Saturday, December 28, 2013

This Is What the Jews Gave to the Communists in Russia and China So They Will Murder Your Children

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The following short video I found on youtube exposes some of what the jews have done in their campaign to kill us off:

Jews of Mass Destruction

We need a professionally done full length video exposing the fact that the jews are our enemy and are arming the communists to kill us. It can be billed as a response to the treacherous jew John Kerry Kohn and his desire to free the jew traitor Pollard. The jews infiltrate to kill us and jewish law commands them to prevent and subvert Goy justice for jew on Gentile crime.

Do you want your children to perish in the horrors of a nuclear war? If not, then you better do so something to stop the jews and their army of communist Chinese. Do not ignore the fact that the Red Chinese are threatening to exterminate us with nuclear weapons through their proxy State North Korea. Do not bury your head in the sand and pretend away the fact that at this very moment the communists are killing off any who resist an unprovoked attack by North Korea.


Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There should be a website petitioning the Federal Government to execute the jew spy and traitor Jonathan Pollard. Pollard should be Rosenberged both for his treason against the USA, and so that no Jew like John Kerry Kohn can commit further treason against America by cutting a deal with Israel for Pollard's release.

I suggest the website feature jewish treason against America throughout our history, starting with jew agent Benedict Arnold (refer to the Dearborn Independent articles on this subject reprinted in The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem) and including among countless others the jew assassin John Wilkes Booth and the commie Rosenbergs and their aids.

The Same Jews Posing As If "American Patriots", Who Gayly Announce Each Aggressive Procurement of Weaponry by KGB Putin and Commie China, Accuse the USA of Rekindling the Cold War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is quite alarming that so many of the jewish "alternative media" and cryptojews posting on discussion groups dedicated to ending jewish tyranny, joyfully announce each advance the communists make in arming themselves to attack us and expand their domain. These same trojan horse cowboys constantly demean America and hypocritically and insanely accuse America of restarting the cold war as the commies openly prep to attack and annihilate us and engage in expansionism and imperialism. All while these well funded and organized cryptocommunists present themselves to the American public as if they were American patriots and anticommunists!

Another alarming trend is the rise of pseudofascists touting communist Chinese as if the commies were antiNWO. They wave the swastika, and cheerlead for communists. They are attempting to brainwash us to welcome in KGB Putin's troops and commie Chinese soldiers to arrest Americans and takeover our government. Just as the bolshevik jews called on Russians and Germans to welcome in international jews and Chinese to arrest and slaughter their leaders, the pseudofascists are trying to trick us into believing the jews' international forces should be welcomed into our sovereign nations to "save us" from the jews. More than one of these subversive creatures appears to be a White-Asian mixed.

Americans Are Guilty of Innocence: The Redshields Are Coming! The Redshields Are Coming!

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews love hype and to sell us Chinese crap. The jews hyped their mulatto puppet Obama as if our messiah with the empty slogan "change!" The man had no substance whatsoever and was a very easy candidate to defeat. But the jews managed to place him in office twice by portraying him as if a great man without ever citing his accomplishments, which amounted to none. I warned the world of exactly what they could expect from the lying psychopath Obama back on 5 November 2008:

Barack Obama: A Psychological Profile, November 05, 2008

Americans have an international reputation for stupidity. The Germans sometimes refer to us as American idiots. Foreigners flock here to take advantage of our innocence and cheat us out of our wealth by sticking their warty thumbs in our pie and plucking our ripe plums.

The jews are using the same slimy sales techniques to sell us their worthless commie puppet President of Commie China, Xi Jinping and his hollow wife Peng Liyuan. I warned about this in March:

Putting a Pretty Face on Tyranny: As Communist China Threatens Nuclear War on the USA Through Its Proxy North Korea, the Jewish Media Gushes Over Communist China's "First Lady" Peng Liyuan, March 26, 2013

And what is it that this America hating Mao loving commie dictator has accomplished to merit the universal praise and refusal to name anything negative of the jewish press, "mainstream" and "alternative"? Has he reined in crazy Kim to prevent WW III? No! Has he extended warm friendship to Japan, Australia and America? No! He has done anything to ease tensions with America and our allies? No! Instead he has rekindled the cold war and openly declared war on America, Japan, South Korea and Australia; while building an alliance hell bent on destroying us.

But does the jew media sound the alarm that the commies are coming? No! Does the jew media demand educational programs, produce movies and documentaries aplenty, and issue edicts in the Congress and lectures in the White House to warn us about the commie aggression, the way they constantly cram holocaust lies in our faces? No! They are too busy legislating away our rights to criticize communism!

Red China's Xi Jinping is our sworn enemy. He is not a great man. Like jew puppet Obama, the only thing he has accomplished is looking good in a suit next to his shallow pampered wife. He makes a good photographic poster for communist oppression and expansionism. He is exactly what the jews want, an enemy they can portray as if a savior, a puppet without thoughts of his own. A commie who hates America as much as they do.

And what of our ally Japan? Where is the jew media focus on the plight of the Japanese? Where are the media tears for the children of Japan destined to die of cancer? Where is the media criticism of Red China's cowardly aggression against our ally Japan as Japan suffers from Fukushima? Where has the jew media criticized bellicose jew puppet Xi Jinping for praising the genocidal Chinese killing commie Mao while hypocritically promising war on Japan for honoring its heroes?

The jews are promoting our enemy Xi Jinping in the same way they sold us Obama. The jews always uncritically promote communist tyrunts while denigrating America, our allies and our freedoms.

The truest tell of the controlled opposition among us is their visceral hatred of America and constant promotion of communist China and KGB Putin. Not one good word about America, nor one utterance of criticism of the communists comes from this troop of cryptocommie clowns, who pretend to be "patriots" and "antizionists/anticommunists". Instead, they constantly attack our morale, our nation and our interests, while prompting us to consider our genocidal enemies our saviors. They tell us the ruin of our nation is a good thing and call upon us to aid our enemies in destroying us, our allies and our international interests.

Let me again be a lonely voice warning you that the commies are coming. Red China is our enemy. Putin is our enemy. The President of Red China is an empty headed aggressive and expansionist commie tyrunt who wants to instigate WW III and see us dead. The jew media are promoting him to kill you.

We desperately need media revealing the RED TERROR and the horrors of communism and communists. It needs to be as graphic as the jew holocaust propaganda and it needs to happen now. The jews are suppressing the reality of communism from our youth and their innocence will kill us if we allow it to continue.

The situation is no different from 1920, when the jew media and cryptocommunist politicians suppressed public knowledge of the Red Terror, as witnessed by the above excerpt from the article, "International Labor Boycott of Hungary: Blow Aimed at the 'White Terror'", The New York Times Current History: The European War (July, 1919-October, 1920), Volume 20, New York Times Company, New York, (1920), pp. 328-330 of the PDF.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Don't Pin Your Hopes on a Jew Corpse Nailed to a Roman Cross: Das Führerprinzip

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There was an old joke among Roman soldiers that went something like this, "What do you call a crucified jew? A good start!" The jews also poked pointed fun at their boy Jesus when they pinned him up like a kosher voodoo doll to save the jewish nation and subvert those Goyim so unwise as to worship a disgusting cadaver on a cross as their divine idol and supposed salvation from death, a creepy idol whom the jews knew to be Sammael, that crafty old serpent who betrays all who worship him. And to whom does ole Sammy betray those Goyim so gullible as to have faith in him? Why the jews, of course, and for the meager and dishonorable sum of a yearly goat. You see the whole of Christendom is the jews' scapegoat and they toss you out annually to the snake who is your guardian betrayer.

Oh how well it worked for the vengeful jew brood. In short order, the Romans killed off their protective gods and converted their sacred temples into houses for the jews' voodoo (i)doll. So don't be perplexed when you witness the jews, who gave you Christianity, spitting on Sammy as they pass by his mutilated corpse hanging in your houses of worship. It is how they curse you with your faith in their gods. It is how they stick more needles in Jesus to put an end to you. It is jew voodoo and you play along, you do do.

The jews learned long ago that Whites become passive before authority and obey strong leadership. The jews knew they could use your good, altruistic nature against you. They planned from the moment they fabricated the myth of Esau and Jacob from Egyptian religion, that they would use you as their slaves and soldiers to kill off humanity, and so they passed on their religious call to genocide humanity to you through Christianity, and later Islam.

If you worship the corpse on a cross, then you are hoping for an apocalyptic end to humanity. You will either sit passively by as the jews instigate WW III believing your leader, the dead jew, is in charge of your fate and will deliver you from the death you passively abide; or you are of the even crazier kind who will aid the jews to kill us all off in the hopes of shaking the mutilated jew corpse's hand and taking a kite ride to heaven. So sick are you who have faith in the dead jew to deliver you from death!

I am afraid I cannot be as passive as you and let your cowardice and craziness continue unchallenged, you jewwise Christian who believes that the one good jew was the dead jew who will give you life everlasting if you climb into his immoral genocidal coffin and suffer the stink of the genocidal Old Testament and communist Goy eviscerating New Testament. A jew corpse on a cross is not going to descend from heaven and save us. And neither is the jew KGB kingpin come jew puppet prince named Putin be it in the garb of a cross or a yarmulke, nor are the commie Chinese, or crazy commie Kim, or knife in your back Ron Paul, or Israel ally Erdogan, etc. Note that the alternative jew media has offered up all these as if your saviors and leaders, your guardian betrayers.

You see, when the jew tells you to relax, you have a leader who will save you, and names a jew puppet in charge, he is enslaving you and your mind so that you do nothing to save yourself and justify your inaction and cowardice as if something noble, vaguely defined as "faith". Have faith in this, there is no hope for you if you do not personally act to better your future and combat jewry.

The jew savior ruse subverts the age old Führerprinzip and has you bound and gagged by the enemy to a doctrine that will inevitably, and by design, destroy you. You do need leaders, but not dead jew messiahs inviting you into the grave, with a pierced side and a crown of thorns, to join the rotting.

For two thousand years, Christianity has subverted and internationalized the monarchies of Europe. The two headed eagle of nobility is schizophrenic with the European head of power turned in disgust away from the jewish corpse of international Christendom tearing the soul of Europe in two with its jewish destruction of all things European. For two thousand years, Christianity has slaughtered the guardian gods of Europeans and bent the mighty European to bow to a dead mutilated jew and thank him for their sorrows.

Christianity kills. It kills souls. It kills cultures. It kills guardian gods. It kills Europeans and their descendants. It kills leadership. It converts rule from duty to ones kind, to obedience to jewish law, morbid genocidal jewish gods, and internationalism. It destroys the highest virtue of the perpetuation of ones blood community, to the continuance of the institution of the international jewish religion of cultural destruction and stagnation.

All those things claimed to be the good done by Christianity, are instead the good done by good people in spite of Christianity.

We are having a leadership problem in no small part due to subversive Christianity. Christians are sitting on their hands both because they hope for the end of humanity to come and will even work to bring it about, and because they can justify their cowardice and irresponsibility to their community by claiming the higher ground of a genocidal faith that will drop them in the grave they so Christianly crave.

Think about how crazy you are, jewwise Christian. You hope for the world to end and you worship a mutilated jew corpse nailed to a Roman cross and its supposed jew god daddy. You are every bit the jew, and the jews' slobber stained bit in the mouths of the horsemen's horses you hope will destroy us as the jews steer us into hell.

We need real leadership and Christianity is a stumbling block to achieving it, though it can be one of the best means of effectuating it once the hierarchical structure is in place. No less an obstacle to our obtaining rule is the fact the wealthy enjoy subjugating the less fortunate, and choose comfort over duty, and long term survival.

Libertarian Jews Show Their Treacherous Cryptocommunist Colors, Again and Again

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Libertarian jews are the neohypies and Jane Fondas of the 21st century. I have long held, and was the first to claim, that the jewess "Ayn Rand" was a controlled opposition agent and prominent member of the communist "Trust" which sent supposed anticommunists into the West to infiltrate real anticommunist movements and subvert them to serve jewish interests.

I have witnessed the jewish and cryptojewish alternative media, which is dominated by libertarians, objectivists and Randites, help in several ways to put commie Obama in office, from outright advocating for him, to pushing Ron Paul down our throats to subvert the Republicans, etc. Another more recent example of their true communist leanings is the fact that they are desperate to scapegoat America for Red Chinese and North Korean communist aggression against South Korea, Japan and America. They have not one bad word to say about the communists they pretend to oppose.

Like their Vietnam era counterparts, they exist to subvert our nation and promote communist interests while pretending to be anticommunists.

While on the subject, it is interesting to note that Red China's communist president Xi Jinping is celebrating the genocidal mass murderer and jew puppet Mao Tsedung, who murdered many times more Chinese than the Japanese have ever killed, and who destroyed Chinese culture in Mainland China and who enslaved the Mainland Chinese People; and yet the commie darling of the jew media Xi has the chutzpah to attack Abe of Japan for honoring Japan's military heroes. It appears the jews are eagerly trying to pit the South Koreans against the North Koreans and Japanese, and the Japanese against everyone.

I note in closing that the alternative jew media of libertarians is highly critical of America and Japan, but just loves commie China and KGB Putin. Such is the political DNA of our jewish "patriots" and "anticommunists".

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Once World War III Starts, It Will Never End, Until We Are All Dead

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews constantly hang threats over our heads as a pretext to deprive us of our rights, steal our wealth and prevent or at least hinder our progress. Once the jews start WW III, they will not let it end, but will use it as their perpetual revolution and perpetual war with which to enslave us until they exterminate us.

If the jews fail to provoke a nuclear war, they will simply prolong a conventional war in perpetuity, but unlike the prolonged cold war, it will be a shooting war with unending horrors and constant hardships. It will be worse than was life in the Soviet Union and famine and death will be everywhere, forever, until the very end.

The jews will control all information and constantly lie to us about our history, our present and our future. We will be isolated in every sense for as long as we are alive. The worst conditions of previous jewish run countries will not begin to compare to the future we are about to enter if we fail to stop the jews.

All aspects of the staged conflicts will be misrepresented to us, and the jews will steal all the wealth of the world as we starve and die of illness. Property will rot into rubble as it did in jew run bolshevist countries and there will never again be an attempt to better the lives of man. World War III is not meant to be won by any but the jews. It is instead a universal trap to bring down mankind into slavery and mutual destruction followed by extinction. It will be very unlikely we can find a way out once it starts and it is about to start.

The technology now exists for the jews to deceive every society into obeying a condition of constant war and totalitarian slavery until none are left alive to object. It will come quickly when it comes, like flame in a lake of gasoline, and only ash will survive it.

Intercontinental Traffic and Resource Management in the Event of a Third World War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Should WW III break out, the intercontinental flow of food, raw materials, goods and energy resources will be severally impacted. This will provide the communist jews with the opportunity they seek to force us to adopt communist policy domestically and internationally.

The introduction of electric cars seems to me tied to a plan to obstruct the flow of oil to America and Europe, and redirect it to China. Food shortages combined with the proscription of non-government managed food production favors a communist genocide by means of mass starvation both domestically and internationally.

The jews will subtly convert Iranian uranium mining and enrichment into a subsidy for the Red Chinese nuclear weapons program. Energy will begin to flow eastward across Asia towards China, rather than westward to Europe and America.

The production of food by the Ukraine and other former Soviet Republics from Belarus to Armenia will become crucial to feeding the growing Chinese Army, and this is one of the reasons why the Russians are battling to again pull these nations into the jews' communist fold. At the same time, the jews are flooding Western Europe with non-Whites who will burden the consumption of resources and goods once war breaks out, while only serving to disunite the military forces of these nations as the jews deliberately agitate Whites and non-Whites against each other.

The seas and the skies will become a dangerous place to travel, which is one of the reasons why the jews are flooding us with unwanted immigrants now. The jews want to prevent the continental isolation they are going to deliberately create from in any way promoting White homogeneity and Autarky. The jews will supplant Autarky with international communist aid bodies to prevent any independence and self sufficiency, and the aid will be contingent upon the surrender of sovereignty and the dispersal first to non-Whites, as is already happening domestically in America with governmental aid.

We will lose the deed to our property as the government seizes control of our property rights in the name of managing scarce resources. The jews will funnel all that would be ours to Red China as we will have no means of knowing what traffics the seas and the skies and the jews will lie to us and pretend that our military has clamped down the seas and the skies when in fact the Chinese will have free access to both as we are barred from any. Information will be filtered to us as it always is under communism. And so it will go as we suffer more and more until we are gone.

There is an alternative to all this, if you are willing to do something.

Christmas Greetings from Reality: All of My Unique Predictions from September, 2013, Have Already Come True

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A few months ago, I alone predicted that the viciously treacherous and genocidally murderous jews would turn on their man Erdogan, assault the Palestinians to provoke a backlash by Hezbullah, the Turks, Syrians, Lebonese and the Iranians, so as to provide a pretext for attack, and would promote Putin and sponsor the communist Chinese and Russians against us, while destabilizing Turkey as a reward for Putin and Red China's agreement to wage a war of extermination on Western Civilization:

Expect the Jews to Pour Billions into Destabilizing Iran and Turkey, and Viciously Assault the Palestinians, September 10, 2013

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jewish grip on media is not serving them nearly so well as it did in the recent past in America. The jews' cointelpro alternative media is also not serving them well, because the general public, who are not controlled by this jewish media and pay no attention to it, the general public are becoming jewwise. Witness the fact that the American People spontaneously petitioned the Congress to rein in Obama despite the jewish alternative media's campaign to make it appear futile to oppose the jews. Now, the mainstream jew media are adopting the style of, and joining with the jew alternative media to control the general public opinion to make it anti--American and pro--Putin.

The last weapon in the jews' genocidal arsenal is massive amounts of cash stolen from the American taxpayer. The jews want their Ahmadinejad back. They are going to pour oceans of money into destabilizing Iran and shine solar spotlights of criticism on Rouhani. The jews will turn on their puppet Erdogan and call on the Kurds to spread chaos in Turkey, Syria and Iraq, and the jews will fund and coordinate these attacks. The three blind mice the jews are chasing around are Syria, Iran and Lebanon. Expect the jews to take radical actions against the Palestinians.

By attacking the Palestinians, who are defenseless, the jews will seek to provoke the Turks into revolt, the Syrians into disarray and recklessness, the Lebanese into war, the Egyptians into a deep abyss of chaos, and the Iranians into radicalism.

Putin will get a few scooby snacks to hand out to his underlings for helping the jews cover their failure to control the US Congress and the American People. Hurting Turkey helps Russia. Iran will be forced to aid BRICS as its only means of survival as the jews tighten the financial noose on the Persians.

The jews will tell the Communist Chinese to spend still more money on Russian raw materials and arms and will use their control over North Korea to help the Russians and fund their war machine to use against White Europeans. The jews will use their monopolistic control over mainstream and alternative media to bolster their puppet Putin's popularity, and enormous ego. This helps the jews to control the American public and internationalize America by preventing Americans from realizing that all the power they need for freedom and prosperity is already theirs if only they would claim it and take control of their nation. America becomes international and completely controlled by looking to a foreign savior whose interests oppose those of Americans.

Always remember that the jews are international and bear no loyalty to any nation but their own. Their fate is not tied to any individual nation, but rather to their control over humanity. They do not want to control one nation alone and guide its destiny in a vacuum. They do not view us as nations other than as a means to control the whole lot of humanity. No individual host nation represents jewry or its broad agenda. Instead, jewry attempts to control all of humanity as the means to secure its own parasitic interests, which are both absolutely international and absolutely nationalistic, nationalistic for the jews who then view the entire Earth as their domain to be controlled with an iron fist.

The jews failed on Syria because the American public is now jewwise. The jews will adjust quickly to this new reality and play the world to their favor as best they can. The jews will increasingly try to make Americans hate themselves and try to internationalize and weaken us by promoting foreign saviors who do nothing for us and everything against us.

Today, just a few months after my specific predictions that this would happen, Turkey is disintegrating into chaos and the Turks are turning on jew puppet Erdogan and his fellows and in a manner which only weakens Turkey, the jews are attacking Gaza and openly planning to attack Hezbullah and Lebanon, and the Russians and Red Chinese are gearing up to annihilate us. And still you do nothing to help me despite the fact that I alone am providing specific intelligence reports as to coming events that harm us. What the hell is wrong with you?

Red China Readying to Colonize the World with an Army of the Jews' Slaves

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews have instructed the communist Chinese to relax their one child per couple policy. This is not happening because the Chinese have somehow corrected their overpopulation problems, they have not. Rather, the jews are summoning their Chinese Esau to a Lebensborn program to produce worker ants, soldiers and colonists with which to destroy all other races.

Expect the jews to ramp up efforts to unite Taiwan with communist China, for the same end. Many of those Chinese babies will find their way into American and Australian homes through adoption as a fifth column of another sort, genetic infiltration and the tolerance of, and increase in miscegenation and mixed children. Others will become African and South American colonists. Others replacements for dead Chinese soldiers.

Note how the jewish media decries global overpopulation, but spins this new development as if communist Chinese open mindedness and an easing of communist oppression. It is in reality quite the opposite. It is part of a Chinese and jewish racial war on the rest of humanity.

The jews have also spun Mikhail Khodorkovsky's crimes to misrepresent him as if a freed political prisoner. Jews in the alternative media are still spinning Putin's crimes against Russia and Whites as if our salvation, that yarmulke wearing, Mikhail Khodorkovsky pardoning, communist loving KGB Putin, who openly sponsors White genocide is somehow going to save us by killing us off, or so our enemies would have us believe. And is it merely coincidence that Putin wants more babies to feed to Moloch at the same time communist China warms up the incubator, while Putin mocks White infertility brought on by the jews he loves?/p>

It is hard for me to muster up even a fragment of Christmas spirit when I hear the witches cackling in the winter wind and my skin shivers with a sense that something wicked this way comes. The jews' atomic war on America and Japan licks our Pacific shores with each lapping wave, and that is only a prelude of what is soon to come if we do nothing but complain. The winter wind witch whines and blends a brew of the jew to poison humanity's stew with a whirlwind of the Chinese dragon and its tiger claws:

"'Tis time, 'tis time." [***] Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Scale of dragon, tooth of wolf, [***] Witches' mummy, maw and gulf Of the ravin'd salt-sea shark, Root of hemlock digg'd i' the dark, Liver of blaspheming Jew, Gall of goat, and slips of yew Sliver'd in the moon's eclipse, Nose of Turk and Tartar's lips, Finger of birth-strangled babe Ditch-deliver'd by a drab, Make the gruel thick and slab. Add thereto a tiger's chaudron, For the ingredients of our cauldron.

And sensing the imminent danger Macbeth answers the horror with a question:

I conjure you, by that which you profess, Howe'er you come to know it, answer me: Though you untie the winds and let them fight Against the churches; though the yesty waves Confound and swallow navigation up; Though bladed corn be lodged and trees blown down; Though castles topple on their warders' heads; Though palaces and pyramids do slope Their heads to their foundations; though the treasure Of nature's germains tumble all together, Even till destruction sicken, answer me To what I ask you.

Like Cassandra, even knowing what is to come, he fails to stop it, an option we do not have.

Give yourself a Christmas gift and wrap it up in a child's dreams, so that the wind may catch it and carry us safely to the future. Have a White child and have the courage to defend it! For something wicked this way comes. . . .

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Stocking Stuffer for Christian Zionist Idolaters Who Worship Israel and Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Christian Zionists are deluded enough by jewish money, jewish mouths and jewish myths to believe that the genocidal jewish nation of Israel and its jewish tyrunts are earthly manifestations of the divine. Such is the price they pay for first uncritically and childishly believing that a freakish and unnatural jew was the son of their jewish god and that by drinking his alcoholic blood and consuming his vampirish flesh they could selfishly obtain immortality, while those not so enlightened as they would justly fry in hell forever, a fair retribution for thinking rather than having faith in the jews and their subversive lies. Two thousand sad years of European man killing off his own gods and his brothers and sisters in order to win the supernatural war of the stars for the flaky jew and his daddy has taken its toll on their sense and handed victory to the jew in the battle of the heavens mirrored on earth on among we lesser men as well, or so think the genocidal jews.

A little reality is always a good head shaker and might induce a temporary moment of lucidity even among those so mired in myth as to believe a jew ghost will save them when they die and give them immortality in exchange for blind obedience to a prescription for the extinction of humanity written by the jewish doctor of death on the backs of their broken and forgotten gods, the grimmest of reapers who hangs his horrid holiness on a ragged cross for all to bear. Look at what your worship of jews, their gods and their nation has accomplished for you, your people, your gods and your nation. The communist jew nation of Israel has sold our space age weapons technology to their puppet regime in communist China for more than thirty years, weapons meant to kill us, including you foggy eyed Christian Zionists and your ghastly jew on a cross. One of the first acts of the commie nation of Israel and commie world jewry after forming the commie nation of Israel was to form commie China and to separate the Chinese from their gods and culture as the genocidal jews began doing to Europeans two thousand years ago. Why not even the Manchus were so ruthless as the genocidal jews to the Han Chinese, or the Tibetans, or the Uyghurs. Even the Manchus had the sense to honor Han Chinese culture and religion and bring them to their apex.

But one fat jew paid and trained Chinese traitor named Mao put an end to those thousands of years of Chinese cultural supremacy. And you fat Christian Zionist death and jew worshipers are helping the jews to put an end to America and European culture. Have a look at how the jews repay your bent kneed and brainless devotion. See how they are treacherously funneling our military technology to the Chinese communists who have sworn to exterminate us with nuclear weapons:


U.S. Furious With Israel After Sale of Advanced Military Technology to China

The jew Rosenbergs and the jew Pollard and the jew you worship on Sunday all have one thing in common. Their goal was to destroy you by being among you. Stuff that in your stocking this Christmas and damn you for betraying our ancestors, their gods, our children and our nation. Sing about peace on earth as you arm our enemies and call for the destruction of the Earth in a nuclear holocaust for Israel. Hypocrites and fools, you all are. You may deserve what you are sowing, but we do not.

Why Do the Jews Want to Instigate WW III on the Korean Peninsula? The Battle for Russian Allegiance to the Communists

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews are deliberately trying to instigate WW III on the Korean peninsula, but why do this instead of having communist China attack us directly?

There are several advantages for the communist jews in attacking us through communist China's satellite North Korea over directly attacking us through communist China. The Russians hate the Japanese and North Korea sits in a strategic location to bring Russia in against America and Japan in the event of war. Russia does not want the US or Japan to dominate the seas and North Korea, unlike communist China, poses no threat to Russia, and thereby generates greater sympathy among the Russian public for war against us, who should instead be considered natural allies with the Russians against the Chinese.

A counter-attack on North Korea, especially a nuclear counter-attack threatens Russia directly. Russian troops on the Korean peninsula would not worry the Chinese and it would serve to broaden the war and generate allies for the communists at the expense of the Japanese and Whites, who would thereby be divided against themselves.

The closer our navy comes to the Russian mainland, the more vulnerable it becomes to missile attack. Nuclear fallout from Korea would devastate Japan and America.

These are but a few of the advantages the jews see in attacking us through their puppet regime in North Korea. There are no doubt many more. What is not in doubt, is that the jews, through marxist North Korea, have openly threatened to exterminate us with nuclear war, and soon, and the jews are doing all they can do to strengthen communist China and weaken America, Japan, South Korea and Europe.

Communist Purges Around the World and Their Horrible Significance for US

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews are purging the American military of those who would defend us. Concurrently, the jews are purging North Korea of those who would refuse to wage aggressive war on South Korea, Japan and America.

The jews are providing the communist Chinese with our military technologies. At the same time, the jews are depleting our military might with Trotskyite perpetual wars. The jews have openly stated that Israel is shifting its alliances from America to communist China. Prominent jews have publicly expressed their desire for America to fall and for communist China to become the dominant nation of the Earth.

The jews have placed the traitor Chuck Hagel in our government in a key role as Secretary of Defense. Hagel has stated his strong convictions that we should disarm our nuclear weapons capabilities. The jews are propagandizing us to turn against our nuclear weapons strength. Concomitantly, the jews and their American puppet Presidents have been sponsoring communist China's nuclear weapons program.

The jews are deliberately weakening our allies in Japan, South Korea, Australia, Great Britain and Taiwan; while building alliances for the communist Chinese with the Russians, Indians, Brazilians, South Africans, etc. through their puppet leaders in those nations. The jews are surrounding White nations and White Continents with communist Chinese satellite nations.

The jews are at this very hour attempting to instigate WW III through communist Chinese aggression against America and our allies. We have to identify precisely why the communists are so bold at this time as to attack us.

What weapons and defenses have the jews afforded the communists that they would dare to begin a nuclear war against us, when our stockpiles of weapons so greatly outnumber theirs? What trojan horse troops do the jews have in place in our government, press and military to sabotage us in the event of a nuclear war? How are the jews planning to destroy us domestically with strikes, shutdowns, terrorist attacks on our nuclear power plants, biological attacks on us and our agriculture, currency devaluation, police state closure of the means of communication, the deliberate sabotage of our nuclear weapons forces and other military means, the confiscation of our weapons by our enemies, etc. ?

Have the jews given the communist Chinese biological weapons designed to kill Whites, Blacks and/or Mestizos? Do the jews have a means to safeguard themselves from any such weapons? Are GMO crops engineered to be vulnerable to specific biological attack, or to self destruct at a given point in time? Do the communists have secret antimissile technology, or some other breakthrough which renders our weapons obsolete?

We are being set up, my countrymen, and we will fall into the fat belly of extinction if we do not fight for ourselves immediately!

Belated Comments on the Racist Rabbi (a Redundancy!) Ovadia Yosef, the Racist Jews and the Brendon O'Connell Case

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Brendon O'Connell has been fully vindicated by the statements of the racist rabbi Ovadia Yosef that Gentiles only exist to serve jews, meaning also that Gentiles who are not willing and dutiful slaves of the jews are to be summarily murdered. More significantly, O'Connell's statements are proven correct and of vital importance to humanity by the tremendous support jews in general showed the racist rabbi and his typically jewish racist views by attending his funeral and expressing their adoration for the career genocidal racist rabbi.

O'Connell's conviction should NEVER have occurred, and these subsequent events are more than sufficient grounds for an appeal based on new facts. The press should broadly apologize for vilifying a hero for telling the proven truth. The police, prosecutors and judges who persecuted him should kiss his feet and beg for his forgiveness.

There should be a general campaign to clear O'Connell's name and to thank him for his self sacrifice to expose the truth and the danger.

The racist rabbi's expressions and the jews' general support for him and his views also serve as proof of the jews' racist bias towards all who are not jews. This is proof that when the jews seek to cause discrimination against us by preventing, obstructing, interfering with, and/or destroying our interstate communications and gatherings, the racist jews do so out of racist bias and therefore are in violation of Federal Law.

It is not enough to point to the rabbi as proof of the jews' racism. We need to employ that proof in politics and the courts to counter the jews' open racism and racial and religious discrimination against us when they attack our rights to freedom of expression and equal access to communications, as well as our rights to equal employment opportunities.

Monday, December 23, 2013

In Order for Evil Jewry to Triumph Over Humanity, International Jewry Wants to Render It Illegal and Impossible for Good Men and Women to Do Good

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is often said that, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." The evil jewish tyrunts are corrupting governments around the globe so as to force them to pass tyrannical legislation which prohibits the free expression of ideas the evil jews seek to suppress. The evil jews are corrupting numerous governments to bring the full force of the subverted State against good men and women, to cause the State and society to segregate and discriminate against the best Gentiles, rendering them separate and unequal under the law and in the normal functions of society.

The jews openly engage in criminal conspiracies to selectively enforce "Terms of Service" agreements against those who expose jewish criminality, thereby illegally interfering with interstate and international communications and causing the segregation of, and discrimination against otherwise free Gentiles. Critics of evil jewry enjoy the same rights to freedom of expression, access to public interstate and international communications, freedom of association, and political activity as all other free citizens. It is illegal for the jews to conspire to suppress those rights and intentionally cause discrimination against, and the forced segregation of critics of jewry. It is also illegal for the providers of interstate communications to discriminate against and refuse access to their services to critics of jewry and those who promote their White racial interests, and by means of such discrimination, to segregate critics of evil jewry; thereby deliberately rendering them unequal and separate from others.

It is illegal for the evil jews to conspire to prevent critics of jewry from obtaining and/or maintaining gainful employment, to engage in the same professions as all others, to attend the same schools as all others and to engage in politics on a level playing field unobstructed by the violations of human rights the evil jews are corruptly inserting into the legislation of multiple nations and international bodies. Clearly, the evil jews do this to prevent good men and women from doing something to end jewish evil. The evil jews seek to triumph over good Gentiles, through the evil jewish tyranny of the segregation of, and discrimination against, good Gentiles.

The White human being is a complete being, incorporating into his racial identity his self interests, his expressions, thoughts and his fundamental human rights to the same access to public opportunities and utilities as all others. The evil jews violate racial discrimination laws when they conspire to prevent and/or obstruct Whites, individually and collectively, from publicly expressing their views regarding their racial identity as they, individually and collectively, see fit. It is not for the evil jews to determine the bounds of such public expression, to discriminate against those whose free speech the jews would suppress, or to segregate good men and women from society by criminalizing their views and preventing them from obtaining the same access to public communications as all others.

It is illegal for those providing interstate communications to discriminate against Whites, Christians, etc. by cutting them off from public expression, be it by suspending their accounts to internet services, or denying them equal access to expression on public talk shows, etc. We ought to start filing class action law suits to seek damages and remedies against those who are discriminating against, and illegally segregating us so as to prevent us from obtaining the same access to public communications as all others. Each deleted video, suspended account, removed website, etc. should be prosecuted as a civil rights violation and actual and punitive damages should be sought. We should also demand a fund be paid by the defendants to compensate us for the lost opportunities to public communications, that the evil jews have deliberately and aggressively denied us by means of open criminal conspiracies to suppress and violate our civil rights.

We should petition the US Congress to take punitive measures against the Israeli government for violating the civil liberties of American citizens, by causing the deliberate discrimination against and segregation of critics of jewry and Israel.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Express and Employ Your Natural Rights, or the Jews Will Soon Enslave You and Slide a Slimy Muzzle Over Your Timid Cheeks to be Summarily Followed by a Knotted Noose Around Your Cowardly Necks

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It has often been said that when the jewish talmud quotes the old testament, it is only done to reverse and desecrate its original meaning and intent. The jews do the same to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. The jews, being a minority hostile to the best interests of the majority, quote our majority rights in order to erode and deprive us of them. One such case in point is the NDAA and its jewish "Hate Crimes" provisions.

Rather than quibble over the jews' obvious fallacies, which are as offensive to our natural sensibilities as normal human beings as is their archetypical antihuman phenotype, rather than wallow in the jews' noxious swill, I prefer at this time to assert our natural rights as normal human beings, content to be free and free of jewish subversive influence.

Normal and free human beings have a right to disagree, including the right to disagree with governmental positions and laws. This right includes the right to express that disagreement and to seek a change in governmental positions and laws. Normal and free human beings are political animals and the government cannot suppress their normal good natures, nor demand silent conformity of thought and expression to its ever changing tenets, dogmas and maxims.

Normal and free human beings have a natural right to restore what has been subverted and to eliminate that which has proven ineffective and/or destructive to their individual best interests. This includes the right of normal human beings to be individual in their thoughts and in their public expressions. A normal and free human being is bound by his nature and has the natural right to pursue change which benefits him or her and the State is barred from imposing obstacles to the free expression of ideas or from criminalizing views.

Normal and free human beings have the right to recognize differences and by their good natures naturally do so. This includes the natural right, duty and ability to place a value on recognizable differences, the natural right to dislike and to freely express ones dislikes and the grounds for ones dislikes. No two things in the universe have ever been observed to be the same and the State cannot force free and normal human beings to pretend by deed, statement or silence that different things are the same thing, or that disagreeable things are good, normal or natural, when they are instead thought to be disagreeable, offensive, obscene, destructive, immoral, unnatural, criminal, etc.

Normal and free human beings have the rights to assemble, communicate and organize, which includes the rights to network with like-minded folk and form communities. Normal and free human beings have the rights and the duty to seek out and invite those who agree with them to discuss and join with them; and to publicly debate and discredit those who oppose them.

Normal and free human beings have the right and the duty of self defense and national defense. This includes the right to publicly challenge, discredit and politically oppose those who are attacking the individual and/or the nation, as well as his or her beliefs. The right of self defense also incorporates the right to restore the subverted social contract of the US Constitution to its original wording and intent.

The jews are attempting to strip us of the governmental recognition of these rights, and the power of the State to secure these rights; and instead desire to use the power of the State to impose jewish dogma and legal code on our otherwise sovereign Nation; and to prevent normal and free human beings from ever undoing the jewish subversion of the natural order of human life by utilizing the State to imprison those who by force of their personal will and their dignity as free and normal human beings not only assert their natural rights but also express them. In sum, the jews seek to enslave us by force of the State. They, the genocidal jews, are our natural enemy and we have the natural right and duty to treat them accordingly.