Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Rebolshevization of Russia and the Ukraine Under Jew Puppet Putin

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Forced labor camps for any who question members of the government. . . Prison for "anti-Semites". . . The authoritarian international union of Russian and Eastern European nations. . . All these hallmarks of the jewish takeover of pan-Slavia are again being accomplished by the jews' puppet KGB Putin.

If you speak out against the jews in Russia, Putin, like Lenin and Trotsky, will jail you and ruin your life. If you are a White Russian who wants to preserve the racial character of your nation of Rus, Putin will lock you up. But this same bolshevik Putin praises Sharon, touts a yarmulke and freed Khodorkovsky. Bolshevik Putin is also internationalizing the Ukraine under the bolshevik banner which brings repression wherever it flies in the face of White freedoms.

The neo-bolshevik Ukraine is now surrendering to Russia, a disaster which once led to the jewish genocide of 11 million Christian Slavs and to the jewish engineered holocaust of Ukrainians which occurred when the jews Chernobyled the Ukrainians just as the jews Fukushima'd the Japanese. The jews have always hated the Ukrainians and the Poles, and did their worst to the Ukrainian and Polish peoples, when the jews placed them under the direct authority of the crypto-jewish leaders of Russia, who gleefully enslaved and slaughtered the best of the Russians and Ukrainians.

The Ukraine is a European White Nation. The Ukraine and Russia should be joining with the rest of White Europe against the jews and Asians, not empowering the jews by splitting Europe into East and West and pitting Whites against Whites in anticipation of the supremacy of jews and Chinese. It is a very bad sign that bolshevik Putin is reestablishing the jews' Soviet Union. The long suffering Ukrainians are again being dunked in the jewish abyss.