Saturday, April 06, 2013

Attack on Japan Likely


I suspect the likely target of the first Chinese/Korean attack will be Japan. This will bring Japan into the Korean war and provide communist China with a pretext for an invasion of the islands.

Like the Imperial Japanese, the communist Chinese are threatening Hawaii. They also want the Philippines and Guam. It does the Chinese little good to take South Korea without also taking Japan. Japan is the perfect staging ground for American military forces and is more secure for America than South Korea given that the islands provide a sea buffer and American air power is strong. Taiwan is a bit of a wild card. Japan is very weak at the moment and is easily hit from North Korea.

What will Russia do if Japan is hit? Russians have no love for Japanese. The Chinese expect the American economy to fold if Japan and South Korea go to war. Why would Russia want China to control the seas? It is difficult to believe that the Russians would be eager for a world war, given the horrific losses they suffered in and as a result of the previous world wars. The Russians talk tough and are tough, but a world war, for what?

This is China and jewry's game. The Chinese need land. Only a world war can win them that if other nations clamp down on immigration. Jewry has always wanted a world war.

We can take them down together if we can take political power in the USA and make an alliance with the Russians.

Obama's "Diplomacy" Is a Farce Which Further Empowers the Chinese Communists


Instead of turning to Russia for an alliance, the jewish media and the Obama administration are effectively and literally claiming that Red China is our ally. Obama is begging our enemy China to rein in North Korea.

Obama's is exactly the wrong approach we should take. We should exhibit strength, not weakness. Red China has borne the duty to strongly condemn North Korea and pledge war against the nation if it attacks South Korea or the USA. It is clear that Red China is the source of the communist aggression coming from North Korea.

America should be using its diplomatic capital not to run to China with its tail between its legs, but instead to join with Russia and Australia against the common Chinese threat. China, Japan and South Korea have no military might. Russia does. China, Japan and South Korea are conspiring to destroy the dollar and bury our economy. They are not our allies. They only exploit our good will and sap our strength.

Russia has what we need. Russia and the USA combined control the military force needed to face any threats. Obama and the jewish media are driving the Russians towards the Chinese and away from America. Obama is making our enemy China the arbiter of our fate, when it is China who is deliberately manufacturing several crises for our nation. Obama is giving Russia no choice to join with America but is instead insisting they side with China, allowing China to play America and Russia off of one another.

Australia is under aggressive attack from the Chinese. They can quickly transfer a large enough population to disenfranchise the White Australians, and they have the economic power to rape the Australian landscape and bankrupt Australia as the Chinese are doing to America. The Chinese are using Australia to isolate Malaysia and Indonesia, and the jews have helped the Chinese by weakening Pakistan.

Red China is our enemy, NOT our ally. We can shut them down quickly by mining their harbors, seizing and sinking their battle and commercial ships and cutting off their commercial flights around the globe. China will starve within a year without food coming from abroad and their economy will completely collapse without the means of conducting exploitive trade.

Russia is the key to making these objectives a reality. Whites must unite for our Mutually Assured Preservation.

Friday, April 05, 2013

The Mulatto House Is in Bed with the Red Chinese


Professional traitors Barack Obama and Chuck Hagel are not only failing to defend America, they are aiding and abetting the enemy communist Chinese. Note that the jewish media no longer refers to the Red Chinese or the North Koreans as the communists that they are. Note further that Taiwan is rarely mentioned as Chinese. It reminds me of the fact that the jewish media no longer refers to illegal immigrants as illegal immigrants.

The Israel-firsters, the jew puppets in the Mulatto House on Pennsylvania Ave, Obama and Hagel are granting the mainland Chinese cover and buying them time to prepare for a sprint down the Korean Peninsula, as happened when the Red Chinese went to war against us in the last Korean War. What could Obama and Hagel be doing differently?

The Chinese depend on trade. A large part of their trade comes from shipping. Do we have plans in place to sink every Red Chinese shipping vessel, to seize Red Chinese cargo, to interrupt and destroy all means of foreign trade the enemy Chinese have in place?

The communist Chinese depend on imports of raw materials and food. What plans are in place and preparations being executed to cut off all foreign supplies to communist China in the event of war?

Russia is potentially our best ally against Red China. What diplomatic initiatives are in place to secure Russia as our ally? Surely, the Russians cannot wish for the Chinese to control all of Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the South China Sea. How will Russia secure its access to the seas with NATO on one side and the Chinese exercising absolute control over the other?

Speaking of allies, what are Obama and Hagel doing to end Chinese immigration into and influence in Australia? Can they not see that the Chinese are setting up to destroy Indonesia and Malaysia on their way to Africa, by taking over Australia and encircling Muslim South East Asia and related islands? Is it not clear that the Chinese are clearing their path to South and Central America by taking over all of Korea, Japan and Taiwan?

The Chinese are highly vulnerable and should be reminded of that fact. They depend heavily on unguarded foreign trade for exports, food, energy and raw materials. We should not stake our fate on Korea when the Chinese attack us, for that is where they are strongest. We should instead hit them on every flank where they are weakest. But don't expect the jews' puppets in the White House to ever defend a White nation, especially not our own.

We Need a Massive Diplomatic Effort to Secure a Meaningful and Productive Alliance with the Russians


At a time when America is wasting its resources attacking Arab countries for the benefit of the jews, America is concurrently wasting its diplomatic resources corrupting the Middle East. We should instead be engaged in an enormous campaign to win an alliance with Russia that goes beyond the politicians to the Russian People, Russian agriculture, Russian energy production and Russian industry.

Russia controls vast territory and has an overall low population density. The only reason they would desire to formulate another empire would be to secure their trade routes and access to the seas. We are in a position to help them secure their interests without the formulation of an empire and we should do so.

A secure Russia would have no interest in attacking the USA. They do not need our land and trade between our nations can and should be mutually beneficial. Russia is our natural ally.

China, on the other hand, needs land, energy and raw materials. They have every incentive to expand and wage war on other nations, all the more so because they are racist supremacists with an ancient belief that they are destined to rule the world and wipe out the barbarian races. China is our natural enemy.

Since our jewish corrupted government will not do what needs doing, we have to be smart enough to do it for ourselves. I am working at it. How smart are you?

International Jewish Media Continues to Provide Time and Cover for the Chinese Communists


Just as the jewish media deliberately covered up the atrocities of the Soviet Union, including Kaganovich's jewish genocide of Ukrainians and other inhuman crimes committed under the communists, the international jewish media is covering up the fact that China is behind North Korea's declaration of war against South Korea and the United States. The jewish media is spreading the lie that Kim Jong-un is merely posturing for his generals as if a strongman to secure his position of power. The jewish media is coaxing the American government to assume a weak posture in the face of an open declaration of war, so as to win the Chinese time to prepare an attack on South Korea and Japan.

North Korea would never have declared war on America if the Chinese had not guaranteed their full support and told North Korea to make the declaration. China is certainly behind all this and North Korea is their toady proxy opening up the way to the war the Chinese want. Kim Jong-un speaks with such bravado because he knows that billions of Chinese stand behind him.

It is no coincidence that the jewish media recently made a celebrity out of the "first lady" of communist China. They are trying to hide the fangs and daggers of the Chinese military machine that is about to unleash an attack on America.

The international jewish press is closely controlled by the jews' international intelligence community. The press is controlled by Mossad/CIA and Mossad/CIA by the jewish bankers. The think tanks which formulate public opinion and public policy are created, financed and operated by jews tied to the jewish intelligence community. Their overall strategy is to hide China's war on the USA and hamstring America's defenses. They are bolstering the communists and sacking America.

The international jewish press has consistently promoted the communist agenda of demoralizing Americans. They promote the genocide of Whites and the erosion of White nations and White human rights. They have demonstrated a horrific double standard in their response to Iran and North Korean. When they portray jews as if threatened, banner headlines appear around the world decrying the threat and calling for immediate military action. When the Chinese and North Koreans declare nuclear war on America, the press is too often conspicuously mute, and when it does speak, it blames America for the unprovoked attack, and covers for the Chinese.

The common theme is hate America and Whites and celebrate the enemies of Americans and Whites. The war is on, how are you fighting it?

Thursday, April 04, 2013

North Korean Troop Movements Less Significant than Chinese Troop Movements


Our generals are unwise to assume that they can predict a North Korean attack based on troop movements within North Korea. As in the last Korean war, it is the Chinese who pose the greatest danger to South Korea, and we have nowhere near the troops needed to repel a Chinese attack on the Korean Peninsula, or on Japan, which is what is coming next.

The North Koreans may well be positioning their troops to provide a rear guard to a Chinese attack and to prevent a US and allied invasion of the North to take out the North's military facilities. In fact, given that China will do most of the fighting against the South, the North is wise to maintain its troops across the nation to safeguard itself from air attacks, commando and other forces. China has the mass to repel the South from charging the North, and the North would gain nothing from charging the South. Instead the North would rather use artillery and missiles to bombard the South, while doing what it can to secure the North. Bear in mind the North will require troops to control and maintain the civilian population across the nation once war breaks out.

The South will then attempt to charge the North. China will announce that its treaties with the North oblige it to defend North Korea, and will roll over the South and then advance on Japan.

If our generals believe what they are telling the press, we are in trouble. It is the Chinese who are driving this move to war, and it is the Chinese troop movements we have watch and defend against. At some point South Korea has to announce that the Chinese troop movements are an act of war. That point is now.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

China Is About to Have an Uyghur and Muslim Problem, Again, Real Soon


For more than six years, I have been warning that the jews would pit Chinese, Turks, Russians and Muslims in general against each other on the path to WW III:

Exactly as I Predicted, the Jews Are Employing Pan-Turkism as a Weapon Against the Turkish People, the Chinese, the Russians, the Armenians, Etc. June 15, 2010

The Pan-Turkic Connection to the Unrest in China, July 19, 2009

Another Brief Note on Hitchcock and Smith, July 16, 2009

Beware of Communist China, January 09, 2007

The jews are about to provoke the Uyghurs and other Muslims to create problems for the Chinese in the West of China, while the Chinese are lining up to battle against the South Koreans and Americans in the East. This will be done not to aid America or South Korea, but rather to draw Russia and China closer on the basis of a common pan-Turk enemy and NATO enemy. The jews will increasingly inflame Turkey and Russia against each other and will inflame pan-Turkey against China, drawing China and Russia together, which is what the jews want.

The jews want to gin up yet another war between Russia and Turkey, and they want China to feel very nervous and bellicose. Expect this to happen very soon as war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula.

The Jewish Model for Communist Takeover: Subversion, Demoralization and Normalization


It is obvious to all who read this blog that the jews have subverted American government, press, education, agriculture and industry. The jews have deliberately placed their people in positions of power and influence in each of these societal mechanisms in order to destroy and pervert them, making the abnormal and destructive appear to be normal and healthy. The jews have even gone so far as to make artificial life forms our source of food so as to corrupt our DNA and ruin our soil and seed.

The jews have sought to demoralize us, not only through corruption of the mainstream media, but of more importance to my readers, of the "alternative media". The jews in the alternative media are constantly trying to undermine our currency and lead us towards revolution. They demean Americans and the American government. They provoke us to hate ourselves as they lead us to glorify our enemies. The real tell that both the mainstream and alternative media are controlled by communists is that they glorify communists and blame America and Americans for the horrific things that communists do and have done.

Presently, the mainstream and alternative media are busy making excuses for China and North Korea, in sharp contrast to the mainstream media's attacks on Iran. Jews provide cover for and glorify jews and communists cover for and glorify communists.

In the alternative media the bolshevik jews who dominate and control it want us to view their revolutionary communist comrades Kim Jong-un, Chavez, Gaddafi, and Ahmadinejad as if heroes of our cause for the very reason that they oppose America. We are Americans. We should not glorify or sponsor our enemies. The solution to our jewish problem is not to destroy ourselves and empower our enemies, who are just as jewish controlled as is our subverted society. Our solution is to destroy jewish power at home and abroad.

The subversive and demoralizing jews in the mainstream and alternative medias, as well as in government, education, agriculture and industry, are driving us to disgust so that we seek a solution to the problems the jews have deliberately caused us through a process known as "normalization". Now the subversive jews are proposing the destruction of America via revolution as if a solution that will restore America. They are asking us to glorify those who want to exterminate us, because this will get rid of the problem with which they have scapegoated Americans but is truly jewish in origin. And there are actually large numbers of idiots who accept this jewish subversion which calls for Americans to suicide themselves as if a solution that will save them.

The jews are variously proposing libertarianism (in reality closet communitarianism), fascism (in reality closet fabianism) and countless other revolutionary subversions as if those will solve the jewish problem, but they have no intentions of solving the problem. Instead, they want to destroy the US Constitution and with it our freedom of speech and political rights. They want absolute control so that they can begin to quickly kill us en masse and preclude any possibility that we can use the political system to remove the jews. In other words, the jews want us to believe that the best way to "normalize" the system is for us to destroy it and open the door to jewish totalitarianism. North Korea provides us with a suitable example of how jewish totalitarianism does not work.

The jewish bolsheviks are making their move on America. Their subversion of the "alternative media", the Russian American media and Iranian American media are a major part of their plan for subversion, demoralization and normalization to destroy us. We face a far worse fate than did Russia under the bolshevik jews. The jews want to completely genocide us.

We need to organize politically as Americans to enforce the American social contract. There is no need, nor would it benefit us, to help the jews destroy our nation in the name of saving it. Stop hating America and start working to purge the ruinous jews who dominate our institutions, including the "alternative media".

If only we would impose our political will on the nation, we are in a highly advantageous situation to dominate the world for the benefit of all. We, Americans, alone have the power to crush the jews and communism, if only we will stop herding behind the judas goat jews, including those who openly claim that America is dead and should suicide itself, those subversive jews in the "alternative media". These jews are closet communists wearing patriots' and Christians' clothing.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Communist Chinese Brutality


Long before the jews' boy Mao claimed China for the marxist jews, the jews imported bolshevik Chinese into Russia to help the New York jews mass murder the best Russians. These Chinese were especially brutal and bloodthirsty.

Chinese communists have mass murdered upwards of 70 million Chinese, far upwards. They invaded Tibet and made slaves of the Tibetans in their own country. They gave guns and other support to the North Vietnamese so that Vietnamese could mass murder and enslave Vietnamese. The bolshevik Chinese ran down the Korean peninsula helping the Koreans mass murder Koreans. The communist Chinese kept the masses of all these nations in abject poverty and political servitude.

Communist Chinese exploited American naivete and good will and engaged in a massive espionage and subversion campaign, stealing our economy. They engaged in unfair trade and currency manipulation.

The jewish subverted American government and the Israelis sponsored China's nuclear ambitions, arming our sworn enemy. Now the Chinese are threatening us with an unprovoked nuclear war through their proxy State North Korea.

Why do we engage in trade with this monster who is hellbent on genociding us? Why do we secure their trade routes and finance others to join with the Chinese against us? Only because the jews speak up, while you remain silent.

How to Spot a Bolshevik Jew Posing As If a Patriot


Jews in America have always covered for the murderous communists. The jew press hides the atrocities of their bolshevik brothers in the Soviet Union and Red China to this day. Jews also relentlessly attack their host country and try to make heroes out of enemies, and enemies out of ourselves. Jewish tribal loyalty manifests itself as loyalty to communist tyrunts and attacks on the host nation.

The jewish "alternative media" is controlled by a fifth column of communist jews who jump on every opportunity to criticize and condemn America to death, while glorifying communist thugs around the globe including Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong-un. Like the traitorous Rosenbergs they come to the aid of our enemies and try to sponsor nuclear attacks on America and on Americans. They glorify traitors who work against us including Jonathan Pollard.

In spite of the fact that North Korea's unprovoked aggression against us justifies an immediate nuclear attack against North Korea as a legitimate act of self defense, these traitorous bolshevik jews instead try to label America, which has shown restraint in the face of communist provocations, as if the aggressor. These subversive jews lie about us and try to demoralize us at every opportunity. They call us to political action to sponsor their judas goats including Ron and Rand Paul, but when an authentic opposition arises, they try to demoralize and defeat us with their jewish whining defeatism and attacks on American dignity.

Notice that there is no criticism of North Korea's expansionist communism in the jewish "alternative media". There is no mention of the fact that the communist Chinese are setting up the Koreans for yet another slaughter. The Chinese despise the Koreans and want to genocide them off the continent. The Chinese despise the Japanese and want to genocide them to create absolute Chinese hegemony over the seas of the Western Pacific.

But listen to the jewish subversives who grow fat in America and Western nations, and we are the problem, not the communists who aggressively attack us. These traitorous filth steal all they can from us, while calling for our destruction and aiding our enemies. They defame us and try to defeat our nations in which they live in comfort and wealth secured by the soldiers whose deaths they seek.

North Korea sure has made it easy to spot the traitorous bolshevik jews in our midst. Amazing how many of them are vegans. It is an easy way for a jew to hide his kosher diet.

Monday, April 01, 2013

We Need to Rethink Our Alliances


During WW II, Germany's alliance with the Japanese only brought Germany war with Whites and inevitable ruin. During WW II, Germany's war on Russia and its satellites only ensured Germany's defeat.

Today, the jews have us aligned with the Japanese, South Koreans and Taiwanese. We provide stability to the region, which empowers the mongoloid race to steal what we have built and take what is ours through usury and unfair trade practices. The stability we provide enables the Chinese to threaten our national existence through their proxy North Korea. It enables the Chinese and Japanese to trade together to dominate the region's economic activity while we foot the bill for the military expenses. It allows the Russians and Indians to make a foolish alliance with the Chinese against us.

Fighting the Vietnam and Korean wars did not help us. Russian and Chinese guns killed our young men and we gained nothing, but the eventual loss of more of our industry to South Korea. Communists can only compete with us if we are stupid enough to trade with them. Then, their slave labor gives them a competitive advantage. Then, they can steal our innovations and sell them back to us at a profit. Then, they corrupt our government and business leaders.

What if we to let the Koreans slaughter each other? What would we stand to lose and they to gain? North Korea has threatened to attack us with nuclear weapons. We now have an open license to incinerate them at any time we so choose. If we pull out of South Korea, the Chinese are apt to move into North Korea and then down the peninsula as they did in the last war. Is that what the Russians want? Is that what the Japanese want? If not, then where is their support for us?

China will feel more powerful, but we will concurrently bankrupt them and openly acknowledge the fact that the Chinese are our mortal enemy and have declared nuclear war on us through North Korea. Their economy will grind to a halt.

Do the Indians and Russians really want to see an expansionist China, or are they merely taking advantage of the stability we provide to screw us over? What of Malaysia and Indonesia? They know the racist, supremacist communist Chinese. The Chinese navy is itching to dominate their waters. Why should we protect them when they hate us?

Australia is being invaded by Chinese. A race war is raging to take over White Continents.

If the Chinese take over Korea and Japan, they will control the seas around Russia's eastern border. NATO already controls the seas around Russia's western borders. Russia is being very unwise to empower the Chinese to cut them off while the jews are inciting NATO, including Turkey and Germany, against the Russians. The Russians would be far better off working with loyal Americans to dethrone the jews and tame the Chinese, rather than help to empower both.

We would be far better off to shrug off the jews' yoke and join with the Russians to tame the mongoloids and secure our territories and economies. The Chinese and jews hate the Indians. Indians, in the jews' eyes, are heinous idolaters. As for the Chinese, the Indians are a threat to their supremacy. So why are we providing stability for the Indians while they are working with the Chinese against us? We can trap India between China and Pakistan, rather than tolerating an alliance between India and China against us. If that is how they want to treat us, we can pit Pakistan against them.

We must cease to align ourselves with those who exploit us and seek our ultimate demise. We ought to seek natural alliances with those who stand nothing to gain from our destruction should we join forces for our Mutual Assured Preservation. Russia needs trade and trade routes. We should not give them that if they are working against us. But should we join forces, then we can guarantee their trade and trade routes to our mutual advantage and Russia already has so much land that they stand nothing to gain by fighting with us.

It is the Chinese who are our natural enemies. They stand everything to gain by stealing our economy and securing their trade routes to our detriment. That is what they are doing in Korea, hoping to bankrupt us with another war while they take over Korea and Japan and control the Pacific. The Russians are unwise to enable this attack, for if successful it will guarantee their destruction.

Let the Koreans kill each other, if that is their choice. We can step in the moment China lines up on the border and exercise our right to use WMD against the Koreans who have threatened to use them against us. We do not need to repeat our mistakes in Vietnam, nor the German's mistakes in WW II. We should reshuffle our alliances to favor our interests. Much has changed since the end of the Cold War, except the necessary changes in our alliances

Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Trillion Dollar Coin No One Will Take and No One Will Break


For some six and one half years, I have been informing the world that North Korea is a proxy State for the communist Chinese and the threats coming from North Korea truly emanate from Beijing. Beijing is now threatening me and my family with an unprovoked nuclear attack. Unlike the mulatto puppet of the jews in the White House, I take the filthy Chinese threats very seriously and very personally. I have been warning about the current events for a very long time:

How War Can Spread, September 28, 2006

Jewish Leaders Are Isolating Japan, October 03, 2006

The Failure of the Zionist Bush Regime's Foreign Policy, October 06, 2006

How Bush Ought to React to North Korea, October 09, 2006

When Protectionism Becomes a Matter of Self-Defense, October 12, 2006

Japan and South Korea Are in a Vise, October 15, 2006

The Zionists Are Undermining the Best Interests of the Americans, Japanese, Taiwanese and South Koreans, January 05, 2007

Chinese Checkers and the Star of David, June 13, 2009

Unlike the jews' puppet in the White House I have a few proposals to react to the nuclear threats the Red Chinese are screaming at us. The Chinese have been very cute about bribing our politicians and business men and corrupting our society in order to steal our economy. The Chinese have worked with their communist jew buddies to destroy the economic livelihood of Americans and are now threatening to murder us with nuclear weapons.

If we want to maintain our sense of humor in dealing with these murderous thugs, we should mint some blank lead slugs and call them trillion dollar coins. We can pay off our national bonds to the Chinese and Japanese with these coins. No one will take them and no one will break them. We can tell the Japanese and South Koreans to attend to their own affairs and pull out of the region. Let the Red Chinese attack South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, and consume themselves in their own growing empire of destruction.

Let the dominoes fall in Asia and the related island nations. Let them take and ruin the Philipines, Malaysia, Indonesia and then let them march on India.

Russia will not run to the Chinese to aid them. To do so would be certain suicide. The Chinese will move on Japan, Taiwan and South Korea and Russia will feel endangered by Chinese expansionism. If Russia wants to turn against us and Europe, they will be signing their death warrants to the mongol races, when they could instead join with the White Race where they belong.

Let Red China takeover and ruin all the countries they are drooling over in South Asia and the related islands. They will be dead within a decade.

With Russia on our side, we White Nations will control 95% of the nuclear weapons and all advanced military weaponry, as well as a near monopoly on food production. We will have an easy time destroying the Chinese should we ever have to do so. The Indians, Indonesians, Malaysians, etc. will come running to us for help and we will be their only hope to survive.

Screw the Chinese, and all the Asian problems that go with them. Whites working together can put down all those trying to destroy us, all those whom we have propped up and coddled, all those whom we have financed and made rich, all those who now threaten to ruin us and takeover what we have built. The Japanese bombed us at Pearl Harbor and took over our automobile and electronics industry. Let the Chinese have them. The South Asians hate us, so let the Chinese have them. The Koreans are taking over our durable goods industries, so let the Chinese take them, too. They will all fall together without us to prop them up.

What is the alternative, to let the Asian mongoloids take us over and rule the world? Why should we give them the world and empower the Chinese to exterminate us? What imperative is there which we are following to enable them to destroy us? Our survival is our highest morality. They hate us and they are using usury to steal all we have. Take them down together with the jews who are working to destroy us.

Momentum will carry us through the transition back to our status as undisputed world rulers. All the small and powerless nations will turn to us out of habit if we act now. South America and Europe are ours and are all we need.

Russia, should Russia join us, will ease our transition and together we can accomplish all that is needed within five years and be prospering as never before. We will buy Russian energy and assist Russia in ruling the Caspian and Black Seas. No more letting the Arabs gut our economy with gouging oil prices. Let our White Brothers in Russia wet their beaks on oil, and they will watch our backs in Asia. If they side against us, then the Chinese will ruin them within a decade. Then the Russians will come back to us. If the Russians try to trap us with a BRICS currency to buy energy, we will have an easy time making that currency worthless by bankrupting China and the Arab countries, though we want no problems with Russia and instead seek only friendship and cooperation for our mutual benefit.

Momentum and habit are all we need, and they are immutable laws of human nature. We are on top and need only refuse to step down and instead assert ourselves to maintain our dominance.

We need serious people to fund a serious political party that can put this message out to the American People. The Republicans and Democrats cannot even begin to compete with this empowering message and the American People are chomping at the bit to take revenge on the savage Chinese communists who are out to destroy America. We can take the jews down with them. We need serious people with serious funds to join this effort and the world will be ours for the taking. It is already in our hands and we need only act now to claim what is already ours.