Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Christopher Jon Bjerknes

America was founded as an exclusively White nation. Bolshevik jews have so corrupted the original intent of the Founders, that it is today illegal to think as the Founders thought and taught. Our social contract was made with the Founders, not the jews. It still holds with those who hold to it.

The Russians bear their White heritage even in their very name, which honors the Rus. It is natural for the Russians to ally with Americans and it was our common history prior to the jewish manufactured Cold War. An alliance which assures our preservation, as opposed to an enmity founded on our mutual destruction, will also be our future.

I have already proposed the MAP concept of Mutually Assured Preservation for Whites, as opposed to the jewish MAD concept which assures our destruction. I would like to broaden this concept by narrowing it with specifics. I propose an alliance of the White citizens of America and Russia to guarantee our mutual preservation, and the survival of Whites everywhere in the World.

Russia and America control the lion's share of the nuclear weapons and other extant military forces on Earth. We also control much of the production of food and fertile lands. Together, we can dominate the Earth to promote its living environment of all the World and the specific and general security of our people.

Putin is a sophisticated puppet of the jews. Obama is an intentionally bungling marionette on a tightly held jewish leash. Communist dictator Xi Jinping completes the Triad (pun intended) of jewish triplets aiming us at WW III and mutually assured destruction. Jinping is constantly trying to provoke Japan into war, which will deliberately America and Russia from one another.

The subversive jewish forces of Russia are pumping anti-American propaganda into America. We must confront this agitation with a warm embrace of our White Founders and their ideology of self preservation of the White race expressed in the social contract to which we hold in spite of the jewish subversion of our society and government. Much like the Catholics who seek to preserve their religion from the jewish subversion of Vatican II, we maintain our contract with our Founders and defend our nation from jewish bolshevization.

Our brothers in Russia are also suffering from jewish bolshevization. Genociding the best tens of millions of the Rus was not enough for the jews. The jews still want to aim White guns at Whites and pit the Rus against the Americans. The jews still make it a crime in Russia to be White and to promote White interests.

We must ally ourselves to guarantee our common survival in the presence of the jewish and Chinese threats we face in common, and we must do this in spite of, and because of, the jewish puppets who occupy the offices of power in our White nations. I suggest we name this alliance, "ARA POWER" to represent our American Russian Alliance for the Preservation of the White Race.