Friday, January 17, 2014

Are We Created Slaves, or Evolved Free Men?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Eugen Duehring wrote that the jews created a religious fantasy that matched their racial characteristics. He argued that the jews' racial spirit permeated Christianity, though the religion was somewhat Hellenized.

Duehring noted that just as the jews always seek monopolies, to lord over all others, so their god demands a monopoly over all other gods, and makes slaves of its creation. So the jews, slaves of their god, enslave humanity and always try to garner absolute influence over others so as to monopolize everything they can. Jesus lords over his believers and enslaves them not only to himself and the jew god, but to the jews as he is their king lording over Christians and devouring their gods.

Duehring contrasted the jews' creation fantasies which produce human bondage to the jews' god and to the jews, with native German Nordic religion, which better conformed to nature. Duehring rejected the jewish notion that we are slaves to a jewish creator god and its jewish minions on Earth. He embraced nature.

I of course agree with Duehring's assessment of the monopolistic and controlling jew god who enslaves his believers. And I juxtapose to it the fact that our human history stands in direct contradiction to the jews' myth and that by embracing the truth of our existence we free ourselves from the unseen but ever felt bonds the jews have placed on us with their religious lies.

Life has ever been evolving to make us more free. We are not slaves of a creator god destined to serve it and be judged for the faithfulness of our slavery.

Compare the human being to a lifeless rock or a more basic life form like bacteria. We are infinitely freer and have a will that evolved with us and which renders us not only creative but able to shape the world in the image of our imaginings. The strongest bonds we face are those with which we shackle ourselves and our racial brothers. This is why I so love America and so reject tyranny including the tyranny of National Socialism.

Like jewish religion, tyranny demeans and enslaves us and returns our status toward that of the lifeless matter that surrounds us. Tyranny devolves us. Evolution has made us free. The jew god and his son are not only lies, they are snares that cut the cords of our sensibilities and life force and disconnect us from our will, making us feel watched and enslaved, hoping eventually to be tossed the bone of a bit more life.

The jew killed the ancient world. Jew thought and religion has produced a negative breeding pressure on Europeans to desire slavery and hold contempt for their own instinctive thoughts, to fear their inner voice as if it were a devil tempting them to eternal damnation. The first step towards forging our new religion in the light of our scientific knowledge, is to listen to our inner voice without fearing it. To not fear the drive to be supreme and free, free beyond even the current conception limited by jewish thought of what freedom can be.

The jew is always trying to be your lord and lord over your thoughts. The jew ever seeks to replace the voice of your soul with the word of the jew god, the filth of the jew media, philosophies, anti-art, etc. You are more than dust. Dust cannot take up its will and walk. The jew god did not create anything other than the bondage of its slaves. The will of life to be free and ever more powerful has led to you. Begin to live and abandon the jew worship of death and slavery.

Glory in your existence, not in the slavery of a jew god. See yourself and your race as supreme, and think new thoughts. They are the hammers we need to forge our freedom from the steel of our race. So it has always been, and so it will always be.