Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lessons from Sinai on the Jewish Destruction of Gentile Creativity

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews believe that their mythologies of the plagues on the Egyptians and parting of the Red Sea prove the existence of the jew god, for neither man nor nature could create such catastrophes, only the jews' god could subvert and pervert the laws of nature to produce these unnatural effects from his sole cause. It is important for the jews to believe that their tribal god intervened to rescue them from bondage, and that the Egyptians could have done nothing to save themselves but obey the jews and the jew god. In other words, human creativity cannot rescue Gentiles from the jews and their creator god.

When Moses came down from Mount Sinai, he carried in his hands the jew god's laws, not his own. These laws were not man made creations, not even the products of the prophets, but rather were carved in stone by the hand of the jew god directly and without creative intervention by man. The jew god is said to have produced the law ex nihilo by its own will just as it produced all creation. A distinction is made between spirit and substance and the jew god can make manifest material things by force of its will, but no material thing can represent its spirit, and so graven images and idols are forbidden.

But there is also another aspect to the commandment to produce no graven images nor worship idols. Man is forbidden to create. That is the sole province of the jew god. It is the jew god who created man, and any attempt by man to represent any god is chutzpah and an offense to the supremacy of the creator over its creation. For how dare a created slave attempt to create an image of that which created him in its image? The veneration of the jew god must be blind obedience and devoid of any creative spirit. The mind of man must not lay hands on the material world and produce anything not demanded by the jew god.

And so the jews, who view themselves as the divine presence on Earth forbid the Goyim to be creative. Goyim are not entitled to their own thoughts, nations, cultures, wealth, money or races; as such is mere chutpah that calls into question the supremacy of the jews. Only the jews are allowed to create thoughts, culture, wealth, money and preserve their race and their nation. The jews forbid the Goyim to be creative, and steal credit for all the creations of the Gentiles and believe they are entitled to and justified in doing so. The jew holds that the Goyim must never be praised unless the praise is phrased to glorify the creation of the jew god, in other words to transfer credit for Goy creations to the jews.

The highly destructive jewish need to destroy the creative spirit of the human being always held the jew back and he was seen in the ancient world and throughout his history as uncreative and destructive. Christians suffered the same fate when they adopted judaism and its jew god. Christians destroyed the glory of the ancient world of the Europeans, and it was only by abandoning the fictions of Christianity that Europe began to return to some of its ancient glory in the rebirth of ancient Europe. The jews continued to lag behind and their response viz. Moses Mendelssohn was to become "reformed" as in the reformation that freed Christians from their hatred of being creative. The jews still could only compete by dragging down the Europeans through their subversive group cohesiveness.

The jews are creative only to ruin the Goyim and to prevent the Gentiles from creating their own world independent of jewish influence. Jewish creativity is therefore destructive in its aims and products.

The jews are constantly striving to render the Goyim less creative. They pollute the minds and destroy the acedemic institutions of Gentiles.

The story of Sinai holds many more keys to understanding the jew war on the White Race. The jews are said to have kept themselves pure in captivity, the first ghetto. The jews depend upon "anti-Semitism" to maintain their supposed racial purity. The jew god's demand that the jews do not whore around with the gods of the Egyptians or any other god, served as justification for the slaughter of the mixed multitude and those who worshipped the golden calf. Such is the obverse face of jewish racism.

The reverse of the shekel is that the Goyim must be mixed and the best of the Gentiles must be killed so as to prevent the wise men of the Goyim from leading their people against the jews and to prevent any other race from breeding to perpetuate it best characteristics.

The jews have been engaging in dysgenic warfare against the other races from the beginning, including the slaughter of the first born. The jews have always believed that Blacks are the least human, most bestial of the Goyim, and so the jews seek to breed out Whites by infusing Black blood into White viens. The jews believe that the blond European is the noblest race of the Goyim, and so they most desperately seek to destroy the genetics of the Nordics. They have already done this to the blond Romans, who are today more pure in Iran and China than in Rome.

The jews instilled a paranoid mindset in Europeans through Christianity, which taught Europeans that they are constantly being supernaturally surveilled and their deeds, words and thoughts recorded for future judgement and potential damnation. This is just what the jews are doing to us today through the NSA and Mossad, as well as Congressional acts to monitor the American People for "hate crimes". All of this tyranny and paranoia leading to self censorship and the destruction of creativity continues in a direct line from subversive Christianity, which conditioned Europeans to accept such atrocities as the humiliating and degrading searches Americans submit to at airports this very day. Do you not have a clear conscience that you would not submit to the slavery of search and surveillance, asks the jew and his god?

And don't you dare do anything other than conform to the jews and their tribal god, or the Christian will ostracize you and prevent your political advancement. You are forbidden to be creative and are only permitted to obey, or so the jew and the Christian would have it. All else is blasphemy and chutzpah, an offense to the creator. And now you must obey the jews commandments to breed yourselves out of existence and ruin your best genetic traits. The jews will kill your best by killing your best genes through miscegenation. They must lower you so that you descend even below their low level, so that their creations can at last be seen to have some value, the merit of having destroyed you. That is the ugly image of the jew and everything Earthly must bear its kosher stamp just as the jew god must rule in heaven, as above so below.