Saturday, March 01, 2014

Why Are Our American Leaders Taking the Military Options Off the Table?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is very disturbing that our government officials are taking our military options off the table in response to Putin's military aggression. Never before have I seen such a thing. The communist infiltration is deep. We are gargling it.

KGB Putin Is a Criminal, Indict Him!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Putin has broken international law. Indict the punk! Hurt his propaganda machine and his international image.

Do the same to Obama. Hopefully, we can prosecute both communists for their international and domestic crimes. Better these communists rot in jail, than the nations of the world suffer under their jewish instigated expansionist communist aggression.

But don't lie to me and try to tell me there is nothing the West can do to defend itself from Soviet Putin and his army of thugs!

The head of the snake is jewry. We must take control of the government to control the snake that usurps it.

Ethnic Russians in the Ukraine Openly and Literally Call for Reestablishing the Soviet Union!

Russia supporters demand reunification as conflict escalates

Where Is the CIA? Are they active in Russia, Russia Sure Is Active in America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Putin is flooding America with anti-American, anti-European, anti-NATO propaganda. The communists are priming us to ruin our own nation.

Now, Putin has broken the peace in Europe. Is there no effort to oust the communist Putin and safeguard America and Western Civilization from the communist threat?

Oh, that's right, the communists have convinced us that they no longer exist. . . .

Take a close look at the Crimea. Now look at how Putin's army of propagandists are trying to subvert an American and NATO response to Putin's military aggression against a sovereign European State. Those guys supporting Putin and bashing America and NATO, those guys are the communists. But don't tell anyone, it is supposed to be a secret! Shhh!

Where Are the Food, the Weapons, the Combat Advisors? Where Is NATO?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Russia has broken the peace in Europe. Russia is massively mobilizing against a sovereign European nation with a treaty with NATO. Where is the response to this aggression?

Has a single tank been moved? Has food, weapons and other supplies been airlifted into the Ukraine? What about military advisors? Do you think the Ukraine is able to take on Russia with no support?

The incompetence of NATO is breathtaking and indicates deliberate subversion. Should we expect the same inaction if Red China attacks Japan and the USA?

We had better get loyal Americans in the American Government, and soon!

The Stab in the Back of the Ukrainian Nationalists

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

At the onset of WW I, the jewish press in Germany fomented that nation into war. Following the Balfour Declaration, they become staunchly defeatist and ultimately ruined the nation at the close of the war.

The jewish press is now stabbing the Ukrainian Nationalists in the back. Instead of emphasizing the recomposition of the Soviet Union, and Putin's cowardly aggression against a vulnerable Ukraine, they are spitting on the Ukrainians they promised to support. The same press that hid Stalin's crimes are now backing Putin's crimes. So what are we going to do to defeat them?

Obama should be impeached and Hagel fired. The USA should begin a massive military build up to defend us from communism. Greece and Turkey should be stabilized and NATO enlarged. America and Europe should promote each others economies and work hard on energy independence. We should put an end to the communist takeover of South America. Most importantly, we should end our support of Israel and work on better relations with Muslim nations and repatriate Muslims to their native lands.

The jews are on their way to creating a Syria S.S.R. and an Iran S.S.R. When Israel realigns with Asia against Europe, such an expanded U.S.S.R. will completely cut off Europe from Eastern sources of energy.

The communists run our media and installed Obama to ruin our nation. They are now betraying the Ukrainians to the Soviet Union.

It is not enough to identify the problem. We have to organize politically to do something about it. The communists have built a vast propaganda network to subvert our dissidents and make them anti-American, anti-European, anti-NATO and pro-Putinism and Red Chinese. This is a very dangerous situation and threatens to get much worse quickly.

We need money and we need organization and we need them now. The communists certainly are not going to do our work for us.

Surround the Parliament Building in Kiev With Giant Posters of Images of the Holodomor

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ukrainian Nationalists should drape enormous posters of the Holodomor depicting emaciated and dead Ukrainians over the Parliament building in Kiev. Show the horrors of Russian aggression to the World!

Troubling Golden Dawn Putinism

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Golden Dawn has rejected Ukrainian Nationalism in favor of bolshevik Putinism and Soviet expansionism. Over several decades, they have morphed from an antichristian party into an orthodox party and are now openly supporting pan-Slavism and Christian Internationalism. In the past, they have had connections to Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Eidelstein).

The pan-Slavic movement was engineered by jews, just as the pan-German and pan-Turk movements were engineered by jews. The jews used these empire generators to energize WW I. Golden Dawn has also claimed Turkish territory as Greek.

This Putinism and Christian Internationalism coupled with an open desire to claim Turkish land, puts Golden Dawn squarely in the bolsheviks' camp to destroy NATO power in Greece and Turkey, and to make the Soviet Union the masters of the Black Sea with an open route to the Mediterranean. Let's call the "Russian Federation" what is has proven to be, the Soviet Union. It appears that the recent goal of the Golden Dawn is to make the Ukraine and Greece into Soviet Socialist Republics. Golden Dawn's website states that they are opposed to personal ownership of property, which is the foundational belief of communism.

At the same time, the jews are destabilizing Turkey and have sent their puppet Erdogan into a world of chaos. Turkey is a NATO member. A military coup is in the works, and if the military takes a right–left leaning turn to Russia, then the bolsheviks will encircle the Black Sea and cut off Europe from the East and energy supplies.

The jews will then have the food resources they need to feed communist China in the event of their planned WW III. The Ukraine is being besieged by communists for the sake of China, not Russia. Putin and Golden Dawn are sponsoring orthodoxy as a means to generate an expansion of the Soviet Union into Greece.

Jobbik is another subject, perhaps for another day.

NATO needs to mobilize and take control of Greece and Turkey. They should immediately engage in joint exercises and set up to defend Western Civilization from the naked aggression of the Soviet Union. Those communist jews genocided one hundred million human beings in the 20th Century and they were only just getting started. They pretended to disband so that we would weaken our military might as they built up theirs. We have to wake up and fight back! Kosher Nazis are leading us straight into the bolshevik slaughter house.

They're Back! The Crimean Soviet Socialist Republic

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Americans had better wake up to the fact that Putin is a bolshevik, and so is Obama. The jews have also thoroughly infiltrated our dissident community with pro-Putin bloshevism, hero worship and apologetics. KGB Putin is the new Che, the new Mao, the new Stalin, and the Crimean Soviet Socialist Republic is back. At the same time, the EU is imposing the communist agenda on Europe. The two jewish socialist regimes are melding in the Ukraine. Obama is gutting the American military. We must act to defend ourselves.

Condeferates/Union, Red China/Taiwan, North Korea/South Korea, North Vietnam/South Vietnam, East Germany/West Germany, East Ukraine/West Ukraine? Is anyone else noticing a pattern of pitting brother against brother by the jews?

KGB Putin's Kosher Nazi in Ukraine Dmitro Yarosh Stamped Certified by Abe Foxman and the Israeli Ambassador

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Dmitry Yarosh is sounding quite a bit like Vladimir Putin, who has pledged to defend jewry from antisemitism worldwide. Abraham Foxman wrote in his article, In Ukraine, New Government Must Reassure Jewish Community, (28 February 2014):

"Dmitro Yarosh, leader of Right Sector, met with Israel's ambassador to Ukraine, Reuven Din El, and told him that their movement rejects anti-Semitism and xenophobia and will not tolerate it. He said their goals were a democratic Ukraine, transparent government, ending corruption, and equal opportunity for all ethnic groups."

Couple this kosher certification with the fact that Yarosh is Putin's boy in the Ukraine, as revealed in this article, Maidan is not satisfied with the new government in Kiev and Kremlin considers Dmitry Yarosh to be the real ruler of Ukraine, (27 February 2014)

"It should be noted that new Ukraine is not able to solve Yarosh issue from the very beginning of the triumphant march of the revolution all over the country. It’s paradoxical but Russia actively supports the idea of Dmitry Yarosh being a member of the new government in spite of the fact that he is a fervent enemy of Russia.

When on February 21 the parliamentary opposition and a then President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych initialed the agreement on political settlement of the crisis, Kremlin emissary Russian ombudsman Vladimir Lukin refused to initial it by two main reasons. The first reason was an unclear status of Yanukovych – Russia could not understand to what extent he remained at the post of the President and if he could guarantee the execution of the agreement.

The second reason was that the agreement didn't stipulate the participation of radical opposition and first of all it's militant branch represented by Yarosh."

It is clear that Putin and Yarosh are working together to safeguard jewry's interests in the Ukraine. So who are the real Nationalists in the Ukraine and how do we support them against the attack from KGB Putin and the EU? Is it only the People themselves?

The situation is dire with communists crushing Europe from all directions. A Swede has issued an enlightening statement of the danger warning all humanity, though directed specifically to Ukrainians:

Fredrik Hagbergs speech to the Ukrainian Revolution

Friday, February 28, 2014

KGB Putin, KGB "Antisemites", Vladimir Lukin and Dmitry Yarosh

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

While watching the snipers pick off heroic protesters in the Ukraine, I kept asking myself why the Berkut guarding the President of the Ukraine did not set up at least two belt fed medium machine guns and hit the protestors with a cross fire that would have immediately wiped them out. It would also have been very easy to round the protesters up with busses and riot police. The military would have had a very easy time ending the protests.

The pieces of the puzzle are starting to gel and it appears that Putin and the KGB were up to their old tricks of setting up an antisemite bogey man to legitimize the balkanization of the Ukraine into the EU in the West, and Russia in the East. Recall that the KGB had previously used the jew antisemite Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Eidelstein) as such a stooge and controlled opposition agent. I warned the Armenians about this back in 2010:

Heads Up Armenians! April 23, 2010

It is significant to note that the Russians did not sign on as witnesses to the multinational agreement reached to settle the crisis in the Ukraine, which would have enabled Viktor Yanukovych to remain as President of the Ukraine until new elections were reached. According to this source, one of the reasons why the Russian Vladimir Lukin would not witness the agreement was that it left out Dmitry Yarosh, head of the supposedly Nationalist "Private Sector" movement:

Maidan is not satisfied with the new government in Kiev and Kremlin considers Dmitry Yarosh to be the real ruler of Ukraine

Yarosh is from the East of Ukraine. He has many ties to Russians and has since been offered a government post.

Yarosh is the poster child of the Russian press, Putin's press. He serves to paint the revolution as a fascist movement, scaring Russians who suffered horrific losses from the Nazi invasion of Russia, and Ukraine. Yarosh is being used to drive the Crimea into Russia's hands, and he was used to put the pro-EU forces in power in the West.

Former President Yanukovych has revealed that he fled due to death threats, not coup attempts. These threats were probably orchestrated by the KGB, and Yanukovych has declared that he is puzzled that Putin is ignoring him. Putin wants him dead and planned the coup that ousted him.

Putin appears to be behind Yarosh. It is looking like Yarosh is some sort of new Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and he has served to polarize the Ukraine, and has brought about the coup which enabled Putin to divide the Ukraine and prevent a political process of true Nationalistic reform.

The Berkut appear to continue to be an arm of the KGB. Not only did they provide the illusion of resistence to the coup, which was naught but token, not only were they received with a hero's welcome in East Ukraine after what appeared on the face of it to have been an utter failure to protect the President, Putin is now issuing them Russian passports as a reward for their apparent failure, which was mission accomplished.

The KGB is alive and well in Russia. It serves jewry as it always has. It works in close collaboration with the EU, and note that Merkel of communist East Germany is always in close contact with Putin.

I have been very careful to always refer to Ukrainian Nationalists and not advocate for any leader or party, having smelt a Russian rat and a balkanization pact in all of this from the beginning. As new facts and situations emerge, it is becoming increasingly evident that Putin and the EU orchestrated this entire affair together from the beginning. Will it serve as a model for other Eastern European nations once under the Soviet sphere of influence? Will it serve to crush any future hopes of Nationalism in Europe as there appears to be no way out?

Let us hope that the Ukrainian Nationalists prevail and let us continue to support their struggle in its principles. KGB agents can be deposed as easily as KGB Presidents.

It should be clear to all how effective the propaganda machine for Putin has been all over the world. The KGB is alive and well and it is an arm of the international jews who want to turn Americans against America in favor of KGB Putin and Red China.

We in America must seize upon this opportunity to enlighten our People that the communists are on the attack and have infiltrated our political process and media including our dissident movements and press. They are highly organized and are flooding the comments sections of the news with anti-American Putin propaganda. We must fight back as Obama and Hagel are gutting our national defense. Note that the same clowns who told us Hagel would save us from the jews are telling us Putin will save us from the jews.

We need a viable candidate for President of the United States in 2016. We need to beware of the Aleph masquerading as the Hakenkreuz. The jews love to use Nazis for their purposes and it was for their purposes that Nazism arose to power. It served them well in the Ukraine, when the Nazis imprisoned Ukrainian Nationalist Stepan Bandera.

Yatsenyuk and Turchynov Should Wear Black Ribbons Commemorating Victims of the Holodomor at Press Conferences

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

All major politicians of the Ukraine should start wearing a black lapel ribbon to commemorate the victims of the Holodomor. The press will ask about them and they can explain the many atrocities the Soviet Empire committed against the Ukrainian People.

Ukrainian politicians should start using phrases like, "Never again the Soviet Union!" Put Putin on the defensive. Make every act of Russian aggression an opportunity to expose the Holodomor to the international press and expose how the Russians tried to genocide the Ukrainian People, mass murdered 11 million civilians, expelled indigenous Ukrainians, and shipped in masses of Russian invaders to rule over the Ukrainians as slave masters.

Ukrainian Nationalists Should Place Large Billboard Size Posters of the Holodomor All Around the Airports

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Russians are keeping the Ukrainians from organizing a government, by preoccupying them with attacks meant to drive them into the EU. The Ukrainian Nationalists should take advantage of the press coverage surrounding the occupied airports to post large billboards with pictures of the victims of the Holodomor.

Ukrainian women should protest the occupation with signs with pictures of the Holodomor and text in English, German and Russian reading, "Never Again a Bolshevik Holocaust!" and "Never Again the Soviet Union!" Fill the streets and the press with images of Russian atrocities against Ukrainians. While the Russians are explaining themselves, form a government!

Putin Sends in the Clowns, Protests Western Culture with. . . Western Culture

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Vlad the Impaled is trying to rescue his Russki cabooski, which is regularly skewered by his jewish buddies, and build up his phony macho image for his gay fans, by sending a group of Harley riding bikers through the Ukraine to protest the Ukraine aligning with the West over Asiatics. That's right, Putin the circus clown is protesting Western culture by mimicking it.

The Ukrainians should hand out big macs and American flags to the Russki bikers as they pass by, as phony, pretentious and ridiculous as Putin the clown. The bikers should hitch up with "Pussy Riot" as they pretend to teach the Ukrainians about the value of Russian culture on their Harley-Davidsons dressed up like Americans. The Ukrainians could escort them on BMW R75's sporting MG-42's, all in good fun, of course.

Putin's 'biker brothers' to roar across Ukraine as gunmen seize country's airports

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ein Volk - ein Reich - ein Führer! Anschluss! Russian Hypocrisy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Putin's media are frantic to alarm Russians with the propaganda that the Ukraine has been taken over by Nazis. Ironically, and by bolshevik design, the Russians are themselves employing Nazi sloganeering in a quest to steal Ukrainian land.

The National Socialists used NLP when they invaded Austria and other territory on the pretext of Ein Volk - ein Reich - ein Führer! or, "One People - one Empire - one Leader!" Why not add, "one Toilet - one Very Long Line Waiting to Use One Toilet, etc." ? The Nazis filled the streets with banners displaying this mindmess message. The Russian media and government are now employing this famous Nazi tactic of declaring "One People - one Empire - one Leader" in a quest for more land they do not need for a population they do not have.

This is a part of a very old bolshevik genocidal expansionist strategy. The bolsheviks genocided tens of millions of nationals from every country they overtook, and then trucked and railroaded in tens of millions of Russians as slave masters and invaders into those same nations. These Russkis remain, as part of the bolshevist plan to destroy the national sovereignty of all nations on earth.

Like socialist emperor Adolf Hitler, bolshevist Putin is now fulfilling the bolshevist plan to make use of these genocides to grow the bolshevist Russian empire which has no need of land, and retake the lands the bolshevists destroyed.

How long will it be before the Russian media and government cry out that ethnic Russians the bolshevists planted in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are in danger, and that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are a part of the Russian empire which must be led by Putin and populated only with Russians, because the Russians who are dying out need more land than that they already cannot use? How long will it be before bolshevist Putin declares that he must save the Russian jews of America and engage in an Anschluss of the USA, with Ron and Rand Paul cheering him on?

Has Anyone Ever Noticed How Really Big Russia Is?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Russia is a big place. They really don't need more space. The Lebensraum argument for stealing more land from the Ukraine, than Russia has already stolen from many nations, just doesn't make sense. KGB Putin is even calling on Russians to breed more to try to fill up all that unused space Russia already has.

But Putin is speaking in code as he usually does. He means he wants the Muslims and other aliens he is importing into Moscow to breed more, as they famously do, and breed out the Whites.

Now the bolshevik fifth column in the USA, headed by libertarians, with Ron and Rand Paul as their most politically connected cheerleaders, now the bolshevik fifth column in America of libertarians, White Nationalists and antizionists, are calling for KBG Putin to add still more stolen land to Russia because its dying population must need more land than the land it already cannot use.

Since, so say they, Putin is the father of the Slavs, and they want Whites in control of Slavic countries, why don't they propose a trade, instead of the outright theft of Ukrainian territory. Why not trade Moscow and European Russia, which Putin is deliberately filling up with non-Whites, to the Ukraine for the Crimea, which Putin wants to Russify so that he can fill it up with non-Whites. That way, the Rus can move back into Moscow and keep Kiev, and KGB Putin and his fifth column of paid propagandists and vocal traitors in the USA can feel good about destroying just a little bit more of Europe, because those Russian imperialists just don't ever have enough land for their dying population, so they have to steal more land and fill it with non-Whites.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Russian Casualties in World Wars Versus American Casualties

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As jews around the world try to hype Russia into a war by claiming that your strategic position is vastly superior to that of the United States, take a brief look at the casualty statics from the world wars.

In WW I, the Russian Empire suffered 3,311,000 to 3,754,369 dead, the USA 117,465. In WW II, the Soviet Union suffered 21,800,000 to 28,000,000 dead, the USA 418,500. The Russian communists, like their heir KBG Putin, murdered tens of millions of Russians. The USA lost 58,209 in the Vietnam War and 36,516 in the Korean War.

We would both be better off going to war against the jews, than each other; but the fact remains that the USA is in a much better strategic position than Russia. Pearl Harbor wasn't much compared to Stalingrad. Why don't we work on getting nationalists in power in the Ukraine, Russia and America, rather than getting rid of Russia and America?

Watch Turkey to See if NATO Is Getting Serious About Russia

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews who are trying to turn Americans against America in favor of Russia and Red China want to make it appear that a Russian attack on the Ukraine would be a cakewalk for Putin. They point out that Russia and the Ukraine share a common border and that the USA is far from Russia.

The reality is that this protects the USA from Russia, while Russia is exposed on a thousand fronts from without and within. The USA can project power through Turkey and all the other NATO nations. There would be no need to fight Russia in the Ukraine. We would fight them at our advantage and through many other points of attack. We would also wage war inside Russia..

Let us hope that war does not come and let us help prevent it by exposing the vulnerability of Russia and the strong position of America and NATO. There is no guarantee that the Red Chinese would come to Russia's defense. They would be better off taking advantage of the situation of war to attack Russia and annex as much territory as possible. What gain could there be for China to defend Russia?

Russians should be supporting Ukrainian Nationalism and become nationalistic themselves. They should oust aggressive imperialistic Putin and use Russia's wealth for the benefit of Russians, not Putin's jews.

If American Nationalists joined forces with Russian Nationalists, we could stop pointing our guns at one another and dominate the World for the benefit of Whites. In any event, don't let jew puppet Putin trick you with jingoisms into believing you are invulnerable to attack and can attack innocent nations with impunity. If you hit us, we will hit you back, real real hard, and no one will benefit from the war you start on behalf of your jewish masters.

KGB Putin Is Rattling His Sabre to Drive the Ukraine into the EU: The Kosher Carrot and the Bitter Bagel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Bolshevik puppet Putin is playing war games to threaten the Nationalists in the Ukraine. But he is not doing this to drive the Ukraine away from the EU, but rather to force them into it.

Threatening war, as opposed to invading, has the effect of making Ukrainians hate the Russian imperialists even more than they already do, and to make them defensive and in search of allies and aid. Putin's jewish masters know this. The jews are using Putin to drive the Ukrainians into the hands of the EU and away from Nationalism.

Putin is only threatening the Nationalists, in a failed attempt to make them appear to be dangerous to average Ukrainians. Putin is warning the Nationalists that if they persist, he will agitate the disloyal Russian fifth column Ukrainian genocidalists to attack and provide a pretext for a Russian invasion. Of course, KGB Putin knows all on his own how to stage a false flag attack on his own fifth column, or how to make it appear that Ukrainians in Russia have engaged in terrorism. Indeed, Putin has just recently sent teams of false flag terrorists into the Urkaine, posing as if regular Russian military.

At the same time, Obama and the EU are offering aid and support, if the Ukraine will abandon its sovereignty and sign on to unpayable usurious debts. It is an extortion racket on an international scale, and Putin is providing the threats, and the EU is demanding protection money in the form of debt and lost sovereignty. But please be clear that Putin is not trying to drive the Ukraine to again vote for a pro-Russian government, but is instead aiming them at the EU and away from Nationalism, with aggressive violent threats.

This is turning into a dangerous game for the jew mafia. It could blow up in the face of the EU and Putin. If Nationalists across Europe and Asia cry foul at this threat of WW III and say hands off the Ukraine or we will do to you what has happened there, then the stakes are significantly raised. Moscow is only one Molotov cocktail away from becoming the next Kiev.

Already, the Baltic nations, Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, East Germans, etc. etc. etc. are being reminded of genocidal Russian imperialism. The Russians were vicious in these countries and settled large populations of Russians, who acted as slave masters. Women always lived in fear of rapes from Russians, especially soldiers, and I have heard from people who lived in these nations that the Russians were incredibly arrogant and always received favored treatment. They rarely learned the native tongue and always insisted that Russian be spoken in their presence, no matter if there were 100 non-Russians and only one Russian, or the reverse.

That resentment has not abated. Putin and his jew crew are also relentlessly robbing Russia and other nations of their wealth and filling jew banks with the loot. Putin is selling out Russia to Red China and filling Moscow with aliens. All of this threatens to blow up in KGB Putin's face, and if he invades the Ukraine he will himself light the fuse.

This is all happening very quickly with the intent of establishing and maintaining the current Parliament as the authoritative power in the Ukraine, despite the fact that it has already been overthrown. Putin is providing the outside pressure on the Ukrainians to look to this overthrown Parliament as if their government, and the EU and Obama are offering the incentive/bribe to take the deal before it is withdrawn. As I said, it is an extortion racket.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Commonalities Between the Contrived Anti-American and Anti-European KGB Putin Worship, and the "White Privilege" Campaign

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Is there already a recognized term for the psychological manipulation of a target group to render it self hating and suicidal? It is amazing to me, that some of the same people who are rightfully outraged by the "White Privilege" campaign to stigmatize Whites and have them work against their own best self interests, glorify our enemy KGB Putin and attack America and Europe in the name of defending Whites.

I see these two entirely contrived campaigns as being very similar. What I am having difficulty understanding is why anyone wise and opposed to the "White Privilege" propaganda would piddle on America and Europe and call for our ruin and the rise of KGB Putin and Red China. What distinguishes them from the fools who piddle on Whites and paint their own faces to humiliate and demean us? How is crudding on the American flag, calling America Jewmerica, and other such self destructive behavior any different from those Whites who voluntarily embrace the "White Privilege" campaign?

What bastard children is this international national miscegenation intended to produce? How is a libertarian, White Nationalist or antizionist website posting homoerotic photos of KGB Putin and calling on Americans and Europeans to denounce America and Europe and sing the praises of Putin and Red China, any different from Hollywood promoting White and Black miscegenation?

The Many Dangers of the Contrived Hero Worship of Our Mortal Enemy KGB Putin

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The loudest (best funded, trained and supported) voices in the libertarian, White Nationalist and antizionist camp argue that KGB Putin is on our side against the jews, because he provides military and political support to the enemies of Israel. They make this claim, despite the many nations that have fallen after KGB Putin's betrayals, and the many others that continue to suffer attack that weakens them as KGB Putin offers only enough rope for them to hang themselves by.

This game is not new and the players have not changed. The jew controlled USSR gave military and political support to the same Arab nations. It was never enough, nor was it well intentioned.

The jews did this largely to provide a pretext for the myth that Israel is America's ally in the Middle East, and therefore needs and deserves massive military aid. Israel built its military on the bolsheviks support of the Arabs.

In addition, the jews wanted the Arabs to attack them so that the jews could steal more Arab land, and the Arabs would not have done this without Russian military aid.

In her book Israel's Sacred Terrorism, Livia Rokach reproduced an excerpt from a 26 May 1955 entry in the second Prime Minister of Israel Moshe Sharett's personal diary, which recounts his impressions of Moshe Dayan's plans to provoke the Arabs to respond by first attacking them, then stealing their land when they sought to defend themselves,

"The conclusions from Dayan's words are clear: This State has no international obligations, no economic problems, the question of peace is nonexistent. . . . It must calculate its steps narrow-mindedly and live on its sword. It must see the sword as the main, if not the only, instrument with which to keep its morale high and to retain its moral tension. Toward this end it may, no--it must--invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the method of provocation-and-revenge. . . . And above all--let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries, so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space. (Such a slip of the tongue: Ben Gurion himself said that it would be worth while to pay an Arab a million pounds to start a war.) (26 May 1955, 1021)"-- L. Rokach, Israel's Sacred Terrorism, Third Edition, AAUG Press, Belmont Massachusetts, p. 41.

KGB Putin has never solved any nation's problems with the jews, least of all Russia's. KGB Putin has only provided a pretext for attack, the false impression that it is the USA and Israel against the World, and then ultimate betrayal to the jews' plans at the crucial moment.

KGB Putin is now working in tandem with the jewish farce of the libertarian, White Nationalist and antizionist movements to make Americans hate America and fight against our own strategic military and political interests. KGB Putin is again helping the jews by pretending to aid their opposition only to manipulate and destroy it. KGB Putin is attacking Whites in Russia and throughout Europe. He is aiming cocked, loaded and ready fire nuclear bombs at all our White nations. How dare any American or European White be so foolish as to oppose the military and political strategic interests of the USA and Europe in favor of KGB Putin and Red China? And yet that is exactly what KGB Putin and the jewish fronts of libertarianism, White Nationalism and antizionism are leading our people to do.

KGB Putin is only arming you with a platform to attack America. His aid is aimed to kill you. How can you sing the praises of your executioner?

The manipulation of American dissidents to turn them into American hating traitors ranks right up there with cultural marxism as the most vile of jewish attacks on our sovereignty. Yet I am lonely in leading the struggle to expose this life threatening attack on our nations and our lives.

KGB Putin Revives Militaristic Bolshevik Genocidal Imperialist Aggression Against Ukrainians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Dr. David Duke aptly described the Bolshevik plan to genocide the Ukrainians. Duke wrote,

"It can be seen in the ethnic genocide against the Ukrainians. The Jewish Bolsheviks purposefully murdered them to reduce their numbers, and then flooded their country with non-Ukrainians to destroy their national/ethnic unity (See: Holodomor chapter). Rapael Lemkin, father of the word genocide, wrote this in his article 'Soviet Genocide in Ukraine.'

The fourth step in the process [genocide] consisted in the fragmentation of the Ukrainian people at once by the addition to the Ukraine of foreign peoples. . . In this way, ethnic unity would be destroyed and nationalities mixed. Between 1920 and 1939, the population of Ukraine changed from 80% Ukrainian to only 63%. . .4

The Soviet Archives in Moscow has this revealing statement from a Bolshevik leader in Ukraine showing the genocide there was to break their ethnic unity in opposition to Bolshevik rule.

'Famine in Ukraine was brought on to decrease the number of Ukrainians, replace the dead with people from other parts of the USSR, and thereby to kill the slightest thought of any Ukrainian independence.'5"--Dr. David Duke, The Secret Behind Communism, Free Speech Press, (2013), p. 8.

Compare the genocidal imperialism of the Soviet bolsheviks, and their genocidal stand against Ukrainian Nationalism, with that of Putin's criminal imperial regime. The Washington Post quotes Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov as follows:

"Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, tweeted Tuesday, 'We want to curtail the influence of radicals and nationalists who are trying to play first fiddle in Ukraine.'"In Ukraine, objections from Maidan slow naming of new cabinet By Will Englund, 25 February 2014.

The BBC quotes Lavrov as follows:

"Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: 'We want Ukraine to be part of the European family in every sense of the word'

'It is dangerous and counter-productive to try to force on Ukraine a choice according to the principle of either being with us or against us,' he said.

Mr Lavrov added that 'it is in our interest for Ukraine to be part of the broad European family' but against Russia's interest to 'allow the radicals and nationalists who are clearly trying to take centre stage to prevail.'"--25 February 2014 Turchynov warns of 'separatism' risk

Putin is a jew puppet perpetuating the jewish desire to destroy Ukrainian Nationalism for all time, and with it the Ukrainian People and the White Race.

We had better take heed of what is occurring in the Ukraine, and consider the massive numbers of Mexicans and other illegal invaders on our soil. We must become active in American presidential politics and field a candidate. Time is running out. Consider how much we have lost during eight years of Obama.

Putin Was in on It from the Beginning, Consternation and Fear as Nationalists Vie for Power Over Their Own Nation

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov again made clear that Putin wants the Ukraine in the EU, but is worried that the nationalists are going to spoil the plans of the jews who pull his strings and prop up his criminal regime. The Washington Post quotes Lavrov as follows:

"Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, tweeted Tuesday, 'We want to curtail the influence of radicals and nationalists who are trying to play first fiddle in Ukraine.'"In Ukraine, objections from Maidan slow naming of new cabinet By Will Englund, 25 February 2014.

It appears that Putin was in on the revolution and hoped the Ukraine would become a member of the EU. The Putin regime, which rapes Russia and several other nations, enriching jew oligarchs at the expense of White Russians, is only disappointed that nationalists are taking over their own country, after centuries of jewish genocide. Putin was in favor of the EU taking over the Ukraine.

A nationalist victory in the Ukraine would be much better for Russia, than the Ukraine entering the EU, but it would end the jews' plans to place the Ukraine in debt slavery and flood it with immigrants from China and elsewhere.

We should all be throwing the Holodomor and the demographic genocidal Russian/jewish attack on the Ukraine in Putin's face. Ethnic Russians exist in the Ukraine as the result of their attempt to genocide the Ukrainians. Mother Russia's treacherous fifth column bastard child in the Ukraine has no right to steal the Ukraine and hand it over to Russia. Russians and jews have stolen enough from the Ukraine. It is time for them to leave the Ukrainians in peace, and chase Putin and his jews out of Russia. They will be far better off doing that, then again engaging in genocidal imperialism.

Will Viktor Yanukovych Live to Stand Trial?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I suspect that Putin wants Viktor Yanukovych dead, because he can reveal the fact that Putin wanted the Ukraine to enter the EU.

Putin OK with the Ukraine in the EU, But Violently Opposes a Nationalist Ukraine, in Other Words, Putin Is a Jew Puppet

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As I indicated in a previous post, Putin only had a problem with the revolution when it proved to be nationalistic, as opposed to a move into the EU. The BBC quotes Lavrov as follows:

"Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: 'We want Ukraine to be part of the European family in every sense of the word'

'It is dangerous and counter-productive to try to force on Ukraine a choice according to the principle of either being with us or against us,' he said.

Mr Lavrov added that 'it is in our interest for Ukraine to be part of the broad European family' but against Russia's interest to 'allow the radicals and nationalists who are clearly trying to take centre stage to prevail.'"--25 February 2014 Turchynov warns of 'separatism' risk

A bolshevist to the core, Putin opposes nationalistic "reactionaries".

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Nationalist Versus EU Ukrainian Pendulum and the Changing Official Russian Response Is Telling

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Like the pendulum bob of a massive mechanical clock, the Ukrainian revolution turned from the expansion of the EU empire into a Ukrainian Nationalist movement. At that precise moment, Putin changed his tune from total submission to the revolution, to veiled threats against it.

Initially, the press and all the governments involved pretended that the old Parliament of the Ukraine represented the People and Nation of the Ukraine as it announced its intentions to join the EU. Putin was fine with this, because he is a jew puppet paid to be weak opposition to the EU and Obama.

For example, when the British People insisted their Parliament not support an attack on Syria, and the American People followed suit by insisting the Congress prevent an American attack on Syria, Putin came to Obama's aid and proposed Syria disarm its chemical weapons stockpiles. This helped Israel and saved face for Obama. It did nothing to help Syria, which continues to suffer under Putin's watch, as did all the nations of the Arab Spring, which Putin helped to destroy.

But oh how the attitude is starting to change now that the Ukraine promises to become nationalistic. Now the little mut Medvedev is issuing threats. Russia under the jew oligarchs was fine with the Ukraine in the EU, but suddenly rejects the idea of a nationalistic Ukraine. Quite telling, is it not? Is it not obvious that Putin is controlled by the same jews who control the EU, IMF and Obama?

But things are not so simple. Hundreds of millions of people across Asia and Europe are tired of Putin and his jew oligarch handlers raping their countries. Putin knows that he can expect that his empire will be attacked from a million angles and from within if he attacks the Ukraine. So he is using the jews' "alternative" media to try to turn this tide around. The jew liberatarians, White Nationalists and antizionists are desperate to create the illusion that Russia somehow has absolute rights to everything Ukrainian.

The Russian ethnic presence in the Ukraine is the bastard child of the jewish genocide of the Ukrainian Holodomor and the bolshevik jew campaign to ethnically cleanse the Ukraine of Ukrainians. If anything, this grants the Ukrainians the right to expel and repatriate the invasive genocidal Russians back to Russia. It grants the Nation of Russia absolutely no rights to anything Ukranian whatsoever. The Russians and jews should be paying the Ukrainians reparations, not raping and pimping the Ukraine in yet another century.

Again, the Russian ethnic presence in the Ukraine is the illegitimate product of the well documented campaign by Russian and jewish communists to genocide the Ukrainians and replace their indigenous population with Russians and others. It confers upon the Russian nation no right of ownership in the Ukraine whatsoever. Putin bemoans the American displacement and genocide of Native Americans, but he sees no reason to reject the deliberate Russian and jewish genocide of the Ukrainians. His hypocrisy knows no bounds!

The Ukrainians are not going along with the jewish attempt to pretend that they own the Ukraine and have sold it to the EU. The jews are forming a plan B and Putin is a big player in it. But the jews do not hold all the cards. If Putin jumps on the Ukraine, a tidal wave of resentment will swell over his jew puppet regime and drown it. Putin knows this, but the jews who pull his strings don't give a damn about Putin or Russia. They are after chaos and permanent war and revolution. They want the Asians to invade Europe and have for thousands of years opened the gates for this invasion. That is why they are stirring up trouble in the Ukraine. There are many ways to defeat them, but we must act to do so.

Instead of troubling ourselves to death with the gay hero worship of the clownish ass Vladimir Putin, we should instead be devoting an enormous effort to running a viable candidate for President of the United States in 2016. This should be our main focus, but I am the only one talking about it. All others are fixated on Putin's sagging chest and bald head.

Don't be surprised if the jews stage a false flag attack on ethnic Russians in the Ukraine, or an attack in Russia that they will blame on Ukrainians. The jews hate nationalism and love chaos and war. It invokes opportunities for them to hurt us. We must fight back.

Ukrainian Nationalists, How Can We Help?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Americans must at long last run a viable pro-American candidate for President. As I predicted would happen, kosher as a bagel Chuck Hagel is gutting our military, though there were trillions of taxpayer dollars to steal for the bankers behind Obama, there is now no money for our national defense. If we can't win an election with that history to support us, then we are not trying, so for sheep's sake, let's try!

What would do you Ukrainian Nationalists want us in America to do to support your cause? How can we help? We stopped an attack on Syria by contacting our Congress and demanding they stop Obama from bombing Syria. It was the American and British public which prevented a US attack on Syria, not Obama, or Putin.

Would you want us to lobby our Congress on your behalf and if so, with what exact message?

Please let us know what we can do to support you.

Disloyalty Demographics and How the Ukrainian Nationalists Can Use Them to Their Advantage

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If the EU disloyalists and the Putin disloyalists vote a party line, the Ukrainian Nationalists should easily garner a national majority. Putin's fifth column should be employed to neutralize the votes of EU disloyalists and ensure the victory of the Nationalists.

I do not know how the voting in the Ukraine will be districted, but the Nationalists would do well to have their voices heard in the negotiations to map districts and to favor their vote with their feet, if need be. They should also attempt to repatriate real Ukrainians and move them into areas so as to counter the Kaganovich/Stalin plan to genocide the Ukrainians with Russians and other foreigners. Disloyal Russians can be rendered demographically politically irrelevant with a few moves on the political chessboard/map.

Also, a few deals with EU disloyalists and Putin fifth columnists to win even a small portion of the vote from each, would certainly clinch victory for the Nationalists. Let the EU lovers and Putin's fifth column do as much damage to one another as they can, while the Nationalists remain united and firm.

Russians from the Soviet Empire who invaded other countries, held a very privileged position. They won't give that up easily. They see it as an advantage to be Russian and continue to believe that all Slavs view Russians as their guardian big brothers. That myth is now broken.

Whites will be stronger worldwide if we can free the Russkis from Putin and replace cruel and cold Russian arrogance with Russian noblesse oblige. Ukraine provides the model and the example. Let us hope that White Russians follow the Ukrainians' lead for a change. Sometimes little brother finds the right path home through the brush and thicket.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Genocides Project

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have received several inquiries and offers to help regarding my proposal for an Encyclopedia of Jewish Genocides. If I were to author this multivolume set, I would have to spend 3-6 months per volume of full time work to research and write each volume. In addition to this expense, there would be the costs of software, access to archives, travel, rights to reproduce copyrighted photographs, advertising, printing, etc. If someone wishes to fund this project, please provide me with your contact details so we can discuss the matter.

Another idea I have is to produce an online research institute/encyclopedia which will include a wiki type template such that there will be a general methodological guide for addressing jewish genocides. For example, I would like to create a forum to address a general outline that can be then specified to each nation, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, etc. under jewish attack. Anyone around the globe could contribute to the discussion on the forums. One topic would be an outline dating and identifying each atrocity. Another would be the religious motivations behind the attack(s). Yet another the political motivations. And so on. . .

Information obtained from these group discussions would be used to supplement and feed the encyclopedia page for that particular jewish genocidal history, including the Jewish Genocide of the Ukrainians, the Jewish Genocide of the Greeks, the Jewish Genocide of the Russians, the Jewish Genocide of the Irish, the Jewish Genocide of East Indians, the Jewish Genocide of American Indians, the Jewish Genocide of the Palestinians, the Jewish Genocide of the Iraqis, the Jewish Genocide of Afghanistanis, the Jewish Genocide of the Chinese, the Jewish Genocide of Whites, the Jewish Genocide of Blacks, the Jewish Genocide of Christians, the Jewish Genocide of Pagans, Old Testament Jewish Genocides, Apocalyptic and Messianic Jewish Genocidal Ambitions, Jewish Genocidal Psychology, Jewish Genocidal Politics, How Jews Generate and Manipulate Genocides, How the Jews Scapegoat Others for Their Genocides, etc. etc. etc.

I suspect that such a website could become extremely popular as well as extremely informative. I would have to write the final encyclopedia page for each topic, or accept finished pages submitted by others. I do not think a wikipedia style encyclopedia article format would be as successful. We could also archive and organize references and public domain texts, as well as catalogue jewish attempts at genocide denial and censorship.

I cannot at the moment afford to devote the time needed to do this full time. I ask for help in the form of advice or direct involvement on how to set up and administer such a complex, template oriented forum and encyclopedic website, and how to make it as secure as possible. I would also request help popularizing it across the web and at universities and colleges around the globe.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you!

I have received numerous requests for radio interviews over the past couple of years, and I suspect that I could generate significant interest in the website project if I can obtain the help I need to get it going.

My email address is:

Prepare a Parallel Government in the Event Free and Fair Elections Are not Secured by Parliament

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ukrainian Nationalists should call for election reforms aimed at leveling the playing field with the traitors and disloyalists, but they should also not depend on them. Ukrainian Nationalists should concurrently develop the government they plan to implement if elected and put it into practice as a necessary replacement should the Parliament and foreign interests succeed in undermining the Ukraine's national sovereignty.

I would suggest both real world and ideological development. Start hospitals, food handouts, police services, courts, infrastructure maintenance and development, etc. Practical things which touch the people on a daily basis and improve their lives in meaningful and immediate ways.

At the same time and in tandem with these mechanistic functions of government, build up a constitution and party platform, which guarantees Ukrainian sovereignty and forms a basis for relative Autarky and the economic success of the Ukrainian People. Also, build up your diplomatic corps to engage foreign nations not as enemies, but on a basis of mutual respect. Engage in dialogue, engage period. This demonstrates your ability to lead.

A Presidential Election in the Ukraine Is Not Enough, Bid for a New Parliament

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It would be a mistake to leave blameless all those who have pimped the Ukraine, and place all blame solely on Viktor Yanukovych. It would also be a mistake to destroy valuable business and political relationships between the Ukraine, Russia and Western Europe by wiping out anyone who has had ties with these groups in the past merely because of those ties, which can be valuable for Ukrainain Nationalism.

I suggest focusing on sovereignty and economics, so that there is a sound basis for supporting nationalism, and circumventing gross foreign intervention.

If the old Parliament feels that it has served the Ukraine well, then it should not fear a new round of elections to give the people a sense of their power and confidence in a new elected government. Experience is needed to prevent a foreign takeover and many will be reelected. But there is also a need for new voices to speak in Parliament.

In the meanwhile, Parliament should refrain from any push for EU entanglements, and instead focus on providing public services until such time as a new government is elected. Hopefully, the Ukrainians will not step into the foreign aide trap being set for them.

It is vital for the people to insist that Parliament enact legislation which levels the playing fields for elections so that nationalists are entitled to participate in all debates and receive public funds for their campaigns. Media must be required to provide equal time to nationalists, and other campaign reforms must be enacted if Ukrainians hope to achieve national sovereignty as the prize for their noble and glorious sacrifice.

Elections are not free so long as the means for winning them is denied to nationalists. Plutocracy, demagoguery and the rise of a new host of puppets and jews will reemerge unless and until the political process provides for the equal and unfettered voice of nationalists.

Ensure that State funds for nationalists will at least match all the funds provided for others, and insist that foreign money be kept out of elections. Either that, or restrict all candidates to State funds and regulate media coverage to ensure equal access to the public.