Monday, January 13, 2014

White Unity Is the Biggest Threat to the Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

RT is pushing the international jew agenda on us in English from a Russian venue. Where is our WhiteTv pushing a White agenda on the Russians in Russian? Would KGB Putin, the man the jews would have us believe is our White savior, would jew puppet Putin permit us to propagandize our views in Russia, the way KGB Putin sends his jew media to propagandize us in the US?

Pick up a map of the world. Look at China. Why on Earth, literally, would the commie Chinese be pushing for war with Japan, the USA and the Philippines, if they are in search of Lebensraum and eventual world conquest? There are weaker nations on all their borders with weaker allies. If China wants to expand, why not move out across Asia, rather than into the Pacific? They have a large standing army, but a weak navy, and their highly vulnerable shipping interests are more important to them than anything, and are far easier for us to take out than for others to invade mainland China. Why punch the strongest alliance in the world in the nose, as your first move towards world domination, when that alliance can quickly destroy your navy, shipping and air force in the beginning of the conflict? It doesn't make sense, if you view Red China's actions as if Chinese. They are instead jewish, and that is why they make sense.

The jews and the Chinese share many things in common. They are both racial supremacists, and both understand that war is pointless unless it is a war for profit, or a war of extermination. It would do the Chinese no good to war against Japan, the Philippines or the USA, unless their goal is not merely to defeat us, but also to exterminate us. They are already milking us dry, so why fight us when killing us with kindness is working so well for them. It is because they plan to kill us completely, jew style, leaving nothing left alive of us. And so they plan to wipe out the Japanese, Koreans, Filipinos, Russians, Indians, Europeans, Africans, South Americans, Australians, etc. There is no other point to war at this point, than war of extermination.

Zionist jew Albert Einstein and jew Georg Friedrich Nicolai (Lewinstein) wrote of this war of extermination back around the time of WW I. Einstein looked forward to the day when the Chinese exterminated the Europeans, and Nicolai asserted that the Chinese are our superiors and so have a greater natural right to wipe us out, than the reverse.

Look again at your map of the world and wonder what it is that the jew would do to put China in a position to take over the world. First, since Whites hold the vast and absolutely controlling majority of the nuclear weapons on the planet, you would split them against themselves. You would have your puppets in Washington and in Moscow duke it out rather than cooperate, and you would ally one of them with the Chinese and prevent any tension in the relationship.

If the Chinese were working for their own interests, they would side with the USA against Russia and move on southern Asia rather than the Pacific island nations. This would weaken their neighboring nation of Russia, which holds the resources and the land the Chinese need to expand. Instead, the Chinese are antagonizing the USA and partnering with Russia to divide Whites against Whites in a way that favors the jews, not necessarily the Chinese. If China takes a hit from the USA and Japan, Russia would become the predominant superpower, not China.

But if the jews can pit America and Japan against Russia and China, they split Whites against themselves and weaken Russia and the USA, while empowering the Chinese to exterminate the Japanese, Koreans and Filipinos as the first stage of wiping us all out. For this to succeed, the jews will undermine and subvert the American military, as well as the Japanese. The jews will Pearl Harbor Japan by sending a missile or a kamikaze plane into Fukushima either from North Korea or China. Should the Chinese move into Korea, Japan or the Philippines, expect that they will depopulate the natives within a year. There will then be no Palestinian type problem for their claim to the soil, as no one else alive will have a claim to it.

It is the USA that is losing wars by the attrition of winning them then not claiming the prize. It is the USA that the jews are sapping with wars, which should strengthen us if we took over that which we conquered and made it ours.

Do not expect the Chinese to make the disastrous "mistakes" the jews force us to make. When the Chinese take over a territory they will own it, completely, and leave none of the natives alive to interfere with their plans. Fighting wars the way the jews have us fighting wars is not only pointless, it is suicidal because you lose by winning. The Chinese are not going to suicide themselves, but will instead genocide those whom they attack, including Americans. That will be the new paradigm for war and their mentality is fully prepared to engage in it and succeed at it.

While Whites consume each other, the Chinese will have an easy time taking South America and Africa and genociding the natives. Now this is the plan the jews have sold to their Chinese puppets. This is what the Chinese are thinking. They don't want to understand that the jews are also planning a war of extermination on the Chinese.

What we should do is start to heavily propagandize the Russians to join with White nations to combat the jews and the Chinese. This will completely surround the Chinese and take away the jews' power centers in the USA, England and Russia. Whites uniting not only solves the jewish problem, it solves the Chinese problem as well.

This is why we have neonazi fruitcakes trying to muddy the waters of White Nationalism with Islamochristianity and multicultural fascism. White unity is our best and only hope, and the jews fear it alone.

We urgently need a White "television" network in both English and Russian to counter RT and the other bs media outlets. We need to reach out to the Russian people to join with us and appeal to their racial instincts and national interests to side with us against the jews and Chinese.

The argument we must make to the Russians is simple. Side with Whites and we will control the overwhelming share of the nuclear arsenal of the world to dominate the Earth and we will be assured victory over our enemies. Side with the jews and Chinese, and they will pit America and Western Europe against you, so that you will face as your foe the majority of the nuclear weapons and military might in the world. Even if you win, you lose, because the jews will then sic the Chinese on you after the West has weakened you. White Unite!