Thursday, January 16, 2014

If Adolf Hitler Was a Sincere Christian, How Could He Ever Have Sponsored Zionism?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When Hitler wrote of zionism in Mein Kampf he expressed himself in secular terms:

"While the Zionists try to make the rest of the World believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim. It doesn't even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organisation for their international world swindler, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks."

"Denn indem der Zionismus der anderen Welt weiszumachen versucht, daß die völkische Selbstbesinnung des Juden in der Schaffung eines palästinensischen Staates seine Befriedigung fände, betölpeln die Juden abermals die dummen Gojim auf das gerissenste. Sie denken gar nicht daran, in Palästina einen jüdischen Staat aufzubauen, um ihn etwa zu bewohnen, sondern sie wünschen nur eine mit eigenen Hoheitsrechten ausgestattete, dem Zugriff anderer Staaten entzogene Organisationszentrale ihrer internationalen Weltbegaunerei; einen Zufluchtsort überführter Lumpen und eine Hochschule werdender Gauner."

Hitler makes no mention of the fact which disturbed both most Christians and most jews of the age, that zionism was sacrilege. For the Christian, it signified the rise of the anti-Christ and broke with the long standing desire of Christians to make Jerusalem a Christian city. For the jew, it violated Deuteronomy in the Old Testament and the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Kethuboth, folio 111a. But Hitler seemingly had no religious objection to zionism throughout his political life, in fact he came to actively sponsor it in many ways a Christian should have found not merely repulsive, but ungodly.

Hitler's description of zionism is sort of a secular statement of the traditional Christian view that a restoration of the jews would herald the emergence of the anti-Christ, but Hitler in no way took that religious stance against zionism. Why not, if he were a Christian opposed to the aims of jewry and the anti-Christ aims of the jews?

Why, when in power, did he allow the NSDAP to take such strong measures to sponsor anti-Christ zionism? Bear in mind that when Hitler spoke out in secular terms against zionism in Mein Kampf many prominent zionist jews had given up on the project. It was largely Hitler's rise to power which reinvigorated the dying movement. Why would a sincere Christian devoted to destroying international jewry's power and defeating international jewry's plans, try to fulfil international jewry's most ancient prophecy of World conquest, the ingathering of the jews in Palestine, which both jews and Christians believed would shake the World, and why would Hitler elect to play the role of the jewish messiah in restoring the jews to Palestine?

Doesn't fit, does it, Hitler acting as the king of the jews?

Hitler said, "the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim." Indeed they did, and Hitler was primarily responsible for their success. A coincidence?