Saturday, September 07, 2013

Varg Vikernes Will Battle in the French Courts

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

My father used to joke that the reason why the Vikings roamed the Earth was to escape the brutality and hen pecking of Norwegian women. His mother Dagny Pedersen had a hot temper and once hurled a butcher knife into my grandfather Kristian Bjerknes' shoulder where it stuck in deep. He laughed and pulled out the bloody knife. I am told that my grandfather then left for Argentina for a time to become a gaucho on the Pampas where he fathered a set of twin girls before returning with a poncho and a bottle of rum. I am also told that one of my relatives was hanged for burning a Swedish ship in Norwegian waters.

Norwegian Varg ("Wolf" born Kristian) Vikernes has made his way to France and is raising a fine family there with young children. He is readying his war chest for a battle in the French courts and has requested assistance in this endeavor. He explains his situation in the following interview in which he speaks English and Marie Cachet speaks French, which is translated with English subtitles:

Though freedom of speech is a fundamental human right, justice must be earned and paid for, and can be quite expensive.

In an US Versus Russia Showdown, China and the Jews Will Win and All Whites Will Lose Everything

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The manipulative jews are pitting the US against Russia, and Russia against the West, as they always have. Should Russia and America consume one another, who is it who will reap the harvest of White wheat?

The jews have us well armed, as they always do before a major war. The jews have their puppets in power, as they always do before a major war. They are building up Putin to knock him down. They want him confident and cocky as Hitler so when the Whites go marching off to war on the Whites again, the blood bath will wash clean the landscape of any memory of the once mighty White man.

And the Chinese are grinning as they coyly betray the Russians to this battle where White waves of light focused on top of one another as 180 degree polar opposites in destructive interference will cancel each other out and produce darkness, the dawn of European man. The shooting war, the real blow things up war, is meant to be between Russia and the West. This will destroy we Whites and leave the Chinese undisputed slaves of the jews masters of the Goyim to govern, regulate and carry out the genocide of all the rest of humanity.

You see, it takes Whites to wipe out Whites. With all their numbers, the Chinese, Indians and Pakistanis together are no match for just one of our White nations, let alone our combined White might.

We Whites should instead unite, Americans with the Russians, and preserve the White race with our unmatched power. The World will then be ours without any disputes other than how best to divvy it up for our self interests.

Oh, How the Genocidal Jews Miss Their Mouthy Man Ahmadinejad

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Connect the dots and the grotesque image of the jew's hoary hooked nose sniffing the ground for fresh blood emerges from the here and there of today's headlines. The bellicose jews are terrified at the prospects for peace now that Ahmadinejad the crypto-jew is no longer center stage in the puppet of show of jew stooges. The Larry, Moe and Curly of Cameron, Obama and Putin just are not enough to spark the conflagration of Goyim, er uh Nations, that the jews have sought for 2,500 years. Ahmadinejad, oh Ahmadinejad, how the jews miss you and long for perpetual war, dear little Ahmadinejad!

Back to those pits and pockmarks dotting the dark landscape of the jew media. The spotty specter of Fukushima has crept out of the back page shadows and bared its fangs front page, just in time to ring out in concert with crypto Kerry's trumpets of war. Dennis Rodman has again gone to North Korea giving a forum for ghetto diplomacy as the malatto madman in chief pounds the war drums for the jew bankers who put the merciless and talentless nobody in power, that same Chinese proxy North Korea which threatened to attack us with nuclear bombs and received not so much as a harsh talking to from the fearful Obama, prince of peace and dynamite Nobel laureate that he is in the jews' twisted world of politics by international terror and genocidal war.

And who is it that feels threatened by an imminent invasion of Syrian soldiers on the now radioactive shores of America? Not I, how about you? Do you toss and turn in a pool of sweat each night wondering when the Syrian bombs will whistle in and blow up your children as they sleep? Why is it that the jew puppets so desire to cast this death at the Syrian young?

It is that the jews are more afraid than ever before that peace will stand in the way of their messiah, now that their furry friend Ahmadinejad has exited the gallows, now that their latest Haman bogey man has left the building and left the genocidal jews bobbing for blood and grasping at strawmen. . . and bombs.

Friday, September 06, 2013


After 11 years, my book Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist, which initially sold for $20, is now being offered at $1,307.77. Amazingly, all of the Armenians who promised to publish my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians eventually chickened out and dishonored their commitments.

I can only guess what my books will be selling for after the jews have assassinated me. If you have any copies, I suggest you hold on to them. They appear to be good investments.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

As the Jewish Vampires Swarm the Congress, Demand that Washington Put the American People First!

The jewish alternative media is deliberately mischaracterizing the jewish desire to attack Syria as if it were instead a move by shadowy elites to distract us from a coming economic collapse. The jews forever seek scapegoats and ghosts to hide behind as they carry out their ancient plans to destroy humanity.

The bloodthirsty jews have been slaughtering Syrians even in their fictitious history for at least 2,500 years (II Samuel 8, 10. I Kings 20, 22. I Chronicles 18, 19. Jeremiah 49. Amos 1). Isaiah 17:1, 3 states:

"The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. [***] The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the Lord of hosts."

The jews have promised themselves the nation of Syria as their own supposedly divine territory (Genesis 15:18). The jews are lying to you when they desperately attempt to persuade you that they have not been lusting to destroy Syria for at least 2,500 years and steal its land to make their own. The Old Testament and Cabalah lay bare jews' plans. The jews seek war with Syria and Iran to instigate the destruction of the Earth and the Heavens, meaning all life forms, their gods and their guardian angels. The jews are artificially fullfilling their ancient messianic myths and believe their old bones will receive new flesh as the Goyim are forgotten from the book of life. The jews are deliberately destroying all life believing that they will be restored after all is ruined.

If you would live instead of die, then call out to Congress to put America's interests first! Demand that Congress reject the jews' cry of war. Tell your members of Congress that you do NOT want more war. That you demand they put America first and stop destroying America with wars for the jews and Israel.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Whether Humanity Lives or Dies Is Coming Down to a Vote in the US Congress, So Tell Them to Stop the Insanity!

The jews in the "alternative media" could not have made it any clearer that they are faithful to the tribe and are working to ruin humanity. There is still no massive organized campaign to persuade the US Congress to reject the jews' calls for an attack on Syria. The jews run the "alternative media" to distract you at crucial times and mislead you to keep you from defending yourselves.

We must take control of our fate and protest against an attack on Syria with all our might! Our lives are on the line. FIGHT FOR YOUR SURVIVAL!