Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pressure Congress to Stop Obama From Aggressively and Illegally Attacking Syria

Do not wait for the jews to organize you to protest their planned war on Syria, after it has happened. Do not let the jews deceive you into believing that our enemy China will help us by murdering us. Do not let the jews cajole you into inaction by promising you that Putin is your savior.

Save yourselves and honor yourselves by acting on your own behalf, on behalf of our beloved America, and on behalf of humanity and life on Earth. Protest the jews' aggression by talking to everyone you can and speaking out against the threats to attack Syria. Grumble in busy public places that an attack on Syria is morally wrong, and will destroy our economy and will likely trigger WW III.

Contact members of Congress and tell them that you do NOT want the US to attack Syria:

Organize public protests and call on others on the internet to demand the US Government NOT attack Syria. Create a public buzz against the aggression. Ridicule the jews' "alternative media" for promoting American self hatred, promotion of our enemy China, and refusal to organize massive protests to prevent a Syrian attack. But do not simply criticize, ACT NOW TO STOP THE JEWS FROM ATTACKING SYRIA!

Friday, August 30, 2013

My Immediate Calls for Help Unanswered, All of My Dire Predictions Regarding Fukushima Have Come True 2.5 Years Later

One week after the disaster at Fukushima took place, I published a blog article pointing out that an international effort was needed to solve the problem, that I believed the nuclear power plant had been deliberately destroyed and would continue to get worse to the point of destroying the northern hemisphere and sending us all to hell, and I asked for help, which never arrived:

Why, Why, Why? The Strangeness of Greed and the Irrational Basis Upon Which We Often Make Choices, March 18, 2011"

Even after the Jews bombed them, Japan chose to make nuclear reactors, one of which used plutonium as fuel. They also chose to store spent fuel rods, which contain plutonium, and to build nuclear power plants, in insane locations. Did they make these choices out of greed or were they led to make them on the sophistical basis that they would save Japan?

The plutonium platter was placed before the Japanese and the head on it was their own, and that of America.

Earthquakes can probably be triggered by nuclear bombs placed at strategic locations. Japan and America have long been targets of the Jews. What better for the Jews than to target America and Japan. . . in Japan's case for the second time, for nuclear attack? The Protocols speak of bombs being placed underground. . . an underground bomb could potentially trigger an earthquake.

America has not yet attacked Iran, and what better excuse for attacking Iran's nuclear power plants, than to discredit nuclear reactors? As for fallout risks, what better excuse than a pound of prevention, in exchange for an once of dirty cure?

Strange that the international response has been non-existent, given that every human being on Earth is effected by this crisis, and that plans have been in existence for decades to deal with such emergences and exigencies. Why has Japan gone it alone, if not to prevent a cure? Would not people from poor nations sacrifice their lives for funds given to their families in exchange for placing themselves at "ground hero" and dying?

The equatorial nations and the southern hemisphere will likely fare best in this disaster. Japan and America were and are likely to suffer the worst effects. Interesting that America is slated for war in Africa, which will slay our crippled country.

Since my childhood, I have been warning that nuclear power is a bad, bad mistake. Little good it has done me or my family to suffer the slings and arrows of propagandized Americans.

Strange and dark times. Expect that it will get worse. The Japanese have it worse than us, and are fighting to survive. Let them inspire us to fight.

Things are going to get worse and worse. Expect it, prepare for it, and start to fight, in spite of your demonstrable cowardice. There is nothing to lose.

Obama has done nothing to protect us. Do not believe his lies.

World war is coming, and the nuclear crisis in Japan is a prelude to the death of the northern hemisphere. If the Jews are also planning to destroy the southern hemisphere as rapidly as they are destroying the north, I do not know. But the Earth is dying and you are doing nothing to stop the destruction. Note that every new tragedy, and the orchestrated response to it, destroys the genetics of human beings, and life generally.

It would be redundant to damn you all for your complacency, stupidity and cowardice, for it has already happened. I am not looking forward to seeing you in hell, but hell is coming to us all.

If people had paid attention to what I was saying, we could have remedied Fukushima, taken control of the US Government and prevented WW III. Instead, what I predicted would happen 2.5 years ago is coming true today before our very eyes.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

How the Jews Managed Dissent Following Obama's Threats Against Syria

The jews very carefully and effectively managed your dissent after Obama threatened to illegally wage war on Syria. The jews did not want you to protest the decision. Rather they wanted to direct your outrage into several avenues which lead nowhere.

The jews congratulated you on knowing that Obama would someday attack Syria. This reinforced your ego, giving you a sense of comfort and satisfaction that you are a good person who has done enough by being informed. No need for action to stop it, since this attack is a given, was the hidden message the jews were signaling to you.

The jews said absolutely nothing about calling upon the government to rein in Obama. The jews did not organize, or even suggest, the needed protests which would stop Obama. They instead sought to make you feel resigned to the attack as if it were already done, a fact on the ground, as the jews are wont to say, about which nothing could or should be done beyond pointless whining and self congratulations for going along with murder by doing nothing to stop it.

The jews immediately claimed the attack was certain. They tried to encourage Syria to threaten and strike Israel. They expressed dissatisfaction with Russia and China after promising us that absurd notion that Russia and China would rescue us poor Americans by destroying us, but the jews did not offer up the idea that we could and should depend upon ourselves to control our own fate.

Imagine how the jews would have reacted if Obama had threatened to attack Israel and began moving ships into the area of attack. The jews would have immediately called upon everyone to stop Obama. The jews would have flooded Congress with protests, and been all over the media demanding the American People stop the President from attacking Israel.

The jews have played you for the fool yet again, dear reader. If they succeed in an American attack, they will scapegoat us and turn you against the American Government, then, with the facts really on the ground, they will call on you to destroy your country for the horrible things the government is doing. But the jews will not organize you to protest, until after the attack and everything goes as planned. In this way, the jews weaken and ruin us, as we weaken and ruin others.

It appears that nearly every organ of the jewish controlled alternative media follows the same script, whine and complain and do nothing until it is too late, and then do nothing but destroy your own nation, demean yourselves and your people with self hatred, and glorify your enemies because you are so despicable you deserve destruction.

Why do you let the jews control all the means of organization for protesting outrageous actions by the government? It is a suicidal mistake, and we are dying.

Blacks and Other Minorities Bear a Special Duty to Rein in Obama

The Jews used Blacks and other minorities to put their puppet Obama into office. If Obama attacks Syria, Blacks will suffer worse harm from the economic repercussions of the attack, than will Whites.

Therefore, Blacks have an even greater duty to rein Obama. They also have greater leverage against the Democons in the Democratic Party than do Whites, given that Blacks are slavishly obedient to the party. Blacks should be protesting Obama's threats of acts of war against Syria, and they should be doing it en masse.

We should also be protesting these Jewish threats of war with all our might! Do you want to murder millions more helpless people? Do you want the housing market to collapse? Do you want to lose your job and destroy the future of your children? Why aren't you protesting these threats directly to the government? If any of our politicians are willing to stop the Jews and their puppet Obama, then they need our vocal support. So where is it, wasting time discussing Miley Cyrus?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We Can Stop an American Democon Attack on Syria If We Protest It

The Jews are really going too far this time in their desperation to wage perpetual war on Islam. We can stop their aggression on Syria if we initiate a campaign to call in to Congressional offices and voice our objection to this next war for Israel. Rev. Ted Pike's approach to thwarting ADL sponsored legislation is a good one and should be applied in this instance to stop the coming war.

There is no public support for this lie based aggression. Any attack would severely harm the World economy. Gas prices are already going to rise as a direct result of the Democons' threats.

The Israelis are hoping that Syria will attack them so they can broaden the war. Expect the Jews to bomb themselves and blame Iran and Syria.

For once, we should be in the streets BEFORE the war starts, protesting to PREVENT it, rather than to foment anti-American and anti-government Jewish revolutionary spirit after the Jews have brought us into war.

The Jews Are Using Homosexuals' Rights to Divide and Conquer Whites

The Jews are forever pitting Western Europe against Russia and Russians against other Whites. Should Whites instead unite against the Jews, nearly all nuclear weapons, and with them the World, would be ours.

Russia is the natural ally of the USA. We both enjoy vast and rich territories capable of supplying our needs. Russians have no need nor desire to conquer American soil, nor do Americans have any need or desire to take Russian land.

In the Civil War, Russia was a firm and honorable ally against the Jews who successfully divided us against ourselves. It was the Jews who turned America against Russia, and Russia against America, not any natural force, just Jewish evil.

Today, the Jews are busy ginning up hostilities between Western Europeans and Russians at a critical time when we should be building up an alliance against our common Asian and International Jewish enemies. The Jews are despicably using homosexuality as a wedge issue to turn us against one another.

The Jews have always tried to mischaracterize the Russians as if intolerant and bigoted. The Jews have also always tried to use homosexuality to corrupt the Western world. This latest artificial conflict between Gays and Russia is just another instance of the Jewish war on the White Race.

We Don't Want This War!

While the Jewish alternative media were calling upon you to support the traitor Chuck Hagel and the Jew John Kerry Kohn, I was screaming at you that these scum would betray us to the Jews. And so they have.

Where is the Jewish alternative media organizing protests and calls to Congress and the White House to prevent the threatened attack on Syria? If they can organize you to buy gold and vote for Jew puppet Ron Paul, why are they not organizing you to contact the US Government and demand that America not attack Syria?

We Have Had Seven Years to Prevent This, and You Still Aren't Doing Anything to Fight Back

The Jews are worried that peace might break out in the Middle East. I warned that they are desperate to start a war with Iran, because their puppet Ahmadinejad is now out of office and the Iranians want peace. This is why the Jews are now taking outrageous and extremely risky steps to wipe out Syria and lure Iran into a war.

The Jews first had the Chinese put pressure on North Korea to threaten the USA with nuclear attack. The Jews then launched another nuclear attack on America by needlessly dumping massive amounts of radioactive materials into the Pacific, which is destined for our shores. Only then did the American government succumb to Jewish demands to attack Syria. I believe our politicians were threatened with scores of Fukushimas in America if they failed to oblige the Jewish demand that America attack Syria and war against Iran.

I warned that the Jews wanted to destroy Syria and Iran, back in 2006 and every chance I have had since then. I warned that they would instigate a series of revolutions in Islamic countries. I warned that Russia and China would do nothing to protect Islam. I warned that they would clear their flight paths to Iran by destroying Syrian air defenses, and that Turkey would be their number one ally in the destruction of Arab and Persian Islam.

I warned that the Jews would again start beheading Middle Eastern Christians in a WW I redux to inflame Christians against Islam, while doing nothing but murdering Christians. I directly, repeatedly and loudly told Middle Eastern Christians that this was coming and in return received only highly publicized smear campaigns against me by Middle Eastern Christians and their Jewish allies, death threats and broken promises. The leaders of these ill fated people want these wars from which they profit as they exploit their own people and all others. They never do anything for us or anyone else but the Jews with whom they are in bed. They forever beg for our help but only to draw us into war against Islam, just as they help the Jews inflame Islam against us. They never help us other than to lure us into war against Islam against our interests. They use their own helpless people as bait for more and endless war. It was an Armenian, James Aratoon Malcolm, who devised the scheme to murder millions more Whites in WW I by blackmailing President Wilson through the Jew Brandeis in exchange for the Zionist Balfour Declaration. Malcolm was in bed with the Rothschilds and Sassouns and betrayed Armenians, Muslims, Americans and Europeans to death and destruction for the sake of the Jews.

Middle Eastern Christians will again be used to bait us into death. They have never helped us and did not heed our warnings, nor did they ever help themselves other than to solicit our support as they publicly defamed us. Their leaders are leeches on our societies, just as they exploit their own good peoples. The only people their leaders ever help as they perpetually beg and loot, are themselves and their Jewish bedmates.

We must now focus on saving ourselves and concentrate on White interests. We should be in the streets demanding that the USA NOT attack Syria. We should be screaming at every corner that the Jews are destroying us and all human life. We should stop fighting other peoples' fights and start fighting our own.

Are any of you yet ready to help me do this?

I have spent years preparing for what I knew, and warned the World, was coming. I had to abandon my writing for this effort. I may soon have time to begin writing every day again, but I will not stick my neck out for people who will not help themselves, let alone me.