Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Ghost of Multiculti Nazis Past Returns

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Almost five years ago to the day, I reported on an attempt to create an egalitarian international socialist movement in the name of combating the jews, which jews just so happen to desire an egalitarian international socialist super-State. My blog post "One World Nazi Party" a Contradiction in Terms, January 28, 2009, follows:

There is a group advocating the formation of a "One World Nazi Party". The "Nazi" Party was a racially based nationalistic party, not an international egalitarian party.

The Germans sometimes refer to socialists as "Sozis" and the term "Nazi", contrary to what one blowhard ignoramus claims, derives from the German for "National Socialist German Workers' Party" or Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. It is a reference to a "National Socialist", not an international egalitarian.

Nazism is in part based on the racist mythology of the "Aryan" as advanced by Arthur de Gobineau in his book An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races. The word "Aryan" was used by a tribe of Indo-Europeans as a racist and supremacist title meaning "Lord" or "Noble" which was meant to distinguish this People from their slaves, who were considered subhuman.

In its definition of "Aryan", Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language, Second College Edition, David B. Guralnik, Editor in Chief, Simon and Schuster, New York, (1984), p. 79, writes:

"(used as tribal name to distinguish from indigenous races)"

The theory of "Aryanism" is a theory of racial inequality, not a theory of a noble personality to be found in every race. The mythology of "Aryanism" as taught by Gobinaeu and by Hitler (see: Mein Kampf, "Nation and Race", chapter 11) is that all human culture derives from the "Aryan race" which traveled the World. In every place where the Aryans appeared, they dominated as they were naturally superior and natural leaders. In every place where the Aryans appeared, culture appeared.

As time passed, however, the Aryans' blood became impure by the admixture of inferior races. When this occurred, culture in these regions ceased to advance and stagnated. Miscegenation was the death of culture. Only by copying the high culture of Aryan Peoples could other races achieve anything of value. The blood of Europe was being polluted by the infusion of blood from colonized races and as such the fate of the Aryan was doomed without a eugenics program to purify and preserve the blood of the master race of Northern Europeans.

Such a belief system is the polar opposite of an egalitarian Internationalism. That said, the concept of National Socialism could be applied locally in various nations, with or without its racist ideologies. But it should be clear from the outset that such a party system is different from that proposed by the German Nazis, who believed that the German was a master race, and that Slavs, Gypsies and other supposedly worthless subhuman races have no right to exist. To the extent that Nazism was international, it was a doctrine that the German and Northern European was the natural leader of the World and the creator of all culture of any value.

The Nazis did indeed set up fifth columns in many nations, including the United States, but they did not view any race as their equal, and did not view any nation as equal to pan-Germany. A "One World Nazi Party" based upon internationalist egalitarianism appears to mirror the Jewish conception of the United Nations.

I believe that the POWER PARTY concept can be applied to many nations, though not all. Different nations have different histories, cultures, natural resources, climates, etc. and no one political system fits all nations.

I wrote the following in a blog post, If We Do Not Stop Them, the Jews Will Kill Us All and I Quote: September 08, 2013:

"The jews used to always pray to the East. The jews believe that the left half of man is female and evil. The left half of a man faces North when the man faces East. The jews associate the North, as in Europe, with evil. This is yet another reason why the jews seek to first genocide Europeans in their quest to kill off the human race."

Back 2009, I wrote in my blog, "As Above, So Below!" The Jews Are Out to Destroy the Guardian Angels of the Goyim, the Animals and the Plants. . . to Destroy All of Creation, July 23, 2009:

The online version of an important book by John Allen, Modern Judaism: or, A Brief Account of the Opinions, Traditions, Rites, and Ceremonies of the Jews in Modern Times, provides some information on the topic of the 70 Elohim, or gods, or princes, or guardian angels of the Goyim in Jewish religious mythology. Note that Google offers a downloadable pdf of the book file in the upper right part of the webpage. See pages 149-172, and in particular 155-165. At pages 159 and 160, the author quotes two Jewish passages which evince what I have been explaining in my previous blogs:

"There is nothing in the world, not even a small herb, without its governing angel, by whose words and laws it is directed. Wherefore it is forbidden to mix things that are not of the same kind or species. For by so doing, the upper economy, that is, the angels, will be thrown into confusion."

"Every man has his angel who speaks for him and prays for him; as it is said, (Psal. Lxv. 2. ) 'O thou that hearest prayer;' that is the prayer of the angel, who is the Mashal, or guardian of men. It follows; 'Unto thee shall all flesh come.' Wherefore the angels are not allowed to say their hymns above, till the Israelites have said them here below: for all that a man does is imitated by his Mashal, who performs it above in the same manner in which it is performed here below."

One of the reasons why the Jews promote miscegenation, especially the miscegenation of whites with non-whites, is that through race mixing they can confuse the gods, the princes, the angels in heaven who guard the Goyim, especially the Northern Europeans, whom the Jews view as their worst competition for supremacy over the human race. By mixing whites with non-whites, the Jews are confusing the gods and destroying god's creation on Earth and in heaven, for god created the angels as well as man.

Obama is a perfect mixed creation for the Jews to set as the prince over the Goyim, for he results also in a confusion of the guardian angels over the Goyim in heaven, affording the Jews an easy opportunity to attack the Goyim as they no longer have supernatural protection. I must stress that these are not my beliefs, but the beliefs of the Jews.

With all that long since said, a new crew has arrived trying to misrepresent the NSDAP so as to attack Nordicism, this at a time when Israel is subverting Scandinavia by shipping in Blacks, promote miscegenation while denigrating the tall beautiful Nordic type, and misrepresent National Socialist policy as if it were egalitarian and international. One of these characters, who in the past misrepresented the funding of the NSDAP by jews including the fact celebrated by the National Socialists themselves, that Moses Pinkeles, aka Trebitsch-Lincoln, helped finance the purchase of what was to become the Völkischer Beobachter, the fact that Samuel Untermyer publicly criticized jewish finance for assisting the National Socialists, and the fact that the National Socialists worked with the zionist jews on the Tranfer Agreement which helped finance the NSDAP, etc.

This woman, who sloppily and conveniently confuses the Wehrmacht with the NSDAP, harps on the fact that the Germans are a mixed race people, but does not address the fact that this was largely an old mixture at the time of the rise of the NSDAP. This is important to note, because first generation miscegenation does NOT undergo the evolutionary and natural selection processes that produce a stable race over time. First generation race mixing is more a hit or miss affair than newer hybrid races which have evolved over time from more distinct older races, but which have had time to weed out the bad seeds, especially antisocial and especially stupid ones. In addition, the result of a mixture will depend upon its elements, and some mixtures will be far more successful than others, both aesthetically, culturally, mentally and in terms of the character of the progeny. Mixing a Viking with a Roman is not the same as mixing a Han Chinese with a Sub-Saharan Black.

She appears to argue along the sophistical lines that if the NSDAP was not what is was it would have been something else, therefore it is something else and that is multiculturism and internationalism with a strongly anti-Nordic predisposition. She also seems to argue that if what happened didn't happen, then it wouldn't have happened, therefore it didn't happen but something else happened instead.