Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Whereas Polls Can Be Fickle, Institutions Perpetuate Themselves: Golden Dawn's Golden Opportunity to Become the Golden Standard as the Greek National Institution

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Golden Dawn would do well to strengthen its hierarchical structure in the face of the illegal government attacks directed at its highest leadership. The party is polling well, and that is great. The pendulum is swinging in its favor, at the moment.

This provides an excellent opportunity for the Golden Dawn to firmly establish itself as a Greek institution that will survive the whims of the voters and become a part of the Greek consciousness, a meaningful element of the Greek psyche. Even the enemies of Greece and the Golden Dawn must now define themselves in the Golden Dawn's terms, and that is a key turning point in the history of Greece. These enemies of Greeks now express themselves as being anti-Golden Dawn, rather than merely internationalist, zionist, multiculturalist and bolshevist.

But the Golden Dawn must transition from being an image, almost a mere phantom, to becoming a solid institution whose respectability derives not merely from respectable poll numbers, but as the true essence of Greek thought. Golden Dawn must be understood and respected for what it represents, rather than merely for its opposition to those who oppose it.

The leadership of the Party has a golden opportunity create a Greek consciousness on its terms and so to have the common Greek man see himself and his nation tightly bound to the Party and its ideals. They must lead the nation to react in a constructive way to the illegal attack on the Party and its leaders. To be Golden Dawn must be seen as being truly and dutifully Greek.

One way to turn reaction into organization and general party consciousness would be to organize general protests in defense of the Greek Constitution and to file lawsuits and criminal human rights complaints against those who have violated the human rights of Greek voters and Members of Parliament in the Golden Dawn. Teach the Greeks that they are on their own by filing complaints with the United Nations here:


I could well understand that some may be opposed to turning to international bodies to solve a Greek crisis. In that event, voters should sue the government for detaining and/or imprisoning their elected officials and depriving them of their duly elected representatives.

This is only one line to pursue towards the goal of promoting Greeks to see the party as themselves and to organize them and maintain and build the party leadership. Do not let the leadership structure fail! Do whatever it takes to keep the party focused on constructive activity so that it defines itself not as a reactionary force to relentless attack, but as a proactive source of national energy and restorative power.

Set tasks which require leadership and organization so that the party maintains itself of necessity to accomplish these tasks. Define these tasks in the public mind as essential to the preservation and growth of the nation. Define Golden Dawn as the rule of law and the representative power of the rights of Greeks, so that all Greeks come to see themselves as a part of Golden Dawn by being Greek.