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Legal Precedents for Interning the Enemy Combatants of the Jewish Tribe


Thomas Jefferson stated, in agreement with countless others, that the jews form a nation within a nation. Daniel J. Boorstein wrote in his book The Americans: The Colonial Experience:

"The Society of Friends had become a kind of international conspiracy for Peace and the primitive Christian perfection. Some years after the Revolution, Thomas Jefferson called them 'a religious sect. . . acting with one mind, and that directed by the mother society in England. Dispersed, as the Jews, they still form, as those do, one nation, foreign to the land they live in. They are Protestant Jesuits, implicitly devoted to the will of their superior, and forgetting all duties to their country in the execution of the policy of their order."--D. J. Boorstein, The Americans: The Colonial Experience, Vintage Books, New York, (1958), pp. 64-65.

The jews are at war against all others and always have been as proven by the jewish Old Testament. Therefore, the jewish tribe in America are the legal equivalent to a hostile Indian tribe of the Nineteenth Century. The Supreme Court held that tribes cannot exist as a state within our state in the sense in which the jews today exist. See:

Johnson v. M'Intosh, 21 U.S. (8 Wheat.) 543 (1823).

Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, 30 U.S. (5 Peters) 1 (1831).

Worcester v. Georgia, 31 U.S. (6 Pet.) 515 (1832).

The fundamental creed of the jews is to wage never ending war on human beings until all Gentiles are exterminated. Therefore, the jewish tribe cannot be placed on reservations nor allowed to migrate to Israel, but instead must be dealt with as enemy combatants to be interned in prisoner of war camps until such time as hostilities cease. However, the jews according to their beliefs and 2,500 year history can only continue to exist if they wage war on humanity, and therefore will remain enemies until such time as the jews cease to exist.

We have the legal basis for interning the jews. We would be wise to use the power of the State and the many precedents of American law and American history as a basis to fight back against the jews. One of the many dangers of revolution is that we will lose our governmental recognition of our rights and the many precedents we can use to return America to a White nation that does not tolerate a hostile tribal state within our State.

It would be a grave mistake to allow the enemy jews to migrate to Israel and other nations. They will take with them not only their ability to fight against us, but also their knowledge of our national secrets. Having been raised in America and therefore able to mimic us, they would also have the ability to creep back into our society as crypto-jews have always done throughout history and easily impersonate American citizens. We would then have to restrict the rights of our citizens to defend ourselves against jewish infiltration. Maintaining a large population of prisoners will give us leverage in negotiations with the enemy, which advantage we would lose by releasing them and fulfilling the dreams of the Zionists to force jews to Israel. The jews would view the expulsion of American jews to Israel as the fulfilment of their ancient genocidal prophecies of an ingathering and this would further encourage their war on humanity and escalate their religious impulse to genocide humanity, while empowering them to do so.

No nation has ever successfully dealt with their jewish problem by expelling the jews or by ghetto-izing them. The creation of the nation of Israel has placed nuclear weapons in the jews hands and has encouraged their will to never assimilate and remain forever at war against us. We must reverse that mistake, not compound it. We must protect ourselves from them.

There is no need for us to give our nation to those who hate it and want to destroy our Constitution and our political power as citizens. There is a need for us to exercise our rights and restore America to what the founders intended.

The legal precedent for interning the enemy jews exists in, among other places, Executive Order 9066:

Executive Order 9066

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Beware the Hagelerites


Can you imagine a world where the nation of Israel is the only nuclear armed country? "Global Zero" Chuck Hagel and the jews can.

Expect the jewish "alternative media" to launch a major anti-nuke campaign in the immediate future. Expect them to blur the lines between nuclear power and America's nuclear weapons. Expect them to downplay, or completely ignore the fact that Israel is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The goal is to gain your support for eliminating the nuclear arsenal of the USA and to covertly transfer these arms and the nuclear materials they contain to Israel and China. Plutonium is hard to come by, and the jews want all the precious metals in Israel, gold, silver, uranium and plutonium. The jewish god tells the jews to horde these precious substances, and horde them the jews do.

Do NOT misunderstand me. I am opposed to nuclear power plants and would shut them all down if I had the power to do so. If Whites faced no enemies, I would also eliminate nuclear weapons.

But we should not confuse the nuclear weapons in White hands with nuclear power plants or the future production of nuclear materials. We have enough plutonium to ensure that the anti-Whites will let us alone, and I see no reason to produce more of the poison. But I am strongly opposed to disarming Whites!

Hagel and the Hagelerite jews want to disarm us and they will use every dirty trick and slight of hand misdirection to cajole you into clamoring for White nuclear disarmament.

Nuclear bombs and nuclear power plants are not one and the same threat. We can only defend ourselves from nuclear bombs with nuclear bombs. Nuclear power plants are potential and active dirty bombs on our soil. Do not let the jews confuse the issue.

We have a tremendous advantage over anti-Whites with our nuclear arsenal and if we join with White Russians, as opposed to former KGB NKVD Cheka crypto-jewish Russians, to aim our weapons at the real enemy, the jews and their chosen allies, we can use them to free Whites from jews and crush the jews. I implore you to spread the word that the jews are about to launch a massive campaign to disarm Whites of their nuclear arsenal.

If Whites disarm, then only the Chinese and the jews will have nuclear weapons in substantial numbers, and they will steal our nuclear materials to arm themselves. They will not be so hesistant to use these weapons as we have been, and their most hated target is the White, round eyed European wherever he exists on planet Earth.

By all means, oppose nuclear power plants. But do not disarm us, lest the jews gain a nuclear advantage over the White race and promptly and completely genocide us.

If the Jews Wanted to Take You Alive, They Wouldn't Be Killing You


Many people mistakenly believe that the jews want to enslave Whites. I think the situation is far worse than that.

The jews fear that Whites are the most capable of human beings to defeat the jews' objective of World domination and destruction. The Romans and the Greeks defiled the jews' temple and so showed that they were capable of defeating the jews' god.

The jews love three buzzwords, "anti-Semite", "counter-revolutionary" and "reactionary". These three terms really all mean the same thing to a jew: any person or race which refuses to become the unconditional slave or slaves of the jews and dutifully submit to total subjugation and eventual genocide at the hands of the jews.

The jews have learned through history that Whites pose the greatest danger to their plans. The classical jewish response to any person or people which refuses to unconditionally submit to jewish aggression is complete genocide. The jewish Old Testament calls any such person or people "Amalek" and "Amalekites" and instructs the jews to genocide all such human beings in every generation.

One of the more recent and well known jewish pleas to genocide Whites came in Karl Marx's organ Neue Rheinische Zeitung and was issued by his cohort Freidrich Engels:

"Diese Reste einer von dem Gang der Geschichte, wie Hegel sagt, unbarmherzig zertretenen Nation, diese Völkerabfälle werden jedesmal und bleiben bis zu ihrer gänzlichen Vertilgung oder Entnationalisierung die fanatischen Träger der Kontrerevolution, wie ihre ganze Existenz überhaupt schon ein Protest gegen eine große geschichtliche Revolution ist. [***] Der allgemeine Krieg, der dann ausbricht, wird diesen slawischen Sonderbund zersprengen und alle diese kleinen stierköpfigen Nationen bis auf ihren Namen vernichten. Der nächste Weltkrieg wird nicht nur reaktionäre Klassen und Dynastien, er wird auch ganze reaktionäre Völker vom Erdboden verschwinden machen. Und das ist auch ein Fortschritt."--Friedrich Engels, "Der magyarische Kampf", Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Number 194, (13 January 1849).

"These remnants of a nation mercilessly crushed in the course of history, as Hegel says, this national garbage will always be, and will remain until their complete extirpation or denationalization, the fanatical bearers of the counter-revolution, just as their whole existence in general is a protest against a great historical revolution. [***] The general war which will then break out will shatter these Slavic special federations and exterminate all these little bull-headed nations right down to their names. The next world war will not only eliminate reactionary classes and dynasties, it will also erase entire reactionary peoples from the face of the earth. And that constitutes an improvement."

Engels made these racist supremacist genocidal declarations in 1849 immediately after the failed revolutionary takeover of Europe the jews perpetrated in 1848. Marx and Engels also derided Democracy and political freedom and promised that following a revolution, a genocidal dictator must seize the reins of power. Much that we hear in the "alternative media" attacking our country, ridiculing Democracy and crying out for revolution, could easily have come straight from the mouth of Marx.

The jews already have their preferred slave race tightly in their grasp in communist China. The jews are busy destroying the Japanese and Koreans so as to grant China complete hegemony over oriental Asia. The jews have stolen the economy of Whites and have given it to the Chinese. Whites are "reactionaries" who want to preserve their race, their territories and their nations, and so the jews are busy killing us off.

Whites are not welcome or wanted in the Jew World Order. The jews are poisoning our genes, our lands, our air and our water. They are reversing our progress and perverting our societies. The jews place us in perpetual war and have subverted all of our economies. The jews have us targeting each other with genocidal nuclear weapons. It is painfully obvious that the jews are deliberately killing us. Such being the case, it is just as obvious that the jews do not want us around in the future, not one of us.

I have been explaining all this to you for years so that you come to appreciate the gravity of the situation, the grave nature of the attack, the burial of the entire White race about to happen if Whites do not fight back. Just because it is the jews who are ultimately responsible for pitting the Chinese and others against us and our allies, does not mean that these mortal foes are instead our friends. We must defend ourselves not only against the jews but also against the Chinese and all others, including the Blacks of South Africa, and the Blacks of the South Side of Chicago, who are at war against us.

If it is not safe for a White person to travel in a Black or Latino neighborhood in the inner city of any large city in America this very day and for the last century, how can anyone doubt that these people will genocide us when they gain the ability to do so? Just because it is the jews who are pitting these people against us, makes them no less a threat, nor our defensive actions any less just. And let this serve as warning of what is to come from all those whom the jews have had us attack.

My White brothers and sisters, we live in a very dangerous world at a very dangerous time. The jews' egalitarian and multicultural BS is not going to stop the nuclear bombs and spinning bullets they are about to send our way. We have to toughen up after decades of fattening up. We have to fight not merely for our freedom, but for our continued existence. Don't think that anti-White supremacists like the Chinese will be so generous as Whites have been to those whom we have subjugated since WW II. The Chinese view themselves very much the way the jews view themselves and are just as merciless when committing genocide especially against Whites. The Chinese are Marxists and we are the reactionaries and counter-revolutionary race they believe they are justified and duty bound to exterminate.

The threats the North Koreans are making against us hail from China and from there, from Israel and jewry. These threats not only pose the danger that South Korea will be attacked with a massive conventional and possibly even a relatively small nuclear attack, but the even worse and more likely scenario that China, Israel or the USA will toss a nuke or two over Japan or South Korea and scapegoat the North Koreans, whose media outlets and channels of communication will be immediately cut off from the World.

The jews are making China the new America, as I have been saying for decades. They are using North Korea to hurt South Korea and Japan, and to a lesser extent to push Taiwan towards the mainland. This is going to harm us very badly if we do nothing to protect our interests.

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The Mortal Dangers of Christian Capitalism


No less dangerous than jewish dogmatic communism which makes the abstractions of consciousness supreme and which subjugates the strong to the weak, is Christian Capitalism. Christians worship consciousness as a god and make an enemy of flesh, ultimately of DNA.

Whites are especially vulnerable to the subversion of Christian Capitalism, in that the White ego delights in the mythology whereby consciousness nominates itself as the elect god. Consciousness thereby gains prominence over the body which creates it, the cunning and conniving devil declares himself supreme over god.

Once the consciousness declares itself a god, it begins its war on the body and on DNA. The gratification and self glorification of consciousness takes priority over all else. All measures which gratify selfish consciousness and destroy flesh are justified by the dogma of Christian Capitalism and the success of Christian Capitalism in destroying life becomes the justification for the further destruction of life and of DNA.

Christian Capitalism wages war on our genes, our flesh. It only holds as good that which pleases the selfish whims of the mind, a mind corrupted to worship itself as god and to hate the flesh which generates the mind. In this way, Christian Capitalism elevates the destruction of life as a devotional service to god, god being consciousness. Abstraction and impression take absolute precedence over physical health and the procreation of healthy life forms and the protection of a healthy environment. The fact that consciousness exists to serve and perpetuate DNA is absolutely denied and DNA is thought of as an evil presence, the seed and egg of original sin. It is only our more fundamental physical being which keeps alive to this point in spite of the horrors of Christian Capitalism, which wages endless war on our flesh and our DNA.

Christianity is multicultural judaism and it is killing us and has been for 2,000 years. Christianity demands that we hate our flesh and curse our DNA. Christianity compels us to obliterate the World and the heavens. It makes consciousness our mortal enemy instead of our salvation, all in the name of saving our souls, our consciousness which greedily seeks immortality by destroying the future of our blood lines. Christianity has created a war between our minds and our bodies and DNA which we cannot win, and Capitalism is one of its chief weapons against us because Christianity has taught consciousness to glorify itself by consuming nature in destructive ways to create abstract images in the mind of the self glorification and self gratification of consciousness in life destroying, not life affirming, ways.

Christianity is quintessentially jewish. It will be the death of humans together with judaism if we allow its mythology of consciousness as if god to guide our actions to preserve our flesh and our DNA, for it is at war with our bodies and our living environment.

There Is a Danger that the Jews Will Scapegoat the North Koreans with a False Flag Nuclear Attack on the USA, South Korea or Japan


No one loves the Koreans, not even the Koreans. As they always do, the jews have pitted the Koreans against themselves, splitting the nation and the people in two forces representing jewish totalitarian communism and jewish Christian capitalism.

The Chinese and Japanese are racist supremacists, who view the Koreans as if sub-humans, not so inferior as the gwai lo, or ghost man, as the Cantonese call us, but nevertheless barbarians fit only for slavery and death. The jews want Japan to collapse and China to rise. A North Korean attack, or the mere appearance of such an attack, on South Korea, Japan and/or the United States, would terribly hurt the USA and grant Chinese supremacists the hegemony they seek over their supposedly barbarian, subhuman neighbors.

It would be very easy at this stage for the Red Chinese, the Chinese another people and nation the jews have pitted against itself with jewish totalitarian communism and jewish Christian capitalism in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. . . it would be very easy for the communist Chinese at the instigation of the jews, or for the Israelis themselves, to hit South Korea, Japan or the USA with a nuclear device, sending us into another major war and further degrading our economy and military, and blame the North Koreans for the attack. The jewish controlled American Government, the Israelis and the Red Chinese are working together to create this scenario, and together created North Korea and its nuclear program.

It would not even be unprecedented if the jewish subverted American Government bombed our own people to provide a pretext for another war and its necessary destruction of America. We must take control of our government and we must do so now. There is no more time left.

Israel First Traitor Chuck Hagel Brown Noses the Israelis, Promises Unabated Military Aid to Israel Amid Economic Collapse in the USA


Hagel embraced Israel's Barak and reassured him that the US Government would continue giving Israel military aid despite the budget crisis. Hagel has also pledged his absolute support to Israel:

Chuck Hagel reassures Israel on military aid

Far worse than this, is the fact that "global zero" Chuck Hagel plans to give Israel and China our nuclear weapons and plutonium. I alone warned you about Hagel, while the jewish "alternative media" told you to provide Hagel with strong support because he would supposedly save America from Israel.

If Americans allow Hagel and Obama to steal our nuclear weapons and give them to Israel, then Israel will have the military might to destroy the World. There is no greater threat to humanity than this imminent danger that the traitors Hagel and Obama will give the Israelis the military aid they truly desire, our nuclear arsenal. It is about to happen and I can not prevent this by myself. Rest assured that the same "alternative media" which tried to convince you that Hagel is our best and only hope, will do all they can to help him steal our weapons and give them to Israel.

This is one of the reasons why they are focusing on Fukushima without addressing the Israeli connections to the disaster. They want the anti-zionist libertarian hippies to rally round Hagel and Obama and call for the dismantling of our nuclear forces, so that the jews can steal these weapons and nuclear materials, making Israel the predominant military force on Earth and destroying America's ability to defend itself.

I am the only voice informing the World of this danger and I need your help to spread the message. We need a website devoted to exposing Hagel and Obama's campaign to steal our weapons and give them to the jews. Israel's nuclear program was built on stolen nuclear materials. The jews gave our nuclear secrets to the Soviets, Communist Chinese, South Africans, Pakistanis, Indians and North Koreans.

The jews are also building up the other weapons they will use against us after they hit us with our own nuclear weapons. This is the ultimate purpose of the drone program and the Department of Homeland Security. I alone warned you about Hagel and I am warning you about this threat. Please help me warn others!

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Complete Archive of JEWISHRACISM.BLOGSPOT.COM Posts from 1 August 2006 to 3 March 2013


I have posted a complete archive of my blog posts as one pdf file:


I have also posted my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein:

The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein

And my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians

The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians

In 2006 & 2007 I Warned the Syrians that the Jews Would Destroy Them and Told Them How to Save Themselves, But No One Listened. Americans, Please Don't Make the Same Mistake!


I told the Syrians and Egyptians exactly what to expect back in 2006. I warned them that the Saudis would start killing Muslims, and were no friends of the Palestinians, but instead had a secret pact with the Israelis to destroy Syria and Iran. At the same time, I was warning Americans that the jews are making war on Islam primarily to destroy America. I hope that Americans will better heed my warning and advice than have the Syrians and Egyptians.

Here are but a few samples of the hundreds of desperate alarms I issued on this blog to the Syrians, and note that the attack on America is no less a jewish subversive attack that will by design plunge us into chaos and mayhem:

The Deadly Lack of Lebanese Leadership, August 10, 2006

"We must bring about peace before the Israeli war criminals finish off Lebanon and then move on to an unprovoked attack on Syria and worse yet, the Israelis' planned nuclear attack on Iran. America is already stained with the blood of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Iraqis. Israel plans to bathe us in more innocent blood. We must not let ourselves be led by Jewish racists into further inhuman hatred and war. This madness must end. We can end it immediately through the collective will of our individual conscience. Let us never again become murderous robots programed by racist Jews to hate other human beings."

Syria's Guardian Angel, September 13, 2006

"Israel has been desperately attempting to drag Syria into a war. Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians, and laid Lebanon to waste, in large part in the hope that Syria would feel compelled to war with the barbaric Israelis and rescue fellow Arabs from Jewish genocidal murder. Israel went so far as to openly threaten Syria's borders. In spite of all the Israeli provocation, Syria miraculously avoided a suicidal counter-attack. The warmongering Jewish controlled American media and government lamented the fact that they could not drag Syria into war. Never did they call for or celebrate peace. This alone ought to wake Americans up to the fact that leading Jews want to involve America in unnecessary genocidal, and ultimately suicidal, war for the sake of disloyal Jewish leadership.

The recent "terrorist" attack on the United States Embassy in Syria may well have been a staged event meant to initiate World War III. What are the odds of such an attack occuring in Syria, a primary target of the Bush Administration, on the day after September 11, on the day of key elections? The timing and place of this event could only favor warmongering Zionists. Thankfully, Syria's guardian angel again intervened. Again, instead of rejoicing that American lives had been spared, the American media largely buried the story and when it did mention the attack, the American media took the opportunity to defame Moslems in general terms, and to call for war with Syria and Iran. This attack likely either was instigated by agents provocateur who coached fools to attack, or directly by agents of the Zionist warmongers. One analyst attempted through the American media to scapegoat the Syrians for the attack and claimed they were able to counteract it because they were in fact behind it. It seems a rather obvious point that were the Syrians behind the attack, they would not have allowed any of the attackers to have survived. In addition, we have the somber, as opposed to celebratory, attitude of the Israel-firsters in the Bush regime, and the media, when they ought to have instead hyped the fact that "terrorists" had been defeated and been delighted that American lives were spared.

The quiet in the media hides the tremendous import of this failed attack, which was likely intended to create a pretext for an American attack on the Moslem world. We have very narrowly escaped a nuclear war Jewish leaders plan to artificially cause. Note that just as the Jews of Israel used the capture of two intruding Israeli soldiers as a pretext to commit an unprovoked genocidal attack in which the Jews of Israel hacked Lebanon to the ground, and which Israeli attack would have continued until Lebanon was completely annihilated had not world public opinion intervened, this failed attack on the US could well have been used a pretext to attack the Moslem world with nuclear weapons—we just don't have the troop strength or the funds to commit genocide in any other way, or so will our Israel-first leaders "reason". The truth is they want to take the lives of what they consider to be sub-human idol worshippers and concurrently fulfill the religious myths of Judaism.

It is truly the people of the world who are under attack and we cannot depend upon our leaders or our media, because both have made it painfully obvious that their goal is nuclear world war. Who is it that staffs and owns these warmongering media outlets? Why is their agenda war instead of peace, hatred instead of harmony? What is the common link? Would it be impossible to trace the backgrounds of the stars of the warmongering media? Would be impossible to put pressure on their paying sponsors to end the warmongering, race baiting and religious intolerance? Could not one billion Moslems have an influence? It is no more their duty than ours in general, but they will be the first murdered and the sights of leading Jews are trained between Moslem eyes.

Syria Says US Behind Attack On Own Embassy

Syria says US behind Damascus embassy attack"

Lebanese Led into a Trap, November 24, 2006

"The Israelis are stirring things up in Lebanon, so that they can finish their unsettled business of genocide. They are scapegoating the Syrians for Israeli agitations and assassinations. Racist Jews also want to exterminate the Syrians, who dare to live on the land the Jewish God promised to steal for the seed of Abraham from the native populations. Note that this land was never the native land of the Jews. The Jews were always unwanted genocidal occupiers in the native land of the Canaanites."

More Aggressive War for Israel, December 20, 2006

"Neo-Conservative Jews are determined to crush Arab nationalism, the Arab nationalism which serves as a source of hope for Palestinians, the Arab nationalism which prevents Israel from illegally expanding its borders from the Nile to the Euphrates. Jews scapegoat Syria for their failures to utterly destroy the Lebanese and Iraqi Arabs, who continue to dare to live in their native Arab homelands. Jews cry out for more war, and more war, and still more war. They hypocritically charge Syria with subverting the governments of other nations, while these same Jews concurrently plot to subvert the national government of Syria, and have successfully subverted the governments of America and Great Britain. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Consider the following news articles:

Syria in Bush's Crosshairs

Neocons: We expected Israel to attack Syria

McCain, Lieberman, urge Israel not to talk to Syria

Israeli PM brushes off Assad's call for talks

Rice rejects talks with Iran, Syria on Iraq

Syria is requesting peace talks with Israel and the USA. Israel and the USA refuse to talk to Syria. Israel and the USA cry out for aggressive, unprovoked war against Syria. Who are the aggressors?

Israel and the USA condemn the Lebanese People for seeking to replace democratically elected representatives, who they believe betrayed the nation during a time of war. It is not only the right of the Lebanese People to do so, it is their duty. Israel and the USA are hypocritically and concurrently demanding that the Palestinian People replace their democratically elected representatives, because those representatives dare to defend Palestinian interests. At the same time, Israel and the USA hypocritically condemn Syria for allegedly interfering in the internal affairs of Lebanon and Palestine, and are attempting to manufacture a bogus pretext for unprovoked aggressive war on this sophistical and unproven premise. Israel and the USA are not only interfering in the internal affairs of Lebanon and Palestine, they are interfering in the internal affairs of Syria and Iran. In addition, Israel has a well funded and highly organized system of subverting the American government, and has a well established fifth column in our country who are destroying us.

There is no legal or moral justification for Israeli and American imperialism, which seeks to impose Zionist puppet regimes throughout the Arab world and in Iran. They call it "democratization", but it is no such thing, and even if were, there would be no legal justification for violating the rights of sovereignty and self determination of other nations by force, coercion or subversion. Israel and the US do not have the right or the lawful authority to impose their political ambitions on other nations. Their actions are criminal, not humanitarian.

One would have hoped that the failures of the CIA throughout the world would have taught us, the US, a lesson we would not soon forget. The CIA installed puppet governments around the world, and these have resulted in many of the current crises which face us today. The Jewish theft of Palestine has created perpetual instability in the world for more than fifty years and things have only gotten worse as the Jews of Israel seek to steal more land and finish off their genocide of the Palestinians."

The Set Up: Ahmadinejad and the Saudis, January 18, 2007

"Ahmadinejad is the crypto-Jewish pied piper of Iran, gleefully leading the Iranians to their doom. Saudis leaders are again using the Palestinians to justify attacks on Moslems, in this case the Iranians, soon to be the Syrians, then the Lebanese, etc. The Zionist Bush Administration, against the will of the American People, is sending our military to the Gulf region to begin World War III.

The Saudis are promising Hamas that the Palestinians will soon have a State if the Arabs agree to attack Iran. This is not the first time "Arab leaders" have promised the Palestinians that if they go along with Zionist aggression against Moslems, it will help them. It won't be the last time that this treachery will occur, either. The Palestinians should realize that they are being used and will not receive a State from the Israelis, or the Saudis. The only hope the Palestinians have for the formation of an enduring nation is from a world wide consensus, or the collapse of the occupying "Jewish State". More war in the Middle East will only bring the Palestinians more, and increasingly worse, hardship. The Saudis are well aware of this fact and are counting on the desperation of the Palestinians to provide them with a pretext to help the Jews to kill off the Shia, and eventually all Moslems.

But the Jews have no intention of letting the Palestinians back into Palestinian territory which Jews have stolen, let alone to let them live in a peaceful nation of their own. The Jews want to kill off the Palestinians, as well as the Iranians. They could have agreed to a reasonable settlement long ago, and have not, by choice and by plan. They plan to take all of Palestine, as well as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and much of Egypt, and any Israeli agreement for settlement of the Palestinian question is merely a ploy done with the cooperation of "Arab leaders" to buy the Jews time to kill off more Moslems and weaken Islam to the point where they can openly kill off the Palestinians and take all of "Greater Israel" from the Nile to the Euphrates.

If the Saudis and Ahmadinejad were sincere, they would cooperate to end the suffering of the Palestinians and Iraqis. Instead, they are working with the Jews to destabilize the Middle East and create a climate in which the Jews will be able to exterminate the Palestinians. The Saudis and Ahmadinejad have the leverage to close off the Gulf and close off the spigot of oil to the world. They could justify their action as a humanitarian gesture to relieve the suffering of the Palestinians and Iraqis, and call on the Americans to end their imperialism, and call on the Jews to cease their apartheid genocide of the Palestinians. They would also be able to resolve, together with Turkey, the crisis in Iraq.

Instead, the Saudis and Ahmadinejad are escalating the instability, just as the Jews want them to. The Palestinians and Iraqis are being used to provide cover for Jewish aggression and the dismemberment of Islamic countries. They are being used to pit Moslems against Moslems, so as to weaken the hand of the Palestinians and strengthen the hand of the Jews. The Palestinians will not receive a State at the cost of Iranian blood, nor should they. Neither should the Palestinians continue to suffer from Jewish oppression and genocide.

The best hope for the Palestinians is to ask the Saudis to make a deal with the Iranians to stabilize the Middle East, and ask the Iranians to rid themselves of Ahmadinejad and cool the uranium enrichment program which gains them nothing anyway. The best hope for the Palestinians is to strengthen the hand of Islam through Moslem unity, while weakening the hand of the Jews through peace and prosperity in the Middle East. More war is the worst case scenario for Palestinians, for it will escalate by design into war on Syria and Lebanon, and the Jews will then close off the media and begin to kill off Palestinians in death camps, just as they killed off Armenians, Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, Cambodians, Chinese, Tibetans, etc. The world will enter a deep and lasting depression and will not much care about Palestinians, just as today they do not care about the plight of Africans.

The Saudis have never been the friend of the Palestinians. Had they been, they would have been loudly complaining to the world about the recent sanctions against the Palestinian People. The Saudis had every opportunity and every means to protest against the Jewish apartheid system of genociding the Palestinians, and have done next to nothing. They only champion your Palestinian cause when it is convenient for them to join with Israel to kill Moslems, and when the damage is an accomplished fact, they join with Israel to ensure that the Palestinians also lose, and they join with the Israelis to scapegoat the Palestinians for their loss. Where were the "Arab leaders" when Israel was genociding the Lebanese?

If you are foolish enough to step into the same trap again and again, nature will abandon you to the scrapheap of human history. Consider these matters logically and set aside your desperation as you plan your future. If the "Arab leaders" really wanted to help you, they would join with the Iranians to help you, because they surely know that an attack on Iran will lead to an attack on Syria and Lebanon and eventually all of Islam. Where will the Palestinians be when Islam is destroyed? Where will they be when Kissinger's Jewish Pope joins with Dispensationalist Christians to attack Islam, and especially the "Canaanite" Palestinians?

In the News:

Saudis Push Bush Team On Peace Plan: Riyadh Assuring Palestinians That Arab States Will Back Deal"

Syria Still an Israeli Target, January 28, 2007

"It seems that Iran occupies the attention of the warmongering Zionist press at the moment, but do not be fooled. Israel still has its sights set on attacking Syria.

As the Israelis pull every dirty trick in the book to bring the long suffering Palestinians and Lebanese into civil wars, I would caution the Syrians to be very careful at this time and to not become complacent or lax. It is critical at this time for Arabs to unite and make peace among themselves, without giving in to traitors. It is not an easy thing to do, but it must be done.

If the "Jewish State" can bring Palestine and Lebanon into civil war, they will put pressure on NATO and Turkey to act and become involved in these conflicts. The escalation of conflict will afford the Israelis an opportunity to manufacture a pretext to attack Syria, and they will not need permission to use Saudi or Turkish air space. The Jews will also not need assistance from the United States to attack Syria, and US troops will not be endangered in Iraq, unless Iran were to join the fray, a consummation devoutly wished by the Israelis.

Please be especially careful in what you say and do and talk of peace and peace talks and ask all of Islam to join with you to solve your problems internally in spite of the deliberate provocations of the Americans and Israelis. To the greatest extent possible, take your destiny into your own hands and make it a peaceful one. No one needs permission from the West or Israel to work for peace, justice and stability in the Middle East. Break free from any lingering colonial mentality and for all of those problems for which you have historically turned to the USA, UN, Europe, and Israel for a solution, instead accomplish for yourselves. No one knows your needs and your peoples better than yourselves. Please hold international peace and development conferences among your own Moslem nations and build yourselves a secure future.

Be especially careful that Israeli land proposals not be used to lure you into a war as the result of a "misunderstanding" turned into a "provocation"."

Commonalities Between Christian and Moslem Eschatology, February 18, 2007

"It should be noted that the ancients accused the Jews of sacrificing Greeks in their Jewish Temple. Ancient Greeks and Jews enjoyed a special hatred for one another. The Greeks tried to Hellenize the Jews, and the Jews have been attacking the Greeks ever since. Antiochus IV Epiphanes sacrificed a pig in the Temple and converted the Jewish Temple into a Temple of Zeus. He forced the Jews to eat swine flesh. This is one reason why Jews hate Syrians and fear that a King will rise in Syria to destroy them, as prophesied in the Jewish book of Daniel in chapters 9, 11 and 12. As with many other Judaic writings, the Jewish book of Daniel also calls upon the Jews to shed Iranian blood, in chapter 11. Isaiah 17:1 ominously instructs the Jews, "The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap."

This is why Olmert and Bush refuse to speak to the Syrians and the Iranians. World Jewry wants to artificially manufacture a war, so that they can mass murder, exterminate, the Syrians and Iranians. The last thing Bush and Olmert want is peace in the Middle East. The Jewish manual forbids it. Peace is a sacrilege in the eyes of World Jewry."

Syria Should Also Speak to the UNSC, March 20, 2007

"There have been a number of revelations over the past several months disclosing Zionist plans, in Israel and among Zionists outside of Israel, for Israel to aggressively attack the peaceful nation of Syria. These revelations disclose the continuation of much older Zionist plans to attack and destroy Syria. These aggressive war plans violate International Law. Syria might want to consider speaking before the UNSC to formally complain of this Zionist campaign to wage aggressive war against Syria. They might also wish to speak before the council in its deliberations of the draft resolution proposing additional sanctions against Iran. It will be in Syria's interest to raise these objections now, so as to establish an abundance of evidence of the criminal Zionist conspiracy to illegally destroy the Moslem nations of the Middle East. In any event, Syria ought to study the Zionist statements, plans, proposals and admissions, document them and file formal charges in the UN against those who threaten Syria.

Egypt, too, is increasingly becoming the target of Zionist aggression. Egyptians should survey and record Zionist threats against Egypt, many of which are openly made via the Jewish controlled media. Moslems should inundate the UNSC with formal complaints of illegal Zionist aggression, so that the Zionists are unable to isolate and destroy one country at a time, but instead succeed only in isolating themselves from all civilized and sane human beings."

A Zionist League to Wage Illegal War on Lebanon and Syria—in Addition to Iraq and Iran, March 22, 2007

"In a series of blogs earlier this month, I detailed Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's admission that the illegal Israeli attack on Lebanon was planned months in advance and was an illegal war waiting for a false pretext. I suggested that the Lebanon war of aggression was a cause of action, and that Olmert's admission could serve as a basis for law suits against Israel for harms Israel caused Lebanon and the Lebanese. Refer to the following blogs:

A War Plan Waiting for a Pretext: Israel's Illegal Aggressive War on Lebanon

Olmert Details Criminal Israeli Plan to Wage Illegal Aggressive War on Lebanon: Lebanese Should Sue Israel for Israel's Planned Destruction

Far More Significant than the Downing Street Memo

John Bolton, who was the American Ambassador to the United Nations at the time Israel waged illegal aggressive war on the largely defenseless Lebanese, has admitted that the Government of the United States was a party to Israel's aggression. The BBC reports:

"Former ambassador to the UN John Bolton told the BBC that before any ceasefire Washington wanted Israel to eliminate Hezbollah's military capability.""Bolton admits Lebanon truce block", BBC NEWS,, (22 March 2007).

In addition, we have admissions that American and French government officials wanted Israel to aggressively attack the Nation of Syria:

"Chirac asked that Israel act to topple the Assad regime, and promised in return to block any moves against Israel within the United Nations or European Union."Ezra HaLevi, "France Urged Israel to Invade Syria During War", Arutz Sheva,, (19 March 2007).

"I know this will annoy many of your readers. . . But the anger is over the fact that Israel did not fight against the Syrians. Instead of Israel fighting against Hizbullah, many parts of the American administration believe that Israel should have fought against the real enemy, which is Syria and not Hizbullah."Meyrav Wurmser, as quoted by Yitzhak Benhorin in, "Neocons: We expected Israel to attack Syria",,7340,L-3340750,00.html, (16 December 2006).

The Zionists' plans, which span several decades, to aggressively attack and destroy Iraq are well known and well documented. They have largely been fulfilled by a fifth column of traitorous Zionists who have subverted the American Government and the interests of the American People in favor of the perceived self-interests of Israel. Zionists around the world have made several open threats to attack the peaceful Islamic Republic of Iran, and to murder the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The Zionists have abused the United Nations Security Council in particular, and the United Nations in general, to vilify peaceful, predominantly Moslem nations; and to wage illegal, aggressive war on these nations; and to prolong these illegal, aggressive Zionist wars so as to destroy the predominantly Islamic peoples of these peaceful and comparatively defenseless countries. The Zionists use the UN and other international bodies, which they have corrupted, to lay siege to Islamic peoples, to pit Moslems against Moslems and Christians against Moslems, and to starve Moslem children and babies to death. They are deliberately destroying country after country in the Middle East.

The Zionists' goals are racist and genocidal. Their open campaign to wage World War III on the human race threatens to end human life. We have no choice but to stop them, or perish at their hands."

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

"How War Can Spread" Six & 1/2 Years Later


Back on 28 September 2006, I warned that the jews might instigate a nuclear World War III in Iran, Pakistan, India, and North Korea:

How War Can Spread, September 28, 2006

"If the US and/or Israel attack Iran with a nuclear weapon, it is possible that the US and/or Israel will also detonate a bomb in India and Israel and blame it on Pakistan and Syria. Israel will then unload its nuclear arsenal on Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc. India will then strike Pakistan and an exchange will begin which will draw in Communist China. North Korea may strike South Korea and/or Japan, or the US might itself attack Japan and blame it on North Korea or China. The US would then attack North Korea and China, which would bring in Russia with a preemptive attack on the US and Western Europe, which would then retaliate with an all out attack on the US, Germany, France and England. The first bomb dropped would also afford the Zionist traitors in America an opportunity to bomb other populations and claim that it was a Russian attack.

It is important to note that the existence of nuclear weapons in North Korea and Pakistan affords Zionists the opportunity to conduct a false flag nuclear attack and blame it on these nations. This might account for the fact that the Zionists allowed and covertly encouraged the manufacture of nuclear weapons in these countries."

My predictions have a way of coming true. Among the scores of my predictions that the jews would destroy Egypt, a nation they have always hated, with a self destructive revolution, here are but a small sampling of my blogs on the subject from 2006 onwards (I also then revealed the secret Israeli-Saudi alliance to attack Syria and Iran which has since been proven by Saudi attacks on Assad in Syria), and I quote these only to ask you to pay attention to my concurrent warnings that the jews want to destroy the USA with a revolution that will have the same devastating effect that jewish revolution has had on Egypt, by design:

When Will Israel Take Revenge on Egypt? January 21, 2009

"It is not a question of 'if', but of 'when'. 'When' will Egypt sink into chaos? When will revolution strike Egypt? When will war devastate Egypt?"

The Israeli Subversion of American Politics: Americans and Arabs, as Always, Mere Pawns of the "Jewish State" April 04, 2007

"The Israelis have targeted Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Jordan, etc. for extermination, as well as Iran."

Iran Should Draft and Distribute a Brief to Members of the UN, February 26, 2007

"Make it clear that the Israelis' plans also call for the destruction of Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, etc. and that Iran is just one on a long list of states that Israel intends to illegally destroy."

Egypt (All Arab Nations) Being to Set Up to Fall in the Future, February 13, 2007

"As I predicted, Egypt is being set up to fall. Egyptians cry out for nuclear bombs, which only serves to provide World Jewry with a pretext to annihilate Egypt. The Saddam Model becomes the Ahmadinejad Model becomes the Mubarak Model?"

Israel Goes in Search of a Scapegoat: Saudi-Israeli Alliance Is a Recipe for Disaster, February 08, 2007

"Back on 18 December 2006, I warned in this blog that the Israelis were going to use the Saudis as a front behind which to pit Sunnis against Shia, so that the Israelis could mass murder the Iranians and blame the Arabs for their crime. [***] I would again like to caution the Sunni not to ally themselves with the Israelis. The Israelis will not stop at destroying Iran. They will also destroy Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Libya, etc. They will destroy all of Islam."

Sunnis Are Being Set Up to Fall. . . into Their Graves, February 02, 2007

"Egypt is already being set up to fall. We hear traitorous Zionist agents in the American media beginning to create a manufactured hysteria over the supposedly emerging Egyptian threat. The Jewish controlled media do not mention that huge portions are Egypt are a part of 'Greater Israel'. They do not mention that Jewish apocalyptic literature calls for the annihilation of Egypt and extermination of the Egyptians in the last battles of mankind. The do not say that Jews have always despised Egyptians and called for their extermination. They do not say that Jews call the Egyptians animals, the seed of asses, crocodiles, snakes, etc. Zionist agents in Egypt are calling for Egypt to acquire nuclear weapons, so as to provide Israeli pretexts for the next series of Zionist attacks on Moslems."

A Lever Long Enough to Move the World and a Fulcrum Upon Which to Set It, December 18, 2006

A Dramatic Change in Foreign Policy, November 09, 2006

"The United States Government should work against Israeli influence in the governments of Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc. The Israelis are actively seeking to destroy each of these nations and have thoroughly corrupted their governments, press and universities."

The "Jewish State" Is Fomenting World War III, September 20, 2006

"Note that the 'Jewish State' would like to scapegoat the Kurds for the war the Jews of Israel are going to start between the Kurds, Turks, Syrians, Iraqis, Irans, and eventually the Jordanians, Saudis, Egyptians, Libyans, Sudanese, Ethiopians, Pakistanis, Malaysians—ultimately the world. But the Jews of Israel and their racist tribesmen around the world will deny any responsibility, and instead claim to be the victims of the Goy wars these Jews artificially created."

Isolating Israel, September 07, 2006

"Jewish influences are attempting to foment war and revolution between Turks, Kurds, Sunnis, Shias, Iraqis, Syrians, Iranians, Arabians, Jordanians, Egyptians, Sudanese, Ethiopians, Lybians, etc. Given their proven past conduct, it is a given that Jews and their agents have, are, and will continue to imposture as other peoples and commit acts of terror and war so as to instigate war, civil war and ethnic strife."

The False Charge of Anti-Semitism, August 09, 2006

"For the moment, the Jews of racist Israel and their racist tribesmen throughout the world, the Jews who form a hostile State within a State, must remain content to kill off the Iraqis, the Palestinians and the Lebanese; but give them a few more months and they will attack the Syrians, the Iranians, then the Jordanians, the Saudis, the Egyptians, and inevitably the world."

The US Department of Homeland Security Is Being Armed to Exterminate All Americans Following a Nuclear War


Many believe that the Department of Homeland Security is gearing up to enforce a police state in America. I suspect the reality is even worse than that.

The jews are spending a great deal of money on weapons and systems that would be useful in exterminating every last American after a nuclear attack. It is important to note that after America is hit with nuclear bombs, all production will halt. The jews need to procure all of the weapons and mechanisms they hope to use against us, now, before annihilating us with nuclear bombs, because the factories will cease to produce these weapons after the attack.

The jews' goal is always complete genocide, down to the last man, woman and child, even to the destruction of the animals, agriculture and dwellings of whichever "Amalekites" the jews are out to destroy in each generation. Drones and other automated weapons and surveillance systems will be especially useful to the jews in regions hit by nuclear and biological weapons. They will enable the jews to completely end human life within a short span of time, which is the jews' goal. The jews are not content to send us back into the stone age.

No, their holy book the Old Testament compels them to completely exterminate all normal human beings. "All" meaning not one life left. The jews are mass producing the jewish angels of death which will enable them to render human beings extinct.

A Good Way to Spot Some of the Most Dangerous Crypto-Jews, After the Jews Build Their Temple and Reinstate Animal Sacrifices


Back on 26 December 2009, I noted that Hitler, like racist jewish supremacist Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, was a vegetarian and I pointed out that a Jew named Anan Ben David long ago declared that the only kosher meats following the destruction of the temple and exile of the jews are deer, pigeon and turtle-dove, the only meats Hitler would eat (cf. Genesis 15:9. Leviticus 1:14; 5:7, 11; 12:6, 8; 14:22, 30; 15:14, 29. Numbers 6:10. Psalm 74:19) :

On Jews, Venison, Pigeon Meat and Metempsychosis: It Just Keeps Getting Weirder, December 26, 2009

More information on Hitler's vegetarianism has since come out:

Hitler was a vegetarian, says former food taster

I suspect that once the jews build a temple to the devil to replace the Dome of the Rock, and begin to again sacrifice animals to the devil, then vegetarians and vegans around the world will suddenly begin to include all the former kosher meats in their diet. This will be a good way to spot crypto-jews. Vegetarianism and veganism already form a basis for suspicion.

Monday, March 04, 2013

I Warned You About Obama and the Then Coming Events, Which Have Since Come to Pass, Back in November of 2008


In November of 2008, when everyone else was touting Barack Obama as the messiah who would save humanity with mystical "change", I told you exactly what to expect, and it has since come to pass:

Label Obama as a Liar, a Dictator and a Puppet of Israel, November 06, 2008

As the Jews attempt to build a cult of personality around Barack Obama, it is important that from the start we counter their propaganda campaign and tag Obama as the liar, dictator and puppet of Israel that he is.

Obama is a Bolshevik henchman for World Jewry. He will steal away our liberty and destroy our society.

The media refuses to criticize Obama, let alone point out the fact that Barack Obama is a pathological liar and a traitorous puppet tyrant working for the Israelis. However strange it will appear to some at first, given that the Jewish media is trying to make a saint out of Obama, it will become increasingly clear in the near future that Obama is the enemy of the American People, hates us, and will eagerly ruin us. He will quickly show himself to be a tyrant and a warmongering agent of the enemy, Israel.

We must also create distrust of the coming Congress, which will seek to cripple us on behalf of Israel. It is very important that we control the perceptions of the American People, as World Jewry attempts to sell us their deceiful and hateful agents as if our saviors.

Expect a Long Depression and a Massive Invasion of Foreign Labor When Jewish Owned Obama Has His Way, November 22, 2008

As I predicted, Obama is taking the FDR road to ruin:

Obama Outlines Job Creation Plan

Without a debt free and properly administered currency, Obama's Jewish Socialism can only produce and prolong the coming Depression. What will he do about the illegal foreign labor in America today? What will he do to prevent a rush of foreign labor in the near future? What will he do about the horrific conditions that are about to befall our southern neighbors from Mexico to Chile?

If Obama raises indigenous labor costs with Government jobs and Government subsidized jobs for citizens, he will encourage the exploitation of cheaper foreign labor in the unaided private sector, thereby costing Americans more jobs than they will gain. We will also have to pay the social and political costs of this foreign invasion.

A smarter move would be to export the illegals, and create jobs for Americans and these illegals in foreign countries by developing those nations with American owned businesses and educational institutions. We need to solve several problems at once with each and every step we take, or it will be one small step forward into the abyss.

Barack Obama: A Psychological Profile, November 05, 2008

Zionist Max Nordau wrote of the psychopathic nature of the ideal Jewish puppet. He stated that the leaders will be psychopaths [M. Nordau, Entartung, C. Duncker, Berlin, (1892-1893); English translation: Degeneration, D. Appleton, New York, (1895); and Der Sinn der Geschichte, C. Duncker, Berlin, (1909); English translation: The Interpretation of History, Willey Book Co., New York, (1910); and The Drones Must Die, G.W. Dillingham Co., New York, (1897); and with M. A. Lewenz, Morals and the Evolution of Man, Lewenz, Funk and Wagnalls Company, New York, (1922). Similar prescriptions appear in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.]

I believe that Barack Obama has a psychopathic personality. I base this conclusion on the ease with which the man lies and his eagerness to deceive those who trust in him and mislead those who trust in him in ways that hurt them. Witness Obama's support of the Jewish banker bailout and conflict of interest with Goldman Sachs.

Barack Obama likes to control others and uses that control to do others harm. In addition, Obama lacks genuine emotions, other than anger and pleasure. He is cold-hearted, arrogant and condescending.

Like most psychopaths, he has learned to disguise his disorder. His lack of normal emotional response he masquerades as if cool headedness. His mendacities are stated in terms meant to mislead his followers into believing that he has their best interests at heart.

Behind this deceitful psychopath prominently stand the Zionist Jews David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel. Obama makes a perfect puppet for World Jewry. He has no conscience. Obama is eager to betray those who believe in him. He is ignorant and inexperienced, which means that he will have to rely on the advice and scripts of his Jewish advisors as heavily as he has relied on the money of his Jewish financiers.

The media at large never challenged the Jews' new puppet. The Republican Party helped Obama win a US Senate seat by parachuting in Bill Kristol's old friend Alan Keyes to run against him. Prior to this terrible betrayal, the primary race in both parties was the most scandalous, tortuous and tumultuous I have ever seen.

It is all too improbable to be the accidents of fate. Witness the power Jews have over our political process. They pick a puppet and behold miracles arise and the puppet wins. Note that lunatic John McCain defeated more able men and then handed over the election to Obama. Though not as bizarre as the Illinois Senate race, we yet again saw events similar to Dean's self-destruction, Kerry's self-destruction, etc., which handed over the election to the Jews' pick for President.

It has often been said that Republicans bring us depressions and Democrats bring us world wars. Obama is another Woodrow Wilson, another FDR and he will bring us another world war, following the depression that the Republican Zionist George Bush has brought us. The Democrats in Congress will obey the ADL and curtail our fundamental rights and Obama will grin and rush to sign away our liberty.

Human nature leads us to join one side or the other when we witness a fight. Hence, many are deceived into following Obama, thinking that he opposes Bush. They fail to realize that both Obama and Bush are puppets of Israel.

The Jews want a popular president in order to have him draw us into war, and they will attempt to win Obama popularity by falsely portraying him as if a great and benevolent man. They will have him give out cash to the country. They will manufacture a cult of personality around him. Then they will start World War III. As I predicted long ago, the Israeli vampires are after Russian blood and Obama and Medvedev are poised to give it to them. Look forward to American cities in flames. That is the future of Obama's benevolence.

Blacks are taxed, are citizens, and have every right to representation. Ironically, blacks voted as a block for Obama both in the primaries and in the final election. They will hurt first and they will hurt the most. Foreign labor will take their jobs. The inner cities will crumble into such severe decay that they will become unlivable sewers. Blacks leaders, under Jewish direction, will subvert their people and prevent them from ever uniting for their common good. Blacks will backstab blacks. Obama is like so many earlier black leaders, the fifth column of the ancient enemies of the blacks, an enemy who believes that the blacks are cursed by God to be the perpetual slaves of the Jews.

The ills which befall the blacks, be they unemployment, ridiculous levels of crime and incarceration, STD's, government jobs without upward mobility, etc., eventually spread to all Americans. I wish I could congratulate them on their success. I wish I could celebrate this new change in America, but I know that it is a change from bad to worse. Jewry is at this very day sealing shut the coffin on America and Obama's lying tongue is their wax.

It is a shame that no one wanted to help me back then when I went in search of a presidential candidate for 2012 who would fight back against the jews. Much time has been wasted. We must never again waste time, for there is none left.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

I Told You the Jews Wanted to Assassinate Assad


Citing Lenanese reports, the Iranians are reporting that Turkey and France planned to assassinate Assad:

France, Turkey plot to assasinate Assad: Report

Report Unveils France, Turkey Collaboration in Assassination of Syrian President

I warned of this over a month before these recent reports:

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu Is Trying Get Assad Killed, February 02, 2013

Israel Is Clearing Its Flight Paths, February 02, 2013

Ways to Build Culture: White World and Museum Retailing


Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops provide fascinating and compelling examples of what I will call "Museum Retailing". They are outdoor sporting goods stores, but are also first rate family friendly museums with outstanding exhibits of animals and nature scenes, as well as large scale aquariums. If our economy were doing better, I suspect they would be flourishing.

America is well served by these Museum Retailers. I would like to see a lot more of this, branching out into all areas of our culture. For example, hollywood jews have subverted our industrial culture by stigmatizing our scientists and engineers, as well as our tech savvy savants, as if gangly jewish geeks. At the same time, the jews promoted the communist myth of the thuggish anti-intellectual violent working class hero as if the archetypical White male.

It would be wonderful if we had an electronics store built on the Museum Retailer model. Children could come in and build computers on kids Sundays. Exhibits would feature the development of technology and how it has produced labor saving devices. The restaurant would offer organic food and demonstrate how technology can support nature with high tech furniture, plates, etc. A model futuristic classroom would exhibit new methods of education using high tech electronics.

Another possibility would be a Museum Retailer organic grocery food store. There could be a kid friendly mini-farm with animals and plants. A pond where the kids could fish and buy their catch. A chicken coop where kids could gather eggs and buy them. Kids could earn tickets by working on the farm and buy healthy treats and toys. A carpenter's shop could offer tools to make new toys to buy and bring home. There could be a knitting niche and dress corner, etc.

This would be a good way to strengthen the economy while promoting culture and community. There could be coffer shops where people discuss politics and meet to organize. We could render retailing a community and educational affair.

In order to promote specifically White culture, we could open up White cultural centers and museums. All would be welcome, but the exhibits and activities would be White.

We Need New Avenues for Positive Creative Expression


Entertainment media, Christianity, stress, internet and computers, and other modern environments for occupying the mind are not being used to promote the health and growth of our society. Consciousness is a very important aspect of our being, which is being abused so that it works against our survival.

In higher animals, consciousness is a dominant factor in mate acquisition and selection. In Indian Hindu culture, the parents, broader community and priests employing astrological mythology are at least as involved in mate selection as are the couple who will bear children. Large families are encouraged based upon a culture which makes dowries and children supported retirement imperatives for parents. The propagation of DNA is controlled by consciousness and community, and the Hindu religion sponsors it and renders it a process driven by intelligence, mythology and tradition, in addition to "physical attraction".

The American economy has become corrupted to serve selfish and destructive conscious desires, rather than the needs of the body and mind. The jews control and manufacture these conscious desires. The jews obstruct the healthy development of White consciousness in many ways which impede our progress and destroy our economic and physical health.

Our educational materials and museums have transitioned from emphasizing science and technology, and the genius of White inventors and entrepreneurs, to politically promoting multi-lingualism and multi-racial integration and miscegenation. Our wealthy class has been schooled with Ayn Rand's subversive jewish doctrines of psychopathic and destructive exploitation of the society which makes the wealthy class possible.

We need to develop a new class of economic leaders who have a social conscience, love our people and respect the fact that it is our nation and our people who make their success possible. Likewise, the society at large must respect these leaders who promote not only their individual interests, but also the best interests of society. Creating these types of conscious incentives is not difficult, because it is our human nature to do so. It is more difficult to train our people to become self destructive, selfish fiends, which is why the jews are so obsessed with dominating every aspect of our lives.

It would be helpful for the promotion of this new class of leaders if we could offer our children, especially in their formative years, better social experiences which encourage high culture and scientific and technological advancement. Days spent in school learning how to speak Spanish and play with non-Whites, and evenings spent on the football and baseball fields are not preparing our children to make America the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth. Pornography, violence, selfishness and anti-White hatred are not a sound basis for entertainment or education.

Our industrial capital is dormant, becoming obsolete and disappearing. This is an imminent danger to the survival of our nation. We are not manufacturing the materials and items we need as a nation, and those who do have the power to hurt us in very bad ways.

If we start now to teach our children, and to create and empower a new class of economic and cultural leaders to compete against the internationalist subversives who today dominate our society and our culture, we will generate the newest industrial capital and have that edge over our foreign competition. The predominance of our currency gives us a tremendous advantage which we have to take advantage while it lasts.

One of the most pernicious aspects of jewish libertarianism is its relentless attack on our currency. When the British sought to destroy the NSDAP, one of their tactics was to print bogus bills which were counterfeit copies of those which were used by the German Army as an internal fiat currency. These British copies had a vulgar message printed on the back declaring that the money was only good for Hitler's toilet paper. The jewish libertarians are likewise trying to undermine confidence in our currency in their bid to undermine America, all for the sake of making their hordes of gold more valuable. The jews made similar attacks on Greenbacks and only succeeded in ruining the Greenback's value by corrupting the gold markets and retiring the bills. This is one of the chief reasons we should shun the libertarian jews who under a cloak of pretended patriotism seek to destroy our nation.

I am awestruck by the resilience of the American People and the American economy to these centuries long jewish attacks on our people and our nation. This is why I have faith that we can not only recover once we end the jewish war against us and put in power leadership which serves American interests, but that we can vastly surpass all others by being just we were meant to be and are, White Americans.

We can surpass the Republicans and Democrats if we offer Americans new expositions featuring science and technology and an honest assessment of history. I suggest we sponsor fairs that tell the truth, and point out the lies, of the holocaust and 9/11. This will draw media attention, but will not be the primary purpose of our exhibitions. We will be more interested in featuring high art, music, organic foods, science, technology and history giving exposure to White cultural achievement and potential, and the true nature of our Republic and its establishment as White territory. We want to direct minds and inspire people.

The exhibits at these fairs could become permanent exhibitions at new museums. The jews have several museums promoting jewish myths of the holocaust. There needs to be an honest museum that examines the known facts of the jewish holocaust and its zionist basis, and which contains exhibits covering the jewish genocides of Armenians, Poles, Greeks, Russians, Chinese, Indians, etc.

Exhibits featuring science and technology and the truth of American history could form the basis of new museums promoting White culture and advancement, places where children and adults can learn about their heritage and ways to improve America. If the interest is not there to fund physical museums and fairs, we could create virtual museums and fairs on the internet. A good start would be the online Museum of American History spotlighting America as a White Nation of innovation and freedom. There could also be an online Museum of Holocaust Facts featuring all genocides and supposed genocides, and a virtual library. The more polished and mainstream the sites, the better.

Our political rise should be accompanied by a cultural rise, with the two carefully integrated to sponsor and support each other.