Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Softporn Homosexual Advertising for Putin in the Alternative Media Is Not Merely Artificial, It Is Downright Unnatural and Typically Jewish

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

An increasing number of photoshoped images are appearing across the "alternative media" depicting a partially unclothed Putin in sadomasochistic, homoerotic postures and situations. Why would anyone manufacture or promote such trash? It is as if a memo went out among the American bashing jew corps to make a gay hero of Putin, this at a time when other jews are working to make Russians appear as if homophobic for merely adhering to traditional standards of public decency.

It is truly bizarre! It is also typically jewish-style advertising to hype the jews' global agenda of destroying America, promoting our enemies and celebrating internationalism. The internationalism governing the destabilization of the nation of Syria is very alarming and sets a dangerous internationalist precedent. It is good cop, bad cop, on a global scale to rob a nation of its national sovereignty and national rights, and the jews celebrate this internationalism which they have manufactured.

Again, ask yourselves, who would take the time to sit down and manufacture softcore porn images of Putin to promote him as if a new god? Who does that kind of thing? Who would be so infatuated and aroused to express their love of the man in that sick way? Why would anyone pass along such images?

This twisted propaganda blitz is obviously contrived by the same group of perverse international jews who promoted Ron Paul, Chuck Hagel, Erdogan, Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Saddam Hussein, etc. as the alleged saviors who would destroy the American government and the American People for the supposed good of the World and encouraged America to suicide itself for the benefit of Russia and Red China. They reveal themselves in their perverse means of self expression.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Jewish Injustice Is Destroying America, By Design

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Much that is considered Christian wisdom is in fact jewish plagiarism of the Greeks. Many sayings attributed to Jesus are direct copies of Aesop's fables, for example the wolf in sheep's clothing to name but one of many. Jesus said to turn the other cheek long after Socrates famously stated,

"One should never do wrong in return, nor mistreat any man, no matter how one has been mistreated by him."

The jews are poisoning us by making us unjust as a nation. From the tenth book of Plato's Republic we read,

"And now you must allow me to repeat of the just the blessings which you were attributing to the fortunate unjust. I shall say of them, what you were saying of the others, that as they grow older, they become rulers in their own city if they care to be; they marry whom they like and give in marriage to whom they will; all that you said of the others I now say of these. And, on the other hand, of the unjust I say that the greater number, even though they escape in their youth, are found out at last and look foolish at the end of their course, and when they come to be old and miserable are flouted alike by stranger and citizen; they are beaten and then come those things unfit for ears polite, as you truly term them; they will be racked and have their eyes burned out, as you were saying. And you may suppose that I have repeated the remainder of your tale of horrors. But will you let me assume, without reciting them, that these things are true?"

Even if we survive, we damage the immortal soul of our national existence when we are unjust, as we did with the jewish slave trade. The jews believe their god will destroy us like it did Sodom and Gomorrah should we become exceedingly perverse and injust, and so the jews do all they can to make us unjust and perverse, then they demand we hate and destroy ourselves for becoming what they have made us. That is how unnatural, vile and dangerous the jews truly are.

The jewish engineered attack on Syria is horribly unjust. Just as the jews placed all their sins on their scapegoat in ancient times to avoid retribution, the jews have us suffer for their sins. Our injustice manufactured in perverse jewish minds will be our undoing, if we obey them. They will scapegoat us for all their crimes, place their sins upon us and send us into the wilderness to greet the devil in hell. That is how the jews atone for their evil, by casting it upon us and then loudly calling for our destruction, screaming at us that we should hate ourselves for helping them because it was all so evil.

Beware the anti-American pro-Putin rhetoric coming from the jews. It is how the jews scapegoat us for their crimes and it is the path to death then hell.

Contracts Made Under Duress Are Voidable

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is a general principle of contract law that contracts made under duress are voidable by the party suffering the abuse. Syria is clearly under duress, in that Kerry and Obama have called for the American bombing of the nation.

Chemical weapons are weapons of mass destruction, cowardly and inhumane weapons of war. They are easily deployed against civilians. As such, chemical weapons are generally considered weapons of deterrance, which is why the jews want to take them from the Syrians under duress, or via military strikes.

Israel has long faced a dilemma of trying to appear under imminent threat of attack, while at the same time desiring jews abroad to move to Israel. In addition, the jews solicit tourism. The threat of deterrance that Syria's chemical weapons pose hurt the Israelis' desire for jews to make aliyah and for tourism.

Beyond this, they act as a deterrant to an Israeli attack on Syria, Lebanon, and Iran and must be factored into military and political decisions to make war. It is harder for jewish warmongers to gain assent to war as long as Syria has chemical weapons.

On the other hand, Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles serve as a pretext for false flag attacks creating in the mind of the public a casus belli. So the jews win and the Syrians lose unless and until we, the American public, demand an end to the mercinary attack on the nation of Syria. This is how Russia is subverting Syria's hope of survival, by not first demanding that all nations drop their support for the aggression against Syria, before Syria give up its chemical weapons capabilities.

Syria has not intent to use its chemical weapons stockpiles other than for their detterant value. All Syria gains by unilaterally surrendering these weapons is the possible diminution of the effect of another chemical weapons false flag attack, and a temporary halt to threat of iminent American bombardment. That may well be enough to justify the sacrifice of deterrance. That is a decision for the Syrian government to make.

But this by no means brings peace, nor will it end the jewish led aggression against Syria, and Putin has done nothing to curtail or even criticize the jewish bloodlust to ruin Syria. Putin has instead lauded the jewish League of Nations and United Nations which were created to create Israel as the reward for two world wars, the false promise of peace through internationalization promised in the jew book of Isaiah and reneged upon at every opportunity by the jews.

The jews created both world wars to create Israel and to make the world public so war weary that they would sacrifice national sovereignty for the sake of peace. Putin applauds this, but does nothing to see to it that the UN resolutions against Israel are enforced. Putin is a globalist and he is selling out Russia, its military, its people, its natural resources and its future to the jews, just as Yeltsin did, just as Stalin did, etc. Note that Putin identified Russia with the Soviet Union when seeking an example of American and Russian partnership, but made no mention of the Czarist support for America during the American Civil War. Putin identifies with Sovietism, not nationalism. Putin encourages Americans to strive for mediocrity. Though Jefferson declared that all men are created equal, he did so as a premise to secure a White national government sovereign from all the rest of the world. Equality of rights affords everyone the opportunity to excel beyond their fellows and achieve exceptional greatness, something the soviet mindset violently opposes.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Chinese Are Much Wiser than the Russians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As the jews set up outspoken Putin to knock him down, and with him Whites everywhere, the Chinese are quietly moving on other fronts to attack us. While Putin challenges us in his backyard, the Chinese are moving into ours.

The jews are maneuvering us into wars which grant Israel hegemony in the Middle East. These wars are being manipulated to pit Russia against all other Whites. Meanwhile, China is expanding its influence over a weakened Asian Pacific, and is moving into the Americas and Africa, where it can wait out the self destruction of Whites by their own hands and jewish brains.

BRICS will inevitably grant China authority over Russia because the Chinese economy will become exponentially larger than the Russian economy, which will fall as Russia spends military dollars as the Soviet Union did, to the point of ruin. Money creation always favors the larger economy, because inflation heats it up hotter than the smaller economies, and deflation enables the big fish to consume the little fish, witness Germany. BRICS is a scheme to enable Red China to defeat Russia, India, Brazil and eventually all of Africa and South America, by outgrowing them while tying them to a currency that favors the largest economy to the detriment of the smaller economies.

I wish that I had the opportunity to explain all of this in detail to the right Russians and Americans so that we could partner up and save the White Race from the jews and the Chinese. As things stand, physical and economic laws guarantee that the jews and the Chinese will destroy us if we do not change course. It is a rigged game we are destined to lose by design and will lose if we play by these rules.

The Jews Are Manipulating Our Dissident Class to Become Anti-American and to Celebrate Our Enemies

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews and a group of paid traitors working for jewish Russian media outlets who are well paid to deride America and celebrate Putin, these enemies of our nation are propagandizing Americans to hate themselves and honor and aid the enemies of America. Just as in the 1960's the jews taught American dissidents to celebrate Ho Chi Minh, Trotsky, Marx and Che Guevara; the jews are today coaching Americans to look to our enemies Putin and Red China to destroy us and save the World from us, rather than helping us Americans to help ourselves and the World.

The jews want White Americans and Western Europeans to slaughter White Russians, and vice versa. The jews want the Chinese to emerge as their new Esau to soldier and slave for the jews. The best way for them to accomplish this horrible end is to have Whites kill off Whites.

Putin is not your friend or ally. Putin did not rescue Syria, instead he rescued the jews and Obama from the jewwise American People who had prevented an American bombing on Syria. Now Putin is doing nothing to help Syria as the jews are pouring in weapons to the terrorists the jews have placed in Syria. Instead, Putin is helping the jews to weaken Syria and protect Israel from any chemical weapons attack as he blocks any impediments to Israel, the US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey from arming the barbaric mercenaries in Syria. Putin is helping the jews, not hurting them. He is doing nothing to help Syria but is instead setting them up for complete destruction.

Grow up and stop listening to traitors paid by Russian jews to propagandize against America. Stop promoting jews who promote anti-American rhettoric and call on Americans to commit suicide for the sake of our enemies in Moscow and Beijing.

We need a political party to seize on the antijewish sentiment growing in America. We need to promote American pride and self interest. We need to call out the jews who are calling for our demise in the name of saving us from themselves.

The first rule of subversion is to make the target nation believe it is already defeated and thereby prevent it from resisting its ruin. That is what your jewish friends and the whores paid by the Russian jews to destroy us are doing to you and our country.

Now that we, the jewwise American public, have stopped the bombing campaign on Syria before it began, we must end the aid to the jews' mercenaries in Syria. Putin is standing in our way. Syria and Iran should talk peace and help the American People fight the jews, not threaten us and thereby help the jews to destroy them.

On 10 September 2013, I predicted the Jews' Response to Their Failure to Manipulate Jewwise America into Another War for Israel, and It Is Already Coming to Pass

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In the following blog article, I predicted that the jews would destabilize Turkey, radicalize Iran and fire up North Korea all to profit Russia for helping the jews to destroy America:

Expect the Jews to Pour Billions into Destabilizing Iran and Turkey, and Viciously Assault the Palestinians, September 10, 2013

It hasn't taken long for my predictions to come true:

New anti-government protests hit Turkey

North Korea's Yongbyon reactor 'nearing operation'

Iran threatens widespread retaliation against US and allies

Sadly, the jews are soon going to start mass murdering the Palestinians. Don't look to Putin to stop the jews. He is working for them. Look to the American People and we can stop the jews just as we kept them from bombing Syria by protesting to the US Congress!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Because of the Jews, Every Day Is Like 9/11/2001

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews' false flag attack on 11 September 2001 was employed as a casus belli for America to destroy Afghanistan and then Iraq. The larger target of this war was America itself, which the jews sought to bankrupt financially, morally and spiritually. History has taught the jews that wars in Afghanistan are a sure recipe for national ruin and the jews are ruining us with wars every day.

But 9/11 was but a fragment of the daily barrage of vicious jewish attacks on humanity. Just the fact that jews pretend to be Americans while subverting our national interests, murdering our people, raising enemies against us and bringing us aggressively into war against those who have not harmed us, decieving us with their media and politicians, poisoning our land, air, water, food supply, homes, etc.; just the fact that jews use our humanity to decieve us into tolerating their genocidal presence on Earth so that they can kill us is a product of their ancient plan to become their god on Earth, their god the devil, himself, whose attributes they desire to emulate as jewish omniscience (infinite knowledge through an international espionage network, control of the press, control of educational institutions, ownership of manufacturing and publishing enterprises, etc.); omnipotence (unlimited power by means of money and debt creation, political control, philosophical control, media control, educational control, etc.); omnipresence (present everywhere by means of self dispersion into every nation and every field of endeavor, cryptojewry, and regulation of the zeitgeist defining culture); omnimalevolence (perfect evil, killing everything alive, destroying culture and civilization, deliberately spreading war, poverty, disease, perversion, strife, revolution, genocide, oppression, etc.).

Yes, the jews are a mirror image of their evil god and bear its horrific attributes. Every day is like 9/11/2001 because every day the jews attack and decieve us hoping to soon kill us all.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Expect the Jews to Pour Billions into Destabilizing Iran and Turkey, and Viciously Assault the Palestinians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jewish grip on media is not serving them nearly so well as it did in the recent past in America. The jews' cointelpro alternative media is also not serving them well, because the general public, who are not controlled by this jewish media and pay no attention to it, the general public are becoming jewwise. Witness the fact that the American People spontaneously petitioned the Congress to rein in Obama despite the jewish alternative media's campaign to make it appear futile to oppose the jews. Now, the mainstream jew media are adopting the style of, and joining with the jew alternative media to control the general public opinion to make it anti-­American and pro­-Putin.

The last weapon in the jews' genocidal arsenal is massive amounts of cash stolen from the American taxpayer. The jews want their Ahmadinejad back. They are going to pour oceans of money into destabilizing Iran and shine solar spotlights of criticism on Rouhani. The jews will turn on their puppet Erdogan and call on the Kurds to spread chaos in Turkey, Syria and Iraq, and the jews will fund and coordinate these attacks. The three blind mice the jews are chasing around are Syria, Iran and Lebanon. Expect the jews to take radical actions against the Palestinians.

By attacking the Palestinians, who are defenseless, the jews will seek to provoke the Turks into revolt, the Syrians into disarray and recklessness, the Lebanese into war, the Egyptians into a deep abyss of chaos, and the Iranians into radicalism.

Putin will get a few scooby snacks to hand out to his underlings for helping the jews cover their failure to control the US Congress and the American People. Hurting Turkey helps Russia. Iran will be forced to aid BRICS as its only means of survival as the jews tighten the financial noose on the Persians.

The jews will tell the Communist Chinese to spend still more money on Russian raw materials and arms and will use their control over North Korea to help the Russians and fund their war machine to use against White Europeans. The jews will use their monopolistic control over mainstream and alternative media to bolster their puppet Putin's popularity, and enormous ego. This helps the jews to control the American public and internationalize America by preventing Americans from realizing that all the power they need for freedom and prosperity is already theirs if only they would claim it and take control of their nation. America becomes international and completely controlled by looking to a foreign savior whose interests oppose those of Americans.

Always remember that the jews are international and bear no loyalty to any nation but their own. Their fate is not tied to any individual nation, but rather to their control over humanity. They do not want to control one nation alone and guide its destiny in a vacuum. They do not view us as nations other than as a means to control the whole lot of humanity. No individual host nation represents jewry or its broad agenda. Instead, jewry attempts to control all of humanity as the means to secure its own parasitic interests, which are both absolutely international and absolutely nationalistic, nationalistic for the jews who then view the entire Earth as their domain to be controlled with an iron fist.

The jews failed on Syria because the American public is now jewwise. The jews will adjust quickly to this new reality and play the world to their favor as best they can. The jews will increasingly try to make Americans hate themselves and try to internationalize and weaken us by promoting foreign saviors who do nothing for us and everything against us.

I am Concerned About the Ice Wall Proposal at Fukushima

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have several somewhat obvious concerns regarding the proposed ice foundation the Japanese are planning to install in the ground surrounding the failed reactors.

What plans are there to divert water coming from the surrounding earth so as to prevent uneven pressures?

What will prevent a rotation and twist of the complex in the event of an earthquake and or flood, which could produce a catastrophic agitation of the saturated ground much like a washing machine churning up the reactors?

What prevents the formation of a bucket and supersaturated soil producing quicksand?

What prevents erosion resulting in a sink hole beneath the complex?

These are just a few of the obvious concerns I have. Clearly, something must be done. The Japanese should be far more transparent so that we all can assess their proposals and offer suggestions. This disaster affects us all and we have a right to safeguard our health and that of the planet from reckless or foolish measures.

I have Found Many More Sources Stating Talaat Pasha and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Were Doenmeh Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In preparation for the promised hard copy publication of my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, I did more research to support the fact that Talaat and Ataturk were crypto-jews. I do not want to see this research go to waste despite the broken promises made to me.

Here are some of the citations which my research has yielded and these are supplemental to those already cited in previous editions of my book.

"Mustafa Kemal (Turkish nationalist leader), whom the grand vizier presents as a Jew, was born a Turk and his parents were from Salonika and were Deunmes, as were the parents of Talat and Djavid."--"Denies That National Turks Are Foreigners", The Miami Metropolis, (30 June 1920). Also: "Armenian Leader Shows Falsity of Turkish Claims: Discloses Who Are Leaders of the Nationalists", The Providence News, (24 June 1920).

"The members of the Central Committee of the Salonika organization were Karasu and the following proselytes (Doenme): Muhammed Javit; a teach in the school of commerces; Talaat, the Secretary of Post and [. . . .]"–S. G. Svajian, A Trip Through Historic Armenia, Green Hill Publishing, Armenia, (1977), p. 393.

"Interestingly enough, Talaat had once taught Turkish language in the Jewish school in the city of his birth."–E. A. Cooperman, Turco-Jewish Relations in the Ottoman City of Salonika, 1889-1912: Two Communities in Support of the Ottoman Empire, New York University, (1991), p.86.

"Four years later Talaat even propagated the fantastic idea of a 'Muslim-Jewish Alliance.' The Balkan wars had plunged the Ottoman Empire into financial ruin and Talaat, who became a key member of the CUP's ruling triumvirate following the military coup of Janauary 1913, expected the Zionists to link the empire with the fabulous wealth of 'world Jewry.'"–E. Karsh, Empires of the Sand: The Struggle for Mastery in the Middle East, 1789-1923.

"Cependant, si ma mémoire est fidèle, Talaat pacha est un deunmeh et Djavid pacha dirigea une de vos écoles."–Revue des deux mondes, (1917), p. 631.

"The former Grand Vizier, Talaat, is of the so-called Deunmeh, or perverts from Judaism, a powerful group in Salonica who have furnished several chief men to the Young Turks, and of whose religious zeal the less said the better."–"The Waning Crescent in Turkey", The Moslem World, Volume 9, Missionary Review Publishing Co., Inc., New York, New York, (1919), p. 72.

"The deunmehs of to-day, affiliated with Free Masonry, instructed in Occidental universities, often professing total atheism, have given leaders to the Young Turk revolution. Talaat Bey, Djavid Bey, and many other members of the Committee [. . . .]"–E. Littell, R. S. Tittell, The Living Age, Volume 320, (1924), p. 420.

"Les criminels ne sont pas les vrais musulmans, mais ce sont les deunmehs! ... camparses: Saïd Halim pacha, Midhat Chukru, le commandant militaire de Constantinople Ahmed Djevad, Atif, Halil bey, Zia Geukalp, Kutchuk, Talaat, etc."–A. Beylerian, Les grandes puissances, l'Empire Ottoman et les Arméniens dans les archives francaises (1914-1918): documents reunis et presentes par Arthur Beylerian, Universite de Paris I–Pantheon-Sorbonne, (1983), p. lxi.

"[. . .] not only the CUP minister of finance, Djavid, but also the CUP minister of the interior, Talat, among the dönme from Salonica."–Hans-Lukas Kieser, A Quest for Belonging: Anatolia Beyond Empire and Nation, (2007).

"In 1911, the editors counted not only CUP minister of finance, Javid, but also, wrongly, the CUP minister of the interior, Talat, among the dönme from Salonika."–Hans-Lukas Kieser, Nearest East: American Millenialism and Mission to the Middle East, (2010), p. 62.

"In 1911 according to General Sherif Pasha (who is in a position to know, having served on the Committee), the directorate of the Union and Progress Committee was composed of: three Jews, MM. Carasso, Cohen and Faraggi; nine Mâmins [Doenmeh], Djavid Bey, Dr. Nazim, Osman, Talaat Bey, Baldgi, Kiani Ipeck, Karakasch, Kiazim, and Osman Adil[. . . .] two of the members of the Occult Directory of Salonika, two Mâmins, Talaat the Postman and Djaivd an elementary schoolmaster, became ministers. [. . .] Talaat Bey, and the grand council of which is exclusively compounded of Jews and Mâmins such as MM. Carasso, Cohen, Faraggi, Djavid Bey, Salomon Kibar, etc., that is to say the old Salonika Committee less the few genuine Turks who served on that body and have been[. . . .]"–The Oxford and Cambridge Review, Volumes 25-26, (1912), pp. 157, 159 and 165. A French translation of these quotations appears in: Le Revue antimaçonnique, Volume 5, (1912), pp. 89, 96-97.

"Talaat Pasha, Enver Pasha and Jamal Pasha, who orchestrated the Armenian Christian slaughter, were of Jewish ancestry. Along with Ataturk, a Jew with Greek blood, they were members of the Jewish donme."–T. Christ, Bread Crumb: A Greek's Odyssey, (2003), p. 388.

See also Arnold Toynbee in Great Contemporaries: Essays by Various Hands, Cassell and Company, Limited, (1935). p. 291.

We need a professional video to document these facts and disseminate this information on the internet.

We can warn the World about the genocidal jews with a series of documentaries revealing the jews' many genocides of non-jews. I cannot do this alone and will not attempt it without sufficient support.

We Can't Keep Dodging Bullets for Long Before We Get Hit by One

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I hope that a deal is struck whereby Syria surrenders its chemical weapons in exchange for guarantees that the jews will not bomb Syria through America, Europe, Turkey or Saudi Arabia. If it happens, it will not be a product of Russian diplomacy, as the jews would have us believe, but rather because of public pressure, especially that of the American and British peoples, who said NO to the jews.

If Putin wants to stabilize the situation, as he should, as we all should, then the refugee crisis must be corrected and the foreign mercenaries disarmed and imprisoned. In other words, the international community should stop playing apocalyptic games and resolve the problem. We should have learned from Fukushima that it is not a viable option to employ temporary band aids where more permanent fixes are needed.

The World public has made a major difference in this crisis, as we did when Israel attacked Lebanon. We must keep up the pressure. Now we must focus on stopping Saudi Arabia and Turkey, as well as America, from aiding and abetting the jews in their jewish genocidal attack on Syria.

The US Congress and the UN should take action to sanction Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey for attacking Syria. A bold American member of Congress could initiate the process by proposing a statement condemning the Saudis and others for sponsoring terrorism in Syria and other nations. Putin could have strongly condemned this terrorism and the States sponsoring it at any time, but as yet has not. But we cannot afford to wait for politicians to do what we must do for ourselves.

We must apply the pressure of public opinion against those nations which are destabilizing Syria and promoting the most barbaric methods of terrorism against the Syrian People.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Keep Up the Pressure on the Congress NOT to Attack Syria, It's Working!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

While jews like Kapner were telling you that an attack on Syria was unstoppable, I was asking you to help pressure the US Congress to prevent an attack. The pressure appears to be working. Now, and only now, that it appears that Obama lacks the votes in Congress, the jews are looking for a way out of the fiasco they created.

Kerry/Kohn floated the trial balloon of a quid pro quo of withdrawal of an America plan for an attack in exchange for the surrender of chemical weapons by the Syrian government. The Russians sponsored this idea, but only after the Congress appears set to vote down the illegal attack proposal.

The tell that Putin is in bed with the jews behind all this, is that the proposed resolution comes only after the American People said NO to jewry and further that no demands are being made on America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc. to stop sponsoring the invasion force presently attacking Syria.

If Putin were genuine in his support of Syria, he would have sought to bring about multilateral negotiations to slow down and resolve the crisis. He could have easily and obviously accomplished this by moving Russian observers in Syria to monitor the chemical weapons while an international negotiation began with talks to resolve all issues. In this way, Syria would have had some leverage to end the other attacks on the nation, and the World would thereby have found a path to real peace instead of the prolonged threat of world war.

We have to now start pressuring Congress to stop sponsoring the jews' war on Syria and to withdraw support from the terrorists who have invaded Syria. Perhaps there might be a way to boycott oil from nations sponsoring international terrorism? Putin should call for talks to end the other attacks on Syria, in exchange for monitoring the chemical weapons held by the Syrian government, so that we can resolve this danger and put it behind us.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Beware an USS Liberty Redux

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Should the vicious, lying jews succeed in lobbying the Congress to grant Obama the authority to attack Syria, the jews would then have the opportunity to bomb an American ship and scapegoat the Syrians. I suspect this is one of the reasons why the jews so heavily promote the idea that Syria has Russian manufactured missiles capable of sinking American vessels.

Putin is riding the fence so as to encourage jingoistic statements from the Syrian and Iranian governments, without providing them with any means of success. He is also a puppet of the jews, if not a jew himself.

Remember, it takes at least two opposing sides to make a war. Russia is again the clear choice to pit Whites against Whites.

If We Do Not Stop Them, the Jews Will Kill Us All and I Quote:

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Over the years, I have documented several passages in the Old Testament, Talmud and Cabalah, which the jews interpret to mean that the jews' messiah will exterminate the human race. I have found yet another express statement of the jews' intent to genocide the human race in Isaac Myer's Qabbalah of 1888, on page 437, which states in the relevant passage,

"The Coming of the Messiah, Death of All the then Living, and of the New Kingdom. "It is written: 'I kill and I make alive.' (Deut. xxxii, 39.) That means: Till now death has been from Sith-rah a'h-rak the other side, but from now on 'I kill and I make alive,' that is, in that time (when the Messiah comes) all those who have not tasted the taste of death will die through Him, and He will revivify them at once. Why is this? Because nothing whatever of that pollution (the pollution of sin) shall remain in the world, and there will be a new world made by the Holy, Blessed be He!""

The jews believe that the blood of Adam, which is both male and female, is tainted by Samael (Satan) and by Lilith. Therefore, the jews believe that man, who is god below, must be destroyed to recreate man in man's image above, that of god.

The jews used to always pray to the East. The jews believe that the left half of man is female and evil. The left half of a man faces North when the man faces East. The jews associate the North, as in Europe, with evil. This is yet another reason why the jews seek to first genocide Europeans in their quest to kill off the human race.

Add to that the destruction of the temple by the Romans, the desecration of the temple by the Greeks and Romans, etc. The jews also associate the European man with Christianity and they loathe Christianity because it pretends to their throne as the tree of life and image of Adam. At the same time, the jews created and sponsor Christianity as the Esau to soldier and slave for the jews, and as a means to kill off the 70/71 gods of the nations, the Goyim, so as to leave the pagans with no supernatural protection and as a means to kill off the Elohim which compete with the jews' gods. The jews believe that by tricking the Goyim into abandoning their native gods, the jews kill off those gods in the heavens, as below, so above.

Genocide is the core goal and belief of judaism. The jews desire to kill everything that lives, man, animals, goy gods and the guardian angels whom the jews believe attend every created being. The jews promote genetically modified organisms because they believe this separates living beings from their guardian angels leaving life ripe for the jews' harvest of genocidal death.

We must petition the US Congress to stop the jews from destroying Syria. The jews will not stop at slaughtering Syrians. The jews will not stop killing until we stop them, or they have destroyed all life to make way for a new world of their murderous myth making.

The jews are a deadly poison to all that lives. Call the Congress. Write the Congress. Speak directly to the Congress. Do it now, before we all die. Do it today and tomorrow and the day after, until we stop the jews.