Sunday, January 12, 2014

Communion Poops, Christian Vampirism Reductio Ad Absurdum and the Danger of State Dogma

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

King Henry VIII began the English Reformation and the jewish spirit of Christianity manifested itself in his dogmatic and tyrannical thinking. He made himself the supreme head of the Church with "The Act of Supremacy", 26 Henry VIII, c. 1, (1534). Statutes of the Realm III, p. 492. Henry VIII went on to define his dogma of the Eucharist in "The Act of the Six Articles", 31 Henry VII, c. 14, (1539), sec. 1. Statutes of the Realm, III, pp. 739-740. This was, "An Acte abolishing diversity in Opynions."

From Jewish Racism
From Jewish Racism

The danger and tyranny of any dogma is evident in the ludicrous proposition that the vampire Jesus can convert the Eucharist into his flesh and blood and bestow eternal life on those who eat his vampire flesh and drink his vampire blood. This was apparent even to the suicidally insane Cathars, who embraced the jewish plan to genocide Europeans with gnosticism. Jewish bs is a deadly fungus on the mind. Since they didn't die off fast enough by their own jewish suicidal behaviors and beliefs, the Cathars were burned at the stake by the loving Christian Inquisition for asking the simple question, how can god be in communion poops? Now, an enterprising jew would have seen an opportunity there to sell the Christians tiny crosses for their communion poops so that they could dispose of the jew corpse with some degree of honor, but alas, the Cathars wouldn't have it, so the Catholics had at it with the Cathars, Goyim killing Goyim on the basis of jewish dogma. Here is the Inquisition report on the objections of the Cathars, "Description of the Albigenses", B. Guidonis, Practica Inquisitionis Heretice Pravatatis, Pars V. Chap. I, Sec. 4. Latin:

From Jewish Racism

It should be obvious to any rational modern man that the jewish myths of Jesus are not worth dying for, nor are they a normal provocation to murder, but that is just what the European States did with their absolute clerical and profane power under the spell of a jewish religion engineered to exterminate them, which hateful myths formed the basis of their "divine right" to murder our ancestors for the sake of the honor of the king of the jews. So look in the pot before you flush and wonder if that is the king of the jews staring back at you and wave goodbye as you send him back to hell.

Now, these historical episodes are powerful evidence that the American State has assumed a State religion with a dogma proscribing free thought and expression which violates its abritrarily mandated and scientifically contradicted opinions, in violation of the Constitution, by issuing its acts abolishing diversity in opinions. We should present this historical evidence to our fellow citizens and to our courts and demand that this persecution end! "Hate Laws" are a religious creed imposed upon us by the same jewry that ruined free thought in Europe for 2,000 years with the jewish bolshevist dogma of Christianity.

These texts and other related texts can be read in full in Translations and Reprints from the Original Sources of European History, The Department of History of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, (1897).