Saturday, January 18, 2014

The False Dilemma of Zionism Versus Bolshevism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jew puppet and lifelong zionist Winston Churchill proposed the false dilemma of surrendering to the jews with either zionism or bolshevism. He never proposed the only genuine and effective response to the jewish war on humanity, which is to war back and destroy the enemy jew.

The jews consistently offered up the carrot and the stick of zionism versus bolshevism. The National Socialists, like Chaim Weizmann, also sponsored, rather than combated zionism, as if it were a solution to the jewish problem. Pseudochristians even put forth the absurd notion that anti-Christ zionism was the solution of the anti-Christ problem, in that it would herald the return of the jew corpse Jesus, never mind that it would place the anti-Christ on his throne and construct the temple of the devil!

The bolsheviks are taking over Europe and all of Russia, as the jews are taking over Greater Israel, and the phony fascists are telling us to hate Muslims and worship Putin! Putin is putting Whites in jail and strapping muzzles on the mouths of nationalists and "anti-Semites", just like Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin. Putin is driving the Ukraine to enslave and bolshevize Ukrainians by imprisoning those who speak freely against communism. In Greece, the jews are imprisoning members of parliament, and the neo-fascists are singing the praises of the authoritarian repression of anti-communist Whites in the Ukraine and promoting the expulsion of jews to Israel and/or the formation of a jewish colony in New York and the balkanization of the White Nation of America into Black, jewish, White, Mexican, etc!

The controlled opposition is in full force trying to trick Whites into surrendering territory, empowering the anti-Christ jew messiah, and enslaving Whites with repressive socialist government, all in the name of combating the jews and honoring Christianity. Instead of combating the jews by empowering the jewish messianic goals of communism and zionism, we must defeat both zionism and communism. In other words, our only real option is to defeat the jews who are warring on us, not to capitulate and surrender to any of their messianic goals and objectives.

You cannot defeat the jews by ingathering them to Israel or any other place. That is one of their most ancient objectives. You cannot defeat the jews by establishing ghettoes around the World, as that is one their most ancient objectives. Zionism is communism and communism is zionism and both are messianic judaism in practice. The jews plan to rule the World from Zion, with imperial ghettoes around the globe just as they ruled Rome from Alexandria, not Jerusalem, until such time as their planned extermination of non-jews.

Beware the zionist neo-nazis, who are also communists trying to takeover Whites and enslave them with authoritarian jewish socialism, while aiding the jews in their prophesied anti-Christ ingathering in Palestine. Concentrating the acidic jews only makes them more caustic. They must be utterly defeated and have no right whatsoever to occupy Palestine or any other place as a base to wage war on humanity. Communism preaches that socialism is the first step in messianic judaism as it enslaves the non-jews to their subverted government. So too zionism is messianic judaism and is the literal anti-Christ agenda of ingathering the jews in Palestine in anticipation of absolute rule over all and destruction of all nations. Zionism and communism are one and the same thing, judaism, and the neo-nazis preach both as if the salvation of the World from the jews.

If history has taught us anything, it is that the jews must be defeated on all fronts at all times. Our choice is not between zionism and communism, but rather between life and death. We will only guarantee our survival when we have completely defeated the jewish war on the human race.

The jewish strategy was to drive Muslims into Europe as they subverted their lands with jewish revolution. I warned about this before it happened, and when it started, the "alternative media" tried to convince us that we should revolt like the Arabs and destroy ourselves as they destroyed themselves. The Arabs and other largely Muslim peoples belong in Arab and their other nations, not Europe. By promoting the jews' agenda of war between Muslims and Europeans, the jews are defeating both and flooding Europe with Muslims while weakening America with pointless and unproductive war.

Return the Africans and Asians to their native homes by means of White political, military and police force, and keep them there by defeating the jews on all fronts.