Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Is a New Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact in the Works for the Ukraine?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Civil war in the Ukraine empowered the bolsheviks and produced the Soviet Union, whereby the jews who had overtaken the Czar's Russia, took the Ukraine as well, and began to surround Poland. Two militarily oriented socialist empires emerged in Europe at the end of the 1930's, and they divided Poland amongst themselves. The socialist empires, the National Socialists of Germany, and the Soviets of Russia and the Ukraine, ground up Poland in their ensuing war, preparing the way for the balkanization of Germany and the eventual capture of the "Soviet sphere of influence" for bolshevist socialism.

History is repeating itself, as the jews play the same game again. Two militarily oriented socialist empires, the European Union and KGB Putin's Russia, are instigating civil war in the Ukraine. The likely result will be the rebolshevization of the Ukraine giving Putin control over the north and east of the Black Sea. Should that fail, the EU and Russia will place the Ukraine under the domination of an EU-Putin Pact, and the pit the Ukrainians against themselves as they fight for resources and energy. Should the jews succeed in pitting Whites against Whites by dividing Europe into east and west at war, Putin and China will have a much easier time cutting off energy supplies to Western Europe if Putin controls the Ukraine. They will have seized much needed farm land and industrial capability, as well as the strategic advantage of holding a wedge to drive into central Europe.

The Ukrainians would do well to recall that the bolsheviks led them to famine in 1921, which was only ameliorated to any degree by the USA. Then the bolsheviks slaughtered their best and genocided 11 million Ukrainians under Stalin/Kaganovich. The two socialist empires of Germany and Russia then slaughtered millions more Ukrainians in WW II.

The Ukraine continues to suffer low birthrates due to the jews. Many Ukrainians drink and smoke too much, far too much. The jews used to force Ukrainians, Poles and Russians to buy liquor from their pubs with laws which required any Slav who passed a jew pub to buy and drink vodka from the jew, and the jews owned the distilleries and were the chief purveyors of tobacco products. They literally forced the Slavs to become alcoholics and the curse continues.

If you think Putin is a strong man on your side, consider the fact that Putin is only tough on sissies, but always sides with the jews who have genocided tens of millions of Ukrainians. The EU will only serve to draw you into war, again.

The jews are deliberately weakening the Ukraine for Russian takeover. I suspect that if they succeed, they will start to flood the Ukraine with Asians and suck all the wealth out of the Ukraine in exchange for supplying some energy. Europeans need to restructure their relationships to favor nationalism, so that crises are not easily ginned up as they are in the Ukraine today. The White Continent of Europe should not be two sides against the middle, but rather nations fully independent of each other, united in a common desire to preserve peace and build prosperity for the White Race by allying their power against all others.

Just think what would be if jew puppet Putin and the EU were defeated by traditional nationalist Whites, and Whites lived in freedom without foreign invasion from Asia and Africa. Think if the military might of the USA, Europe and Russia were combined. The World would be ours. Instead, you are letting the jews pit us against each other in order to destroy the World, and the Ukraine is the present battleground of White against White for the benefit of the jews and it is no coincidence that it lies right in the heart of White nations generating civil war and conflict between east and west Whites with no benefit to either, which may end up in a New Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact leading to a third world war.