Saturday, February 08, 2014

We Need to Start a Repatriation Movement

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In order to preserve the human dignity of the alien invaders flocking to our homelands in unseemly hordes, we should start a massive repatriation campaign of non-Europeans out of Europe, and non-White immigrants, legal and illegal, to the USA, back out of America. This will show that we respect their national rights, and demand that they respect ours. It will be a legal measure in Europe given that it promotes the dignity and honors the ethnicity of the invading forces overwhelming European countries.

There are many types of warfare and revolution. Aristotle wrote of these thousands of years ago and nothing has changed. One kind of warfare and one method of revolution is racial demographic warfare. The jews are waging demographic warfare and warfare by invasion by opening the gates of our nations to invasive, hostile and alien races of men, who are destroying our societies and corrupting the genetic makeup of our peoples.

One civilized response to such an invasion is to repatriate the invaders. Note that the jews put tremendous effort into flooding White nations with historical racial enemies of Whites, but little to no effort in ever repatriating these invaders to their homelands, which makes it obvious to all that the intent of the jews is to destroy, not preserve. It is incumbent upon us to do for ourselves what our enemies will not do.

Europeans should start discussing the fact that the EU is a foreign empire ruling over their nations, which is deliberately invading their countries with traditional national, racial and religious enemies. The EU is an empire engaged in the total destruction of Europeans.

Likewise, Vladimir Putin is an expansionist reviving Russian imperialism. He gayly strong arms sissies and beats up on smaller nations, but lays in bed with jewry to suck the fruit of his union with them. He pretends to be a Christian, but nevertheless sponsors the antiChrist agenda of Israel and the jews. Putin criticizes homosexuals and attacks the sovereignty of smaller nations, but never speaks a word against the jews and communists who mass murdered tens of millions of Christian Slavs, burned Russian churches, tortured and mass murdered Russian clergy, and brought enemy upon enemy against Russians and Ukrainians. Putin never points out the fact that the jews paid for the Japanese war on Russia and funded the mass murdering jews who took over the nation and genocided its best citizens. Putin says nothing against the jews who sponsored Turkish and German attacks on Russia. Quite the contrary, Putin dons a yarmulke, bowing to the jews, and sells out Russia to the atheistic communist Chinese. Some White Christian he is, intent on aiding the jews antiChrist agenda, forming alliances against Whites in America and Europe, and flooding Russia with historic enemies of the Russians, while muzzling and imprisoning Russian nationalists.

We have to make people in Europe and America aware that these two jewish empires are waging war on them. We have to teach them and encourage them to employ this language so as to open their eyes to what is occurring. The EU is an empire hostile to Europe and its imperial ambitions and wars of expansion are manifest in the enemy invasion of Europe the EU is waging. The EU is a foreign, jewish empire slaughtering Europeans with a non-European invasion that destroys the national cohesiveness and racial integrity of European nations. The enemy empire, the EU is deliberately disenfranchising Europeans in their own nations and denying them their human and national rights. The EU is not European. It is instead an evil, aggressive, expansionist empire run by international jewry and it is killing Europe.

Likewise emperor Putin is undermining Russia and pitting Whites against Whites for the benefit of jews and communist Chinese. The Russians cannot compete with the Chinese and should not try. The Chinese have vastly greater numbers and far more diligent work ethic than the Russians. The Chinese will make the Russians debt slaves in very short order, and then collect by confiscating the land of Russia and its resources, and traitorous Putin and his heirs will gayly hand it over to them as he has been handing over Russian wealth to jewry in continuation of the Lenin, Trotsky, Yeltsin line and all in between. Russian empire post czarism has been a vacuum sucking the wealth out of Russia and into the fat bags of jewish banks.

If Putin were a Christian, a Slav and pro-White, he would be allying with White nationalists around the world to put the nuclear arsenals of America and Russia to work for the mutually assured preservation of Whites and of White countries. Instead, he is siding against us and flooding our dissidents with propaganda meant to demoralize us and to turn us away from political power and against our own nations. Instead of his propaganda apparatus trying to convince us that Whites are evil Western imperialists under the permanent boot of the jews, Putin should instead be producing educational films and romantic movies proving how the jews have mass murdered Whites and pitted us against each other, and proposing that we unite to attack the jews. But alas, Putin is not a Christian, a Russ or pro-White. He is a jew puppet who plays emperor on the jews' stage as the jews' stooge. He wants dissidents to side with the Red Chinese against our own people just like he does. It is an old communist tactic to pit dissidents against their own people. Remember those Mao and Che t-shirts?

We need a movement to oppose the aggressive and expansionist EU and Russian Empires, in part by stopping the foreign invasion and by repatriating the invaders. With each new immigrant the evil empires are expanding and Europe is disappearing.

The Ukraine and Turkey: The Maxilla and Mandible Biting at the Black Sea Rope in the Tug of War Between Europe and Asia

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is no coincidence that Greece, the Ukraine and Turkey are being thrown into political turmoil at the very same moment. Russia, which has always thought of itself as White European as opposed to mongoloid Asian, is being redirected under bolshevik traitor Vladimir Putin to become aligned with Red China against White Europe. Rather than remapping Europe to include all of Russia as he should, jew puppet Putin seeks to cut into Western Europe and convert it to Asia, as in Chinese.

To assist in this pernicious process, the jews have sent Greece, the Ukraine and Turkey into turmoil. Should Turkey and the Ukraine surrender their sovereignty to the European Union Empire, the jews will use them as gateways into Europe for Africans and Asians. Should the Ukraine and Turkey surrender their sovereignty to Putin and Red China, the jews will flood them with Chinese and cut off Western Europe from energy supplies, while concurrently subverting the USA leaving the Western Europeans in isolation as the jews flood Western Europe with Africans and Asians. Either way, the jewish controlled empires, be it writ EU or BRICS, spell disaster and genocide for the White Race and Europe.

Turkey is a multiethnic nation carved out of historically Greek and Armenian territory. It has been the source of numerous Mongol and Muslim invasions of Europe. It has been jewish controlled for many, many centuries, and remains so. The present government of Turkey has helped the jews ruin several prominent Arab nations, as I predicted they would. This also serves the jews to drive masses of Arabs into Europe, as I predicted it would. The Turkic peoples have long served as pawns for the jews to create wars with Russia and China, as well as Western European nations. The Greeks claim the west of Turkey, and the Armenians and Kurds claim the east of Turkey. The Turks pretend to themselves that they are racial Turks, but they are in fact a very mixed group of people.

The jews are creating a tug of war over the Ukraine and Turkey between Western Europe and traitorous Putin and Red China. But as is the jewish way, the results of this conflict depend solely on the desires of the jews and will largely produce that same result, the good of the jews, which ever way the line is crossed.

It all becomes clear and simple when you simply look at the map and see what is happening. We should be discouraging the growth of empires and working toward national sovereignty. When empires form, the result is miscegenation and loss of racial and national tradition. When empires clash, the result is world war. The jews play the world in this way, this cycle of empires and nationalistic struggles, like an organ grinder turns his music box, and the monkeys all dance to the tune. It is time to break free from their grasp.

Here Comes Shlomo Cottontail Hoppin Down the Hebrew Trail, Hippity Hoppity Greater Israel's on Its Way Today

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews are going to artificially manufacture fertility wars, so that they can enact legislation mandating that the only means of reproducing for Gentiles will be by way of surrogate mothers, which will enable the jews to breed like rabbits. The jews are deliberately making Whites infertile and creating a real basis for artificial breeding exclusively by means of surrogate mothers. They will do the same to Asians and all others.

At the same time, the jews are destroying the nations of Greater Israel so as to lay claim to the territory for themselves. Crypto-jews deny that the jews are doing this and ask that we contemplate the fact that the jews do not currently have a large enough population to successfully occupy these lands.

I suspect the jews plan to use Asians as surrogate mothers for jew babies to the tune of millions of jews per annum. The mantra of race not mattering will become the mantra of birth origin not mattering, and soon that will change to only the jews procreating and exponentially expanding their populations by means of surrogate mothers. Jews have the money, and birth will become a business regulated by the jews.

There is more to the growing infertility of Whites than meets the eye. The jews are planning to grow their numbers, while genociding Whites and blurring the races by browning them in birthing ovens which will only maintain and increase the "purity" of the jews while eradicating all others through miscegenation and extinction. Such will be the oxymoronic artificial nature of the jew world order.

Do you want to organize to fight them politically, or do you want to die out?

Both Putin and Nudelman (Victoria Nuland) Want to Steal the Ukraine for the Benefit of the Communist Chinese, NOT White Europeans

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In anticipation of World War III, Putin and the American jews are tag teaming the Ukraine in order to balkanize it, and, that failing, to win it over either to the EU, or Imperial Russia. The jews are engineering a Trans East-European Asian Union and want to take possession of the Ukraine in order to flood it with Chinese, who will use it as a base of operations to attack Western Europe and Pan-Turkey, as well as for the production of food for their massive population. The Red Chinese want to make the Ukraine a suburb of China and then claim all the territory in between the Ukraine and China, including Russia, whether it takes ten years, or a thousand years.

The imperial Russians poured into all nations of the Soviet Union and its satellites. They were extremely arrogant and would insist that the native populations speak Russian in the presence of Russians. If an office of twenty people consisted of 19 Latvians and 1 Russian, the entire office would be forced to speak Russian. The Russians heavily infiltrated the Ukraine and many remain there to this day. We should not excuse this Russian imperialism merely because it was jew driven and was based on the politics of communism. It was also clearly Russian, in that it sought demographic domination of foreign nations by Russians for Russian interests, and in that it deliberately imposed Russian culture and language on the conquered peoples for the benefit of Russian imperialism.

But what is taking place today is a little different. Russia is being sacrificed to Red China and is being used to reconstitute the Soviet Empire, not for the benefit of Imperial Russia, but for the benefit of Imperial Communist China, which seeks a foothold in Europe, a means to surround Islam, especially Pan-Turkey, and a source of food production most especially in the event of a third world war. The Red Chinese will do to Russia and East Europe what they are doing to America and Western Europe. The Communist Chinese will steal the industry, food, land, technology, universities, and raw materials of these nations, as they have done to us; and as they have treated us, the Red Chinese will give nothing back to these countries whom they instead will unilaterally exploit. Red China will bury Russia and with it all her imperial satellites.

The American jews hold the other end of the leash around Ukraine's neck. Aligning the Ukraine with the EU, or splitting it as happened to Poland, will also provide the opportunity for massive immigration into the Ukraine, and brain drain out of the Ukraine. For centuries, the jews have sought to draw the best minds out of Europe so as to diminish White genes and remove the wise men from Europe, as the Old Testament instructs the jews to destroy the wise of the Goyim. The jews dispersed the intelligent of Poland and France by ruining their empires and attacking their nations from abroad. The jews drew the intelligent out of Europe and spread Abrahamic monotheism around the World by promoting missionary work, which also served as an intelligence network. For centuries, the jews, through the Jesuits, Presbyterians, and others, have been infecting the Middle East and China with missionaries. All this is done to deplete the brain power of Europe and destroy the various cultures of Asia and Africa.

A good example of this is Pearl Buck, who, according to the research of Elizabeth Dilling, was a crypto Galician jew, said jews being among the sleaziest, dirtiest and most subversive of all the jews. [E. Dilling, The Octopus, The Sons of Liberty, Metairie, Louisianai, (1940/1986), p. 147.] Buck was a Christian missionary in China, who sought to promote the adoption of Chinese children in the West and America. Buck also worked against White interests in America in several other ways, which resulted in the mess in which we find ourselves today.

Just as the jews exploded the Middle East and Africa in part to drive Muslims into Europe and America, they are imploding the Ukraine to drive out the best Ukrainians and bring in hordes of Chinese and other Asians, as well as Africans. This will happen under the EU and it will happen under Putin. Either way, the result will be the same for the Ukraine, the loss of its sovereignty and a strong demographic shift against its national existence. The communist jews openly avowed this was their plan for the Ukraine, Russia and all of Europe and America, long ago.

When the jews drive out the leaders and intelligencia of a nation, they destroy that nation and its future. They also create intelligent minorities in other countries who see it as their duty to erode the sovereignty of those other nations in their own best interests. For example, should the jews succeed in causing the brightest and best White Americans to flee America, they will weaken America, while concurrently creating subversive colonies in other nations that erode the sovereignty and independence of those nations. The net effect is to promote miscegenation and internationalism.

The jews create empires in order to destroy national sovereignty and promote miscegenation, and then the jews pit empires against each other in the name of national sovereignty in order to create world wars, wars which drive out the best citizens of the nations and races under attack, place the best males in military conscription in the prime age of breeding, and destroy the ancient architecture and historical landmarks of the nations thereby weakening the link between peoples and their ancestors. As was the case in postwar Germany, the jews encouraged the Soviet, primarily Russian, soldiers to rape millions of German females of all ages, rapes which continued throughout the Soviet Empire. Having known both West and East Germans quite well, I am able to report that they were very different peoples from one another, and this divergence occurred in the short span of less than fifty years. Think of the effect over the course of centuries. Within the short span of my lifetime, immigration and media have had a tremendously bad impact on American culture. I cannot imagine what ruin another fifty years of it would bring.

Jews hate Russians and Ukrainians with a passion that exceeds mere evil. The concept of evil does capture the destructive and grossly abnormal nature of jewry. The jews transcend basic evil and have descended into a still lower level of existence by tunneling through the boundaries of sanity and decency inscribed in human DNA into a subhuman and antihuman dimension all their own. It is no wonder they feel an affinity with snakes, for they have nothing but shades of appearance in common with humans. And their diabolical plans are rolled up in a torah scroll to which they bob and drool with blood lust for all human life.

Do not expect the planned destruction of the Ukraine, should it come, to profit either Russia or the EU. Instead, the Red Chinese will gain and the entire White World will lose.

If, however, the Ukrainian nationalists succeed in gaining independence from the jews, it will be a victory for Whites and a loss for the jews and communists. Rather than being a source of agitation between West and East Europe, it could become a source of stability and a cap of containment of the Muslim and Chinese invasion of Europe over the Black Sea. Like Russia and America, the Ukraine has the natural resources it needs to prosper. What it lacks is independent leadership and a sovereign governmental and business structure designed for the benefit of the Ukrainian Nation and the Ukrainian People. Given such a mechanism for guaranteed success, there is every reason to expect that the Ukraine can quickly grow its economy and provide for its people on a full level of Autarky within five years time.

Ukrainian nationalists should make known their requirements so that we can help them formulate a national structure to make the Ukraine prosper. There should be much more dialogue not centered around Putin or the EU, but instead the Ukraine itself. The Ukrainians need plans and policies for success. They have the land and the resources. Now they need the material, financial and intellectual capital necessary to put the machine in motion. We should not waste so much time arguing over whether the EU or Putin is better for the Ukraine. We should instead devote more time to making Ukrainian Nationalism a success and cease to internationalize by default to the EU or jew puppet Putin.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Reflections on the Swastika: Jews Are the Problem, White Empowerment Is the Solution

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Nothing says jews are the problem, White empowerment is the solution, quite like the swastika. It is a meaningful, concise and unmistakable symbol. I suspect that is why the multiculti Nazis seek to coopt it and use it as a weapon to weaken White power and convert National Socialism into miscegenistic international communism.

Consider the overly simplistic model of Constitutional America and National Socialist Germany with each composed of three primary elements populace, party ideology and leadership. The populace in both movements were Whites largely ultimately of Germanic stock. They understood the importance of hard work. The party ideologies of both movements shared many common principles. Both insisted that only Whites be allowed citizenship. Both employed slave labor. Both struggled for independence from international jewish bankers. The most significant difference was that Americans distrusted tyranny and loathed dictatorship and crafted their Constitution to create a division of powers with checks and balances in order to, among other things, prevent any rash and counterproductive measures by the President or Congress.

Germany, on the other hand, was founded on Monarchy and fell back into it in the form of National Socialist dictatorship just as did Soviet Russia. Germany had its new emperor (Kaiser) in Hitler, and Russia had its emperors (czars) in Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin; and so they to some extent followed the old late Roman system and political culture, with its strengths and its weaknesses. Hitler embodied the party, the nation, the government and the Volk in one man; and betrayed them all to imperial ambition, war and inevitable defeat that empowered the communists and anti-Whites. As Rudolf Hess stated, "Die Partei ist Hitler. Hitler aber ist Deutschland, wie Deutschland Hitler ist! Hitler! Sieg Heil!"

It is good that people are reading Mein Kampf. I hope that they can separate National Socialist party ideology from the dictator who led Germany into horrible defeat and helped the communists take over Eastern Europe, including a large chunk of Germany. Hitler also conditioned Europe for the jews European Union spearheaded by puppet Adenauer (Hans Globke) and De Gaulle. Most significantly, Hitler pursued and fulfilled jewish messianic prophecy by helping the jews to segregate, "purify" and ingather their tribe in Palestine, while concurrently bringing about apocalyptic war and global empire.

Mein Kampf lacks Hitler's jewish messianic policies and contains much that is useful. But National Socialism remains a poor substitute for Americanism as a political system that frees and empowers Whites, with one exception, the pre-zionist NSDAP ideology and the populace of National Socialist Germany were very jew wise, and this is largely lacking in original Americanism.

I suggest we take from National Socialism its political process of awakening the masses to the jewish problem; and drop entirely its zionism, blind worship of a messianic dictator figure, its 1,000 year empire (Reich) and all the other of its jewish messianic elements. We should NOT segregate and nationalize jewry. We should instead utterly defeat them. This is the tell for me that those donning the Hakenkreuz in a leadership role are almost always working for the jews. They generally focus more on attacking Blacks than jews, and advocate zionist policies and promote hero worship favorable to the jews. They devote more time and energy to fighting each other than battling jewry. They demean and seek to destroy America and demoralize Americans, leaving us ripe for communist revolution.

I can understand why many look upon the swastika with awe and reverence, because to them it clearly, succinctly and unmistakably symbolizes the fact that the jews are the problem, and White empowerment is the solution. It would be helpful if we could rectify the deficiency among the Founding Fathers of America to directly and in certain terms address the jewish problem and do so without demoralizing our own society. The bald eagle is a beautiful symbol of America as a White nation. I suggest we start to emphasize the greatness of our nation and our national symbols, rather than pretend to be National Socialist Germans, Romans, or any of the other societies that failed to solve the jewish problem, in no small part because they relied upon imperial dictators who were in the service of the jews.

To those attached to the swastika, I can understand your feelings. I only ask that you be ever wary of its zionist attachments. The jews seek an ingathering at this time and they will use you to gin up world war, global revolution and the expulsion of the jews to Palestine, none of which will empower Whites or defeat the jews.