Saturday, January 04, 2014

It Was a Grave Mistake to Allow the Jews to Become the Supposed Champions of Civil Rights, for They Only Do So to Deny the Civil Rights of Whites

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews have an ancient tradition of denying the civil rights of others, in the name of civil rights. As I explained many years ago in my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein, Chapter 7, the jews assassinated Gaius, known as Caligula, and installed their puppet Claudius, who immediately subverted the civil rights of Alexandrians, Palestinians, Grecians and Romans, including the Emperor himself, to honor Roman tradition and to protect themselves from the genocidal jews and from genocidal judaism. Claudius issued a two part edict stripping Rome of its imperial power, in favor of international jewry and its subversion of all others.

Cicero recounts in his Pro Flaccus, Chapter 28, how the clannish jews subverted the Roman courts and intimidated the citizens of Rome. Cicero explains how the Romans honored their ancient gods and so saved themselves from the tribal and genocidal jews and their jewish efforts to steal the gold of Rome, deflate Roman currency and thereby ruin Rome.

Ezra 6 fabricates a myth that mythical Cyrus subverted the indigenous civil rights of the Phoenicians to independence and self determination in their homelands, and made the invasive jews masters of the lands of the "Canaanites", all in the name of civil rights. The jews repay the Persians by calling upon the USA to annihilate Persia with nuclear weapons, all in the bogus name of "Israel's right to exist".

The Founders of America enunciated our civil rights when they drafted the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and America's first citizenship and immigration laws. The Founders declared that Americans have the civil right to a White and moral nation. The Founders stated American had the civil right to national independence, sovereignty and self determination as an expressly and exclusively White nation, governed by Whites, for White interests. Those are our civil rights, and they were only subverted after the jews pitted us against ourselves in the "Civil" War.

The jews have relentlessly misrepresented and corrupted the civil rights of White Americans from the beginning, all in the name of promoting civil liberty! The jews deprived our American immigration laws of their meaning and intent, which originally honored and fostered Americans' declared civil right to a White and moral nation, homogenous and independent from foreign influence. The Founders were crystal clear as to our rights and the jews have always sought to deny them to us.

It is our civil right to be national and to reject all that is international. It is our civil right to be White and to prevent the destruction of our race. It is our civil right to live in a racially homogenous White nation, where we look after and out for our own, and our own best interests. It is our civil right to be heterosexual and build a productive society for our future generations and to never bend over for homosexuals or submit to their hatred of our natural natures. It is our civil right to defend our children from corrupt and corrupting influences, and to judge for ourselves how they will become reflections of us and our ancestors.

As we all know, rights are also duties. We have a civil duty to defend and exercise our civil rights. The jew knows this, and concurrently subverts and destroys our sense of duty as the jew subverts and destroys our civil rights. The jews steals from us our sense of self and supplants it with subversive lies.

The jew has not only criminalized our most fundamental civil rights, the jews has made it illegal for us to address the jews' subversion! The jew steals from us our civil rights to communications, assemblies, free expression, thoughts, identity, sovereignty, nationalism, religion, tradition, independence, autarky, borders and border defense, loyalties, racial nature, gender nature, etc.

It was a horrible mistake to ever allow the jew to speak as if the voice of our civil rights. We have that loud and strong and pure voice in the recorded words of our Founders. They built this, our beloved nation and granted us the civil rights to be sole masters of it and to eliminate and exclude all others from it. It is our civil right to keep our nation a White and moral nation. The jews attack our civil rights when they seek to revoke the rights declared by our Founders as our own.

The jews are criminalizing the thoughts, beliefs and constructs created by the Founders of America. The jews are criminalizing our civil rights. We had better regain the intellectual might of the Founders in defending our rights and become each of us profound spokesmen for that which is ours by birthright. We should speak for our civil rights and silence the jews with the force our superior intelligence.

Speak as loudly, as intelligently and as persuasively as did our Founders. This is our nation. They guided us well and it is only by abandoning their wisdom, that we have darkened their vision of what is ours. Assert and claim your civil rights to our White and moral sovereign nation and in so doing honor not only yourselves, not only our Founders, but also our generations to come.

Hear me also, Europeans! Norwegians have the civil right to live in a Norwegian Norway, exclusively Norwegian. And so it is for every European nation. Citizens of other lands have no right to infringe upon your sovereignty and citizenship in any manner including their presence on your soil. You have the civil right to your nation and to keep it yours and pure. Civil rights are citizenship rights.