Saturday, April 13, 2013

Drunken Monkey Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do and the "Journey to the West"


The differences in martial arts among the mongoloid nations provides an insight into how the Chinese view themselves, other mongoloid orientals, and the West. The Chinese see Kung Fu as an example of their cultural supremacy.

For the Chinese, Kung Fu is elegant, sophisticated, beautiful and spiritual. It is an expression of the divine and superior Chinese soul. Korean Tae Kwon Do and Japanese Karate, for the Chinese, are barbaric, primitive, crude, ruffian methods of combat of the subhuman country buffoon. Kung Fu was born of priests, Tae Kwon Do and Karate of inferior peasants.

But when dealing with the West, the Chinese have an old story Journey to the West of their exploits in India, whereby a monkey tricked the fools into letting down their guard, then stole from them their treasures. The martial art of Drunken Monkey Kung Fu evolved from this deception of clownery. The fighter puts on a show, which has his opponent fooled into believing he faces a harmless and ineffective buffoon.

The communist Chinese are using their puppet Kim Jong-un in such a display of Drunken Monkey Kung Fu come Tae Kwon Do, to lure us into an attack. They want us to strike first, or, more importantly, to ready for an attack.

This provides the Red Chinese with two possible advantages. It prepares the way for a false flag attack from China, Israel or the USA which can be blamed on North Korean "drunken monkeys", and it draws us into military formations which leaves us vulnerable to a sudden sneak attack. For example, if we bring our battle ships into the region, they can be hit from mainland China or from submarines coming from Chinese waters. If we gather our forces, they are vulnerable to a small nuclear explosion which can be blamed on the North Koreans.

The Chinese have Kim Jong-un putting on a show for a reason. They are compelling us to step forward into striking range, though the actual attack may come in some completely different region of the globe. The Chinese are wooing the Australians and have blackmailed and bribed leading Australian politicians and businessmen. There is much more to this dynamic than the Korean Penninsula.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Government of North Korea Confirms My Earlier Report that Japan Will Likely Be the First Hit by North Korea


The news is reporting that North Korea has today threatened to make Japan its first target for attack:

North Korea to Japan: You're First. Pyongyang warns it could nuke Tokyo over the 'slightest move' by Mark Russell, Newser Staff Posted Apr 12, 2013

I predicted that Japan was one of North Korea and China's primary targets back in 2006, and on 6 April 2013, I expressly stated that the communist Chinese and North Koreans would make Japan the first target they would hit:

Attack on Japan Likely, April 06, 2013

In which article I stated:

"I suspect the likely target of the first Chinese/Korean attack will be Japan. This will bring Japan into the Korean war and provide communist China with a pretext for an invasion of the islands.

Like the Imperial Japanese, the communist Chinese are threatening Hawaii. They also want the Philippines and Guam. It does the Chinese little good to take South Korea without also taking Japan. Japan is the perfect staging ground for American military forces and is more secure for America than South Korea given that the islands provide a sea buffer and American air power is strong. Taiwan is a bit of a wild card. Japan is very weak at the moment and is easily hit from North Korea.

What will Russia do if Japan is hit? Russians have no love for Japanese. The Chinese expect the American economy to fold if Japan and South Korea go to war. Why would Russia want China to control the seas? It is difficult to believe that the Russians would be eager for a world war, given the horrific losses they suffered in and as a result of the previous world wars. The Russians talk tough and are tough, but a world war, for what?

This is China and jewry's game. The Chinese need land. Only a world war can win them that if other nations clamp down on immigration. Jewry has always wanted a world war.

We can take them down together if we can take political power in the USA and make an alliance with the Russians."

Note that despite exact accuracy, no one is discussing my predictions or analyses. It amazes me, and I not know what else to do but carry on revealing the truth before a wall of silence (and delayed plagiarism when the facts can no longer be ignored).

Thursday, April 11, 2013

If Kim Jong-un Gets Cold Feet, the Communist Chinese Will Assassinate Him, Topple His Regime and Execute His Extended Family


There are generals in the North Korean military who do not want to die, do not want to mass murder South Koreans and do not want to instigate a nuclear third world war. There are also generals who are embeded crypto-Chinese ready to assassinate Kim Jong-un and his extended family should Kim Jon-un hesitate to obey Chinese orders to attack South Korea, Japan and the USA.

The carrot is continued billions for the North Korean mafia State and the pledge of Chinese military support for the attack. The stick is regime change orchestrated by Beijing and the slaughter of all those who have betrayed Chinese authority.

The US should stop pretending that North Korea can change course and instead identify Red China as the source of the aggression. Kim Jong-un cannot disobey China without signing his own death warrant. The Chinese are out to make their move and see the young puppet leader as their ticket to expansionism and control of the Pacific, a Chinese objective for at least 5,500 years.

The only way to stop North Korea is to stop China, by providing Kim Jong-un a way out, which wouldn't work, identifying forces in North Korea who will depose Kim Jong-un, again not viable due to Chinese dominance of the society, or to demonstrate to China that we know what they are doing and the price they are about to pay is not worth the risks of failure. Going after the threatened and completely controlled puppet Kim Jong-un only places him under greater control by the Chinese.

If the regime is toppled, expect that Kim Jong-un would not carry out the Chinese orders to attack. China will then either have the new regime obey its orders, or use the opportunity to move its troops right up to the South Korean border and aim its best missiles at Tokyo. China wants Japan to fall. It is China's means of hegemony, capture of Taiwan and complete control of the Pacific.

Korea is a means to a much broader end, Chinese world supremacy.

If China backs down from this, it will be because they know they have been found out for the deceitful and deceptive genocidal mafia cowards that they are.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Press and Politicians Are Misrepresenting the Chinese - North Korean Relationship


American politicians and the international jewish press continue to misrepresent the relationship between communist China and communist North Korea. The real relationship between these two countries is similar to that which existed between the Soviet Union and communist Cuba.

Press and politicians assert that Red China is our ally and is pressuring North Korea not to start a war. Press and politicians believe communist China is threatening to cut off communist North Korea if it does not cease its threats of war.

The exact opposite is the reality of the situation. North Korea is threatening us because communist China is threatening to cut off North Korea if North Korea does not go to war against South Korea, Japan and the USA. The Chinese are insisting that Kim Jong-un iterate more and increasingly bellicose threats against us. The Chinese are not our ally any more than the Soviet Union was our ally.

Not only is China NOT insisting that North Korea back off, Red China is demanding that North Korea attack us. All this is happening at the instigation of the communist Chinese. Kim Jong-un is being threatened by the Chinese that should he not go to war against us, the Chinese will overthrow him, destroy his regime and execute his entire family. The Chinese are threatening the North Korean military that should they fail to go to war, China will starve the nation to death.

Red China is using the plight of the North Korean people in a somewhat similar fashion to the way the Saudi Arabians and Turks exploit the plight of the Palestinian people to forward their own interests and the goals of the jews.

North Korea cannot back off. The communist Chinese won't let them.

The jewish alternative media are especially vicious in their misrepresentation of the situation when they scapegoat America for what the Chinese are doing. Not only are the traitors in the jewish alternative media sponosoring our enemies, their communist comrades, they are trying to prevent a resolution of the crisis by blaming the victim and holding the responsible party, the communist party, blameless. The jews want this war and are doing all they can to ensure that it happens.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Money Supply, Global Reserve Currency and Debt


The American dollar is a debt based currency. It is also the global reserve currency. In order for the global economy to function, it requires an adequate money supply to ward off deflation and attendant stragulation.

The petro-dollar encouraged foreign nations to sell us their goods at discounted prices so that they could acquire needed dollars with which to purchase oil. Many people believe this created a gravy train for the USA, but I would argue it is dooming us to debt destruction.

By allowing the world to base global economics on the US dollar, we have pledged to run ourselves into a debt so large that it matches the needed money supply for relatively stable international use, as well as our own domestic use. This is one of the main reasons the Chinese and Japanese have purchased so much of our debt and one of the ways in which they have cooperated with the jews to bankrupt us. The world needed us to go into insane debt so as to supplement the money supply needed to prevent a global depression.

The jews set us up for this inevitably destructive situation, where we are bound to remain the global reserve currency, but can no longer find anyone to buy the debt needed to increase the money supply to match global growth. Chinese growth has cost us tremendous debt in a direct relationship and the Chinese have worsened the situation by pinning their currency to the dollar.

This is why I have formulated the POWER PARTY dual currency model of a revived Greenback for domestic use, and a new Grainback for international use. We can utilize the momentum of the Federal Reserve Note to replace them with these debt free currencies and gain all the benefits of being the international reserve currency without the fatal drawback of a debt basis for the currency which currently guarantees both default and a global depression producing deflation.

The international economy is at a particularly fragile moment, and the jews are sinking the EURO, which will deflate the dollar. America will be compelled to increase the money supply of dollars for international use or face global depression due to marked deflation. This will require us under the current system to massively increase our already unsustainable debt in order to supply the increase in the money supply.

The jews are working with BRICS and other means of subterfuge to bury America, but habit and momentum have thus far prevented the success of these attacks. The BRICS system will collapse because it lacks the liquidity it would need to succeed, and is really a system of trade more than a global reserve currency substitute for the dollar. Facing competition from the dollar, BRICS will suffer from market fluctuations in an unsustainable way, and the failure of one of the nations will bring down the whole house of cards. The system is thus little more than a means of increasing the supply of dollars by engaging in what is effectively direct trade in which the value of goods and services is planned and regulated leaving it vulnerable to outside fluctuations in value which make it untenable and prone to failure.

That is why the Chinese are ever seeking monopolies so that there can be no stress on her trade from outside markets. We can bury China by replacing our debt based currency with the Grainback and Greenback and free ourselves from the usury of the jews, Chinese and Japanese, while still providing the international money supply the world needs to prevent a global depression.

The Chinese are busy trying to ruin us by increasing the global money supply while cutting us out, so that they can finance their international trade and concurrently eliminate all competition. If we oblige their war on us, they will take over the world in a decade and populate it with Chinese as they and the jews kill off Whites.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Red Chinese Aim to Pit Whites Against Whites: Australia Is Rapidly Becoming a Communist Chinese Satellite


The Australians and Red Chinese are now engaging in joint war exercises. The jews' fifth column in the Australian Government is setting up the White Australians to go to war against America, NATO, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.:

Gillard steps up military ties

Do you think we have unlimited time to stop these attacks? Do you want to lose Australia as a White Continent and have it become a communist Chinese satellite? Do you want to see White Australians slaving in Chinese owned mines in their own Australian homeland? It will happen tomorrow if we do nothing to stop it today.

China Babble


Chinese are deceptive, dangerous creatures. They will lie to you with a smile on their faces.

Yet again, the communist Chinese have failed to state unequivocally that North Korea's threats are criminal acts. Instead, the Chinese, in chorus with the jew media, are blaming the USA for crimes the North Koreans are committing at the behest of the Chinese.

At the same time, China is directly provoking conflict in the South China Sea, leaving Muslims no where to turn except to a Russia which is increasingly aligning itself with China, and which at heart is no friend of Islam. Concurrently, the Red Chinese are making major moves to conquer White Australia and turn it into a third world mining camp run by mainland China, which will provide the other jaw of the vise clamping down on Muslim South East Asia.

What makes communist China so bold? One might wonder if they have some new weapon they are eager to unleash on us. Indeed, that is exactly the situation, and I think I know what their new weapon of mass destruction is. Note that the Chinese are now openly speaking of a new Chinese World Order, where Chinese are free to migrate to all nations and exploit the resources of every land.

The weapon of mass destruction the communists are about to unleash on us is not some new plasma ray gun. It is rather the treason of the jewish subverted governments of America, Europe, Australia, Brazil, South Africa and Islam. The Chinese are provoking global war because they know the jews will subvert every nation the Chinese attack, from within. The jews will undermine all we do to protect ourselves. Obama is their creation. Hagel is their proven lap dog. And so it goes with all the countries the Chinese seek to provoke to war, including Japan.

The jewish trojan horse rides high in every capital and will ensure the victory of the communists if we do not destroy their fifth column in all our governments.

Do we not have enough political fodder to triumph over the jews? Is it not enough to guarantee our victory that we can prove to the American People that the press and the jews have stolen our nation and given it to the Chinese? Are Americans not nervous enough about the future to vote for our party? We can defeat the status quo on every issue, from foreign policy to the economy, from education to health care. But time is up. We must do it this very moment. As I have recently been warning, the jews are about to destroy us to a point beyond which we stand almost no chance of recovery.

The Chinese will be easy to defeat, and we can tell the American People how. First, we must unseat the traitors in our government and press who are sponsoring Chinese victory while relentlessly attacking America, including the "alternative media" which is constantly trying to undermine our currency and international confidence in our currency, while constantly seeking to demoralize our dissidents and pit them against our People and Government and causing them to side with our mortal enemies.

Billions of Chinese need food. We can starve them out quickly and create civil unrest in China by sinking all the transport vessels supplying China and carrying Chinese exports. If need be, we can sink every major shipping vessel on the Earth. At the same time, we can reduce global food production so that nations are forced to prioritize the export of their food production. If the food does not exist, then Chinese cannot eat it. If the vessels needed to transport goods and food do not exist, the Chinese cannot exploit other nations to subsidize their communist slave labor. We can quickly and effectively destroy all the infrastructure China needs to carry out its plans for global dominance with a scorched earth and anaconda policy around China.

Sound too harsh for your tender cowardly ears to hear? Would you rather the Chinese nuke America as they have just recently pledged to do? You have been threatened with an imminent nuclear attack. Face this reality and help me defeat those who have threatened us. Obama will not do it. Instead he is prostrating America to make us appear weak and at fault for Chinese genocidal aggression. Obama is the Chinese secret weapon against us, and it is fatal. We can unseat him, if we organize politically. The alternative is certain death and it is coming very soon.