Saturday, January 04, 2014

It Was a Grave Mistake to Allow the Jews to Become the Supposed Champions of Civil Rights, for They Only Do So to Deny the Civil Rights of Whites

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews have an ancient tradition of denying the civil rights of others, in the name of civil rights. As I explained many years ago in my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein, Chapter 7, the jews assassinated Gaius, known as Caligula, and installed their puppet Claudius, who immediately subverted the civil rights of Alexandrians, Palestinians, Grecians and Romans, including the Emperor himself, to honor Roman tradition and to protect themselves from the genocidal jews and from genocidal judaism. Claudius issued a two part edict stripping Rome of its imperial power, in favor of international jewry and its subversion of all others.

Cicero recounts in his Pro Flaccus, Chapter 28, how the clannish jews subverted the Roman courts and intimidated the citizens of Rome. Cicero explains how the Romans honored their ancient gods and so saved themselves from the tribal and genocidal jews and their jewish efforts to steal the gold of Rome, deflate Roman currency and thereby ruin Rome.

Ezra 6 fabricates a myth that mythical Cyrus subverted the indigenous civil rights of the Phoenicians to independence and self determination in their homelands, and made the invasive jews masters of the lands of the "Canaanites", all in the name of civil rights. The jews repay the Persians by calling upon the USA to annihilate Persia with nuclear weapons, all in the bogus name of "Israel's right to exist".

The Founders of America enunciated our civil rights when they drafted the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and America's first citizenship and immigration laws. The Founders declared that Americans have the civil right to a White and moral nation. The Founders stated American had the civil right to national independence, sovereignty and self determination as an expressly and exclusively White nation, governed by Whites, for White interests. Those are our civil rights, and they were only subverted after the jews pitted us against ourselves in the "Civil" War.

The jews have relentlessly misrepresented and corrupted the civil rights of White Americans from the beginning, all in the name of promoting civil liberty! The jews deprived our American immigration laws of their meaning and intent, which originally honored and fostered Americans' declared civil right to a White and moral nation, homogenous and independent from foreign influence. The Founders were crystal clear as to our rights and the jews have always sought to deny them to us.

It is our civil right to be national and to reject all that is international. It is our civil right to be White and to prevent the destruction of our race. It is our civil right to live in a racially homogenous White nation, where we look after and out for our own, and our own best interests. It is our civil right to be heterosexual and build a productive society for our future generations and to never bend over for homosexuals or submit to their hatred of our natural natures. It is our civil right to defend our children from corrupt and corrupting influences, and to judge for ourselves how they will become reflections of us and our ancestors.

As we all know, rights are also duties. We have a civil duty to defend and exercise our civil rights. The jew knows this, and concurrently subverts and destroys our sense of duty as the jew subverts and destroys our civil rights. The jews steals from us our sense of self and supplants it with subversive lies.

The jew has not only criminalized our most fundamental civil rights, the jews has made it illegal for us to address the jews' subversion! The jew steals from us our civil rights to communications, assemblies, free expression, thoughts, identity, sovereignty, nationalism, religion, tradition, independence, autarky, borders and border defense, loyalties, racial nature, gender nature, etc.

It was a horrible mistake to ever allow the jew to speak as if the voice of our civil rights. We have that loud and strong and pure voice in the recorded words of our Founders. They built this, our beloved nation and granted us the civil rights to be sole masters of it and to eliminate and exclude all others from it. It is our civil right to keep our nation a White and moral nation. The jews attack our civil rights when they seek to revoke the rights declared by our Founders as our own.

The jews are criminalizing the thoughts, beliefs and constructs created by the Founders of America. The jews are criminalizing our civil rights. We had better regain the intellectual might of the Founders in defending our rights and become each of us profound spokesmen for that which is ours by birthright. We should speak for our civil rights and silence the jews with the force our superior intelligence.

Speak as loudly, as intelligently and as persuasively as did our Founders. This is our nation. They guided us well and it is only by abandoning their wisdom, that we have darkened their vision of what is ours. Assert and claim your civil rights to our White and moral sovereign nation and in so doing honor not only yourselves, not only our Founders, but also our generations to come.

Hear me also, Europeans! Norwegians have the civil right to live in a Norwegian Norway, exclusively Norwegian. And so it is for every European nation. Citizens of other lands have no right to infringe upon your sovereignty and citizenship in any manner including their presence on your soil. You have the civil right to your nation and to keep it yours and pure. Civil rights are citizenship rights.

Friday, January 03, 2014

I've Heard of Koreans Eating Dogs Before, but Never Dogs Eating Koreans?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If reports of crazy Kim feeding his uncle and others to the dogs are true, it shows how the Chinese commies are attempting to terrorize the North Korean People and their leadership into obeying commie rule and attacking the South Koreans, Japanese and Americans. As I have explained in the past, the jews also like to feed human beings to dogs, and they use this terror technique against Palestinians and other Muslims as in the case of the abuses at Abu Ghraib.

I would not be surprised if the communists, libertarians and other jews try to excuse crazy Kim and blame Americans for this alleged barbarity, which so inhuman as to be difficult to believe.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

A Concept for All the Photoshopers and Graphic Artists in the WN Movement

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I suggest someone put together an image of Obama punching himself in the face with a Black Power fist. Caption it with something like, "In the latest in a spree of knockout game attacks plaguing the Capital, Mulatto in Chief Barack Obama knocked himself out for being another White man in the Oval Office. Secret Service agents immediately arrested the President and charged him with a Federal hate crime for striking a Negro."

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

We Need to Broaden Our Political Appeal

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

One of the tactics the jews use to defeat us politically is to employ agent provocateurs who demand we debate divisive issues and argue over semantics and politically irrelevant issues, and thereby direct our energies against attacking ourselves instead of our enemies. The agent provocateurs often enunciate extreme, immature and/or criminal positions to embarrass the target group politically and lead it into alienation and criminal prosecution.

Our approach to broadening our political appeal has hitherto been naive and largely ineffective. I suggest we create a hierarchical approach to politics and to formulating a political party. I recommend we categorize politics into three arenas, Model Politics, Issues Politics and Emotional Politics.


Model Politics represents the most fundamental aspects of political power. It focuses on the structure and organization of society, business, education, government and international relations. The communists have long dominated the discussion of Model Politics, either directly, or through front political movements including the libertarians. The communists attempt to brow beat their opponents and heavily employ jargon and dogma to discourage normal people from engaging in this level of politics. Our best minds are needed to formulate and express our Model Politics. It will be their duty to win over the intellectuals and opinion shapers to our cause. Communist and libertarian ideologies have been discredited by centuries of historical fact, so the task is not so formidable or daunting as it may appear to some.


Issues Politics focuses on winning power by controlling policy. Republican Conservatives and Liberal non-White advocacy groups have long dominated this arena. Where will the dollars go, what legislation will be enacted, what party platform will dominate, are among the many issues raised and debated in issues politics. Our people who are good at networking and enjoy social interaction should employ their talents in advocating our Issues Politics. The goal here is to seem as reasonable and unbiased as possible, while advocating for our policies. We need people who are good demonstrating to others what is in their personal best interests, people who can sell our party.


Emotional Politics is the arena where demagogues and rabble rousers duke it out for popular support. Obama is a classic demagogue who won the US Presidency on the empty slogan, "Change!" Christian Zionists and Egalitarians are very susceptible to emotional politics, and those of above average intelligence (though not genius level intelligence) are often the most prone to be persuaded by such tactics as neurolinguistic programming. Emotional Politics should be dominated by those most disposable to the cause, because it is often governed by situational ethics and those who believe that the end justifies the means. For example, persons who feel no moral distress when promoting Tila Tequila while concurrently and concomitantly condemning "Pussy Riot" are good at Emotional Politics, but are prone to becoming liabilities to the cause due to the fickle nature of politics and the long memories of our foes. These people will be good at creating divisions among our enemies, and by winning us support through shock value and common sense propaganda, and other like means. Though many, myself included, find the naked hypocrisy distasteful, it is a fact that masses are often moved by such things. We would be foolish to be so snobbish as to disavow the reality and necessity of Emotional Politics and the need to have it serve us, rather than defeat us as our survival becomes increasingly threatened.


I can't recall what he called it, but I think it was Lenin who proposed that communists bear no fundamental loyalty to any political views until victory is achieved, meaning that they should employ whatever social construct serves their interest in achieving victory and power. For example, advocating gun control when it serves their interests, but advocating the right to keep and bear arms when that betters suits their needs. We are indeed forced to compete with a system that will not match our Model Politics. As such, we will have to a greater or lesser extent play by its rules. This is not an easily resolved crisis. For example, where the jews impose "hate crimes" laws on us, should we turn the tables on them and try to use the courts to prosecute them for the conduct they have proscribed, while at the same time advocating for our Model Politics which recognizes the Unconstitutional nature of "hate crimes" legislation? Should we use civil rights legislation to enforce our rights to freedom of speech and equal access to all means of communication, while concurrently and concomitantly advocating our Model Politics that would restore the Constitutional supremacy of Whites in America?

We need to develop a moral code that will define and support our conduct. What would be considered brute murder in civil society is considered valor in war. This is one of the reasons I advocate for unabashed White Supremacy, which fosters a moral code that provides for our defense and rise to power.

These concepts of mine are admittedly in their infancy and will evolve over time and through experience. I toss them out to the winds so that they may churn them and separate the chaff from the grain.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Hate Crimes" Laws Establish a State Religion in Violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

"Hate crimes" laws establish a Federal religion in violation of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, in that they codify and presume a specific and regulated set of metaphysical and religious beliefs that are either scientifically contradicted or are untestable by scientific methods. The State religion is based upon the scientifically disproven metaphysical myth that all human beings are absolutely equal in their measurable attributes by virtue of their existence and that it is of a criminal nature deserving of punishment to think or say otherwise. The State is deliberately and religiously confusing the abstract concept of equal freedom and independence regarding their status with respect to the government, with the demonstrably false presumption of the equality of religious, mental, physical and racial attributes as quantifiable, observable and measurable traits and qualities. Furthermore, the State has imposed a religion that criminally proscribes individual or group concepts that conflict with the arbitrarily and religiously based standards established by the State and imposes these standards on the public without the consent of the governed and in contradiction to their best interests.

The State religion, demonstrably selectively enforced to disproportionately harass and imprison Whites so as to diminish their standing and rights, illegally presumes a religious State right to manufacture a supposedly divine utopian society it arbitrarily defines. The State religion goes far beyond governing free people, to policing their thoughts and ideas and punishing those who hold differing views, by barring any person from believing anything in contradiction to the State's metaphysical and religious dogma, or arguing against the dogma, or taking any measure or action meant to defend oneself from the harm the dogma and its enforcement causes to individuals and groups.

The clear goal of the State religion of "hate crimes" legislation is the systemic and systematic racist oppression of Whites aimed at preventing Whites from reaching their fullest potential in free competition with other races, and at genociding the White race through miscegenation and State enforced silence of any expression of White identity or White interests. The State is denying Whites the right to perceive reality and judge it in an independent, rational and scientific manner. The State seeks to prevent Whites from ever again becoming stewards of their own fate or ever again pursuing their own best interests, because the State knows that its religion is strongly contradicted by both reason and fact.

The State has asserted a right of religious censorship and proscribed competing views without any such power having been established in the Constitution, and in direct violation of the Bill of Rights which bar any such State religion. The State has also religiously and arbitrarily defined "hate" as if a criminal offense meriting punishment. The State places a religious and metaphysical value on the natural and productive function of a human being to hate that which threatens or offends it, and makes it a criminal offense to be human and exist in ones nature, and to hate as a normal and healthy means of survival.

It is a normal, healthy, productive and natural aspect of human nature to hate as well as love, and hatred is often a normal, natural and healthy aspect of love. For example, I naturally hate that which harms my children as part of my love for my children. Hate is a healthy part of life which justifies and provokes actions which enable us to survive. Hate is also a motivating political force that can rescue a society from ruin, as in the case of war, or disease, or poverty. The State's own "hate crime" religion presumes and incorporates a hatred of the freedom of thought, declaring it so foul as to be a criminal offense worthy of punishment. The State tacitly expresses a hatred of all that it proscribes.

The State's religion is also meant to create an artificial and unfair competitive advantage to those individuals and groups the State would favor in violation of its mandate to deal equally with all. The State arbitrarily defines "bias" so as to favor its own religious and metaphysical bias, and proscribes and punishes competing views. The State also adopts the opportunity to selectively enforce its religion against those against whom it holds a bias. Thereby, the State imposes religious oppression and totalitarianism on the diverse populace and prevents and perverts political change by design, regulating and mandating views, and hypocritically and arbitrarily defining "bias" so as to prevent political competition. Legislators have donned religious robes and tell us what we are, and what we are not, permitted to say and think, based on their bias against those who hold other views.

Any and all "hate crimes" laws clearly violate the higher law of separation of church and State and establish a State religion that is highly tyrannical and must be abolished. Wherever I perceive a threat to my interests as an American, I have the political right to hate that which harms me and to seek change that will favor me. The State is barred by the Constitution and natural law from proscribing my views, my freedom of thought, my freedom of expression, my right of self defense, my right of free association and my right to equality under the law. The State has no lawful authority to establish or enforce a religious creed on the country and is barred by the Constitution and natural law from doing so. All human beings naturally and beneficially engage in hatred and the State cannot employ a cheap emotional political trick by religiously and falsely claiming that hatred is somehow metaphysically and religiously criminal conduct that prevents an utopian society of their biased liking and against my perceived self interests, to criminalize freedom of thought and expression by "hate crimes" legislation or any other means.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Yehudi Arabia Is Bribing France to Help the Jews Destroy Lebanon, Again: France Will Covertly Provide the House of Saud with Nuclear Weapons to Attack Syria and Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back in September, I predicted that the jews would pour billions into ruining Lebanon and attacking Hezbullah. Yehudi Arabia has stepped up and funded the venture with funds they derived by overcharging us for oil:

Saudi to give Lebanon $3B to strengthen army

The jews are concurrently bribing the French to arm a Sunni versus Shia conflict. Expect that the real jewel of the deal will be a few nuclear weapons for the Saudis and a nuclear program for Saudi Arabia. The jews want escalation, not peace. In this way, the jews can scapegoat Muslims for nuking Muslims out of religious fanatacism, though the jews are behind all of this madness.

How many times have the jews brought war and conflict to beautiful Lebanon, I lost count?

Recall that it was France and South Africa that taught Israel to produce nuclear weapons, and that it was France that supplied weapons to Israel early on.

Yehudi Arabia

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Given that the house of Saud are cryptojews, I suggest renaming Saudi Arabia, "Yehudi Arabia". I have been publicly warning on this blog and elsewhere that the Saudis are in an alliance with Israel to destroy Islam since 2006. In 2010, I collected a list of links to some of my articles on this subject and reminded my readers of my writings detailing the fact that Erdogan and the Turkish government were also in bed with Israel to destroy Islam:

AM I NOT SHOUTING LOUD ENOUGH FOR YOU TO HEAR?!? I Publicly Warned Four Years Ago that Arab Leaders Are Allies of the Israelis Against Iran! December 08, 2010

The latest Wikileaks "revelations" came as no surprise to me or my longtime readers. Though the World, and especially the "alternative" media are pretending to shock when told that Arab leaders were trying to pressure America into attacking Iran, I expressly warned the World four years ago that this was occurring and told you who was behind it. I told you over and over again that the Jews were arming the Arabs, especially the Sunni, to attack the Shia. I told you of this even before I quoted the Israelis' Horse's [mouth]:

"We must turn to Hillary Clinton and other potential presidential candidates in the Democratic Party so that they publicly support immediate action by Bush against Iran. We should also approach European countries so that they support American actions in Iran, so that Bush will not be isolated in the international arena again. We must clandestinely cooperate with Saudi Arabia so that it also persuades the US to strike Iran."—Brigadier General (Res.) Oded Tira, Former IDF Chief Artillery Officer, "What to do with Iran?",,7340,L-3346275,00.html, (30 December 2006).

I told you just what was happening in the following articles, among many others, and you did nothing to spread the word:

Jewish Power Is Inciting Genocide Against Iranians and Committing Genocide Against the Palestinians, December 17, 2006

A Lever Long Enough to Move the World and a Fulcrum Upon Which to Set It, December 18, 2006

The Apparent Enemy of Your Enemy Is Not Always Your Friend, August 17, 2006

Leadership and Common Cause, November 25, 2006

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The Deadly Lack of Lebanese Leadership, August 10, 2006

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Lebanese Led into a Trap, November 24, 2006

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A Warning About the "Gold Is Money", Ron Paul Revolution, Give Obama a Chance Crowd, November 09, 2008

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The Israeli Subversion of American Politics: Americans and Arabs, as Always, Mere Pawns of the "Jewish State", April 04, 2007

Israelis Plan Further Attacks on Arabs, Scapegoat Arabs for Jewish Aggression, April 27, 2007

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Why Israel Is Attacking Gaza: The Israeli Orchestrated Imminent Revolutions in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon, January 04, 2009

Why Israel Is Attacking Gaza: The Israeli Orchestrated Imminent Revolutions in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon, Part 3: Bin Laden Speaks, January 14, 2009

Making the Most of Jewish Propaganda, Part 2: How Much Royal Rump-Armor Can 1 Billion Dollars Buy? January 19, 2009

Where Will the World's Oil Come From When the Jews Pit the Saudis, Egyptians, Jordanians, Lebanese and Americans Against the Iranians and Syrians? January 21, 2009

Why Israel Is Attacking Gaza: The Israeli Orchestrated Imminent Revolutions in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon, Part 4: The Iranian Scapegoat, January 28, 2009

Hosni Mubarak Admits that He Is an Ally of the Israelis and Scapegoats Iran-Friendly Arabs for Illegal Israeli Aggression, February 04, 2009

The Staged Conflict Between Peres and Erdogan: Jews Pit Erdogan Against Ahmadinejad as if Rival "Saviors" of the Palestinians, February 03, 2009

As I Predicted Years Ago, Israel Is Offering the Arabs a Deal So that They Will Allow an Israeli Attack on Iran, July 16, 2009

Now that the record is clear, let me also state that I have been warning for years that Iranian and Turkish leaders are also in bed with the Jews against the Muslims; in fact many of them are Jews, and they are helping the Jews to gin up wars. As I have been saying for years, the Jews are setting up the Turks to take the place of the Iranians as the new "bad guys" and covert allies of the Jews, after the Jews have annihilated Iran with nuclear bombs; and yes, I was warning you five years ago that the Jews were planning to attack Iran with nuclear bombs, and you failed to help me spread the word about that, as well.


Yehudi Arabia is now, like Israel, going after new allies with which to attack Islam and America. They have screwed us for years on oil prices and this is how they repay our generous support. The jew arabs of Yehudi Arabia are setting up to supply communist China with oil to fuel their war on Japan, South Korea and America. I suggest we turn Yehudi Arabia into the Black Republic of the United States of America to be administered by American Blacks from Detroit and other depressed areas of the USA. It will make a good launching pad for annihilating Israel when it attacks the World with its Samson Option insanity.

It Is Time for Us to File a Class Action Federal Lawsuit Against Those Violating Our Constitutional Rights to Interstate Communications

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A reader of this blog informed me that a video to which I had linked has been blocked for alleged TOS violations. This is an intolerable situation, whereby my efforts to communicate across State lines are being violated and I and my readers are being discriminated against and denied equal and unfettered access to the same means of interstate communications as all others. The jews have created a catch 22, in that if I wish to communicate publicly, I must inform them of my communications, and they then employ that information to discriminate against me and block those same interstate communications, such that the dissemination of knowledge becomes a kiss of death for the basis of the communication of that same knowledge.

Companies do not have the right to discriminate against me or my readers. I enjoy the same Constitutional rights to communicate across State lines as does anyone else.

Can we put together at least 100 individuals from various States and file a Federal law suit to end this blatant discrimination against us and recover damages for it?

Beware the Half Asian Pseudofascists

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Douglas Reed wrote, "National Socialism, I think, was but a stooge or stalking horse for the pursuit of Communist aims."--D. Reed, Somewhere South of Suez, Devin-Adir, U. S. A., (1951), p. 9. In his book, The Controversy of Zion, Reed explained how the big jews supported the NSDAP and how National Socialism actively served the jews' communist and zionist ambitions.

A small clique of half Asian pseudofascists is appearing, who sing the praises of the Chinese communists, but are silent as Japan comes under increasing attack by the jews. They apologize for the Chinese communists, and call for the communist Chinese to come into America and destroy our society and government. They also love KGB Putin. Strange goings on for avowed Hitlerphiles, given that after initially lying in bed with Stalin, Hitler attacked the bolsheviks and declared war on America in fulfilment of his pact with the Japanese.

Though not all National Socialists were in bed with the jews or were jews, the top leadership evidently were individually one or both. I suspect these racially mixed Asian pseudofascists (Hitler was not a fascist) are also a stalking horse for communism, as was the NSDAP. They are the jews' trojan horse cowboys subverting our dissidents to make them useful idiots and allies of the bolshevik Chinese. They are conditioning our dissidents to hate America and welcome in socialist dictatorship and Chinese communism.

Remind yourselves that if the jews succeed in tearing down our system of government, they will have the opportunity to replace it with one of their design. We should be preserving and restoring our social contract, not subverting it with socialist dictatorship. We should be combatting the communist Chinese, not welcoming them into America, Europe or Australia.

Why Aren't the Jew Media and the Governments of the World Critical of Chinese Communist Dictator Xi Jinping for Honoring the Democidal and Genocidal Maniac Mao Tsedung?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The international jewish press, in tandem with their new hero, the dictator of communist China Xi Jinping, are viciously attacking Japan's Abe for honoring Japan's past military heroes. This part of a broader jewish campaign to alienate Japan from its allies, while strengthen communist China. The jews want the Red Chinese to destroy Japan and seize control of the Pacific as their route to colonizing and genociding the rest of humanity, including we Americans. Never forget that our ally Japan stands between the communist Chinese and America.

But nowhere do the jews or their puppet governments demonize their empty showpiece of communist aggression and expansionism, Xi Jinping, for honoring the worst mass murderer of all time, the jewish manufactured communist puppet Mao Tsedung, who democided 70 million+ Chinese, genocided the Koreans, Tibetans and Uyghurs; and who deliberately eviscerated Chinese culture and divided the Chinese against themselves following the foreign occupation by Manchus and Japanese.

How dare Xi Jinping honor the world's all time worst human being Mao Tsedung? It only proves that Xi is the same type of communist mass murdering scum that Mao was, the jewish puppet type. And just as the jews in press and government covered up Stalin's crimes and the Holodomor, the jews are propping up their empty puppet Xi and selling this cheap Chinese crap to the world as if a new Kennedy.