Friday, November 29, 2013

The Jews Desire to Destroy America, One Way, or Another. . . In Any Way They Can and in Spite of the Ways They Cannot

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews have failed to force Americans to destroy America by pointlessly and counterproductively attacking Syria and Iran. The jews primary objective in attempting to incite warfare between America, Syria and Iran is the destruction of America through the self consumption of perpetual aggressive war with no returns.

The jews first had the Soviets attack Afghanistan, when the jews decided to pull the plug on the USSR. The jews are first having America consume itself in aggressive wars in Afghanistan and throughout the Islamic nations, in preparation for a Chinese take over of American soil and international influence.

Since the jews have failed to force us into war in Syria and Iran, they are instead going for the jugular and are inciting the Communist Chinese to attack us now, rather than later. This began as proxy threats of nuclear war through Red China's satellite nation North Korea, and has now broken out into the open in response to growing peace initiatives between the USA, Syria and Iran.

Never forget that we are the primary target when the jews pit us against others. America is the most powerful nation of European origin and the jews want us dead. Communist China is their ideal Marxist Utopia of toxic cess, human bondage, and genocidal mass murder.

Will you at long last stand up and fight for your rights before the jews arm two billion Chinese and sic them upon you?

Don't Let the Jews Confuse White Dominance and White Self Preservation with Hypocrisy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews are desperate to prevent Whites from recognizing and employing their natural rights of White Supremacism. The jews are attempting to dissuade Whites from asserting their natural rights by confounding White Supremacism with Jewish Supremacism.

White Supremacism is meant to secure White political dominance and demographic majority in White lands. Jewish supremacism is determined and destined to genocide the human race. Whereas jewish supremacism seeks to undermine all others even to the detriment of jews, White Supremacism has as its aim the improvement of the general living conditions on planet Earth.

White Supremacism asserts Whites' right to sovereignty and self determination within nature and by natural right. Jewish supremacism compels all human beings and nature generally to submit to jewish rule and the law of their fictional genocidal god.

White Supremacism is natural, normal and promotes life. Jewish supremacism is unnatural, destructive and hostile to all nature, and has as its primary goal the absolute elimination of all non-jewish life. White Supremacism is constructive. Jewish supremacism is destructive.

In the very real competition between Whites and jews, there is no hypocrisy in seeking to dominate the competition. It is our only means of survival and abides the highest moral standards, those of preserving our children. A soccer team is not hypocritical for working to dominate and defeat their competition. Whites are not hypocritical for seeking to remove enemy jews from influence over their nations and destinies.

The Degeneration of American and European Culture Through the Jewish Controlled Media

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Many are aware that talkshow Blacks and Jews have been degrading our culture and weakening our society for decades. They tend to degrade and mock White interests. They frequently portray White males as if the enemies of all, including White males, as does Jewish media in general.

A lesser known influence is strongly felt in cooking shows, which tend to heavily promote multiculturalism and homosexual culture. There are several celebrity cooking show hosts who have Jewish blood and/or are married to Jews, including, but by no means limited to, Pati Jinich, Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain, Ina Rosenberg Garten, Mario Batali and Sara Moulton.

The promotion of foreign culture is the degradation of native culture.

Children's television and movies also heavily promote multiculturalism and multiracialism. Our children's minds are being turned against them, us and our ancestors.

Communist China's ADIZ Is Retaliation for America's Refusal to Wage War on Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews are terribly disappointed that they failed to force America into waging war on Iran. The Jews miss their Ahmadinejad.

Just as Israel's Lieberman issued veiled threats against America, and as Iran and America sought to achieve a peacefull resolution of the Jews' desire to annihilate Iran, Communist China took provocative steps towards war with America and our allies in the region.

I have been publicly warning for decades that China wants to replace America as the leading nation of the World. I've been publicly warning for at least seven years that Communist China is a tool of the Jews they are employing to destroy us and that the Communist Chinese are in turn turning North Korea into a cat's paw of the Jews to threaten us with nuclear disaster.

The Jews are coming to China's defense and attacking America for what is clearly and undeniably Communist Chinese aggression. The Jews are arming the Chinese with nuclear weapons, while sabotaging our military with endless wars and destroying our industrial and agricultural base. All the while, the Jews, through the Communist Chinese, are threatening us with world war should we fail to be their Esau waging perpetual war on the world and Islam in particular, this as the Jews flood America and Europe with Muslims against the best interests and natural desires of Whites.

Wake up or die. Fight them, or you are helping the Jews destroy your genetic heritage by your inaction and passive compliance.

Note that the "alternative" media only focuses on Fukishima to hurt our ally Japan, without connecting the dots to the Jews. This helps the Jews strengthen China and weaken the position of Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, our allies.

I warned you that the Chinese would move to takeover the seas. Now it has happened, because you failed to heed my warnings. Far worse things are to come as you sit idle. Your grandchildren will not survive your cowardice and complacency.