Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Greeks Have a Long, Probably Ancient Tradition of Hoarding and Storing Weapons

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Many years ago when I used to work with large format photographic equipment, I met a Greek camera repairman. We had a long conversation about Greek politics and history. The man hated communists.

He told me that there were weapons and ammunition of many types and vintages buried all over Greece, including heavy machine guns. He said the Greeks kept these weapons to rid themselves of occupiers and to battle communists.

One of the facets of the jewish witch hunt against Golden Dawn is their illegal efforts to turn up, or perhaps even plant, weapons on its members. I suspect if you dig around into any large group in Greece, you will find weapons because it is a part of their culture and traditions to store these weapons. It is an human rights violation to selectively attack Golden Dawn for allegations of weapons possession without applying the same standards and practices of search and seizure to all Greeks without bias or special purpose.

I suspect that the Greek public is especially vulnerable to this method of accusation, because it would be easy for Greeks to believe that Greeks are storing weapons given that it is their habit and tradition. That might provide an incentive for the prosecution to consider planting such weapons.

Merely raising these accusations serves another nefarious purpose for the jews. It discourages the Greeks from protecting themselves from foreign invaders and communists by accumulating arms caches to be used in the event of an emergency.