member of the society, not as a part of the irrational creation; as a moral person, not as a mere article of property. The federal Constitution, therefore, decides with great propriety on the case of our slaves, when it views them in the mixed character of persons and of property. This is in fact their true character. It is the character bestowed on them by the laws under which they live; and it will not be denied, that these are the proper criterion; because it is only under the pretext that the laws have transformed the negroes into subjects of property, that a place is disputed them in the computation of numbers; and it is admitted, that if the laws were to restore the rights which have been taken away, the negroes could no longer be refused an equal share of representation with the other inhabitants. 'This question may be placed in another light. It is agreed on all sides, that numbers are the best scale of wealth and taxation, as they are the only proper scale of representation. Would the convention have been impartial or consistent, if they had rejected the slaves from the list of inhabitants, when the shares of representation were to be calculated, and inserted them on the lists when the tariff of contributions was to be adjusted? Could it be reasonably expected, that the Southern States would concur in a system, which considered their slaves in some degree as men, when burdens were to be imposed, but refused to consider them in the same light, when advantages were to be conferred? Might not some surprise also be expressed, that those who reproach the Southern States with the barbarous policy of considering as property a part of their human brethren, should themselves contend, that the government to which all the States are to be parties, ought to consider this unfortunate race more completely in the unnatural light of property, than the very laws of which they complain? 'It may be replied, perhaps, that slaves are not included in the estimate of representatives in any of the States possessing them. They neither vote themselves nor increase the votes of their masters. Upon what principle, then, ought they to be taken into the federal estimate of representation? In rejecting them altogether, the Constitution would, in this respect, have followed the very laws which have been appealed to as the proper guide. 'This objection is repelled by a single observation. It is a fundamental principle of the proposed Constitution, that as the aggregate number of representatives allotted to the several States is to be determined by a federal rule, founded on the aggregate number of inhabitants, so the right of choosing this allotted number in each State is to be exercised by such part of the inhabitants as the State itself may designate. The qualifications on which the right of suffrage depend are not, perhaps, the same in any two States. In some of the States the difference is very material. In every State, a certain proportion of inhabitants are deprived of this right by the constitution of the State, who will be included in the census by which the federal Constitution apportions the representatives.

In this point of view the Southern States might retort the complaint, by insisting that the principle laid down by the convention required that no regard should be had to the policy of particular States towards their own inhabitants; and consequently, that the slaves, as inhabitants, should have been admitted into the census according to their full number, in like manner with other inhabitants, who, by the policy of other States, are not admitted to all the rights of citizens. A rigorous adherence, however, to this principle, is waived by those who would be gainers by it. All that they ask is that equal moderation be shown on the other side. Let the case of the slaves be considered, as it is in truth, a peculiar one. Let the compromising expedient of the Constitution be mutually adopted, which regards them as inhabitants, but as debased by servitude below the equal level of free inhabitants, which regards the SLAVE as divested of two fifths of the MAN. 'After all, may not another ground be taken on which this article of the Constitution will admit of a still more ready defense? We have hitherto proceeded on the idea that representation related to persons only, and not at all to property. But is it a just idea?

Government is instituted no less for protection of the property, than of the persons, of individuals. The one as well as the other, therefore, may be considered as represented by those who are charged with the government. Upon this principle it is, that in several of the States, and particularly in the State of New York, one branch of the government is intended more especially to be the guardian of property, and is accordingly elected by that part of the society which is most interested in this object of government. In the federal Constitution, this policy does not prevail. The rights of property are committed into the same hands with the personal rights. Some attention ought, therefore, to be paid to property in the choice of those hands. 'For another reason, the votes allowed in the federal legislature to the people of each State, ought to bear some proportion to the comparative wealth of the States. States have not, like individuals, an influence over each other, arising from superior advantages of fortune. If the law allows an opulent citizen but a single vote in the choice of his representative, the respect and consequence which he derives from his fortunate situation very frequently guide the votes of others to the objects of his choice; and through this imperceptible channel the rights of property are conveyed into the public representation. A State possesses no such influence over other States. It is not probable that the richest State in the Confederacy will ever influence the choice of a single representative in any other State. Nor will the representatives of the larger and richer States possess any other advantage in the federal legislature, over the representatives of other States, than what may result from their superior number alone. As far, therefore, as their superior wealth and weight may justly entitle them to any advantage, it ought to be secured to them by a superior share of representation. The new Constitution is, in this respect, materially different from the existing Confederation, as well as from that of the United Netherlands, and other similar confederacies. In each of the latter, the efficacy of the federal resolutions depends on the subsequent and voluntary resolutions of the states composing the union. Hence the states, though possessing an equal vote in the public councils, have an unequal influence, corresponding with the unequal importance of these subsequent and voluntary resolutions. Under the proposed Constitution, the federal acts will take effect without the necessary intervention of the individual States. They will depend merely on the majority of votes in the federal legislature, and consequently each vote, whether proceeding from a larger or smaller State, or a State more or less wealthy or powerful, will have an equal weight and efficacy: in the same manner as the votes individually given in a State legislature, by the representatives of unequal counties or other districts, have each a precise equality of value and effect; or if there be any difference in the case, it proceeds from the difference in the personal character of the individual representative, rather than from any regard to the extent of the district from which he comes. 'Such is the reasoning which an advocate for the Southern interests might employ on this subject; and although it may appear to be a little strained in some points, yet, on the whole, I must confess that it fully reconciles me to the scale of representation which the convention have established. In one respect, the establishment of a common measure for representation and taxation will have a very salutary effect. As the accuracy of the census to be obtained by the Congress will necessarily depend, in a considerable degree on the disposition, if not on the co-operation, of the States, it is of great importance that the States should feel as little bias as possible, to swell or to reduce the amount of their numbers. Were their share of representation alone to be governed by this rule, they would have an interest in exaggerating their inhabitants. Were the rule to decide their share of taxation alone, a contrary temptation would prevail. By extending the rule to both objects, the States will have opposite interests, which will control and balance each other, and produce the requisite impartiality.

PUBLIUS. [Written by Alexander Hamilton or James Madison]"

The Constitution of the United States, Article I, Section 2, does not grant Blacks citizenship nor confer on them a status equal to that of Whites:

"Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons."

The Unites States Supreme Court affirmed that Blacks were not citizens, that citizenship is not necessarily the same as free man, and that we have the right to define who may become a citizen and who may not. See:

U.S. Supreme Court, DRED SCOTT v. SANDFORD, 60 U.S. 393 (1856)

The jews sought to subvert this decision with the "reconstruction amendments" 13, 14 and 15. The 14th Amendment to the US Constitution ( July 9, 1868), states, among other relevant things:

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

The 15th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America:

"The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude."

These passages could be interpreted in the tradition of American government to mean that only those who do not infringe upon the rights of Whites to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are to be considered "persons" for the purposes of citizenship in the United States of America, and those who as a group destroy the rights of Whites have by their actions repudiated their citizenship in our nation. The jews manufactured the Civil War as means to divide us against ourselves. After destroying White civilization in the South, the jews sought to guarantee that it would not return.

Blacks naturally migrated to places where White civilization flourished in search of a better standard of living. They moved en masse to the inner cities of the North, which they quickly rotted out to the detriment of Whites. It appears that Blacks do not function well in urban environments, perhaps because they are physiologically and psychologically more vulnerable to the ill effects of stress in an urban environment than are Whites, while benefitting from their nature in other environments. Much the same has occurred with Hispanics.

These non-Whites have infringed on the fundamental rights of Whites to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in measurably significant and disproportionate ways. These fundamental rights include the right to sovereignty in addition to self-determination.

The POWER PARTY will define in law the requirements of citizenship, and distinguish citizenship, freedom and person with legally binding definitions which secure the rights of Whites to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Though I have addressed the wrongs non-Whites have done to Whites in the above article, I have made no attempt to address the wrongs Whites have done to non-Whites, which should not be misinterpreted to constitute an attempt to address those wrongs, a denial of them, or an attempt to discuss their remedy or proportion in relation to the wrongs non-Whites have done and are committing against Whites. I am instead laying down the legal foundations of Whites' rights to self-determination and sovereignty in the nation we founded to provide for those basic human rights.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Consciousness Fetish of Whites


Each of us begins life as the singular bonding of the genetic material of our mother and of our father into a new and unique grouping of chemicals that immediately replicate themselves into an ever more complex organism of structures. Eventually, in human life, a conscious brain develops that will ultimately seek out a mate with whom it will mix DNA and perpetuate the life form.

We Whites are each part of this interplay of our DNA bonding and combining over and over again to perpetuate itself. The DNA generates sexual organs, feeding organs, sensory organs, the brain, etc. all of which enable it to carry out the complex process of mating and living; but we should never forget that the DNA is more fundamental than consciousness, or body, and that the body is more fundamental than consciousness.

We modern Whites are burdened with a fetish of consciousness that defeats our more fundamental bodies and ultimately fundamental DNA. The mental guardian of our DNA, both on a personal, and on a tribal level, is failing us. It has become a "god spirit" that stands between our DNA and the survival of our DNA.

DNA manufactures a hierarchy of forms and functions which enable it to survive and create new life. Religion creates the myth that consciousness is independent of this hierarchy and is of an alien substance of spirit that comes not from DNA but from god[s]. The creation of a new spirit is not the meeting of the DNA of a man and woman, the fabric of the tribal DNA weaving itself into new beautiful forms through time in an unbroken chain, but rather the work of a "higher consciousness" that produces new "spirits" after its kind.

In this myth of religion, the DNA is the vessel containing the supernatural spirit, not the seed that if successful inevitably produces consciousness as a part of the process of creating more and unique DNA to add to the tapestry of the tribe and to keep it alive and prone to survive. This myth is contradicted by the complexity of our bodies and the way our bodies interact with each other and the environment. Our bodies communicate with (and outside of) our consciousness, but even this requires an enormously complex orchestra of interactions that have nothing to do with consciousness but instead more fundamentally produce conscious sensations and thoughts.

Religion places far too great an emphasis on consciousness and places not nearly enough import on our bodies, our environment, our enemies and competitors, and our DNA. The hierarchical level of consciousness is failing to protect the higher levels of children, tribe and environment, and the more basic levels of DNA and cellular function. Religion is a major obstacle in correcting this problem.

Religion allows stupid and/or ignorant people to feel comfortable with their stupidity, because it is an act of their obedience to their beliefs that they are stupid. They even take pride in it. Religion allows consciousness to permit the poisoning of our DNA in a million vicious ways.

But religion is hardly the only obstacle our DNA faces in its journey to survive. Modern man's consciousness seeks out addictive and destructive food and drugs that harm our DNA and which will soon render us sterile if we do nothing to protect ourselves. Our consciousness has produced radioactive substances and dispersed them into our environment. This consciousness which we worship as a god is becoming our undoing, primarily because we fail to understand its relationship to the hierarchy of human life.

As individuals, tribes, humanity and members of the life community, we ought to place less emphasis on our consciousness and cease to deify it. This religious worship of the mind as if a fragment of a god that will live after us destroys our ability to see each other in our fulness and to protect our lives individually and collectively, not only in this generation, but all future generations as well.

Ten of the Many Dangers Christianity Poses to Whites


(1). Psychopaths, crypto-jews and money dominate the clergy and they are leading Whites towards extinction.

(2). Christianity is a jewish apocalyptic religion which encourages Christians to instigate an apocalyptic war to wipe out 2/3 of humankind while providing the murderous Christian psychopaths the false hope that they will be spared in heaven, if not on Earth. From the first, Christianity created the myth that the "end times" are near and therefore the survival of Whites is of secondary importance to instigating the apocalypse and destroying the World.

(3). Christianity creates the self-destructive illusion of superiority by means of subservience, of victory through martyrdom and defeat, ultimately life through death, not only of the individual, but also of the White race.

(4). Christianity is universalist and evangelical. It encourages Whites to create self-defeating empires and is destructive of nationalism. It has always generated fratricidal wars among Whites and has destroyed much of White culture and religion.

(5). Christianity idealizes the slave and demonizes the master making humans the supposed children of a jewish deity whom they must obey. Christianity makes the jewish god, and not nature, the source of fundamental law, creating the illusion of a higher court which will provide through providence the protection of those rights which must in fact be defended by man.

(6). Christianity generates a false sense of infallibility and security, rendering gross mistakes unimportant, failure meaningless, and the death of the race inconsequential.

(7). Christianity glorifies the genocidal jewish god and destroys the dignity of man as master of his own fate and his own soul.

(8). Christianity creates the fatal hubris and complacency of the illusion that supernatural forces punish evil and battle against it, and that they reward good and ensure its ultimate victory.

(9). Christianity destroys the reality of White genetics as the source of our being and replaces it with the jewish metaphysics of creation mythos and reincarnation, thereby placing the spirit outside of the flesh and rendering the preservation of the spirit through obedience to jewish myth and law as a priority over the preservation of the purity of the flesh and of children. It is the ultimate suicidal false pride of egoism over tribe, mythical afterlife over life and children, the selfish worship of personal consciousness over the preservation of blood and tribe.

(10). Christianity is demonstrably false and therefore to pretend that it is the highest truth destroys the rational well being of the White mind and opens the gates to the belief in any and all obvious falsehoods. It teaches injustice, the scapegoating of another for sins, and is internally inconsistent.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Self-Degradation of Whites Spells Death for Our People


Back on 9 February 2013, I wrote the following article which calls attention to a growing problem:

The White Superiority Inferiority Complex: Made in Jewry, February 09, 2013

Not long after, the following example emerged which perfectly illustrates my point:

Wisc. University Stands By Campaign To Teach Diversity By Writing 'Unfair' On White Students' Faces

Wisconsin University Joins Campaign Saying It's 'Unfair' to be White

The slope of this slide is downward, way down into the dank must of the grave.

Be proud to be White and increase our advantages; secure, homogenize and expand our territory; seize total control of our nuclear weapons; and promote the White Continental Integrity of North America, Europe and Australia. Never demean us or diminish our power. Never demean us or diminish our power. Never demean us or diminish our power.

Whites' Will to Power Is Being Misdirected and Destroyed. Though non-Whites do, Whites do NOT Breed Well in Captivity.


Whites are highly susceptible to the jews' attack on our Will to Power. They want to misdirect it into a will to egalitarianism and then a will to subservience. Freud and Adler played a role in the destruction of the healthy White psyche.

In pondering the causes of my failure to inspire Whites to act politically to counter-attack the jews, I am led to the theories of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche regarding the will to bear and exercise power. It appears to me that the jews have schooled Whites of various personality types to view power in various ways. Those of us prone to the use of force are taught to view power as if short bursts of violent individual heroic action. These types come to believe that power exists in violent dominance over a small group for a short period of time. The jews use this type of individual to commit warfare against Whites by providing jews with "the propaganda of the deed", chiefly murders which provide a pretext for governmental oppression and repression, which then create social upheaval and inspire a revolution, which are the jews' goals.

Whites are not unique in their vulnerability of the jews' manipulation of this violent instinct. Whites, however, appear to be especially vulnerable to the abuse of their instincts to comply with the herd and their philanthropic instincts. The jews have misdirected and thereby destroyed Whites' will to power by turning it into a will to comply and to sacrifice for others who are not White. Whites have been taught that their needs are better met through subservience than resistence and self assertion. In this way, Whites have lost their dignity which is the key to their will to survive.

In order to compete and dominate, Whites must believe that they are better, lest Whites' efforts to compete instead become an attempt to empower our competitors to our detriment. If we hold that we are mere equals to our competitors and enemies, then we set about to defeat ourselves so that others come to a position where they can easily surpass us.

Survival is not game of moral fairness. We are competing against others who have an uncorrupted will to power and who will dominate us and exercise their superiority over us to our detriment if we allow it to exist and become inferior. The first step to becoming inferior is becoming equal, surrendering our superiority and advantages. The direction which points us from superiority to equality points sharply downward, and once we begin the descent as a mental process whereby we subvert our will to power, the end result is inevitably our slavery followed by our extinction.

We have to motivate our People to fight, to seize hold of the power that is already ours. To do this, we must convince them that we are worth fighting for and that we will win. Our goal as Whites is not to defeat ourselves for the benefit of others, but to increase our power and advantages to ensure our survival and competitive advantages. If we wish to win this war for survival, we must not detune or abandon our weapons to a lower level to be fair to our enemies. That is not an expression of power, it is an act of submission, the actions of a willing slave. One of our most important weapons in the struggle to survive is our sense of need and justice to seize power. To have power is to be superior in this fight and we must not mock our own superiority nor should we shun it. We should embrace and glorify it so that our People assert themselves and their will to power that generates the will to survive.

To have a will to power and a will to survive, the White needs to feel superior. The White mind requires a sense of justice to act. The White only determines that it is just for him to survive and thrive and to maintain power when he views himself as superior. Superiority is often expressed as if the moral high ground to Whites. This frequently takes the form of religious conviction. The jews have a tremendous advantage over modern Whites in that they have both a religious and a racial conviction that they are superior. This enables a minuscule minority to rule the World and destroy it. But the jews' beliefs and evidently their natures as well are fundamentally parasitic and destructive.

Think of what Whites can accomplish if we come to view ourselves as superior, worthy of survival and power? Our instincts are philanthropic and if properly directed to fulfill our will to power and to survive will enable us to thrive.

It is good that we call ourselves White. White connotes beauty, purity and peace. We should not surrender this advantage because it offends non-Whites that we have any advantage. Our interests are different from and often conflicting with theirs. Our first duty is to ourselves, not them.

The fact that one thing is better than another does not mean that the other is necessarily bad. I hold that strawberries taste better than blackberries, but I would not want a world without blackberries. I don't hate blackberries, I just think strawberries are better and plant them in my garden. If I held that all plants are equal, I would starve or poison myself. We have the power of discernment and should reject abstractions which destroy our will to power and our will to survive, while embracing abstractions which empower us and facilitate our survival.

I think we can motivate a hundred million Whites to march in the streets if we teach them a sense of superiority that justifies their fight to take power and to survive. I don't see how we can motivate them to take power by teaching them that they have no right to fight for their power. Even the communist jews are forced to motivate Whites by giving them a sense of intellectual and moral superiority. They also make an enemy of the "Bourgeoisie" which preserves the social order. The deceitful libertarian jews likewise create a supremacist psychology which deceitfully pretends to be pro-White, but is internationalist and jewish. They too pretend to be morally superior and make an enemy of the shadowy "collective", which they conveniently define in ways that subvert Whites and empower jews.

We have to motivate our People to face and fight our enemy. How can we do it without generating a will to power and a will to survive? How can the White mind be coaxed to act on its own behalf without a sense that it is somehow superior and in need of justified supremacy? The White becomes impotent and submissive when directed to believe that his sense of justice and ability to provide for his living needs are met by compliance with anti-Whites agendas. We have to provide an alternative perspective which sparks the imagination of Whites and inspires Whites' will to power and will to survive in self beneficial ways. If we provide Whites with a healthy self image of just action based on a sense of superiority which will fulfill our needs, then we can motivate Whites to unchain themselves from the jewish tyrunts.

We should mock the slavishness of Whites in airports submitting to Blacks who search us, order us about, and degrade us in our own country. And we should juxtapose it to the slavishness of the jewish controlled Congress demanding that our enemy Hagel grovel before the jews. We should point to the fact that a White places his life in danger when venturing into Black or Mexican territory in the USA and the injustice of this intolerable humiliation.

We have to show our People the interconnectedness of all these degradations and how we are being conditioned to become slavish and self defeating in our self image. We must break Whites' sense that it is better for others to rule us and that it is just that we be slaves to others. We can only do that if we unashamedly assert our superiority, and it is the height of morality for us to do so. The White being is not wired to function in any other way. That is why our populations are declining. We do not breed well in captivity.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Why Say "WHITE"?


The POWER PARTY advocates the use of the term "White" generally over the terms "European" and "Caucasian". The reasons for this are many, but a few examples will serve to explain the superiority of the term "White" for political purposes.

We do not have dual national or continental loyalties. Americans only national and continental loyalty is to the USA and the North American Continent. We do not want to be confused with jews whose first loyalty is to Greater Israel, and who seek to govern our affairs for the benefit not of Americans, but jews.

When America is again made almost wholly White, we will have a White Continent of North America. Europe is not the only White Continent and we do not want to confuse White blood with European soil exclusively. North America and Australia are also White Continents and when discussing White existence and White interests, we should recognize this fact. White is a bloodline and our territory is expansive. Blood and soil is not merely White Europe, but also White North America and White Australia, and very much White Regions of Asia, which I propose we make a part of Europe.

Classifying us as "Caucasians" in political discussions is a bit like calling jews "Ashkenazi Khazars", in that it redirects our physical reality into abstract categorical imperatives which invite sophomoric quibbles and the parsing of terms in endless and pointless squabbles which divide us rather than unite us. It takes away the dignity of our real existence and makes us a term of art and science rather than a real family who can embrace each other in the real world.

White Continental Integrity: A POWER PARTY Proposal


I propose that Whites pursue a policy of White Continental Integrity, whereby the continents of North America, Europe, and Australia are declared to be White Territory. This should be done not to internationalize or federalize these regions, but rather to provide territory understood by all to be White Territory with a common defense and survival interest that focuses on preserving the genetics of White People. It will also provide leadership for the global interests of humanity in preserving peace and the living environment.

I further propose that Whites take an interest in acquiring the territories of Mexico and Central America for White Territory. Should Whites merely deport Mexicans and Latinos who have migrated onto American soil to Mexico, Mexico will enter into an even worse humanitarian disaster. I suggest that we instead send Mexicans and Central Americans to South America and work with those governments to create agricultural and infrastructure projects which will provide them with a reasonable standard of living, preserve the environment and provide healthy organic food for the World.

In addition, I propose that the full extent of Russia become a part of Europe and that we pursue a policy of making Kazakhstan Russian territory. Asia will become a sort of Subeurope.

We should create new maps which feature these changes and exhibit a golden border around White Territories. Whites should unite in common defense measures centering around the maintenance of our nuclear arsenals for the purposes of Mutually Assured Preservation and World peace. Whites should also create a new currency of trade called the American "Grainback" as a debt free currency (viz. the "Greenback") which is effectively "backed" by the grain exports it will facilitate. This will come to replace the petro dollar and will maintain its value through the necessity of its use as payment of debts to Whites and White Nations and as the instrument of trade in White goods and services, primarily in food, chemicals, raw materials and industrial goods.

Let me be clear that our only national loyalty is to America and that I do not want to tell Germans or Russians how to run their countries or lead their lives, nor do I want them governing the internal affairs of America. My goal is to preserve and homogenize, not internationalize or disperse, these populations and territories.

In the past, mountain ranges and other geographical features preserved and isolated peoples and cultures. Today, the continents can serve to preserve Whites.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

There Should Be an International Effort to Resolve Tensions Between India and Pakistan, and Between Shia and Sunni Muslims


The genocidal jews are trying to stir up a nuclear war between India and Pakistan. The jews also want to pit Shia and Sunni Muslims against one another. The Mossad is committing false flag terrorism to create and intensify conflicts amongst all these groups.

Politicians in India and Pakistan are exploiting and compounding antagonisms between Muslims and Hindus to increase their power and popularity. Religious leaders abandon their principles and cry out for human blood. The situation threatens to erupt into a nuclear war. Indians and Pakistanis have too much invested in destroying each other to arrive at an equitable and lasting solution on their own.

Indians and Pakistanis, Sunnis and Shia, need a forum to air their grievances and propose their solutions in a neutral and relatively calm environment. World peace depends upon the resolution of these growing conflicts and all of us have a vested interest in solving these problems. I propose a summit of religious and academic leaders be held on neutral ground at some university.

Students from around the world should gather together with academic and religious leaders and discuss the situation and propose equitable solutions. The governments have failed. The people ought to try their hand at maintaining the peace.

The jews will try to dominate and scuttle any such effort, and the wretched Mossad will try to false flag terrorize it. Perhaps an online event could open the door to more direct talks. We must insist that the governments of the world put an end to the jews' false flag terrorism. Israel has to be contained and constrained. In the meantime, men and women of good will must do what they can to create productive dialogue between Pakistanis, Hindus, Sunni and Shia. The fate of mankind depends upon our success.