Saturday, February 01, 2014

Will We Waste Another Election Cycle?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We still do not have a single viable presidential candidate who represents our views. We also lack a field of congressional candidates for whom we can proudly vote. The jews continue to completely dominate American politics due to the cowardice and inactivity of the awake American populace and the gullibility and self destructive mindset of the rest.

If we are not going to field candidates, in spite of the fact that we should, then we at least have to learn how to influence the voting behavior and policies of elected officials, by calling them, writing them, protesting, voting and other means. We need a much stronger political presence on the internet to affect the voting behavior of government officials. One of the most momentous issues facing our nation is the growing problem of illegal immigration in particular, and immigration in general. There is not a single pro-White and authentic American voice in the Federal Government of the United States. In addition, the Blacks in the Federal Government are also puppets of the jews and actively work against the best interests of the Black community, just as White politicians subvert the best interests of White citizens.

Blacks are hurt more by illegal immigration than even Whites. They are losing jobs to Latinos and others, as well as housing, neighborhoods, schools, private and public benefits, etc. Their political power is diminished and the power they do have is being leveraged against them as a reaction against Whites, which foolish reactionary objectives are even more damaging to Blacks than they are to Whites. Their supposed victories against Whites are in reality also losses for Blacks, worse losses.

Blacks continue to be their own worst enemy as jews hold the bridle to the political bit at which they chomp, and poison the media trough from which they drink in information and culture. Black media is dominated by jew influence and parrots a communistic democratic party line that harms Blacks. They helped the jews to subvert the democrats when the jews wanted neocon republicans in power, and they helped the jews steal trillions of dollars from Americans through democrat Obama, monies which could have been spent in the Black community, instead of stolen by the jews.

The White Nationalist movement treads a fine line between defending Whites from Black aggression, and driving the Blacks into the jews' camp on immigration issues against the Blacks' own best interests. It is true that Blacks are not good partners for Whites, and Whites do not make good allies for Blacks. We should promote and defend our own interests, not theirs, and we should fight back against their aggression towards us.

But rather than working against our best interests by incentivizing non-White immigration for Blacks, we should adopt something like European parliamentary strategies of common cause on specific issues with Blacks, and encourage negotiations on all issues of common interest, not in partnership with Blacks which are doomed to failure, but rather as a purely numbers based strategy to prevent the jews from ruining America with immigration.

In many countries, various opposing parties in parliament often vote together to forward their individual causes, despite their opposition on other issues. Neither Whites nor Blacks win when we ensure one another's defeat by siding with the jews against both Whites and Blacks. It is natural for all people to view issues in racial terms, and it is only because of a prolonged and concerted effort by jewry that Whites are reluctant to publicly do so. Blacks today are far more prone to assert their rights and objectives in overtly racial terms, than are Whites. We should use this fact to our advantage as best we can. Blacks have been conditioned to accept the myth that the democratic party is a Black racial party that favors their interests, and that the republican party exists to promote White interests.

The two parties are racially influenced so as to win votes for candidates, but this does not work in favor of either Whites of Blacks when it comes to the jewish engineered governmental policies both parties forward in collusion with one another. Instead, both parties undermine both groups. Given this reality, we should view politicians individually and determine how best to influence their individual votes on important issues to us, if we are going to continue to hide from public office. It would be helpful to have the Blacks do the same on the issue of immigration, and pressure politicians who depend on the Black vote to adopt an anti-immigration policy.

The jews have long sought to influence the Black mind by writing books and articles which shape their opinions. We should also publish information informing the Blacks of the reality of illegal immigration for them and point out how the jews are subverting their best interests and their power by importing Mexicans and other sources of cheap labor and votes.

But we should never capitulate to the Blacks' anti-White behavior and attitudes. It is absolutely necessary to address Black on White crime, which is nothing new in America. Black neighborhoods have always been virulently and violently anti-White, which to a great extent has lessened miscegenation and prevented wide spread integration, while concurrently and for the same reasons undermined the economic well being of Black neighborhoods and promoted White neighborhoods and businesses. In other words, should Blacks cease to be anti-White, it will become increasingly necessary to enforce segregation by other means.